All of the George Floyd-related police brutality videos in one place

Here's a public of all of the recent police brutality videos --with thanks to @greg_doucette [Author: The Film Doctor ]
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Episode 10 Impression

On this episode, Yuuki and Kokkoro encounters Ilya's guild. Meanwhile, Pecorine does her shopping and work. Yay! I'm really glad to see Illya (happens to be the same VA for Fate's Saber Nero and Grablue Fantasy's Cagliostro) and Miyako finally being introduced because they're one of my favorite in-game characters. Also, it was very adorable to see Miyako bullying Yuuki's group for pudding. Other than that, I liked how Pecorine interacts more with the town people. Now what's going to be the next ...
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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta Episode 10 Impression

On this episode, Katarina gets accused by a crowd and investigates her mysterious foe. Meanwhile, Maria detects dark magic. So it makes sense to see the secondary hidden antagonist making an appearance due to Katarina not being a "villain". Also, the investigation to discover the antagonist's indemnity is pretty interesting. Although, I find it a bit hilarious that Katarina's own dense personality is working for the antagonist's favor. Now what's going to happen next? I hope our female lead can ...
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Blue Lives Matter"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist, Mike Flugennock - "Blue Lives Matter" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3009 Has anyone else here noticed that almost all the major cities where horrific police atrocities are taking place are run by Democratic Party mayors? Mind you, this is also the same party whose presumptive nominee wrote the draconian 1994 Crime Bill which imprisoned a generation of black youth, militarized the police, and which is the main reason this country is where it is toda...
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[DESIGN] Che Idiot

Justin Trudeau as Che Buy it here: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49906428 Short link: ... [This is a content summary only. Click the Title to see the full content] [Author: Past Expiry]
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Challengers of the Unknown #4 - Jack Kirby / Wally Wood art, Kirby cover

Jack Kirby Challengers of the Unknown v1 #4, 1958 - An inventor uses a time machine for his own purposes, but can the Challengers stop him before he changes the course of history? Jack Kirby and Wally Wood team up on the first of five issues. Kirby's pencils display their usual competence, but it's Wood's inking that brings the art to a higher level. The story's four full splashes are [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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News Post: Pollenatrix

Tycho: We literally just got done with math.  If you have a triangle you need the dimensions of, let me know.  It does have to be a right triangle.  If you have another kind of incorrect triangle whose mysteries you’re trying to pierce, I can’t help you.  Okay.  Newspost time. Animal Crossing certainly looks chill, but I was on a talk show my friend Gary does and iJustine was on there and she had like six costume changes.  Ronia gets dressed in-game to go to sleep.  The people I know who play th...
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‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Returns From Two-Week Hiatus With Extended One-Hour Special

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah continues to expand – returning after a two-week hiatus with a one-hour special. The Comedy Central series will return this evening, June 8 at 11pm, with guests including Black Visions Collective’s organizer Miski Noorand NFL Super Bowl champion and Players Coalition co-founder Anquan Boldin. It is the latest move to extend […]
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Tucker Warns Fox Viewers That the Black Lives Matter ‘Mob’ Will ‘Come for You’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson raged against the social justice movement Black Lives Matter on Monday night, claiming that the movement for racial justice and fair policing was “definitely not about black lives” while warning his viewers to “remember that when they come for you.”Carlson, who has been highly critical of the protests over George Floyd’s death while claiming systemic racism is nonexistent, began Monday’s broadcast of his primetime show by railing against calls for defunding the polic...
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Supercars TV line-up altered for return

The Supercars commentary team will be altered for the category's return to real-world competition in Sydney later this month.
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California Movie Theaters Can Reopen As Soon As Friday; Waiting On CA Gov Newsom Response – Update

Updated, previous EXCLUSIVE: The California Department of Public Health has issued guidelines tonight that would allow movie theaters to reopen as soon as Friday, June 12.  California Gov. Gavin Newsom has yet to comment on this current easing of COVID-19 restrictions, but the news provides the industry with a semblance of a summer season. The […]
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Daniel Radcliffe Responds To J.K. Rowling’s Controversial Comments: “Transgender Women Are Women”

Two days after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling drew condemnation for an op-ed that GLAAD contended "willfully distorts facts about gender identity and people who are trans," Harry Potter himself responded. Actor Daniel Radcliffe said that, while Rowling has had a major impact on his life, he felt compelled to say something about her assertions. […]
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Minneapolis Intends to Disband Police Force Following Country-Wide Protests

Following the country-wide protests against police brutality and alleged racism of various groups after the death of George Floyd, the City Council in Minneapolis, where the killing took place, has been working to disband the city’s police force. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender stated on Sunday that the efforts to reform the city’s police […]
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kettling links

---"9 Instances of Excessive Force" ---"The various layers of armor, mechanization and remote operation that we see today alter the relationship between police and protesters from one of the police as neighbors who are defending communities to something that, fairly or not, begins to look like an impersonal army of occupation." --from "It Really Is Different This Time" ---(Fear of a Brown Planet) Reverse Racism by Aamer Rahman ---"The police largely see themselves as the designated and ...
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First Trailer and Poster for Blumhouse Thriller YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT, Starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried

The latest Blumhouse thriller gets a surprise VOD release this month. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Motherly Senses

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Indie Horror ‘The Wretched’ Box Office Passes $1 Million Thanks to Drive-In Theater Buzz

Under normal circumstances, a movie passing $1 million at the box office isn’t anything to write home about. Even some of the worst movies ever have made a ton of money – Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 made over $108 million worldwide. But today, $1 million is worth celebrating because IFC’s indie horror movie The Wretched was able to pass that milestone, thanks to its release in drive-in movie theaters across the country. Variety has word on The Wretched box office passing the $1 million milestone a...
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Superhero Bits: New Joker Rumored for ‘The Batman,’ Hercules May Make MCU Debut & More

Why Is Mile High Comics having a “DC Sucks” comic book sale? Why has The Flash suddenly fired Elongated Man actor Hartley Sawyer? Will The Batman give us yet another version of The Joker? Want to see a custom figure of Thomas Wayne as Batman in Flashpoint? Could Hercules be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Who was the first Hispanic superhero from DC Comics? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. View this post on Instagram ...
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The Real Space Force Might Lose Its Trademark to Netflix’s ‘Space Force’

The general consensus surrounding Netflix’s new comedy series Space Force is that it’s just not very good. Audiences and critics alike seem disappointed at Steve Carell’s return to TV comedy, but whatever the show lacks in quality it might make up for in…litigation. Because it looks like the real Space Force might lose its trademark to the fictional one. The real Space Force was first announced in March 2018, and quickly became a punchline. Netflix seized on this, promptly getting to work on...
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Bringing feed lines into the house

At some point or another, almost all hams face the dilemma of how to bring antenna feed lines into the house. Here’s my solution: This is the basement window right above my operating position. When I first got back on the air about 15 years ago, I only used coaxial cable, so all I needed were the three holes that you see below the window. I used a 7/8-in. hole cutter to drill a hole in the window frame. That’s just the right size to allow a PL-259 to fit through it. I was fortunate to have that...
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Xbox Lockhart: Everything we know about the low-priced Xbox Series X alternative

Will Xbox Lockhart make an appearance alongside the Xbox Series X? Several rumors suggest it will.
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Hakoniwa Explorer More Battling Sexy Monster Girls on Nintendo Switch

Hakoniwa Explorer More (Hakoniwa Explorer Plus in the West) will soon be bringing its myriad of seductively monstrous foes to the Nintendo Switch, allowing those with the console to experience the accentuated breasts and butts that were previously only visible on PC. Hakoniwa Explorer Plus was first launched on the PC back in 2018, though […]
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‘Event Horizon’ Blu-ray Coming From Scream Factory, Who Hope to Restore Long-Lost Deleted Scenes

Event Horizon, Paul W. S. Anderson‘s sci-fi horror movie about a starship that accidentally opens a gateway to hell, is getting a new Blu-ray release from the fine folks at Scream Factory. That would be good news on its own, but it also comes with the reveal that Scream Factory is searching for the fabled long-lost footage that was removed from the movie due to its extreme violence. When it hit theaters in 1997, Event Horizon was a flop – critics and audiences alike rejected the movie, and i...
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Comcast Has a $100 Million Plan to Fight Injustice and Social Inequality

Hollywood has been wrestling with how to better improve its diversity efforts for years, with small steps forward being made in the years since the 2014 Ferguson protests and #OscarsSoWhite. But with Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the nation — and the world — it’s clear that progress is still miniscule. Comcast is stepping up to attempt to remedy that with a $100 million plan to fight “injustice and inequality against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability.” ...
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‘The Help’ Star Bryce Dallas Howard Helps Viewers Find Something More Helpful to Watch Than ‘The Help’

This past Saturday, as protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement continued to take place around the world, the 2011 movie The Help became the most-watched film on Netflix. Audiences were evidently looking for something to watch that addressed the current cultural moment, but The Help, which was criticized upon its release for “distort[ing], ignor[ing], and trivializ[ing] the experiences of black domestic workers,” well…that ain’t it. Bryce Dallas Howard, who appeared in the movie’s en...
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Review: Shirley

— by RON WILKINSON — It is not that Elisabeth Moss did not try. Her respect for Bette Davis comes through loud and clear. The problem is that the character of Shirley Jackson did not need imperious control as much as it needed outright lunacy. More Isabelle Huppert or Charlotte Gainsbourg and less Ms. Davis. […]
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10 Great Movies on HBO Max

Getting started on the new streaming service? Here’s a guide to some of the best film offerings, from classics to contemporary hits.
Tags: Movies, News, Us (movie, Her Smell (Movie, HBO Max, Behind the Candelabra (Movie, Citizen Kane (Movie, City Lights (Song, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Movie, My Neighbor Totoro (Movie

Bonnie Pointer, early member of Pointer Sisters, dies at 69

By ANDREW DALTON LOS ANGELES — Bonnie Pointer, who in 1969 convinced three of her church-singing siblings to form the Pointer Sisters, which would become one of the biggest acts of the next two decades, died Monday. The Grammy winner died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, publicist Roger Neal said. She was 69. “It is with great sadness that I have to announce to the fans of the Pointer Sisters that my sister, Bonnie died this morning,” sister Anita Pointer said in a statement. “Our family is dev...
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Entrevista a Paul Krugman: "La gente no confía en EE.UU porque ha resultado no ser fiel a sus ideales"

Paul Krugman, premio Nobel de Economía en 2008 y uno de los más reconocidos intelectuales estadounidenses del momento nos habla de algunos motivos de esperanza sobre cómo será el mundo después de la pandemia de coronavirus.
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Actor de la serie "The Flash" es despedido por mensajes misóginos y racistas

Los Ángeles, 8 jun (EFE News).- El actor estadounidense Hartley Sawyer fue despedido de su papel en la serie de televisión "The Flash", del universo de DC Cómics, después de que resurgieran varios mensajes racistas y misóginos de su cuenta de Twitter.
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