Many Sons Struggle To Say “I Love You.”

This Father’s Day gift from Old Spice can make it a lot easier. Some gifts really speak for themselves, but what about one that can speak for you? Stop hiding your love and affection for Dad this Father’s Day, and let a gift from the Old Spice Buried Scentiments Collection do it for you. With hidden notes of appreciation on every item, it’s never been easier to say “I Love You.” [Author: Old Spice]
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CALL & RESPONSE: Police Brutality and the Movement for Black Lives

Guests include Patrisse Cullors, Clayton English, & Melina Abdullah. Stream live right here at 12pm PT/3pm ET! Today’s episode of Call & Response will cover Police Brutality and the Movement for Black Lives with special guests Patrisse Cullors, Clayton English and Melina Abdullah. SHOW NOTES In this episode of Call & Response, we covered: What “Defunding the Police” means (Melina Abdullah) City Council Herb Wesson’s motion to not deploy the police for non-violent calls (Melina Ab...
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First Trailer for Sean Durkin’s THE NEST, Starring Carrie Coon and Jude Law

First look at Durkin's long awaited second feature. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Telenovelas are Hell: Rosalinda

Rosalinda is the most depressing telenovela ever made.  Life has been una mierda lately, so that’s why I bring you Rosalinda, a telenovela so violent, demented and depressing it’ll make you feel like your life is sunshine and rainbows because telenovelas are hell. This telenovela tells the story of Rosalinda. She’s young, hot and dating Fernando Jose, a stud who’s so crazy about her, it looks like he’s cumming in his pants every time he looks at her. via GIPHY Their lives could not b...
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HBO Removes Billboard That Covered Kobe Bryant Mural In L.A.

On Tuesday, Twitter user Patrick Muldowney posted an image with the following words: "Where there used to be a Kobe mural, there’s now an HBO billboard. It doesn’t even fully cover the Kobe painting." Where there used to be a Kobe mural, there’s now an HBO billboard. It doesn’t even fully cover the Kobe painting. […]
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Sofia Vergara brought to tears over recovering addict's backstory on 'AGT'

Regular NBC talent show viewers might have recognized Nolan Neal when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent on Tuesday, because in 2016, the now 39-year-old Nashville troubadour came to The Voice Season 10 with a heartbreaking and unforgettable backstory. Years ago, after being signed to Hollywood Records in 2000 and then Virgin Records in 2006, Nolan got into a heated phone conversation with his musician father, who told Nolan he’d never make it in the industry. Nolan’s dad then threatened to ...
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'Making ends meet': how Australia's cinemas and theatres will tackle the four-square-metre rule

'Making ends meet': how Australia's cinemas and theatres will tackle the four-square-metre ruleOwners and staff at entertainment venues are ‘very enthusiastic’ to reopen but social distancing presents challenges
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[DESIGN] NPC Wireless Reee 802.11

Virtue Signalling over a Local Area Network Buy it here: ... [This is a content summary only. Click the Title to see the full content] [Author: Past Expiry]
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Sara Duke speaks at LOC in 10 minutes

Date & Time Description June 16 2:00-3:00 pm ET 20th-Century Political Cartoons at the Library of Congresshttps://loc.gov/teachers/professionaldevelopment/office-hours/ Join curator Sara W. Duke of the Prints & Photographs Division, to learn how to access the Library's online collection of 20th-century political cartoons. She will also discuss strategies for exploring ...
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Matt Wuerker interviewed by National Press Club

'The right to be offended': Political cartooning in an ideologically divided country By Jim Kuhnhenn Press Freedom Fellow, [email protected] National Press Club Journalism Institute June 15, 2020https://www.pressclubinstitute.org/2020/06/15/the-right-to-be-offended-political-cartooning-in-an-ideologically-divided-country/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime and Game Openings Comparison Thoughts

The openings for Princess Connect! Re:Dive mobile game and anime has very different styles. Here's a video that compares them. Personally, I really like the anime version opening compared to the game opening. The anime version just gives a nice KonoSuba style vibe and seems to be much more lively. An example is the Gourmet Guild doing their questing, and it's exactly not in the original opening. (Also, I don't care about Kaiser who is in the game version opening anyway.) However, I was a bit bi...
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Yellowjacket Comics - comic series checklist

Yellowjacket Comics v1 Charlton 1944-46 1 2-6 7 - Alex Toth art 8-10 - - - - - - - - - - Home / A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Omac v2 #4 - John Byrne art & cover

John Byrne Omac v2 #4, 1991 - Concluding this mini-series, Buddy Blank lives a long, normal life without the aid of the orbiting Brother Eye. He transforms into Omac one last time, proceeding to end the loop started by his own time traveling. Like the preceding issues, the book begins with explosive action and violence. Subsequently, John Byrne's artwork settles and simplifies, matching the [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Science Fiction, Comics, Dc, Unknown, 1990s, Byrne, John Byrne, Omac, John Byrne Omac

21-Year-Old Goddess Owns Quite the Savory Pantsu Collection

An eagerness to entice potent males who are always on the lookout for ravishing women has influenced this goddess into distributing lewd pictures of herself, her varied assortment of pantsu making an appearance in several of the photos, which will surely prove effective in tempting onlookers due to their many designs. More goddesses.
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Use Beautiful Girls to Battle Aliens in Hero Ball Z

Smartphone advocates who have yet to grow tired of the overused premise of building an army of pretty girls to take down evildoers will possibly want to invest both time and money into Hero Ball Z, as the title is a sidescrolling shooter with such a concept. Hero Ball Z has players become members of […]
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Comic-Con Commissions are go!

Every year, I open up my commission list for San Diego Comic-Con. It's kinda the one time of year I do it, and I love the reactions. So! Let's not let that ruin our fun: I’m opening up my commission list for the-SDCC-that-should-have been! This year I’m offering up *FIVE SLOTS* of fully-realized, black-and-white or color commissions (11"x14" and super frameable!) And new this year: I'm adding a sketch card option - 5x7 black-and-white sketch of your favorite Sheldon o...
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‘Balestra’, a Psychological Thriller About Fencing, Will Star Tessa Thompson and Marwan Kenzari

Get ready for some thrilling fencing! Balestra, a psychological thriller about the competitive combat sport, will star Tessa Thompson and Aladdin‘s Marwan Kenzari, with Nicole Dorsey directing. The story follows an Olympic fencer trying to stage a comeback, only to fall into a “web of subconscious desires and unfulfilling reality.” Deadline has the scoop on the psychological thriller Balestra, offering up the following synopsis: Balestra follows disgraced competitive fencer Joanna Bathory (T...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Casting, Thriller, Tessa Thompson, Dorsey, Thompson, Aladdin, Rafe, Marwan Kenzari, Imran Zaidi, Aron Eli Coleite, Balestra, Joanna Bathory Thompson, Nicole Dorsey, Elliot Kenzari

Superhero Bits: Emerald City Comic-Con Canceled, Animatronic Talking Deadpool Head Coming from Hasbro & More

How did Deadpool make it into a Black Lives Matter mural? Did you hear Emerald City Comic-Con is canceled? Want to watch a documentary about Batman: The Animated Series? Would you have wanted to see Zack Snyder bring Carrie Kelley into the DC Extended Universe? What did Stan Lee say when he first met Tom Holland? Want your own animatronic, life-size, talking Deadpool head? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Marvel artist Will Sliney shows how to draw the version of Spid...
Tags: Movies, Agents Of Shield, Spider-Man, Hasbro, Batgirl, Batman, Deadpool, Stan Lee, Hellboy, Shazam, Hayley Atwell, Seattle Wa, Carter, Don, Zack Snyder, Tom Holland

‘Armageddon Time’ Cast Adds Robert De Niro, Oscar Isaac, Donald Sutherland, and Anne Hathaway Alongside Cate Blanchett

Armageddon Time, the James Gray-directed coming-of-age story starring Cate Blanchett, just announced a very impressive line-up of additional cast members. Robert De Niro, Oscar Isaac, Donald Sutherland, and Anne Hathaway are now all on board the movie, which is based in part on Gray’s own childhood. The Ad Astra filmmaker hopes to start shooting as soon as circumstances allow. Deadline has the story on the new additions to the Armageddon Time, adding that the film is “a big-hearted coming-of...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Casting, America, Ronald Reagan, Donald-Sutherland, Anne-Hathaway, Oscar Isaac, Cate Blanchett, James Gray, Gray, Astra, Robert-De-Niro, Armageddon Time, Robert De Niro Oscar Isaac Donald Sutherland

What To Do

Now I want cookies
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Regal Cinemas Reopening on July 10; Here Are the New Safety and Health Measures They’re Taking

Movie theaters have been shuttered across much of the United States for months, but for better or worse, many of them are going to be reopening next month. Regal Cinemas has announced that it will begin reopening its locations on July 10, 2020, but if you live in a state or city where masks aren’t required in public places because of the coronavirus pandemic, don’t expect people to be wearing any face coverings in the auditorium with you. Read the list of health and safety precautions that Rega...
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Jashin-chan Dropkick Ends on an Entire Summary of the Series

Jashin-chan Dropkick‘s second season has concluded on a reflection of the show’s many precious moments, certain to be regarded as a bit cheap by some watchers whilst others will probably revel in the nostalgia of the anime’s nonstop hilarity and cuteness. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Anime, Blood, Nomad, Endings, Image Gallery, Monster Girls, Dropkick, Jashin-chan Dropkick

‘David Byrne’s American Utopia’, Directed by Spike Lee, Headed to HBO

Later this year, HBO will air the filmed version of David Byrne‘s Broadway show David Byrne’s American Utopia, directed by none other than Spike Lee. The stage show featured Byrne and 11 musical artists from around the world performing songs from the Byrne album of the same name, along with Talking Heads songs and other songs from Byrne’s solo career. David Byrne’s American Utopia Spike Lee fans are still buzzing about the filmmaker’s Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods, and luckily, we won’t hav...
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‘Creepshow’ Season 3 Scripts Ordered by Shudder, Renewal is Likely Next

Creepshow hasn’t even finished shooting its second season yet, but the Shudder horror series based on George Romero’s 1982 movie is already creeping toward a season 3. Shudder, the horror-focused streaming service from AMC, has ordered a full set of Creepshow season 3 scripts, making it likely that a renewal is well on its way. According to a new press release, a Creepshow season 3 renewal is basically in the bag. Shudder, AMC’s horror-centric streaming service, has already ordered a full se...
Tags: Hollywood, Television, Movies, Horror, Amc, Stephen King, Atlanta, George Romero, Remakes, Giancarlo Esposito, George A Romero, Greg Nicotero, Engler, Josh Malerman, Creepshow, Shudder

Netflix Has Removed an Episode of Comedy Show ‘With Bob and David’ Because a Character Wears Blackface; Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Respond

Netflix has removed an episode of the 2015 comedy series With Bob and David, the streaming service’s quasi-revival of the popular 1990s HBO sketch series Mr. Show with Bob and David, because one of the sketches depicts a character wearing blackface. Creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have commented on the situation, and you can watch the sketch in question below. There are some folks who say that using blackface in any capacity is wrong, and it should never be done under any circumstances....
Tags: Hbo, Bob-Odenkirk, Comedy, Movies, Australia, David, Netflix, New Zealand, Bob, Black Lives Matter, David-Cross, Chris Lilley, Bob David, With Bob and David, David Cross Respond

Jimmy Kimmel is the 2020 Emmy Awards Host, But He Has No Idea How the Ceremony Will Happen

Perennial awards season host and late night talk show presence Jimmy Kimmel will serve as the 2020 Emmy Awards host, although he’s uncertain exactly how the ceremony will work amid the coronavirus pandemic. “I don’t know where we will do this or how we will do this or even why we are doing this, but we are doing it and I am hosting it,” he said in a statement. Get the details below. While the next Oscars ceremony was just delayed by two months, this year’s Emmy Awards is currently scheduled ...
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Official Trailer for New Jodorowsky Doc 'Psychomagic: A Healing Art'

"If you suffer, here I am!" ABKCO Films has released an official US trailer for an indie documentary titled Psychomagic: A Healing Art, the first full docu feature made by the eccentric, iconic Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. This hasn't played at any festivals, but will be out this summer already. The film his explores the director's therapeutic work of "Psychomagic" (aka "trauma therapy") using real life subjects in real world situations. Jodo explains and demonstrates Psychomagic...
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*Trekking the National Parks* BOARD GAME REVIEW

National Parks and board games are two of our favorite things, so finding a game all about the parks?!? Score!! We’ve visited 14 of the 61 National Parks and I hope to visit them all in my lifetime. It’s exciting to have that much adventuring ahead of me.  Trekking the National Parks is the perfect […]
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Ewan McGregor Voicing Jiminy Cricket in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Ewan McGregor voicing Jiminy Cricket in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio It’s been nearly two years since we last heard word that Guillermo del Toro would be co-directing a stop-motion adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic character Pinocchio and now it’s been revealed that Ewan McGregor (Birds of Prey) is set to voice the iconic Jiminy Cricket in the project! (Via Slash Film) PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh ...
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