Johnno and Michael Try A Soap Opera

Deceit, murder, and evil siblings are just the beginning when Johnno and Michael Try a Soap Opera. We thought we knew who Johnno and Michael were... until now. In this episode, we discover that the guy Johnno has been hanging out with for the past week isn’t Michael - he’s actually Michael’s evil “twin” brother!! Dun Dun DUN!! And even worse - it turns out Michael’s friend Johnno isn’t actually Johnno - he’s an evil twin that has kept the real Johnno tied up for the past...
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Interview - I SEE YOU Director Adam Randall

We spoke to the director of the hit Netflix thriller. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Win an iTunes Code for Bruce Willis Thriller HARD KILL

We've got iTunes codes for Willis's latest action thriller to giveaway. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Microsoft Xbox Series S May Have Just Leaked—And It’ll Be Cheap [Update: It’s Real]

Update 9/8 8:06am ET — It’s official. Over the night Microsoft dropped the tweet below. There will be a smaller Xbox Series S retailing for $300 and it will look sort of like a turntable.Read more...
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Adventures Into Darkness #5 - Alex Toth art

Adventures Into Darkness #5 Adventures Into Darkness v1 #5, 1952 - After breaking into an opulent house, a crooked couple comes across an ancient tome. Consequently, a demon is summoned that grants their every wish. Alex Toth uses a nine-part grid throughout the story, but avoids repetition by slightly varying the layouts. While his drawings seem straightforward, each panel is purposefully [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface Becomes an Anime Girl Figurine

Following on the heels of terrifying clown Pennywise, classic Western horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre is transforming its signature psycho into an anime girl figurine, bound to immediately boost the movie’s notoriety amongst those in the Eastern hemisphere – the adorably murderous Leatherface will arrive next January. Leatherface can be pre-ordered now.
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The Microsoft Xbox Series S May Have Just Leaked—And It’ll Be Cheap

Late Monday evening, we got our first purported look at the Xbox Series S, the long-rumored cheaper version of Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X console, and if that $299 price is the real deal, it could just be Microsoft’s ace in the hole.Read more...
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Keanu Reeves Voice

Tall May…
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"Disney has thanked four propaganda departments and a public security bureau in Xinjiang, a region in northwest China that is the site of one of the world’s worst human rights abuses happening today."

"More than a million Muslims in Xinjiang, mostly of the Uighur minority, have been imprisoned in concentration camps.... Disney... worked with regions where genocide is occurring, and thanked government departments that are helping to carry it out....  Disney executives had thought that the original 'Mulan' would please both the Chinese government and Chinese filmgoers. But because Disney had distributed 'Kundun' (1997), a film glorifying the Dalai Lama, Beijing restricted the studio’s ability t...
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Official Trailer for 'Kingdom of Silence' Doc About US + Saudi Arabia

"Jamal was publishing articles that were critical of the Saudi regime…" "THAT could not be tolerated." Showtime has revealed an official trailer for an eye-opening political documentary film titled Kingdom of Silence, which is premiering on the TV channel next month (after a supposed theatrical release). This is the second doc film premiering this year that is about murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi - the first one is titled The Dissident and we just featured the official trailer. Kingdom ...
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Festival Trailer for Ann Hui's 'Love After Love' Premiering in Venice

"A pleasure in never feeling pleased." A festival promo trailer has debuted for the Hong Kong romantic drama Love After Love, which is screening out of competition at this year's Venice Film Festival. The latest film from Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui, this looks sultry and sumptuous. It is an adaptation of an Eileen Chang short story, set in Hong Kong shortly before the start of World War II. Sandra Ma stars as a young girl who falls into her aunt's game of luring rich men. But then surprise,...
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Mega Man Mega Buster Toy Will Teach Children the Basics of Programming

Japanese educational toy producer Artec has announced they have partnered with Capcom to produce a Mega Man Mega Buster controller that would help to teach children the basics of programming. The rather innocent toy will come with a special Mega Man-themed programming tool in which children will learn the basics of programming movement and actions […]
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One Final Trailer for Romantic Comedy 'The Broken Hearts Gallery'

"It's like art in a gallery… the broken heart gallery." Sony released a second & final trailer for the romantic comedy The Broken Hearts Gallery, which is now scheduled to open in theaters this week after being held over from July in the summer. The film is the feature directorial debut of "Gossip Girl" writer Natalie Krinsky. Formerly known as The Museum of Broken Relationships, the film is about a young woman living in New York City who, after being dumped, decides to start a gallery where...
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On Anime: Summer 2020 Season

I never got around to posting about what shows I checked out during this latest TV season, but I did do a Twitter thread about it, that I figure I’ll adapt as a post here. It’s getting more and more difficult to do a “start of season” post these days though, as a lot of these series that I’m watching are coming via Netflix, which just releases them whenever they feel like it. Japan Sinks 2020 Japan Sinks 2020 is one of those new Netflix series, and having watched it all I can say that...
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Arqiva offers small-scale DAB planning service

Arqiva has launched a small-scale DAB spectrum planning service for anyone applying for a small-scale DAB multiplex. The transmission company says the service will support potential small-scale DAB licensees in their applications for a licence. Help can be offered with regards to desktop analysis, transmission plans and supporting documentation required to submit a winning application. Arqiva is also able to offer an evaluation and formal response service for existing broadcast operators to ...
Tags: Business, Radio, Ofcom, Digital Radio, Arqiva, Ofcom Richard Johnston Head of Radio

‘The Comeback Trail’: Robert De Niro Tries to Murder Tommy Lee Jones for Insurance Money

The first Friday the 13th of this year came on March 13, just days before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The final Friday the 13th of 2020 arrives in November. While we have no clue what the state of the world will be at that point, a new movie will be released that day which features three Oscar winners in a comedy about a group of conmen trying to murder an actor during the filming of a fake movie. See Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Zach Braff, Eddie Griff...
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Why Choose A Casino Site With Mobile App Availability

You might have played casino on your computer but never you have tried playing using your mobile phone. Not all casino sites have the mobile app availability, so if you want to maximize what a casino site can provide, choose a site that will allow you to access it on your mobile phone or best if it has an available app you can download. There are many good reasons why would you choose a casino site that has a mobile app, and to name them, read below: It will allow you to join different bon...
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Date A Live Light Novel Series Licensed in English by Yen Press

Western manga and light novel publisher Yen Press announced during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo they have licensed the popular Spirit-dating light novel series Date A Live and will be releasing the first volume in February 2021. The news was, of course, also delivered through their social media account: After a devastating series of events called […]
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‘Over the Moon’ Music Video and Featurette Highlight Netflix’s New Animated Musical

Over the Moon, a new animated musical from Netflix, has not one but two different videos for you today, so consider yourself blessed. A making-of featurette goes behind-the-scenes of the production, while a music video features the first single from the flick, “Rocket to the Moon.” Watch both videos below ahead of the film’s October debut.  Over the Moon Music Video Above you can see the lyric video for “Rocket to the Moon” from the Over the Moon soundtrack, performed by Cathy Ang, and w...
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Vampire Virus – review

Director: Charlie Steeds Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers Also called After Dark, there was something about this film. Shot, I understand, in the UK but set in America the filmmakers did a good job at making it look like it was shot where set but that did lead to a limited number of sets and that produced its own issues. The film started, however, in Romania (or, in a long corridor allegedly in Romania). In that corridor a male doctor passes by a female colleague, Izabella (Jéssica Alonso)....
Tags: UK, Movies, America, Virus, Romania, Jack, Jennifer, Peterson, Noonan, Freddie, Amazon UK, Vampire, Izabella, Izabella Jéssica Alonso, Peter Lofsgard, Jennifer Natalie Martins

Tenet Reverses the Box Office, Snags $20 Million Labor Day Weekend

Tenet Reverses the Box Office, snags $20 million Labor Day weekend At long last, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet — a film many dubbed the box office savior — has made its way to some 2,810 U.S. theaters where it collected a not-too-shabby $20 million over the course of the Labor Day weekend, including $2.82 million from Imax locations. The film also pulled in $126 million overseas, bringing its worldwide come to $146 million. Obviously, one must keep in mind that some of the bigger filmgoing marke...
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Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’ May be a South Korean Zombie Series, But No Show Better Sums Up the Age of Coronavirus

(Welcome to The Soapbox, the space where we get loud, feisty, political, and opinionated about anything and everything.) Kingdom , one of Netflix’s original South Korean dramas, couldn’t be streaming at a more apt time.  The drama is, on the surface, a zombie show. It’s intriguing in how it puts the classic zombie trope into a historical drama format—the zombie outbreak has occurred during the Joseon Dynasty. But despite its classic zombie horror trappings and lush historical sets and costume...
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“Photographer” Charged for Forcing Children Into Transparent Swimsuits

A sick criminal posing as a photographer is being charged by police after he photographed middle and high school girls wearing transparent swimsuits, additionally paying them to do so (with one girl receiving as much as ¥1.6 million). Osaka police are charging the 53-year-old self-employed man on suspicion of violating the child prostitution and pornography […]
Tags: Photography, Japan, Crime, Children, Anime, Osaka, Mizugi

‘Great Pretender’ is an Exciting and Glamorous Crime Caper Joyride

(Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where, a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime.) In 1987, the legendary Freddie Mercury released a cover version of “The Great Pretender,” a 1955 song by The Platters about how we lie to ourselves and the world and pretend to be happy right after a devastating breakup. Mercury’s version is as glamorous as you’d expect from the Queen frontman, who performs with his signature swagger. But the song has another mean...
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Myles Galloway provides inspiration for radio job seekers

Former Heart breakfast show presenter Myles Galloway has published a video about how he landed a job at Virgin Radio Toronto. The story starts after leaving Heart Gloucestershire last year, and setting himself a challenge to work in Canada. The video is about Myles’ journey to Toronto, but if you are looking for a new opportunity after recent cuts in the industry, and need some inspiration – these seven minutes could help. View this post on Instagram ...
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Did You Win Acclaimed Swedish Folk-Horror KOKO-DI KOKO-DA On Blu-Ray?

Your chance to win director Johannes Nyholm's incredible exploration of grief through a folk-horror lens. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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For those who miss the Jerry Lewis Telethon

It was a Labor Day tradition for God knows how many years. For close to 24 hours Jerry would stage an all-star glitzy show from Las Vegas raising money for Muscular Dystrophy (a more than worthwhile... [Author: By Ken Levine]
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News Post: A Teachable Moment

Tycho: The first day of school here involved - I would say - an incredible amount of clicking. I don't know who to be mad at, or if that anger would even be justified. I do know that I have no less than four distinct sites we need to access to "go to school," some of which work when they feel like it, and that everyone is doing things they there is no training or pay for. I have a profound amount of sympathy for every conscious entity in the radius of this thing. The only blessing is that I...
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Comic: A Teachable Moment

New Comic: A Teachable Moment [Author: [email protected] (Tycho)]
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Kanojo Okarishimasu Ero-Doujin Resonating With Pleasant Vibes

The absurd renown generated by the Kanojo Okarishimasu manga has not only spawned the series an official anime and a wealth of art but erotic doujinshi as well (an inescapable turn of events for any series with fictional beauties), with this one in particular sure to be coveted by collectors as it stars main heroine […]
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