Amazon: Hope You Weren't Expecting Your Pre-Ordered PS5 to Ship on Time

With retailers royally jumping the gun on PlayStation 5 pre-orders, count yourself lucky if you managed to snag one before they sold out everywhere. Unless you got yours on Amazon. In which case, you might still be screwed.Read more...
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Morning Motivation: Being The Person You Want Become

Good morning! Ever see someone wish you were them? You probably can! Find out how in today’s morning motivation. [Author: Wendys]
Tags: Humor, Wendys

Morning Motivation: A Guide To DIY Sunshine

Rise ‘n shine! Speaking of shine, learn how to make your own sunshine —and other tips — with today’s morning motivation. [Author: Wendys]
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PR: Tomorrow is BATMAN DAY 2020 at all Third Eye Locations!

Save on Batman merch, get a FREE DC Comic! Hey there, Third Eye Faithful! One of our favorite days of the year is BATMAN DAY, and w...
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This Scientist Showed What Working From Home During The Pandemic REALLY Looks Like

If you actually wear pants during video meetings just know you’re not in the majority here The entirety of 2020 has been a never-ending string of bad news, and, surprise! I’ve got another upsetting development to tack onto the shit parade. Continuing the theme of the powers at be doing everything they can to speed up the end of the world, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently added a new member to their senior ranks, and he sucks. He sucks so goddamn much. His name ...
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Morning Motivation: What Carpe Diem Really Means

Ah, another beautiful diem! Wondering how to carpe it? Find out here with your morning motivation. [Author: Wendys]
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CS Recommends: RBG & More!

CS Recommends: RBG & More! Stuck inside? Don’t know what to watch/read/play/listen to? ComingSoon.net has got you covered. In this week’s CS Recommends our staff gives you solid tips on the best media to consume during your downtime, including RBG and more! Check out our picks below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie...
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Morning Motivation: Choosing Your Path

Good morning! Are you at a crossroads in life? Watch your morning motivation here for help choosing a path. [Author: Wendys]
Tags: Humor, Wendys

Morning Motivation: Finding Your Intuition

Good morning! Having trouble trusting your gut? Here’s a morning motivation to help you find your voice, and maybe some buried treasure. [Author: Wendys]
Tags: Humor, Wendys

Morning Motivation: Where There’s A Will, There Might Be More Than A Way

Good morning! Find your will to conquer today with this morning motivation. [Author: Wendys]
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Morning Motivation: Capturing The Good Times

Feel like you never know what to do with your hands? Watch today’s morning motivation for some tricks and tips [Author: Wendys]
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Dead Reckoning's Atlas at War reviewed in the NY Times

Revisiting the 'Violent Ballets' of Jack Kirby By Ed Park Sept. 17, 2020https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/17/books/review/tom-scioli-jack-kirby-atlas-at-war.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Jack Kirby, Ny Times, Mike Rhode

Morning Motivation: Facing Your Fears

Good morning! Ever discover a paradox and realize you’ll never be able to get out of it because the actual discovery pushes you further into the black hole? For help clawing out of it, watch today’s morning motivation [Author: Wendys]
Tags: Humor, Wendys

Morning Motivation: Keep Your Eyes Open

If you’re thinking about conducting an orchestra without a rearview mirror, check out this morning motivation before you do! [Author: Wendys]
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Marshall Rogers original art - Scorpio Rose #1 cover

Original cover to Scorpio Rose #1, 1980s Marshall Rogers - - - - - - - - - - Home / Original art / Rogers original art ebay  >Rogers original art [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Rogers, Ted Ignacio, Marshall Rogers, Scorpio Rose, Marshall Rogers Home Original

New to Netflix - FIRST MAN

The story of one man's trip to the moon. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "DNC Headquarters, Nov. 4 2020"

From Mike Fluggenock, DC's anarchist cartoonist - "DNC Headquarters, Nov 4, 2020" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3068 After observing the behavior and positions of Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their supporters, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Senator Nothing Will Fundamentally Change is going to lose, and bigly. Beaten like a drum. Roasted like a nut. Smoked like a roach. ...and I'm going to be so goddamn there for it. (special thanks to Gallifreyan Jedi...
Tags: Comics, US, Joe Biden, Mike Rhode, Electoral Integrity Project, Mike Fluggenock, DNC Headquarters Nov, Gallifreyan Jedi

‘Your Name’ Live-Action Remake Lands ‘Minari’ Director Lee Isaac Chung

Your Name has named a new director to take the helm of Paramount, Bad Robot, and Toho’s live-action remake of the 2016 anime hit. Minari filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung will take over as the Your Name remake director, taking the reigns from Marc Webb, who was originally tapped to direct the film last year. Chung will be rewriting a draft by The Big Sick co-writer Emily V. Gordon, who took over from Oscar-nominated Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer. Deadline reports that Lee Isaac Chung has been ...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Romance, Sci-fi, Chicago, Toho, Paramount Pictures, Paramount, Remakes, Chung, Gordon, J J Abrams, Webb, Makoto Shinkai, Marc Webb, Genki Kawamura

TIFF 2020: 'Shadow in the Cloud' Creature Feature on a B-17 Bomber

One of my favorite things about film festivals is discovering exceptional filmmakers by stumbling upon their break-out features. This film is one of the best discoveries of the 2020 Toronto Film Festival, playing in the prestigious Midnight Madness category. Shadow in the Cloud has a crazy, wickedly impossible concept - follow a woman who gets on a rickety B-17 Bomber, known as the "Flying Fortress" in WWII, as she escorts a special classified package that must not be opened. The whole film ta...
Tags: Movies, Review, Sci-fi, TIFF 20

Rune Factory 5 Conquers Nature & Monsters Next Year on Nintendo Switch

The latest Nintendo Mini Direct livestream showcase revealed the latest 5th entry in the farming and adventure RPG series Rune Factory will be releasing next year in Japan and the West. An overview of the game from Nintendo’s official page along with a trailer in both Japanese and English: A new stage, a new adventure… […]
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Superhero Bits: Jack Quaid Created ‘The Boys’ Spotify Playlist, Boss Logic Imagines ‘She-Hulk’ & More

Will other Watchmen characters be appearing in the new Rorschach comic series? Did you know Superman & Lois is filming in the same town where Smallville was shot? What’s on Jack Quaid‘s Spotify playlist inspired by his character on The Boys? Want to know more about Kang the Conqueror before he comes to the MCU? Did a new Thor comic take inspiration from Adventures in Babysitting? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. View this post on I...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Prague, Deadpool, Thor, Marvel Comics, Avengers, X-men, Daredevil, Cw, Smallville, Hulk, Ant-man, Joker, IDW, Kang

Star Wars Bits: Star Wars Squadrons, The Star Wars Archives, Liam Neeson Praises The Phantom Menace, Babu Frik, and More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Star Wars: Squadrons CG short “Hunted” Ushers in New Era of Star Wars Storytelling The Star Wars Archives 1977–1983 Gets Re-Release Liam Neeson Praises The Phantom Menace Babu Frik Is Now a Talking Plush Toy Podcast & YouTube Round-Up Star Wars: Squadrons CG short “Hunted” Ushers in New Era of Star Wars Storytelling Star Wars Squadrons arrives October 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and VR, promising to bring classic Star Wars dogfights to new interac...
Tags: Star-Wars, Movies, Disney, EA, New Zealand, Liam-Neeson, Resistance, Disneyland, Shakespeare, Lucasfilm, Avengers, Gq, George Lucas, Alex, Ewan McGregor, Target

‘Thirst’: HBO is Developing a Hip-Hop Vampire Drama Series

This week in “projects that sound like they’ve been put together through a game of Mad Libs,” we’ve got a hip-hop vampire drama that is in the works at HBO. Yes, you read that right. Titled Thirst, the original supernatural drama series comes from Macro Television Studios and former Empire writers Leah Benavides Rodriguez and Carlito Rodriguez, and tells the story of a cocky Atlanta rapper who discovers that hip-hop’s hottest group is actually a secret cabal of vampires. Variety reports that...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Horror, Fantasy, America, Atlanta, Fox, Jordan, FX, Thirst, Variety, Donald Glover, Rodriguez, Ben Watkins

Alone Review: A Simple Yet Exhilarating Survivalist Thriller

Rating:  8/10 Cast: Jules Willcox as Jessica PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [[300, 250]]).addSize([750, 0], []).addSize([980, 0], []).build(); PB.gptStandAlone['pb_prebidjs_300x250_a_1600467391']...
Tags: Movies, Pacific Northwest, Jessica, Eric, Hyams, ComingSoon, John Hyams, Anthony Heald, Marc Menchaca, Jules Willcox, Robert Jonathan Rosenthal, Mattias Olsson, Jules Willcox Netflix, Samara Weaving Imogen Poots, Jessica Rothe Alone

‘The Murders at White House Farm’ Trailer: The Story of One of Britain’s Most Brutal Murders

In 1985, near the village of Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex, England, a family of five was brutally murdered at White House Farm. At first, it looked like a murder-suicide situation – but then suspicion turned to another, still-living member of the family. The Murders at White House Farm dramatizes the story, drawing on “extensive research, interviews and published accounts.” The Murders at White House Farm Trailer On the night of August 6, leading into August 7, 1985, Nevill and June Bamber ...
Tags: Television, Movies, White House, Britain, Jeremy, Long Island, True Story, Daniel, Sheila, Jeremy Bamber, Shiela, Alexa Davies, Ronald DeFeo Jr, HBO Max, White House Farm, Sheila Caffell

‘All the Old Knives’: Chris Pine and Thandie Newton Are Ex-Lover Spies in Amazon Thriller

Chris Pine and Thandie Newton playing ex-lovers and spies in a new movie? We couldn’t say yes fast enough. Neither, apparently, could Amazon Studios, which has landed the rights to produce All the Old Knives, an action-thriller set to star Pine and Newton based on the novel of the same name by Olen Steinhauer. Deadline reports that Amazon Studios is producing the adaptation of All the Old Knives, starring Chris Pine and Thandie Newton as two former lovers and spies who meet in Vienna to remi...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Casting, California, Vienna, Thriller, Adaptation, Cia, Newton, Henry, Chris-Pine, Carmel, Pine, Amazon Studios, Mark Gordon, Michelle Williams

Conan O’Brien on how to embrace an ever-changing media landscape

“Like most of the best things in my life,” Conan O’Brien explains, with a wry smile, “the success of the podcast was a complete surprise.” The answer is a typically self-effacing one from the comedian. Since launching “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” nearly two years ago, the show has quickly risen up the podcasting charts to become one of the country’s most popular. For those who have followed his 30-odd-year career in entertainment, it’s easy to see why. Quick-witted and almost superhumanly affa...
Tags: Nbc, Entertainment, Robin Williams, Tech, Tom Hanks, Conan, Jim Carrey, Tbs, Rob Lowe, Turner, Techcrunch Disrupt, Conan O Brien, Andy Richter, Steve Carrell, O'Brien, Team Coco

‘The Test’: John Boyega Will Star in the New “Contained Thriller” From Director Gavin Hood

John Boyega has his next project lined-up. He’ll star in The Test for director Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ender’s Game), described as a “contained thriller” about a behavioral psychologist and an immigrant dealing with a terrorist group in an “authoritarian near-future.” It’s an adaptation of the Sylvain Neuvel book of the same name. More John Boyega is never a bad thing, so let’s all take solace in the knowledge that he already has something new in the works. According to Deadlin...
Tags: Movies, Casting, Britain, Thriller, Steve McQueen, John Boyega, Hood, Boyega, Maadi, Payman Maadi, Sylvain Neuvel, Gavin-Hood, John Boyega Will Star, Idir, The Test, Wolverine Ender

Nihilistic Password Security Questions

Posted three years ago, but definitely appropriate for the times. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
Tags: Passwords, Uncategorized, Humor, Bruce Schneier, Security Questions

Shaman King Anime Reboot Promises Excitement in Release Date PV

King Amusement Creative’s official YouTube channel has revealed a release date PV for the upcoming Shaman King anime remake, promising high stakes and action whilst sure to have highly critical fans poised to scrutinize every minor detail that deviates from the original series. The new Shaman King anime will be a complete adaptation of Hiroyuki […]
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