Bill Watterson remembers Richard Thompson at CXC intro

Announcing Special Guest Cameos! Since we can't all gather in-person at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, we're bringing the fun to you! We've gathered some of the most exciting voices in comics to tell you about their favorite treasures in the vault. Billy Ireland curators Jenny Robb and Caitlin McGurk will be joined by: Gene Luen YangLaura ParkArt SpiegelmanGarry TrudeauMo WillemsRaina TelgemeierBarbara Brandon-CroftHilary PriceBill Watterson ...
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Editorial Cartoon by Steve Artley

Recent Cartoon  (click on Image for larger view) "Make America Flush Again" ©2020 Steven G Artley • artleytoons • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED   [Author: artleytoons]
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Oct 3: KAL at CXC

from JP Trostle of the AAEC:The AAEC editorial cartooning panel hits the CXC Festival screen this Saturday afternoon, Oct. 3, 2020. The live roundtable discussion begins streaming at 2:30pm EST, moderated by Kal Kallaugher with a slate of AAEC cartoonists including Pat Bagley, Jen Sorensen, David G. Brown, Angelo Lopez and Eric Garcia. Free pre-registration is required for the main event (with Q&A) but it will be restreaming on the CXC channels on YouTube and facebook: [Author: Mi...
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The Post talks to Black political cartoonist Walt Carr

A Black political cartoonist's new book pokes and provokes. He's planning another [Walt Carr; in print as A veteran Black cartoonist takes setback in stride]. Courtland Milloy Washington Post September 30, 2020, p. B1, 3 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/black-political-cartoonist/2020/09/29/43fc8dc8-0270-11eb-897d-3a6201d6643f_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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The Post on Disney theme park layoffs

Disney lays off 28,000 as coronavirus slams its theme-park business Most are part-time workers, but the news shows the grim outlook for the leisure industry By Steven Zeitchik September 29, 2020 https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/09/29/disney-lays-off-28000-coronavirus-slams-its-theme-park-business/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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All American Men of War v2 #55 - Joe Kubert art & cover

Joe Kubert All American Men of War v2 #55, 1955 - Under fire from the enemy, a GI has to speed up his reaction time in order for him and his unarmed buddy to survive. Joe Kubert's cover lacks some foreground detail, but his story art is expertly paced and sequenced. The underwater dive on page 10 and the encroaching enemy tank on page 12 are scenes that are artistically on target. This story [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Finally, Some Good News. A ‘Borat’ Sequel Is On The Way

Getty Images Very nice For the past few months there have been faint whispers on the wind that comedian and certified master of disguise Sacha Baron Cohen’s been cooking up something new. Over the summer he was spotted numerous times around Southern California dressed as Borat, one of his most famous characters who hasn’t been seen since 2006. As it turns out, the rumors are true, we’re getting a Borat sequel. News which, frankly, is pretty shocking, simply because anytime something act...
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Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Who Poisoned 25 Children Sentenced to Death

A mentally ill kindergarten teacher has been sentenced to death for their heartless act of poisoning 25 children that her co-worker was in charge of (which took place in March of last year), which she supposedly did as “revenge after arguing with the coworker”. The innocent children were immediately rushed to a hospital when they […]
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Vampire Tale ROSE: A LOVE STORY to Premiere at LFF [Trailer/Poster]

Jennifer Sheridan's moody feature debut receives its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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First Trailer for Netflix Horror Movie HIS HOUSE

Remi Weekes' acclaimed directorial debut comes to Netflix in October. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Chinese Ghost Stories

The Six Weeks of Halloween marches on with a pair of Chinese Ghost stories. Literally! The title is A Chinese Ghost Story (and we watched the sequel too). While not notably “scary”, per say, these movies do feature lots of spooky imagery, plenty of unexpected, bonkers elements, and a not-exactly-seamless blend of horror, romance, fantasy, martial arts, comedy, and even musical numbers. We’ve tackled similar fare before in the 6WH, and these types of movies represent an interesting change of pace...
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Three Cases of Murder! (1955)

32 Days of Halloween XIIIMovie Night #1 An omnibus film of horror from across the pond is the first bit in our film festival. The biggest name involved is Orson Welles, but don’t tell that to some of the cinema chains in the UK. According to Wikipedia, which is always right, a couple of them found the film to be mediocre, and that Welles wasn’t a big enough draw to make up for it. Ouch. Pretty sure it is out of print stateside. So enjoy it while we have it.
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‘His House’ Trailer: A Refugee Couple Faces Unspeakable Evil in Their New Home

A refugee story turns into a full-blown nightmare in His House, a new Netflix horror film from director Remi Weekes. The story follows a young refugee couple from South Sudan who moves to a small English town and begins to experience some sort of “unspeakable evil.” It’s a tad vague, all in the name of keeping the shocks and jolts fresh, but the His House trailer below is plenty effective as-is. His House Trailer His House premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and a...
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How to listen to UK radio when you’re abroad

With the news that TuneIn has blocked most international radio stations, we provide an alternative way to listen to radio abroad. You can usually listen online via other methods but sometimes stations can be geo-blocked at source for a number of reasons. Many websites, radio stations, and streaming platforms use geo-blocking to control how far their content gets shared. There could be several reasons why certain content is blocked in your region, including expired distribution licenses, gover...
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Crunch Time

Abs abs abs
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CXC Online Panels Include Business Advice, Spotlights, Trivia

The online programming for this year’s Cartoon Crossroads Columbus — another entry on the long list of “events I wanted to go to this year before pandemic” — starts tomorrow, October 1, and there are some great options available. The show schedule is here for your browsing pleasure, but a few things I want to highlight are: “Financial Wellness for Artists” and “Your Art Is a Business”, two financial-focused webinars (registration required) that help guides artists in dealing with the [...]
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Review: Healing From Hate

— by BEV QUESTAD — Domestic extremists are the people moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump to repudiate at the Sept. 29 presidential debate. Trump responded, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” In the last 30 years, “The vast majority of the deadly terrorist attacks occurring in the US have been perpetrated by domestic […]
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Shokugeki no Soma’s Group Orgasm Ending Causes an Explosion

Shokugeki no Soma‘s final episode of its concluding fifth season has delivered an unforgettable memory as varying emotions were unleashed and a certain character received closure, the show’s staple nudity also returning for one last hurrah as all characters are stripped simultaneously and orgasm so hard an explosion happens. Omake:
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‘Beast’: Idris Elba Will Face Off Against a Lion in New Thriller From ‘Contraband’ Director

Idris Elba once played the villainous Shere Khan in Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book, but now the actor will go toe to toe with the king of the forest in a new thriller called Beast. Elba has been cast in the lead role in the movie, which hails from Contraband and 2 Guns director Baltasar Kormakur. Get more details below. Baltasar Kormakur, the Iceland-born director whose previous credits include Contraband, The Deep, 2 Guns, Everest, The Oath, and Adrift, is set to make this new Beast movie for...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman: Death in the Family’ Clip, ‘Supergirl’ and Other DC Shows Pause Production & More

Want to see a clip from Batman: Death in the Family? Why are Batwoman and Supergirl pausing production so soon after restarting? Will John Wesley Shipp return to The Flash despite his Crisis on Infinite Earths fate? Why does Peter Parker look younger in Spider-Man: Remastered for the PlayStation 5? Did you hear Milestone Comics are out for digital purchase now? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. TThe Clan of the grumpies from the Earth 11.? #Batfamily pic.twitter.com/X0Vzr...
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‘Greenland’ Starring Gerard Butler Skipping Theaters and Headed to VOD in October

Greenland, a new Gerard Butler movie about a family trying to survive a cataclysmic natural disaster, is headed to where it belongs: VOD. While STX was hoping to release this baby theatrically, and even moved the theatrical date around a bit, let’s be honest – a disaster flick with Gerard Butler seems like the perfect VOD fodder – and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Greenland While there has yet to be an official announcement from STX Films, a list of new titles coming to Amazon in...
Tags: Action/Adventure, Release Dates, STX Entertainment, Gerard-Butler, Greenland

‘Hubie Halloween’ Trailer: Adam Sandler is Ready to Save All Hallows’ Eve With Another Goofy Voice

During the last Oscar race, Adam Sandler said that if the Academy failed to give him a nomination for Uncut Gems he would make the worst movie possible as revenge. Anyway, here’s a new trailer for Hubie Halloween! The new Netflix movie has the Sandman adopting yet another weird voice as he tries to protect a small town from danger on Halloween. It looks very, very stupid, and I will probably watch the entire thing. Hubie Halloween Trailer Even though Adam Sandler makes a lot of bad movi...
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Independent Spirit Awards Adds TV Categories to 2021 Ceremony

After 35 years of awarding independent film, the Spirit Awards is expanding to the small screen. Film Independent has added five television categories to the upcoming 36th edition Spirit Awards, which will be held in 2021. Variety reports that the Independent Spirit Awards are expanding into television, with five new categories that award excellence in TV and episodic work. The 36th Spirit Awards ceremony will be the first to award these TV categories when it takes place on April 24, 2021 — ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Awards, Ifc, Robert Altman, Indie Spirit Awards, Josh Welsh, Mary Sweeney, Independent Spirit Awards Adds TV Categories, IFC '' Film Independent

Jeffree Star Says His Boyfriend Andre Marhold Stole From Him & Won’t Return His Phone Calls: “What Kind of Lowlife Scum Does That?”

Has Jeffree Star’s relationship with basketball player Andre Marhold come to an end? It sure does seem like it after Star took to social media accusing Marhold of stealing from him and refusing to return his phone calls. In a comment posted on Instagram, Jeffree writes: “Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house?? What kind of lowlife f**king scum does that? Give it back!!! If you need a return label, just ask [crying laughin...
Tags: Celebs, France, Los Angeles, Star, Pop Culture, Jazz, Idc, Trending, Andre, Life Style, Jeffree, Jeffree Star, Andre Marhold, Jeffree Star Says His Boyfriend Andre Marhold, Emmanuella Leezy Chartol, Leezy

‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Has Made 10 Times More on PVOD Than in Theaters

It’s been something of a rarity to get a clear look at how certain movies have performed financially during the COVID era than it was in the Before Times. However, a picture is beginning to emerge around MGM and Orion’s Bill and Ted Face the Music which indicates that dropping the film on PVOD was a smart play by the studio. A new report says that Dean Parisot‘s comedy sequel has made just about ten times more on PVOD than it has in theaters so far. Deadline reports that the movie, which was ...
Tags: Movies, James Bond, Orion, Bill, Keanu Reeves, MGM, Tenet, United Artists, Dean Parisot, Bill and Ted Face The Music, Bill Ted Face, Ted Face, United Artists Releasing

Realtor.com, Rocket Mortgage announce new partnership

Homebuyers using realtor.com interested in getting pre-approved through a mortgage will see advertising from Rocket Mortgage, which will allow that consumer to connect directly with the latter's online application.
Tags: Technology, Mortgages, Radio, Mortgage, Move, Quicken, Select, Realtor.com, Rocket Mortgage, Jay Farner, Opcity, Ben Rubenstein, Rocket Homes

Utah MLS kills old data standard, sets vendor deadline to adopt API

Come January, UtahRealEstate.com will be the first MLS to have all of their nearly 200 vendors use their new API for every type of data feed.
Tags: Radio, Reso, Select, Real Estate Standards Organization, Sam DeBord, RESO Web API, MLS & Associations, Brad Bjelke, Utah MLS, UtahRealEstate.com, Constellation Web Solutions

Chinese Degenerates Plotting to Force Virtual YouTubers Into Retirement

Chinese people still angry at the two temporarily suspended Hololive virtual YouTubers (Kiryuu Coco and Akai Haato) who merely briefly mentioned the independent country of Taiwan have already begun plotting to force them to quit by spamming their chatrooms, an act of hostility that seems to be a common trait amongst communism-loving degenerates (as can […]
Tags: Translation, Politics, Crime, Internet, China, International, Taiwan, Suspensions, Anime, Virtual YouTubers, Hololive, Akai Haato, Kiryuu Coco

Doug Liman’s ‘Lockdown’ Cast Adds Ben Stiller, Lily James, Stephen Merchant, and More

Director Doug Liman‘s new heist movie just got an injection of new cast members. Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder), Lily James (Baby Driver), Stephen Merchant (Logan), and more are the latest names to join Lockdown, a pandemic-themed heist film which already had Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange) on board in the lead roles. Learn more about the movie below. Before he sends Tom Cruise to literal space, Doug Liman, the director of films like The Bourne Identity, Ed...
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