Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter! (1966)

32 Days of Halloween XIIIMovie Night #30 A very brief entry today as a tropical storm dumped a lot of trees and the area and we are currently without power. (No #TrackoftheDay either. Damn this oppression.) There’s just time enough to for me to point out that this cinematic masterpiece was filmed along with its companion piece, Billy The Kid vs. Dracula, in just eight days. That Is Insane. Enjoy!
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Al Goodwyn's latest cartoon newsletter is out

Goodwyn Cartoons 10/28/20 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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CS Video: The Wretched, Becky & 1BR Filmmakers Talk Being #1

CS Video: The Wretched, Becky & 1BR Filmmakers Talk Being #1 With Halloween just around the corner, ComingSoon.net gathered three sets of indie horror filmmakers in the “Class of 2020” that wound up with the #1 movie in America at some point during the global pandemic. In this fun 45-minute virtual roundtable conversation we talk with The Wretched‘s writer/producer/directors Brett Pierce & Drew T. Pierce (a.k.a. The Pierce Brothers), Becky directing pair Jonathan Milott & Cary Murnion, and 1B...
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Guston exhibit gets yet another opening date

After Backlash, Philip Guston Retrospective to Open in 2022 By Julia Jacobs A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 29, 2020, Section C, Page 5 of the New York edition with the headline: After a Backlash, a Philip Guston Retrospective Will Open in 2022. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/28/arts/design/philip-guston-retrospective-date.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2020 Still Familiar Yet Slightly Different

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2020 (also known as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou) has resumed its blend of familiar scenes and deviations as the “second arc” is underway, reacquainting watchers with more Angel Mort service as twin sister Shion is introduced and more of the plot is slowly unveiled (which will, once again, […]
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The Lily's latest comic

Comics  //  Perspective 9 reasons why I would have been accused of witchcraft in 15th-century Europe Many of you reading this probably would have been, too By Gemma Correll Read more ...
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Kevin Panetta's Archie and Katy Keene run collected

There's a new girl in Riverdale and she's turning heads—and NOT everyone is happy about that! Who is Katy Keene and why is she so Insta-famous and beloved in Riverdale? Find out in a brand new graphic novel from the creative team of ...
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Editorial Cartoon by Steve Artley

Recent Cartoon  (click on Image for larger view) "Remember Remember 4 November" ©2020 Steven G Artley • artleytoons • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED [Author: artleytoons]
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First Trailer and Poster for Michael Bay Produced COVID Thriller SONGBIRD

First look at the first major COVID themed movie. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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‘Things I Know to Be True’: Nicole Kidman, Amazon Studios Reteam for Third Series Project

Nicole Kidman is keeping her crown as the small screen queen, setting her third series project at Amazon Studios with Things I Know to Be True. Kidman is set to star in and executive produce the series adaptation of Andrew Bovell’s play, which centers on a married couple who watch as their adult children make shocking decisions that affect all of their lives. Following award-winning turns on prestige dramas like Big Little Lies, Kidman has found her calling as the prestige drama queen. The a...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Superman & Lois’ Premiere Date, New ‘Moon Knight’ Character Details & More

When will The Flash, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and Superman & Lois premiere on The CW? Who is composing the score for the Marvel What If…? series? Do you remember the American Express ads with Jerry Seinfeld and Superman? What other characters can we expect to see in Marvel’s Moon Knight series? Is Michael Giacchino coming back to score Spider-Man 3?  All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. A new series of Funko POPs featuring Marvel Comics characters as luchadores is getting i...
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Theme Park Bits: DCA is Reopening (Kind Of), Epcot’s Next Festival, and More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: Disney California Adventure is partially reopening its doors. Epcot’s first 2021 festival has been scheduled. And more! Every once in a while – it feels like it’s once a week, but maybe it’s less than that – I am once again mentally bowled over by the fact that we’ve been living through the grim effects of a pandemic for roughly eight months. In the grand scheme of things, eight months isn’t that long, but for a business that needs consumer money to thr...
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Elliot Blows It

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Official Trailer for Errol Morris' LSD Doc 'My Psychedelic Love Story'

"So you're a C.I.A. plant?" Cutting to the chase! Showtime has unveiled a new official full trailer for Errol Morris' latest documentary titled My Psychedelic Love Story, which is premiering at AFI Fest coming up this fall. We posted a teaser trailer for this doc earlier in the summer, before it had an official title, now it's set to debut on Showtime in November. This documentary focuses, once again, on LSD and the "High Priest of LSD" Timothy Leary. And this isn't the first time Morris has...
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Forge abstract art in Low Grade Fraud Shop

The title "Low Grade Fraud Shop" drew my eye, and it turned out to be an unusual and joyously cynical art-making game. As a harried art forger's new apprentice, you must make copies of valuable artwork as quickly as possible using various crude brushes and a limited palette. — Read the rest
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Lucky Patient Receives Twice the Care in White Blue

All the nurses of a certain hospital in the erotic anime White Blue seem to be up to any perverse task as a multitude of them can be seen providing care to not only patients but doctors as well, such a luxury bound to be a fantasy for at least some individuals. The first episode […]
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BlumNews: More ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ on the Way; John Ridley Directing New Paranormal Movie

BlumNews! Today, during BlumFest, a Blumhouse-themed virtual experience, we got new info regarding upcoming Blumhouse projects. First: there are even more Welcome to the Blumhouse movies headed our way. Also: John Ridley, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave, is teaming up with Blumhouse for an Untitled Paranormal Project inspired by a true story. Welcome to the Blumhouse…Again Welcome to the Blumhouse brought four very lackluster Blumhouse movies to Amazon Prime Vide...
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Multiple Assassin’s Creed Netflix Live Action Shows & Anime Coming

Assassin’s Creed is the next franchise that will once again tout how “diverse and inclusive” it is by way of a Netflix live action series, and a number of anime shows were declared to be in production as well, just in case the upcoming live action series isn’t enough of a humiliation. Ubisoft’s official website […]
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Here’s What the Setting of ‘The Suicide Squad’ Has in Common With the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Question: what does James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, the upcoming supervillain comic book film from DC and Warner Bros., have in common with DC’s rivals over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Answer: an unusual location – or more accurately, the name of an unusual location. Word has came out that the plot of writer/director James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad involves the titular group of supervillains infiltrating a facility built by the Nazis. “They have to destroy a Nazi-era prison and laborato...
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Shadowverse Japanese Version Censors a Whole Slew of Sexy Card Art

Shadowverse announced through its official website that it will be forced to censor even more of the sexy and revealing artwork present on its collectible cards, yet another example of Japanese developers being forced to kowtow to political correctness and the hatred of female beauty. A blog post talking about Shadowverse’s latest update discloses that […]
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‘Hell House LLC’ Director’s Cut Will Stream on Amazon Prime

Hell House LLC, a low-budget but highly-effective found-footage horror flick, is about to drop a director’s cut just in time for Halloween. The Hell House LLC Director’s Cut will make its debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on October 30, bringing new footage as well as deleted scenes, a new director intro, outtakes, cast auditions, location scouting, and more. It sounds like a fun little treat for fans of the franchise. Hell House LLC Director’s Cut The first Hell House LLC is a lo...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Movies, Horror, House LLC, Hell House LLC, Stephen Cognetti, Abaddon Hotel, Cut Will Stream on Amazon

Redfin accused of price policies that favor white neighborhoods: Lawsuit

A new suit argues the online brokerage disproportionally serves white neighborhoods. CEO Glenn Kelman countered that Redfin hasn't pushed into lower income areas because it needs to pay agents a living wage.
Tags: Lawsuit, Race, Regulations, Radio, Racism, Discrimination, Redfin, Glenn Kelman, Industry News, Brokerage, Select, Housing Discrimination, Pocket Listings

Watch: Fun 'A Night in Camp Heebie Jeebie' Animated Horror Short

"I think we need to finish our story." What if Pixar made a horror movie? That's the best way to pitch this short. A Night in Camp Heebie Jeebie is an amusing animated horror short film made by filmmaker / animator Dylan Chase. This passion project took him three years to complete in his own time, working with his collaborator Dave Jacobson. It recently premiered at the Nightstream Film Festival to rave reviews. One stormy night in Camp Heebie Jeebie, five girl scouts realize that the spooky...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Short Film, Pixar, To Watch, Dave Jacobson, Dylan Chase, Riley Madison Perez

‘White Bird: A Wonder Story’ Will Be a “Creative Companion” to ‘Wonder’

Wonder, the Stephen Chbosky-directed 2017 movie based on the novel of the same name by R. J. Palacio, is getting a sequel. Well, okay, it’s not really a sequel. Instead, Lionsgate has dubbed the new film – called White Bird: A Wonder Story – a “creative companion” to the film. It’s once again based on something written by R. J. Palacio, but tells a completely new story. I remember seeing trailers for Wonder, the 2017 film starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay, but I didn’t ...
Tags: Movies, Lionsgate, France, Nazis, Paris, Adaptation, Wonder, Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Robin, Mark Bomback, Nathan Kahane, Lionsgate Films, R J Palacio, Stephen Chbosky, Marc-Forster, White Bird

Crossing into a Multiverse Has Consequences in 'Parallel' Film Trailer

"This is the biggest unfair advantage in human history." Vertical Ent. has released an official trailer for a sci-fi thriller titled Parallel, from filmmaker Isaac Ezban (of The Similars, The Incident). This originally premiered in 2018 at all the fall genre fests: FrightFest, Morbido, Sitges, Utopia, and a few others including Fantasia in Montreal. A group of friends stumble upon a mirror that serves as a portal to a "multiverse", but soon discover that importing knowledge from the other si...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Sci-fi, Montreal, Fantasia, David Harewood, Isaac Ezban, To Watch, FrightFest Morbido Sitges Utopia, Aml Ameen Martin Wallström Georgia King, Mark O'Brien Alyssa Diaz, Kathleen Quinlan

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway Are Rival Housewives in Psychological Thriller ‘Mothers’ Instinct’

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are going to play rival housewives in the psychological thriller Mothers’ Instinct, the English-language remake of Olivier Masset-Depasse‘s 2018 Belgian film Duelles. Masset-Depasse will be directing this English-language remake, which Chastain will also be producing. Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway have starred in films together before — namely Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar — but we never got to see these two talented actresses cross paths onscreen. ...
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PUBG Mobile to terminate access for users in India on October 30 following ban order

PUBG Mobile, the sleeper hit mobile game, will terminate all service and access for users in India on October 30, two months after New Delhi banned the game in the world’s second largest internet market over cybersecurity concerns. India banned PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik and PUBG Mobile Lite, along with over 100 apps with links to China on September 2. The ban came after India banned TikTok and dozens of other popular Chinese apps in late June. These apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and ...
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Rape charges pile up for Ron Jeremy, including 2 new cases in San Fernando Valley

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Ron Jeremy pleaded not guilty Wednesday to seven new sexual assault charges involving alleged attacks on a half-dozen women, bringing the number of his alleged victims to 23. Jeremy — whose real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt — is now facing 11 counts of forcible rape, eight counts of sexual battery by restraint, six counts of forcible oral copulation, five counts of forcible penetration by a foreign object and one count each of sodomy, assault with intent to commit ra...
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Elisha Cuthbert & Eoin Macken to Lead Horror Pic The Cellar

Elisha Cuthbert & Eoin Macken to Lead Horror Pic The Cellar Epic Pictures has announced its upcoming Irish horror-thriller The Cellar has begun building its cast with the additions of Elisha Cuthbert (The Ranch, Happy Endings, 24) and Eoin Macken (Stumptown, The Forest, The Night Shift). RELATED: Michael Myers Returns in New Halloween Kills Teaser! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefr...
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