Bunny Girl X-10 Figure Deadly in More Ways Than One

A beautiful bunny girl armed to the teeth might be a concept that collectors can get behind as this figurine of original female X-10 is available, the gorgeous lass brandishing a sword that will hardly keep away any males entranced by her exposed body – X-10 can mow down males come October 2021. The figure […]
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New Release Review [Cinema/Digital] - HOST

A seance held over Zoom unleashes a malevolent demon. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ Early Cut Was Nearly As Long as ‘Fellowship of the Ring’

The Harry Potter book series took the world by storm and the story of The Boy Who Lived was a phenomenon by the late 1990s. Of course, that meant the books were destined to be adapted for the big screen, and director Chris Columbus was the one who was tapped to take a crack at it for Warner Bros. Pictures. The pressure was on for the Home Alone director to deliver the fantastical world that fans have been imagining in their heads for years. That’s why an early cut of the movie screened for audi...
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Here’s What George Lucas Originally Pitched for the Backstory of Anakin Skywalker

Back in July 1981, few people were privy to the idea that was starting to form in George Lucas‘ mind: an origin story for the iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader. But at least three people learned the details at a story conference for Return of the Jedi, in which the Star Wars maestro revealed to Richard Marquand, Howard Kazanjian, and Lawrence Kasdan his vision of Anakin Skywalker’s origins. Lucas’ pitch for Anakin Skywalker’s original backstory, which is revealed in the new book The Star War...
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Superhero Bits: Hailee Steinfeld Spotted on ‘Hawkeye’ Set, Alex Ross Teases Unseen Artwork & More

Want to see some Alex Ross artwork that hasn’t been released before? Which Marvel movie star supports the campaign to revive the Daredevil series? How long is Wonder Woman 1984? Did you hear Hailee Steinfeld was spotted on the Hawkeye set? Which Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse character has joined Marvel Contest of Champions? Is there a Harley Quinn feud between Kaley Cuoco and Margot Robbie? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Professional baseball player Nelson Figuero...
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Millefeuille Is Honest

pet pet pet
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Thursday, Dec. 3 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Dec. 3, 2020: Filming in California TV Series: Dave Location: 244 San Pedro St, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 2:00 AM) TV Series: Rebel Location: 402 W 7th St, Los Angeles (5:00 AM – 7:00 PM) TV Series: Truth Be Told Location: Palmetto St. and Mateo St., Los Angeles (7:00 […] The post Thursday, Dec. 3 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Nintendo Hacker Sentenced to 3 Years Prison, Had Child Abuse Images

A prolific Nintendo Hacker has been sentenced to three years in prison for his invasive actions as well as for “downloading and possessing images of child rape and abuse”. The United States Department of Justice issued this news, explaining that Nintendo hacker Ryan Hernandez was first noticed by authorities in 2016 when he used a […]
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‘Cherry’, the New Russo Brothers Movie Starring Tom Holland, Will Hit Theaters in February Before Going to Apple TV+ in March

Cherry, the first Russo Brothers movie since Avengers: Endgame, now has a release date. The pic, which stars Tom Holland as an Army vet who becomes a bank robber, will open in theaters in February 2021 before heading to Apple TV+ in March 2021. In addition to Holland, Cherry stars Ciara Bravo, Jack Reynor, Michael Rispoli, Jeff Wahlberg, Forrest Goodluck, and Michael Gandolfini, and is based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Nico Walker. The Cherry release date has finally been revealed....
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‘Fast & Furious: Spy Racers’ Season 3 Trailer: Yep, This Show is Still On (And They’re Racing in the Desert Now)

Have you ever wondered what a Fast & Furious animated show might look like if things were A) even more wild than the regular insanity of the live-action movies and B) more than half of the mouth movements don’t align with the characters’ dialogue? Today is your lucky day, my friends. Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the third season (!) of Fast and Furious: Spy Racers, a show that follows the adventures of Dominic Toretto’s younger cousin Tony and his renegade band of…well, spy racers. Chec...
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Watch: A Fragile Ego Cracks in Short Film 'Toxic' from Mike Manning

"Just go talk to her, man, she's cool…" Trust the nice guy, they say. Toxic is an intriguing, suspenseful short film about toxic masculinity made by up-and-coming filmmaker Mike Manning. Now available to watch online - and it's worth a look. The film plays on insecurities and the confusion of expectations vs reality, but also shows us how one fragile male ego cracks after being rejected by a woman at a party. Toxic stars John Bain as Darren, Keisha Castle-Hughes (Academy Award nominee for he...
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‘Lockdown’: Doug Liman’s Pandemic Heist Film Heads to HBO Max

Director Doug Liman‘s star-studded pandemic heist film is going straight to streaming. The worldwide rights to Lockdown, Liman’s new mixture of heist film and romantic comedy, has been acquired by Warner Bros. Pictures, which has a plan to release the film on HBO in early 2021. Read on for a refresher of the plot and all of the A-list talent who appear in this this movie. Anne Hathaway (or as Key and Peele would refer to her, “Annie Hathaways”) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange, Triple 9)...
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Aubrey Plaza Joins the Cast of New Guy Ritchie Movie Starring Jason Statham

I, for one, think Aubrey Plaza should be in every movie, all the time. So I can’t complain about the news that she’s joining the cast of the new, currently untitled, Guy Ritchie movie. The action flick will see Ritchie reunite with Jason Statham, with Statham playing an MI6 agent trying to stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology. There’s no word on what character Plaza is playing, but here’s hoping Ritchie is smart enough to give her a big, substantial part and not just sideline her in...
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Review: Wander

— by RON WILKINSON — Opening with a nicely done highway accident in a colorless prairie, the setting could be Roswell New Mexico. The scenery is so plain and the tarmac so barren there must be something bad just outside of camera range. The shots shift to a huge red sign marking the entry into […]
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12 key settings to change on your PS5

One of the exciting things about getting a new console is messing around with its new settings. Here, we'll show you the key settings to change on your PS5.
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Eroge Developer Lose Will Cease Production of New Works

Eroge developer Lose, who are likely most well-known for visual novels Maitetsu and Monobeno, announced that they will be ceasing the production of new titles for the time being as they work on patches for Maitetsu Last Run!!, with many hoping this to be a temporary decision. Lose informed its followers through their official Fantia […]
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Hulu officially launches its co-viewing feature Watch Party

Hulu’s social viewing feature, Watch Party, has now launched to all on-demand subscribers, the company announced today. The co-viewing feature was first introduced during the earlier days of the pandemic in 2020, allowing Hulu users to watch shows together from different locations, as well as chat and react to what they’re watching in a group chat interface on the side of the screen. Initially, the feature was only made available to Hulu’s “No Ads” subscribers before being tested with Hulu’s ...
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CRM giant Salesforce to acquire communication platform Slack for $27.7B

Slack is Salesforce's largest acquisition. Real estate agents should expect to see pitches on how to integrate the communication software.
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CS Video: Buddy Games Interviews With Duhamel, Bakkedahl & Dillon

CS Video: Buddy Games Interviews With Duhamel, Bakkedahl & Dillon Just ahead of its Thanksgiving Eve digital debut, ComingSoon.net got the chance to talk with Buddy Games co-writer/director/star Josh Duhamel and stars Dan Bakkedahl and Kevin Dillon to discuss their hilarious roles in Duhamel’s directorial debut. Our interview can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Exclusive Buddy Games Clip Sees The Guys Face The Dragon PB = PB || {}; PB.gp...
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NAR fills out advocacy team, touts it as ‘the envy of Washington’

Bryan Greene, Helen Devlin and Joe Harris are moving up the ranks of the 1.4 million-member trade group's lobbying operation.
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‘Earwig and the Witch’ Trailer: See Studio Ghibli’s First CG Animated Feature

It only took a bit of witchy, CGI magic to revive Studio Ghibli after the revered Japanese animation studio temporarily shuttered its doors in 2014 following the supposed retirement of anime titan Hayao Miyazaki. But it’s Miyazaki’s son, Goro Miyazaki, who will direct the studio’s first film in 7 years, and Studio Ghibli’s first-ever fully CG-animated feature, Earwig and the Witch. Watch the Earwig and the Witch trailer below. Earwig and the Witch First trailer of new Studio Ghibli movie ...
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Water Cooler: Happiest Season, Gone Girl, Soul, How To With John Wilson, Primal, Flying Drones, Tesla, The Flight Attendant, Ted Lasso, Possessor, Avengers Campus

On the December 2, 2020 episode of /Film Daily, / Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall , weekend editor Brad Oman , senior writer Ben Pearson and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss what they’ve been up to at the Water Cooler. At The Water Cooler : What did you do for Thanksgiving? Peter: Ate some food from honey baked ham at home the day before and went to Knotts Taste of Merry Farm on Thanksgiving. Br...
Tags: Movies, Chris, Peter, Ben, Brad, Jacob, Ben Pearson, John Wilson, Genndy Tartakovsky, Peter Sciretta, Jacob Hall, Water cooler, Hoai Tran Bui, Hoai Tran, Chris Evangelista, Film Daily Podcast

John Waters Reveals His Top 10 Films of 2020 - Hello to 'Butt Boy'

"Afterward, go out and film yourself getting arrested at a protest rally. Then you'll be the best movie of the year." One of our favorite lists that kicks off this time of the year is from filmmaker John Waters - his Top 10 favorite films from this year. For 2020, Waters has chosen yet another (expected) eclectic mix of films, lead by the uber wacky comedy Butt Boy (trailer here), about a guy who discovers he has a serial killer ass. Literally. I always love seeing what Waters picks every year...
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‘Euphoria’ Special Episode Streaming Early on HBO Max

A trailer for the Euphoria special episode dropped yesterday, and if the brief amount of footage there had you craving more, you’re in luck! Because HBO Max is dropping the new episode early – on Thursday, December 3. The episode will then premiere on HBO on December 6. It’s the first of two special episodes, with one focusing on the holiday season and the other covering COVID-19. If you’re a hip youngster in need of more Euphoria, HBO Max is giving you an early holiday present. The first of...
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Pandemic relocation, confidence driving Canadian market: RE/MAX

As the pandemic rages on both sides of the border, confidence that the market will come out strong is fueling many Canadian homebuyers.
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John L. Scott Real Estate acquires local Portland firm

The acquisition of Meadows Group Inc., Realtors will add nearly 100 agents and brokers to the brokerage's ranks in Portland.
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Official Trailer for Heart-Wrenching COVID-19 Chinese Doc '76 Days'

"Rich or poor, nobody can escape. What a tragedy." MTV Documentary Films has released an official US trailer for 76 Days, a chilling fly-on-the-wall documentary capturing the first 76 days during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in China. Raw and intimate, this documentary captures the struggles of patients and frontline medical professionals battling the vicious COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan. It focuses primarily on the many hospital workers and the endless patients in Wuhan, where the virus ...
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POLL RESULTS: What 2020 TV Show Are You Most Thankful For?

POLL RESULTS: What 2020 TV show are you most thankful for? With streaming platforms upping the amount of content offered to audiences over the past 11 months and some exciting new shows debuting on regular cable networks and channels, ComingSoon.net asked our readers what 2020 TV show they were most thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving and the results are in! Check out the results below! RELATED: POLL RESULTS: Stream or Theatrical for Wonder Woman 1984? PB ...
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Watashi, Elite Tenshi desu ga Promiscuous Angel Yuri Manga

Manga readers who require more girl-on-girl substance in their life can satiate their itch through Watashi, Elite Tenshi desu ga Nankoufuraku na JK ni Komattemasu! as the manga contains several naughty females participating in countless erotic situations. The seemingly innocent premise: Ariel is an angel, a being that exists to reward good deeds by granting […]
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‘Babylon’ Switch-Up: Margot Robbie May Replace Emma Stone in Damien Chazelle’s Hollywood Drama

After taking a detour to space for his most recent film, First Man, filmmaker Damien Chazelle is returning to a Hollywood setting for his newest movie, Babylon. Emma Stone, who won an Oscar for her performance in Chazelle’s terrific 2016 movie La La Land, has had to drop out of playing the lead role in his upcoming feature – and Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey) is being eyed to replace her. Deadline reports that Margot Robbie may end up leading the Babylon cast, since Emma Stone had to drop out ...
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