Jan 28: Sailor Moon: How These Magical Girls Transformed Our World

TOMORROW NIGHT! Sailor Moon: How These Magical Girls Transformed Our World January 28, 8pm EST Online Since its first release in 1992, Sailor Moon has become one of the most iconic manga and anime franchises globally. It also has been many people's first introduction to Japanese pop culture in other parts of the world. Join our panel discussion with Kumik...
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 Part 2 Episode 4 Impression

On this episode, Emilia discovers her childhood past with Echidna's assistance. Later, Petelgeuse visits Fortuna. Wow, it was very interesting to finally see Emilia's sealed childhood memories. Also, I was very surprised to see the past Petelgeuse as a very cool family character partly because of Fortuna and Emilia. Other than that, I how a past tragedy going to begin. Now what's going happen next? I can't wait to find out. Overall, interesting childhood past for Emilia and surprising past versi...
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Sailor Moon: How These Magical Girls Transformed Our World

TOMORROW NIGHT! Sailor Moon: How These Magical Girls Transformed Our World January 28, 8pm EST Online Since its first release in 1992, Sailor Moon has become one of the most iconic manga and anime franchises globally. It also has been many people's first introduction to Japanese pop culture in other parts of the world. Join our panel discussion with Kumik...
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In conversation with Phoebe Im (@bobblejot)

Nicole Moorefield Jan 5 2021 In conversation with Phoebe Im (@bobblejot) https://www.hilltopshow.com/post/in-conversation-with-phoebe-im-bobblejot Illustrator Phoebe Im, known for her work as @bobblejot on Instagram, is releasing her first book, Cute Chibi Animals , on January 19. Im, who has 295K Instagram followers, spoke with The Hilltop Show about her artistic journey, creative process, and career growth.  [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Tomorrow Jan 28: Dan Mazur on Harvard Book Store for Lunatic wordless graphic novel

Virtual Event: Dan Mazur presenting Lunatic in conversation with WHIT TAYLOR https://www.harvard.com/event/virtual_event_dan_mazur/ Date Jan 28 Thursday ...
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March 11: An Evening with Gene Luen Yang

An Evening with Gene Luen Yang Thursday, March 11, 20217 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. MT https://go.ucalgary.ca/2021-03-11VirtualDVWEvent_LPRegistration1.html Join the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program for an evening with Gene Luen Yang, the bestselling writer and artist behind American Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints, the Avatar: the Last Airbender comics, and many other iconic works. This online talk will explore the making of comics and graphic novels, bridging the gap betwe...
Tags: Comics, University of Calgary, Bart Beaty, Gene Luen Yang, Mike Rhode, American Born Chinese Boxers Saints

Daredevil #200 - John Byrne cover (key)

John Byrne Daredevil v1 #200, 1983 - A victorious Daredevil looms over a severely beaten and battered Bullseye. The sparse background puts the focus solely on the two figures. Note how the hero's face is cloaked in shadow, suggesting a darker side. Most milestone issues display a celebratory cover, but here John Byrne opts for an effectively disturbing image for this key milestone issue. [Author: Unknown]
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Film Entered Into the Academy Awards

Japan’s most lucrative anime film, Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train, has been submitted to potentially win the Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars, and if it passes the voting process, it will be the sixth anime film to be nominated in two years. Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train has secured numerous records in Japan […]
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Okay, Hear Me Out— Jurassic Park But Every Dinosaur Is Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee, uh, finds a way Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is an absolute masterpiece. It’s arguably one of the greatest films ever made, and, unlike the dinosaurs themselves (RIP), it has stood the test of time. Nearly 30 years later and I still have to prepare myself for the incoming heartache of watching that poor, sick triceratops lie there in pain. Yes, I know it’s not real, no, that hasn’t stopped me from becoming emotionally attached to it. The groundbreaking film answered a l...
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Ep. 603 – News of the World (GUEST: Drew McWeeny from Formerly Dangerous)

It’s the dawn of a new era in America. David, Devindra, and Jeff are joined by Drew McWeeny (@DrewMcWeeny), writer of newsletter Formerly Dangerous, to discuss the new film News of the World. Does this reunion of director Paul Greengrass and actor Tom Hanks create the same buzz as Captain Phillips? The Slashfilmcast is launching a Patreon! Support us at  http://patreon.com/filmpodcast. Use #slashtag on Twitter to recommend a title for us to watch. Thanks to Mike C for building the Hashtag S...
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Gary Oldman & Evangeline Lilly in Intense Opioid Crisis Film 'Crisis'

"It's not our responsibility." "Then who's is it?!" Quiver Distribution has revealed an official US trailer for an indie thriller titled Crisis, set around the opioid drug crisis. Crisis features three interwoven stories that highlight the greed, violence and tragedy of the drug war. A drug trafficker arranges a multi-cartel Fentanyl smuggling operation, an architect recovering from an oxycodone addiction tracks down the truth behind her son's disappearance and a university professor battles...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Spider-Ham’ Gets a Graphic Novel for Kids, Buy the Strucker Watch from ‘WandaVision’ & More

Want to get your hands on the Strucker watch from WandaVision? Are your kids looking for a good Spider-Ham graphic novel? Is the Justice League Dark series still in the work for HBO Max? Who could the villain be in Marvel’s WandaVision? Did you know Invincible crossed over with Spider-Man in 2004? How much did Wonder Woman 1984 help HBO Max boost subscriber numbers? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Titan Books is releasing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – The Art of t...
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World Witches Hasshinshimasu! Plays With Sharp Objects

World Witches Hasshinshimasu!‘s relentless humor has involved cardboard cutouts, food, and sharp objects as the wonderful witches continue creating a PR movie, the content sure to make for a nice change of pace in comparison to the mainline series, though some may be turned off by the absence of service. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Witches, Yuri, Moe, Oppai, Pantsu, Image Gallery, Kemonomimi, Spin-off, Strike Witches, Chibi, Acca Effe, Giga Production, Hasshinshimasu

Live-Action ‘Invincible’ Movie Still Happening, Will Be Seperate From the Upcoming Animated Series

There’s an animated Invincible series headed to Amazon Prime Video in March – but what of the live-action Invincible movie? The film was announced back in 2017, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg attached as writers. One might think that since the animated series is about to drop, the movie might be a thing of the past, but according to creator Robert Kirkman, it’s still very much in development – and it will be separate from the animated show. On March 26, an adult-oriented Invincible animat...
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Vintage Science Fiction Month: The Lincoln Hunters

Vintage Science Fiction Month is the brainchild of the Little Red Reviewer. The objective: Read and discuss “older than I am” Science Fiction in the month of January. In The Lincoln Hunters, time travel exists for people 700 years in the future, but it is primarily used for historical information gathering purposes and museum-like desires to preserve same. Ben Steward is a Character; basically a time-traveling agent who acts as if he’s a member of the time-period he’s visiting so as to facili...
Tags: Science Fiction, Movies, Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Tucker, BLOOMINGTON ILLINOIS, Steward, Robert Block, Lincoln Hunters, Wilson Tucker, Owen Lovejoy, Ben Steward, Anti Nebraska, Bobby Bloch

Dracula Movie ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’ Will Star Corey Hawkins

The Last Voyage of the Demeter, a Dracula spin-off movie that’s been in development for over 17 years, has found its star: Corey Hawkins, who has appeared in Straight Outta Compton, Kong: Skull Island, the 24 reboot, and more. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark director André Øvredal is helming the movie, which is inspired by the chapter in Bram Stoker’s iconic vampire novel that features Count Dracula sailing from Transylvania to England. Is the Demeter finally going to set sail? The Dracula...
Tags: England, Movies, Casting, Horror, Skull Island, Bram Stoker, Amblin Partners, Dracula, Transylvanian, Corey Hawkins, Transylvania, Demeter, Jane Doe, Stoker, Amblin Entertainment, Bragi Schut

A Friendly Ear

Tags: Comics

Trevor Noah Partnering With Paramount Animation for Original Film

Trevor Noah partnering with Paramount Animation for original film In his near-20-year career, Emmy-winning The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has yet to truly explore the world of film, having small roles in Mad Buddies and Black Panther, and now he’s finally ready to dip his toes into the field as he is partnering with Paramount Animation for a new original film, according to Variety. RELATED: Kamp Koral Sneak Peek Previews Paramount+’s SpongeBob Spinoff if ( ...
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Mysterious Face Transplant Horror-Thriller 'Faceless' Official Trailer

"Don't hide from your demons." Indican Pictures has revealed the official trailer for an eerie indie horror-thriller titled Faceless, a new film from filmmaker Marcel Sarmiento, director of the strange genre films Heavy Petting and Deadgirl. His latest film is another strange concept that is especially unsettling - a man wakes up to discover he has received a full face transplant. As he attempts to make sense of things leaving the hospital, he's plagued by vivid, unexplainable flashbacks and...
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‘Game of Thrones’ Animated Series in Development at HBO Max

HBO Max is plotting its own trip to Westeros – in animated form. A new report says HBO Max is developing a Game of Thrones animated series, although the report cautions that it’s still in the early stages and there’s a chance the show never comes to fruition. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that a Game of Thrones animated series is officially in the works at HBO Max, which is notable for multiple reasons, not the least of which is because the original series, the upcoming House of the Dra...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Animation, Game Of Thrones, Naomi Watts, George R R Martin, Westeros, Action/Adventure, Thrones, J Clarkson, HBO Max, HBO Max Details

Christopher Meloni’s Law & Order Spin-Off Adds Dylan McDermott

Christopher Meloni’s Law & Order spin-off adds Dylan McDermott Emmy-nominee Dylan McDermott (Hollywood, American Horror Story) is continuing to expand his television resume as he has signed on to star alongside the Christopher Meloni-fronted Law & Order spin-off Organized Crime, according to Variety. RELATED: Mariska Hargitay Teases Law & Order: SVU Reunion With Stabler! if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptSt...
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‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Confirms You Don’t Have To See First ‘Suicide Squad’ Before You Watch His Sequel

While James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad is officially a sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad, and even brings several of the previous film’s cast members back, there’s been plenty of speculation that Gunn’s take would be a kind of reboot. The extent to which that’s true remains to be seen, but a new comment from Gunn certainly seems to confirm that this entry stands on its own. When asked if viewers need to have seen Suicide Squad to understand The Suicide Squad, Gunn replied with a resounding “no.” ...
Tags: Movies, Sequels, Suicide Squad, James Gunn, Warner Brothers, First ` Suicide Squad, Gunn, Comic Book/Superhero, Jennifer Holland, The Suicide Squad, HBO Max

8 ways real estate agents can combat commission compression

Keller Williams trainer Dana Cadena and Compass Texas sales manager Bryan Pacholski share how agents can garner the commissions they deserve.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Keller Williams, Select, Inman Connect, Commissions, Agent Compensation, Agent Commissions, Katie Kossev, Inman Events, Kymber Menkiti, Bryan Pacholski, Dana Cadena, Negotiating Commissions, Compass Texas

HBO Max Developing Game of Thrones Animated Drama

HBO Max developing Game of Thrones animated drama While the franchise’s home network is currently at work on two prequel series to the hit fantasy drama, The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that HBO Max is currently in the early stages of development on a Game of Thrones animated project. RELATED: Tales of Dunk & Egg: Game of Thrones Prequel Series in Development at HBO if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gp...
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‘Bridgerton’ Has Become Netflix’s Biggest Show, With 41% of All Accounts Viewing At Least Two Minutes of an Episode

Bridgerton, the Regency-era romance from Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal producer Shonda Rhimes, has beaten Henry Cavill’s The Witcher to become Netflix’s biggest show. According to the streamer, a record 82 million households watched the series in its first 28 days, handily beating The Witcher‘s 76 million views during its own first 28 days. And while the show is clearly a big deal, Netflix’s definition of a “view” is somewhat controversial and might paint an inaccurate picture a...
Tags: Japan, Television, Movies, Shonda Rhimes, Drama, Netflix, South Africa, New York Times, Adaptation, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Grey, Shondaland, Witcher, Bridgerton, US UK Brazil France India

Sundance 2021: 10 Most Anticipated Films at This Year's Virtual Fest

Back to Sundance we go for another year of discovery and amazing films. What's on the line-up this year? Even though Sundance is operating as a smaller festival mostly with virtual screenings (and satellite venues around the US) this year, due to the ongoing pandemic keeping things shut down and unsafe, they're ready to premiere a whole batch of new films anyway. Out of the 74+ films showing at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, I've picked 10 films that I'm looking forward to seeing the most. T...
Tags: Movies, US, Sundance, Indies, Feat, Sundance 21

Hulu’s Shrill To End After Forthcoming Third Season

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Hulu’s Shrill to end after forthcoming third season Following its third season renewal last March, The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that the Aidy Bryant-led acclaimed comedy series Shrill at Hulu will be coming to a close following its forthcoming chapter slated to release this spring. RELATED: TNT’s Animal Kingdom Renewed for Sixth & Final Season if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gp...
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Senran Kagura Homura Life-Sized Oppai Mouse Pad a Ravishing Shade

The beautifully tan Homura of Senran Kagura has gladly lifted her arms to let males get a direct gaze of her amazing bosom by way of this oppai mouse pad, the caramel kunoichi sure to leave onlookers dazed and poised to empty their wallets. Senran Kagura’s Homura can be purchased in mouse pad form now.
Tags: Illustration, Artists, Anime, Tan, Oppai, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Homura, Senran Kagura, Mouse Pads

Jamie Dornan Becoming ‘The Tourist’ for HBO Max Limited Series from ‘Fleabag’ Producers

After breaking out in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, Jamie Dornan has made a concerted effort to take a wide variety of roles. He appeared in the biographical drama A Private War, went medieval with a new take on Robin Hood, dug into his Irish roots in an odd way with Wild Mountain Thyme, and even voiced a character in Trolls World Tour. Soon we’ll see the comedic side of him in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar with Kristen Wiig, but after that, he’ll be leading a new limited series calle...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Casting, Australia, Jamie Dornan, Robin Hood, Bbc, Thriller, Kristen Wiig, Grey, Stan, MacDonald, Barb, Dornan

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