Lawyer Accidentally Turns Cat Filter On During Virtual Court

Personally I would love to be represented by a cat You’d think that after almost a full year under coronavirus lockdowns (dear GOD) we’d have all become pretty used to the pandemic changes and “new normals”, yet here I am still walking all the way to the grocery store entrance before I realize I’ve forgotten my mask and panicking during Zoom meetings because it’s my turn to talk and I can’t find the unmute button. Fortunately for me and anyone else who’s still struggling with the basi...
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Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith Lands Glover & Waller-Bridge To Lead/Create

Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith lands Glover & Waller-Bridge to lead/create It’s been three years since audiences last experienced the talents of Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge together and now the duo are set to reunite for Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith as they have signed on to star and co-create the series adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Phoebe Waller-Bridge Signs First Look Deal with Amazon if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB ...
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New Trailer for Shudder Bound Revenge Thriller VIOLATION

The acclaimed thriller comes to Shudder in March. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Otakon, local manga/ anime con, needs help

Otakon Seeks Donations for Future Conventions Scoop February 5 2021 https://scoop.previewsworld.com/Home/4/1/73/1012?ArticleID=249246 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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40 Foreign and American Cars

40 Foreign and American Cars - Miniature toy cars for only one dollar, perhaps Matchbox size. All major car companies represented, including Cadillac, Corvette and Mercedes. Published in Strange Suspense Stories #37, circa 1950s.- - - - - - - - - -Home / Ads [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Hololive English VTuber Watson Amelia Achieves 1 Million Subscribers

Hololive English’s dedicated sleuth Watson Amelia has built her career up well as the successful 2D anime girl has gained 1 million total subscribers on YouTube, though she still has quite a ways to go when it comes to taking down a certain loli sharkgirl. Amelia was forever gracious and thankful of her followers as […]
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‘Happily’ Trailer: A Happy Married Couple Finds Themselves at the Center of a Mystery

Joel McHale (Community) and Kerry Bishé (Argo) star in Happily, the feature directorial debut of writer/director BenDavid Grabinski, the guy behind Nickelodeon’s recent reboot of Are You Afraid of the Dark?. The first trailer has been released, and it sets up an intriguing mystery in which a group of friends gather in a house for a party and discover that they’re locked in. Happily Trailer McHale and Bishé play the happy couple at the center of this story – the type of couple who can’t ...
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Ayame of Gundam Build Divers Forcibly Stimulated in Ero-Anime Edit

Precious ninja girl Ayame of Gundam Build Divers has been thrown into an erotic edit as the girl is tied to a tree and has male liquids pumped into her, the erotic production consisting of existing scenes spliced with shots from ero-anime to make it seem as if it were a real occurrence from the […]
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Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge Teaming Up for ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ TV Show at Amazon

You know that unexpected burst of joy that happens when you find a $20 bill in an old coat pocket? Here’s the entertainment news equivalent of that: Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who previously co-starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story, are creating and starring in a new iteration of the romantic spy thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Amazon Prime Video. Donald Glover announced the news through an amusing series of Instagram stories, which you can still watch if you act quickly. The award...
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‘Own the Room’ Trailer: Five Students Compete in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

In the documentary Own the Room, five students from “disparate corners of the planet” take their “budding business ventures to Macau, China, to compete in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.” It’s the latest from Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster, the team behind the documentary Science Fair. Own the Room hails from National Geographic Documentary Films, and is headed to Disney+  in March. Watch the trailer below. Own the Room Trailer  Own the Room looks like the type of documen...
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TV Bits: ‘The 4400’ Reboot, ‘Search Party’ Season 5, ‘The Best Man’ Limited Series, ‘In Treatment’ Season 4, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: The 4400 reboot ordered to series by The CW. Search Party season 5 ordered by HBO Max. The Best Man franchise is becoming a limited Peacock series with the original cast. In Treatment season 4 arrives in May. Claire Danes will star in Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent. James Cameron has a new Nat Geo that explores the mysteries of the ocean. Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce will star in HBO mystery series Mare Of Easttown. Is anyone clamoring for a reboot of The 44...
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William Eubank & Christopher Landon Team for Paranormal Activity Reboot

William Eubank & Christopher Landon team for Paranormal Activity reboot While the Happy Death Day filmmaker was already confirmed to be returning for the latest installment in Paramount Pictures’ hit horror franchise, Underwater‘s William Eubank has signed on to helm the next Paranormal Activity installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Christopher Landon Returning To Pen New Paranormal Activity if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB...
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‘Josephine’ Limited Series Will Star Ruth Negga as Josephine Baker

Ruth Negga will play actress, singer, French Resistance agent, and civil rights activist Josephine Baker in Josephine, a limited series in development at ABC Signature. The series comes from writer Dee Harris-Lawrence, director Millicent Shelton, and LeBron James and Maverick Carter‘s The Springhill Company and will follow Baker’s experience of being an “international superstar and decorated WW2 spy,” and that sounds like the type of show that’s going to be a must-see. Deadline broke the new...
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Oliver Stone JFK Documentary Turned Down by Netflix Headed to Cannes 2021

Oliver Stone is returning to the tangled, messy world of John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories with a new JFK documentary headed to Cannes. Stone’s 1991 masterpiece JFK covered the assassination with all the urgency of a crackling thriller, and while the filmmaker’s approach is not what I’d call “factual,” it does make for an incredible movie. This new doc was first announced back in 2019, where it went by the title JFK: Destiny Betrayed. Stone revealed his new JFK documentary wa...
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Potential ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Crossover Would Not Have Featured Jaegers Fighting the Titans

2018’s Pacific Rim Uprising made more that $290 million worldwide, but with a reported $150 million budget plus advertising costs on top of that, it wasn’t successful enough to lead to a third film in the Pacific Rim franchise. But after reading this latest update from Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight, I wonder if fans might regret not turning out in bigger numbers for that sequel. The filmmaker confirms that he had a plan for a potential Pacific Rim 3, which would have incorporated King Ko...
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Pursues Higher Education

Watchers of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou will be left utterly confused as the series has continued down its latest peaceful path, detailing the adventures of Rika and Satoko as they pursue higher education and leaving many wondering when some jaw-dropping twist will occur… Omake:
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‘Paranormal Activity’ Reboot Will Be Directed by ‘Underwater’ Filmmaker William Eubank

In an interview last year, Paranormal Activity reboot writer Christopher Landon said he was “super excited” about the yet-to-be-announced director who would be shepherding that vision to the big screen. “I can’t say who it is because they won’t let me. He’s a get. He’s awesome! I think people are going to be really surprised by where we’re taking this thing.” Now that mystery has been solved. A new report says that the Paranormal Activity reboot director will be William Eubank, who most recentl...
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Spoiler Discussion: WandaVision Episode 6 “All New Halloween Spooktacular!”

On the February 12, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and senior writer Ben Pearson to discuss the latest episode of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision , entitled “All New Halloween Spooktacular!” Opening Banter : Brad isn’t here again but he will return next week hopefully.   In The Spoiler Room : WandaVision episode 6 “All New Halloween Spooktacular!” Feedback Brief reactions Scene by scene break...
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CS Video: Breaking News in Yuba County Interview With Kunis & Lewis

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Video: Breaking News in Yuba County interview with Kunis & Lewis Just in time for the hilarious crime thriller’s release, ComingSoon.net got the opportunity to chat with Golden Globe nominee Mila Kunis (Family Guy) and Oscar nominee Juliette Lewis to discuss their roles in the ensemble Breaking News in Yuba County. Our interview can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: CS Video: Breaking News in Yuba County Interviews With Janney & Sykes ...
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New Tom & Jerry Image Features Chloë Grace Moretz, Sneak Peek Dropping Monday

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Tom & Jerry Image Features Chloë Grace Moretz, Sneak Peek Dropping Monday Warner Bros. has released a new image from Tom & Jerry, the upcoming animated/live-action hybrid adventure starring Chloë Grace Moretz. Additionally, fans can watch an exclusive sneak peek of the feature film on Cartoon Network, immediately following the premiere of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part at 6:00 p.m. ET/PT on Monday, February 15. You can check out the full new photo in the gallery bel...
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CS Video: Cowboys Interview With Stars Sasha Knight & Steve Zahn

CS Video: Cowboys interview with stars Sasha Knight & Steve Zahn Ahead of the film’s digital and select theatrical, ComingSoon.net got the opportunity to chat with stars Sasha Knight and Steve Zahn (Uncle Frank, The Good Lord Bird) to discuss their work on the powerful drama Cowboys. Our interview can be viewed in the player below! if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh...
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Warner Bros. Unveils Supernatural Final Season & Complete Series Blu-rays!

Warner Bros. unveils Supernatural final season & complete series Blu-rays! Just a few months after coming to an emotional close, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has unveiled the details for the Blu-ray of the fifteenth and final season of Supernatural as well as the Complete Series of the long-running action horror drama, both of which hit shelves on May 25! The artwork for the final season can be viewed below! if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || ...
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First Trailer for Acclaimed Doc Series 'Philly D.A.' Fresh from Sundance

"I am a career civil rights lawyer." Dogwoof has revealed the first trailer for Philly D.A., a new doc made by filmmakers Yoni Broo & Ted Passon. This just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as one long 110 minute feature film. However, the project is being sold/distributed as a series with 8x hour-long episodes in total. Philly D.A. is a groundbreaking documentary embedded inside the shocking election and tumultuous first term of Larry Krasner, the most controversial District Attorney ...
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CS Video: Cowboys Interview With Writer/Director Kerrigan & Star Bell

CS Video: Cowboys interview with writer/director Kerrigan & star Bell As the Tribeca darling drama geared up for its wide release, ComingSoon.net got the opportunity to chat with writer/director Anna Kerrigan and star Jillian Bell (Godmothered) to discuss their work on Cowboys. Our interview can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: CS Video: Cowboys Interview With Stars Sasha Knight & Steve Zahn if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; P...
Tags: Video, Movies, Interview, Montana, Cowboys, Features, Bell, Palm Springs, Chris, Joe, Tribeca, Robin Wright, Sally, Troy, Focus Features, Kerrigan

‘Boss Level’ Trailer: Frank Grillo is Trapped in a Time Loop of Death and Assassins

Frank Grillo‘s day starts off like any other person’s: wake up, drink coffee, avoid multiple assassination attempts. Or at least that’s his character in the sci-fi action flick Boss Level, in which the Purge series actor stars as a man who finds himself living in an infinite time loop inhabited by a group of assassins out to kill him. Watch the Boss Level trailer below. Boss Level Trailer Grillo stars in Boss Level as Roy Pulver, a former soldier who wakes up one day to find himself tra...
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‘Violation’ Trailer: Feminist Revenge Horror Film Hits Shudder This March

Shudder has released the first official trailer for Violation ahead of the revenge thriller’s March premiere on the horror streaming service. The feature filmmaking debut of Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli, Violation is a brutal feminist revenge fable that stars Sims-Fewer as a woman on a country retreat with her sister and their partners, who slowly unravels through the weekend. Watch the Violation trailer below. Violation Trailer Written, produced, and directed by Madeleine ...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Movie Trailers, Violation, Toronto International Film Festival, Sxsw, Miriam, Caleb, Shudder, Chris Evangelista, Jesse LaVercombe, Madeleine Sims, Dusty Mancinelli, Dusty Mancinelli Violation, Madeleine Sims Fewer, Anna Maguire

New US Trailer for Danish Action Thriller 'Enforcement' aka 'Shorta'

"We have to show who's in charge." Magnet Releasing has unveiled a new official US trailer for the Danish action crime thriller Enforcement, originally known as Shorta in Danish. The film seems to almost be a Danish remake of Ladj Ly's Les Miserables, about two cops who encounter vengeful locals that don't like them. "I can’t breathe" – 19-year-old Talib suffers fatal injuries while in police custody. When news of his death gets out, the two dissimilar policemen Jens and Maik are just on pat...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, US, Copenhagen, Les Miserables, Talib, Jens, Maik, To Watch, Foreign Film, Ladj Ly, Shorta, Jacob Lohmann, Simon Sears, John Carpenter Walter Hill

CS Recommends: Silver Linings Playbook, Plus TV & More!

CS Recommends: Silver Linings Playbook, Plus TV & More! Stuck inside? Don’t know what to watch/read/play/listen to? ComingSoon.net has got you covered. In this week’s CS Recommends our staff kicks off gives you solid tips on the best media to consume during your downtime, including David O. Russell’s award-winning Silver Linings Playbook, and more! Check out our picks below! if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptS...
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‘The Vault’ Trailer: ‘[Rec]’ Director Delivers a Bank Heist Thriller

Jaume Balagueró, who directed three out of four of the Spanish-language [Rec] horror films, is taking on a different genre in The Vault, a new thriller starring Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel, The Good Doctor) and Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth from Game of Thrones). This is a heist thriller set in Spain, in which a grizzled master thief hires an ambitious young engineer to help swipe a priceless treasure from a seemingly-impenetrable building. The Vault Trailer Freddie Highmore, the yo...
Tags: Movies, Spain, Thriller, James Franco, Drake, Movie Trailers, Paramount Pictures, Caribbean, Francis Drake, Bank of Spain, The Vault, Saban Films, Famke Janssen, Liam Cunningham, Astrid Bergès Frisbey, Jaume Balaguero

CS Soapbox: The Novel That Inspired Matrix, Inception & WandaVision

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Soapbox: The Novel That Inspired Matrix, Inception & WandaVision In 1969 the famed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick wrote what was arguably his most groundbreaking and influential novel, titled Ubik. Since his death in 1982 the late writer’s work has become a cornerstone of the genre (the phrase “Dickian” is common parlance) and has been transformed into numerous classic films and television (Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, The Man in the High Castle), yet Ubik...
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