The Post on Keanu's “BRZRKR” and Nicky Jam's "Tom and Jerry"

Keanu Reeves on the joy of writing his first comic book: 'Why not? That sounds amazing!' [in print as The comics you'd expect from Keanu] Michael Cavna Washington Post March 4, 2021 C1, 3 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/03/03/keanu-reeves-comic-book-brzrkr/ Reggaeton pioneer Nicky Jam talks 'Tom and Jerry,' Bad Bunny and having a Netflix series made about his life Bethonie Butler Washington Post...
Tags: Comics, Netflix, Keanu Reeves, Tom, Jerry, Keanu, Nicky Jam, Mike Rhode, Michael Cavna Washington Post, Bethonie Butler Washington Post, Jerry Bad Bunny

Wash Times reports mass cancellation of Mallard Fillmore

Canceled: Conservative comic strip 'Mallard Fillmore' dropped in 'unprecedented' move By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times  March 3, 2021 https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/mar/3/mallard-fillmore-dropped-gannett-unprecedented-mov/ [I believe this is due to the cost cutting by the vulture ca...
Tags: Comics, Washington, Mike Rhode, Valerie Richardson, Mallard Fillmore, Wash Times, Gannett Group Drops Mallard Fillmore

The Post talks to Jeff Kinney about covid book tours

Jeff Kinney's six-foot pool skimmers and the evolution of pandemic-era children's book author events By Juanita Giles March 2, 2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/childrens-book-author-events-pandemic/2021/03/02/8245110c-7af4-11eb-a976-c028a4215c78_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Batman #1 - 1st Joker, Catwoman (key)

Batman #1Batman v1 #1, 1940 - Two of the Caped Crusader's greatest enemies appear for the first time in separate stories. In the lead feature, the Joker makes his key first appearance, killing select people with his deadly trademark toxin. In another tale, a slew of thefts aboard an ocean liner lead the heroes to capture the Cat in disguise. Selina Kyle would change her name to Catwoman in [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Batman, Ted Ignacio, Selina Kyle

Uma Musume Game’s Animated OP Fully Embraces Cute Horsegirl Idols

Cygames has released the full version of the 3D CG opening sequence of their latest smartphone game Uma Musume Pretty Derby, showcasing all the lovely idol horsegirls racing for glory. Upon release, the game quickly amassed a ton of downloads from expecting players who have been waiting for years, catapulting the title to the very […]
Tags: Games, Sports, OP, Smartphones, Anime, Anthropomorphisation, Image Gallery, Kemonomimi, Uma Musume, Cygames, Gacha, Casuals

All Episodes Of ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ Are Available NOW!

Two best friends try to piece together a mystery that has baffled the police and one family for 85 years Put on your detective hat (and a warm coat), there’s a very, very cold case to solve. In Ontario, Canada during the winter of 1934, Harold Heaven disappeared from his cabin. Local police searched the woods and dredged the lake but Harold was never found, and with no more leads to follow the case was unceremoniously closed as a likely suicide. Now, 85 years later, Harold’s great-g...
Tags: Canada, Humor, Cbs, Jackson, Paramount, Nordics, Cbc, Mike, Harold, Sloane, Ontario Canada, Sake, CBS Studios, Mike Mildon, Jackson Rowe, CBC Canada

First Trailer for Horror Doc Sequel IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: PART II

First look at the sequel to the epic '80s horror documentary. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Orlando Bloom Seeks RETALIATION - New Trailer and Poster

The revenge drama comes to UK Digital later this month. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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‘The Complete History of Candyman’ Documentary Arriving This Summer

Candyman. Say his name five times in front of a mirror and he’ll show up, bees buzzing, hook-hand raised, whispery voice ready to give you some ASMR vibes right before you die. Based (loosely) on a short story by Clive Barker, the 1995 horror film Candyman is an all-time-classic – an operatic, gory, highly unnerving exploration of urban legends and race. The film spawned a few not-so-great sequels, and this year will see the release of a new Candyman directed by Nia DaCosta and co-written by Jo...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Documentary, Horror, Spike Lee, Movie Trailers, Clive Barker, Candyman, Jordan Peele, Bernard Rose, Nia DaCosta, The Complete History of Candyman, Candyman Say, Complete History of Candyman, Bryn Curt James Hammond

‘Coming to America’ Had One Cast Member Forced into the Movie by Paramount Pictures

Coming to America is full of comedy heavy hitters and a handful of up-and-coming comedy stars. But one of the film’s supporting cast members wasn’t originally intended to be in the movie until Paramount Pictures forced them into it. Since nearly the entire cast of Coming to America was Black, the studio wanted a white actor with a somewhat prominent role in the movie. And that’s how comedian Louie Anderson ended up working alongside Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall at McDowell’s. Louie Anderson ...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Jimmy Kimmel, America, Paramount Pictures, Hall, Anderson, Eddie-Murphy, Louie, Zach Galifianakis, Murphy, Louie Anderson, McDowell, Arsenio Hall, Coming to America, Louie -LSB- Anderson

Superhero Bits: ‘Black Adam’ Shoots in April, What’s Coming on ‘The Flash’ Season 7 & More

Want to see what’s coming in the seventh season of The Flash? What award is Zack Snyder getting from the Hollywood Critics Association? Want to see the poster for Assembled: The Making of WandaVision? Why was one of Chris Evans‘ friends unimpressed while on the set of Captain America: The First Avenger? How much of Zack Snyder’s Justice League made it into the theatrical cut? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a look at the “The Speed of Thought,” the upcoming seco...
Tags: Comic Book/Superhero, Superhero Bits, Avengers, Batman, Black Adam, Captain-America, Eternals, Justice-League, Superman, Superman and Lois, Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The-Flash, TMNT, WandaVision

Friday, March 5 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for March 5, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Love Victor Location: 10544 Dunleer Dr.; 2551 Motor Ave., Los Angeles TV Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm Location: 317 N Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles TV Series: Good Trouble Location: 2478 Fletcher Dr., Los Angeles Filming in New York TV […] The post Friday, March 5 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
Tags: New York, Movies, California, Filming Locations, Daily Filming Locations, Los Angeles Filming, Motor Ave Los Angeles, Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles

A*ien Quest EVE Explores a Vast Space Ship Full of Sex Monsters

Those thirsting for a Metroidvania type game with sex-hungry beasts can turn their attention to A*ien Quest EVE, as the title has players controlling a sexy woman as she explores a space ship crawling with grotesque otherworldly beasts. Inspired by the Alien movies, A*ien Quest EVE will have players leveling up and discovering new abilities […]
Tags: Games, Space, Anime, Fetish, Metroidvania, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge

Umamusume Game Primer

Given a merely 10 days since launch as of this writing, there has not been a lot of detail writeup yet. Why? Probably because we’re all busy playing the game, and the developers have not released the game early enough to professional media types (the folks that work behind sites like gamewith/etc) that the pros do not have it all up yet. And if Japan authorities are behind, it’s free for all on twitter in terms farming various nuggets of info. EN players have to farm it from the game and so...
Tags: Japan, Espn, Anime, Ura, Bishoujo Gaming, Cygames, DMM, Shiny Colors, Umamusume: Pretty Derby, Umamusume, Priconne, Sakura Bakushin

‘Fatherhood’ With Kevin Hart Headed to Netflix For Father’s Day

Fatherhood, a Paul Weitz-directed pic starring Kevin Hart, is headed to Netflix on Father’s Day. The project was originally set up at Sony Pictures, and has had its release date shuffled around more than once. Netflix stepped in and bought the worldwide rights for the movie, and will now premiere it in June. Higher Ground Productions, the banner created by Barack and Michelle Obama, will present the film alongside Netflix and Sony. Netflix announced today that they’ll release Kevin Hart’s Fa...
Tags: Movies, Los Angeles, Netflix, Sony, Michelle Obama, Kevin-Hart, Sony Pictures, Fatherhood, Paul Weitz, True Story, Barack, Liz, Hart, Matt, Obamas, Maddy

‘Searching’ Sequel Might Star ‘Invisible Man’ and ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Actress Storm Reid

The Searching sequel may have just found one of its cast members: Storm Reid. The Wrinkle in Time and Invisible Man actress is in negotiations to join the follow-up film being directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. The movie is not a direct sequel to the excellent 2018 “Screenlife” (that is, a movie that takes place entirely on screens, be it smartphones, computers, or TVs) thriller starring John Cho, but will involve similar elements. Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, who wrote the first fi...
Tags: Movies, Casting, David, Sequels, Searching, Johnson, David Kim, John Cho, Margot, Reid, Nick Johnson, Ohanian, Will Merrick, Sev Ohanian, Storm Reid, Aneesh Chaganty

Watch: A Video Essay on Loneliness in 'Saint Maud' & Other Films

"The loner as a character acts our gateway into a complicated, unfeeling world." If you haven't seen it yet, Ross Glass' gem Saint Maud is one of the best horror debuts in years and pretty much every last critic has been raving about it. It's finally available to watch via Epix for streaming in the US. Studiocanal in the UK has posted a video essay on their YouTube featuring words and narration by film critic Anna Bogutskaya, talking about the theme of loneliness. Specifically how Saint Maud...
Tags: UK, Movies, US, Epix, Maud, To Watch, Video Essays, Saint Maud, Ross Glass gem Saint Maud, Anna Bogutskaya

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Casts Edie Falco to Play Hillary Clinton in FX Series

Impeachment: American Crime Story has found its Hillary Clinton: Sopranos actress Edie Falco will play the former First Lady. It’s the latest entry in the FX anthology series from producer Ryan Murphy. The first season dealt with the O.J. Simpson trial, while season two focused on the murder of Gianni Versace. This latest season won’t deal with death, but rather the infamous ’90s sex scandal that lead to the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton. Collider broke the news that Edie Falco ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Casting, Senate, America, Hillary Clinton, United States, Bill Clinton, Billy Eichner, American Crime Story, Ryan Murphy, FX, True Story, Rich, Clinton, Matt Drudge

‘Coming 2 America’ Almost Had a Cameo by ‘The Nutty Professor’ Family the Klumps

This week brings Coming 2 America to Amazon Prime, and it’s already an overstuffed affair, with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and almost everyone from the original returning for another round. Murphy and Hall are also playing multiple characters again, just as they did in the first movie, but there was once an idea that would have had Murphy playing more characters in a single film than he ever has before. Eddie Murphy revealed that The Nutty Professor family The Klumps were once slated to be in a...
Tags: Amazon, Comedy, Paramount Pictures, Sequels, Coming 2 America, Coming to America, Eddie-Murphy, The Nutty Professor

CoStar withdraws bid for CoreLogic after pushback

CoStar cites rising interest rates' impact on the mortgage refinancing market for changing company's view on the value of CoreLogic.
Tags: Technology, Interest Rates, Radio, Mortgage Rates, Acquisition, CoreLogic, Andy Florance, Select, Andrew Florance, Costar, Mortgage Refinancing

ComicLab Podcast: An Artist's Job vs their Goal

EPISODE SUMMARY We're thrilled to welcome our new sponsor, Bonjoro — an amazing app that enables you to quickly send personalized welcome and thank you videos to your readers, clients, patrons, or backers. Dave and Brad discuss the difference between the Goal of an artist — and that artist's Job. The two aren't always the same, and resolving that conflict leads to better work. EPISODE NOTES We're thrilled to welcome our new sponsor, Bonjoro — an amazing app that enables y...
Tags: Post, Comics, Dave, Sheldon, Brad, Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett, Evil Inc, ComicLab Community on Patreon

Keller Williams and others slam anti-LGBT letter to Florida agents

Two Orlando-area agents received the letter on Tuesday. The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance called it "extremely offensive."
Tags: Florida, Lgbt, Radio, Agent, Orlando, Industry News, Keller Williams, Select, News Brief, Darryl Frost, Ryan Weyandt, LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance, Jimmy Hendrickson, Shawn Layton

Opendoor reveals ambitious expansion plans

The company wants to double its total markets in 2021, but is eyeing a much bigger goal.
Tags: Radio

Teacher Arrested for Attaching Camera to Shoe to Film up Woman’s Skirt

A sleuth using some sophisticated tools to try and catch a glance up a woman’s skirt had his plan foiled by police and was arrested, certain to inspire other troublemakers into trying out the same technique. Aichi police apprehended a teacher for filming up the skirt of a 27-year-old woman at a shopping mall in […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Teachers, Voyeurism, Anime, Aichi

Watch: A Cinema Video Essay on Loneliness in 'Saint Maud' & More

"The loner as a character acts our gateway into a complicated, unfeeling world." If you haven't seen it yet, Ross Glass' gem Saint Maud is one of the best horror debuts in years and pretty much every last critic has been raving about it. It's finally available to watch via Epix for streaming in the US. Studiocanal in the UK has posted a video essay on their YouTube featuring words and narration by film critic Anna Bogutskaya, talking about the theme of loneliness. Specifically how Saint Maud...
Tags: UK, Movies, US, Epix, Maud, To Watch, Video Essays, Saint Maud, Ross Glass gem Saint Maud, Anna Bogutskaya

‘Made for Love’ Trailer: Cristin Milioti is Stuck in a Dystopian Relationship in HBO Max’s Dark Comedy Series

If you had “Ray Romano reads a rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love'” on your 2021 Bingo card, you’re in luck. Because that’s the whole gist of the Made for Love trailer — as well a the promise of Palm Springs star Cristin Milioti in another twisty sci-fi dark comedy. Watch the Made for Love trailer below. Made for Love Trailer Milioti stars in the new HBO Max Original series, Made for Love, as a woman trying to escape a bad marriage, only to discover that her ex (Billy Magnussen) put ...
Tags: Hbo, Comedy, Movies, Beyonce, Sci-fi, Clarkson, Black Mirror, Palm Springs, Byron, Hazel, Romano, Ray Romano, Cristin Milioti, Christina Lee, Billy Magnussen, TV Trailer

One More US Trailer for Norwegian Tunnel Disaster Movie 'The Tunnel'

"It's your own responsibility to get out." Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted the official US trailer for the Norwegian disaster movie called The Tunnel, from Norwegian filmmaker Pål Øie. Not to be confused with the Norwegian sci-fi short film also called The Tunnel, this one is a real-life thriller similar to the 90s action blockbuster Daylight. When a tanker truck crashes inside a tunnel, people on their way home for Christmas are brutally trapped in a deadly fire. With a blizzard raging out...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, US, Norway, Samuel Goldwyn, To Watch

CoStar strikes out on latest CoreLogic acquisition bid

CoreLogic board asks for more cash for shareholders and a shorter deal time to make up for CoStar's stock price volatility.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Antitrust, Acquisition, Stock Price, Federal Trade Commission, Ftc, Industry News, CoreLogic, Andy Florance, Select, Stone Point Capital, Frank Martell, RentPath, Insight Partners, Costar

Solving the Down Payment Dilemma

How to Help First-Time Homebuyers Increase Their Down Payment With HomeFundIt Troy Hermanson REALTOR® Forward Movement Group | Coldwell Banker West Bend Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin What is the top issue typically faced by your buyers today? Troy Hermanson: The largest buying segment demographically is millennials, a majority of whom are first-time buyers. Saving for a down payment is the top issue for them because home prices are going up, and rising rent plus student loan payments only make it...
Tags: News, Homeownership, Radio, Latest News, Freddie Mac, CMG, Fannie Mae, Coldwell Banker, CMG Financial, Hermanson, Spotlights, Home-Buying, Down Payment Assistance, HomeFundIt, Real Estate Financing, Forward Movement Group

‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Production Diaries: Kelly Marie Tran Reveals Her Makeshift At-Home Recording Studio

Raya and the Last Dragon, the latest animated entry from Walt Disney Animation Studios, hits theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access this Friday, which means it’s time for a fun little behind-the-scenes look at the flick. The video below features Kelly Marie Tran, who voices the eponymous character, showing off the makeshift recording studio she set up at home to record her lines. It’s not exactly the most in-depth behind-the-scenes video, but it’s pretty darn charming. Raya and the Last D...
Tags: Movies, Disney, Animation, Disney Princess, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Indiana Jones, Video Clips, Qui Nguyen, Paul Briggs, Raya, Disney Animation, Disney/Pixar, Behind the Scenes Footage, Kelly Marie Tran, Marie Tran, Carlos Lopez Estrada

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