Shizune Fuutou Life-Sized Oppai Mouse Pad Absolutely Gigantic

Fans of the eroge known as Oshioki Sweetie will recognize the charming blue-haired Shizune Fuutou and will surely want to purchase this life-sized oppai mouse pad, as the item has the woman exposing her chest to be used for the relaxation of the wrist (or other parts of the body) – Shizune Fuutou’s supple breasts […]
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‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Season 2 Trailer: The Trailer Post

Hello, this is the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2 Trailer: The Trailer Post. That’s right – we’re giving you the trailer for the second season of the musical TV series that’s based on High School Musical. Got that? Good, let’s continue. The second season returns to East High, where the East High Wildcats are preparing to perform Beauty and the Beast as their spring musical. Singing ensues. Watch the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 trailer below, won’...
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Ranking the Ghostbusters Mini-Puft Toys From Least Distressing to Infinitely Disturbing

Yesterday, a short clip from the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife introduced the Mini-Pufts, miniature versions of the classic Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man that terrorized Manhattan back in the original 1984 movie. They’re adorable...in theory, because in practice they’re tiny nightmares who live only to torture, murder,…Read more...
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Tom Holland to Star in First Season of ‘The Crowded Room’, a New Anthology Series From Akiva Goldsman

Tom Holland is taking another bite out of Apple. The once and future Spider-Man actor recently worked with the streamer on the Russo Brothers’ film Cherry, and now word has arrived that he will play the lead role in a new anthology series for AppleTV+ called The Crowded Room, which hails from writer and executive producer Akiva Goldsman. And it sounds like he’ll be playing another character that will allow him to flex a different set of muscles as an actor. According to a press release from ...
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We've Been Here Before

I am very excited to announce the completion of a project I've been working on for the past couple months: THE BEST OF DEATHMOLE. I picked 12 of my favorite songs I wrote from years past, re-recorded them, and have now put them out on my Bandcamp page. If you like what you hear, I'd greatly appreciate you buying a copy. Thank you for listening. (it's also on Spotify but I basically will make zero dollars if you only listen on Spotify, just saying)
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King of Fighters XV Adds the Sultry Kunoichi Mai Shiranui

SNK has revealed the trailer for possibly the most popular female fighter in the King of Fighters series who is coming to the latest 15th entry, the sultry kunoichi Mai Shiranui. Mai Shiranui, also known as The Alluring Ninja Girl, was first introduced to the world in Fatal Fury and later moved to the King […]
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Friday, April 9 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for April 9, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Star Trek: Picard Location:  135 N Grand Ave., Los Angeles TV Series: The Morning Show Location:  611 W 6th St., Los Angeles  Location:  217 W 1st St., Los Angeles  Location: 733 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles Location: 855 S […] The post Friday, April 9 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Mortgage credit opening up to more borrowers

Mortgage credit availability increased in March, opening the mortgage market up to more borrowers. This was driven by an improving economy and job market recovery.
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Luxury short-term rental unicorn Sonder in merger talks with SPAC

Luxury short-term rental startup Sonder is in talks to merge with blank-check company Gores Metropoulos II Inc. The deal would value the combined company at more than $2.5 billion.
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Review: The Man Who Sold His Skin

— by RON WILKINSON — A Syrian citizen makes a big mistake by heralding the revolution on a bus. Besotted with love, he proclaims his devotion to his lover and his freedom and promptly loses both. Luckily, there was a solution, a way to be free and be a patron of the arts at the […]
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‘Black Adam’ Cast Adds Bodhi Sabongui in “Key Role”

The Black Adam cast continues to grow. The latest: Bodhi Sabongui, a 13-year-old actor with credits on Legends of Tomorrow and the recent Netflix Baby-Sitters Club, has joined the film in a “key role.” As to what the key role is, well – we don’t know. It’s just something that will remain a mystery for the time being. Sabongui joins a cast lead by Dwayne Johnson, who stars as the DC anti-hero for director Jaume Collet-Serra. THR broke the news that young actor Bodhi Sabongui is joining the Bl...
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‘Batman v Superman’ Writer Chris Terrio Says WB’s Initial Script Was Even Darker, Featured Batman Branding Lex Luthor

Zack Snyder’s 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, famously, pretty dark. But according to writer Chris Terrio, the studio’s original draft was way darker: Ben Affleck’s Batman brands criminals in both versions, but Warner Bros.’ original draft actually ended with Batman branding Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). In a new interview, Terrio defends his scripts for both Batman v Superman and Justice League, specifically saying that the theatrical cut of Justice League “doesn’t ...
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‘People Find Connection, Joy Here’: Crocker Art Museum Reopens To Public, Showcases More Diverse Artists

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Started Filming Its Eighth and Final Season

Nine-Nine! The NYPD’s finest are back on the beat, for the eighth and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Production on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially started, with the stars of the NBC sitcom, posting on Instagram to celebrate the occasion and show off their quarantine hairstyles. Cameras began rolling on the final 10 episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesday, which is set to air on NBC as part of the 2021-22 broadcast TV season. It comes after a long delay, after the beloved sitcom was ...
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Avengers Campus Opening Date: The Marvel Theme Park Land Opens at California Adventure This Summer

Avengers Campus, the Marvel-themed land within Disney California Adventure, will open on June 4, 2021. It was originally set to open on July 20, 2020, but was delayed when COVID hit and the park closed its doors to the public. But Disneyland is set to reopen on April 30, and California residents who love attending the parks will likely soon be flocking to them in droves. And in less than two months, they’ll have a newly themed area to explore. Check out a video announcing the Avengers Campus op...
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‘The Woman in the Window’ Trailer: Nosy Neighbor Amy Adams Witnesses a Murder…or Does She?

We’re finally going to get to see The Woman in the Window, the Joe Wright/Amy Adams film that was once scheduled to hit theaters in 2019. Poor test screenings, reshoots, and COVID-19 changed all that, but Netflix stepped in and purchased the film, and now they’re gearing up to start streaming it in May. Which means it’s time for a new trailer! Based on the best-selling novel by A. J. Finn (AKA Dan Malloy), The Woman in the Window is heavily inspired by familiar titles such as Rear Window and fo...
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Disney Plus' Marvel shows are the 2 biggest streaming series in the US right now, beating out Netflix

"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier." Marvel Studios Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Insider with a list of the nine most in-demand original TV shows on streaming services in the US. Parrot's list is ranked by how much more in demand the top series are than the average TV show in the US. Audience demand reflects the desire and engagement, or overall popularity, of a series. Disney Plus' two Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, "WandaVision" and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier...
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Daily Podcast: WB’s 2022 Plans, Killers of the Flower Moon, Columbia Pictures Water Park, and More

On the April 8, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and TV news, including a Columbia Pictures water park, Saw 10 , WB ’s 2022 plans, the new Sony/Netflix deal, Spielberg ’s next movie, Park Chan-wook ’s new TV show, and Killers of the Flower Moon . Opening Banter :    In The News : HT: A Columbia Pictures Water Theme Park is Coming to Thailand with Rides ...
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‘Saw 10’ is Already in Development, Because Not Even Death Can Stop Jigsaw

Spiral, the latest entry in the blood-drenched Saw franchise, isn’t here yet – but that’s not going to stop Jigsaw’s blades from buzzing. Saw X, the tenth entry in the series, is reportedly already in active development. It’s too soon to say what the movie is even about, or if it’ll be bringing back the characters introduced in the upcoming movie. But at the very least, Saw fans can rest assured that there will be even more blood to come. Not too long ago there was a period of time – between...
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The Chi Season 4 Trailer Features a City at War

The Chi Season 4 Trailer Features a City at War The trailer for The Chi Season 4 depicts the aftermath of an act of police brutality. Series main characters Jake, Papa and Kevin face the realities of being young and black in America. Together as they come of age, they reckon with a deeply broken system and band together with their community for justice. Showtime’s hit show from creator and executive producer Lena Waithe (Twenties) and executive produced by Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Glob...
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How to Reach 'Trophy Rank 999' Faster on PS4 and PS5

Want to increase your PlayStation trophy ranking and prove your gaming prowess? Then you need to collect Platinum trophies. Platinum trophies are a badge of honor for many players, signifying you completed every challenge a game has to offer.Read more...
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Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Will “Be Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen,” Says Screenwriter Eric Roth

Killers of the Flower Moon, the new movie from Martin Scorsese, is currently in pre-production, and the anticipation is already through the roof. Not only is it a new Scorsese movie, but it also reunites Scorsese with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. On top of that, it’s adapting an acclaimed book by David Grann, based on a true story. Now, as we all sit around eagerly awaiting the movie, screenwriter Eric Roth has shed some light on the project, going so far as to say the film is goi...
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10 marketing tactics to ensure your brand resonates in 2021

Marketing your brand in today’s world is continuously evolving and has become more dynamic than ever. Here are a few strategies and tactics to keep in mind as you move through 2021.
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WATCH: Back to Basics 101 — Own your day

Senior Vice President of Windermere Services Michael Fanning explains why setting yourself up for success at the beginning of the day matters so much in your business.
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Borrowers locking in mortgages for second homes surged 128%

The annual rise in demand for second homes is nearly quadruple the 34 percent year-over-year gain for primary homes, according to a new report from Redfin.
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Borrowers locking in mortgages for second homes surges 128%

The annual rise in demand for second homes is nearly quadruple the 34 percent year-over-year gain for primary homes, according to a new report from Redfin.
Tags: Remote Work, Radio, Redfin, Markets & Economy, Select, Home Prices, Second Homes

William Raveis launches sell-before-you-buy program, Raveis Purchase

Available since April 1, Raveis Purchase enables homeowners to make a non-contingent offer on another property while benefiting from open market offers.
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Focus Features Acquires Wright & Lawrance-Led Silent Twins

Focus Features acquires Wright & Lawrance-led Silent Twins Focus Features has successfully acquired the rights to director Agnieszka Smoczynska’s upcoming biopic thriller drama titled Silent Twins, based on the real-life story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons, led by Black Panther‘s Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrance (The Long Song), which recently wrapped production in Poland. On top of starring, Wright and Lawrance are also serving as producer and executive producer, respective...
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Netflix to Become the Streaming Home for All New Sony Releases Starting Next Year

Warner Bros. has HBO Max. Disney and Pixar have Disney+. Paramount has Paramount + and Universal has Peacock. But unlike its competitors, Sony is one of the few major studios that has not yet launched its own streaming platform to compete with Netflix. But Sony’s sticking by the old adage, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And if you’re going to join ’em, join with the biggest streamer in the market. Sony and Netflix have struck a major licensing deal that will make Netflix the streaming home...
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Video for Business: Why It’s Important and How to Use Video to Grow Your Brand

Are you a content creator, business owner, or professional marketer seeking to grow your brand? Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways of growing your brand and increasing business. Not only is a powerful format in delivering content, more and more people are watching video online. Not only does it create more exposure to your brand, but it also creates an atmosphere of relatability and lets you be in charge of telling your story and educating your potential customers.  For some ...
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