The Video Nasty Era Returns in First CENSOR Trailer and Poster

First look at the '80s set horror. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Cavna talks to webcartoonist KC Green

The 'This Is Fine' dog is back. And his creator wants to show he's more than a meme. [ KC Green, "Funny Online Animals"] Michael Cavna Washington Post May 18, 2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/05/18/this-is-fine-dog-question-hound-kc-green/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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That darn Clay Jones

Our buddy Clay Jones was briefly blocked from Facebook yesterday. DDD has the story - Israel-Palestine Cartoon Sends Clay Jones to Facebook Jail by D. D. Degg May 18, 2021 http://www.dailycartoonist.com/index.php/2021/05/18/israel-palestine-toon-sends-clay-jones-to-facebook-jail/  [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Amazing Spider-man #22 - Steve Ditko art & cover + 1st Princess Python (key)

Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-man v1 #22, 1965 - After ejecting the Ringmaster, the Circus of Crime elects the Clown as their new leader. Some of Steve Ditko's layouts border on repetitive, but his drawings of Spidey's acrobatics are a highlight of the issue. Page 18 has the most visual flair, depicting the hero entangled in the coils of Princess Python's enormous pet. Ditko's mediocre cover [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Captured Adventurer Sexually Violated by All the Monster Girls

The male protagonist is easily captured and abused by sexy monster girls in Captured Adventurer, “punishing” the poor male as the girls pleasure him as they see fit, the title even occasionally possessing some actual RPG battles in case players want something beyond sex scenes. Handed his first mission ever, protagonist Ryze was instructed to […]
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‘Master of None’ Season 3 Special Look: How ‘Moments in Love’ Changes Up the Netflix Series

Master of None has already mastered its brand of comedy-drama with its first two seasons, so why not change things up in a major way with its long-awaited season 3? The third season which comes nearly four years after season 2 aired on Netflix, goes by the title Master of None Presents: Moments in Love, and appears to take that title to heart. A small-scale, low-key affair that shifts the focus to Lena Waithe‘s Denise and her life with her wife Alicia (BAFTA winner Naomi Ackie), Master of None ...
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Keep The Apron

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Wednesday, May 19 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for May 19, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Location: Baker St, Spring St – North to Dead End; Aurora St, Baker St – Spring St, Los Angeles Filming in Illinois TV Series: 61st St. Location: 8900S Brandon Ave., Chicago (until May 20th) Filming in New York Project: […] The post Wednesday, May 19 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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The Deadliest Bouquet

The Deadliest Bouquet, now crowdfunding, is a family story about murder. Written by Erica Schultz and illustrated by Carola Borelli, it’s set in 1998 and shows the sisters Rose, Poppy, and Violet coming together, in spite of their differences, after their mother’s death. Jasmine owned a flower shop, but it was only a cover. Her children went in different directions. Poppy is a wife and mother. Violet is a wild child. Rose resents being left behind by the others. They [...]
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Genshin Impact’s Rosaria Gets Busy at a Confessional Gloryhole

Genshin Impact‘s gloriously erotic Rosaria has succumbed to sin as the holy woman has used a confessional like a gloryhole, pleasuring a faceless man with her mouth before offering up her lower mouth – her deed bound to easily secure a horde of new faithful. Rosaria’s unholy performance that may send the woman farther down […]
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*TINY TOWNS: VILLAGERS* (Expansion) Abstract Strategy City Building Game

The Tiny Towns civilization is growing and flourishing. It is spoken of in distant lands, and many talented creatures are seeking out this forest metropolis to make their own homes and offer their skills to city officials. They have abilities previously unknown in the region and builders throughout Tiny Towns are seeking their help! Oh, […]
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Nik Shah from Home LLC

This week, we interviewed Nik Shah from Home LLC. Let’s get to it! Who are you and what do you do? I’m Nik Shah, the Founder & CEO of Home.LLC. We provide down payment assistance so people can buy their home. In exchange, we share a part of the gain (or loss) on those homes. What problem does your product/service solve? Millions of people already earn enough income to pay a mortgage but don’t have savings to reach 20% down. Instead of throwing away money towards rent, we provide down payment as...
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The Largest Marvel LEGO Set Ever Unleashes Spider-Man’s Villains on the Daily Bugle

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, hopefully you have some money saved up to get your hands on the largest Marvel LEGO set that the building brick company has ever released. The LEGO Group has revealed a Daily Bugle LEGO set, a massive scene featuring a bunch of Spider-Man’s most infamous foes attacking the newspaper office as Peter Parker’s co-workers are hard at work publishing the latest photos of the webslinger. This is one of the coolest comic book LEGO sets we’ve ever seen. The Daily Bugle LE...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman: The Long Halloween Part II’ Trailer, James Gunn Gets Death Threats About ‘The Suicide Squad’ & More

Want to see the trailer for Batman: The Long Halloween Part II animated movie? What Supergirl reference got cut from Superman & Lois? Did you catch a little Easter egg referencing The Avengers in the recent Loki clip? Would Eric Bana want to play Hulk again in the Marvel multiverse? Why is James Gunn getting death threats about The Suicide Squad? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a glimpse at the upcoming series finale in the fourth and final season of The CW’s Bl...
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A Robot Steals Tom Hiddleston’s Clothes in New Loki TV Spot

A brand new look at Loki, Marvel Studios’ upcoming series based on Tom Hiddleston’s character, has been released in the form of a new TV spot for the show.   RELATED: Loki Clip Introduces Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius In the new clip, Loki arrives at the Time Variance Authority’s headquarters, where he’s stripped down and introduced to the protocols thanks to a helpful, yet rather forceful, robot. A few more clips and bits of the show are then showcased, giving fans even more of a look at the upc...
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TV Upfronts: ABC, FOX, and NBC Announce Renewals, Cancellations, and Series Orders, ‘Clarice’ & More Heading to Paramount+

Even though they’re not quite as celebratory or hyped as usual thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s TV upfront presentations are still unfolding this month. So far, NBC, ABC and FOX have revealed series orders and trailers for the new shows coming up for the 2021-2022 season. But with new shows coming in and the reliable ones sticking around, there are plenty of shows that won’t be coming back for another season. Find out the latest updates from the 2021-2022 TV upfronts presentation...
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‘Stand By Me’ Returning to Theaters For 35th Anniversary

Stand By Me, the Rob Reiner movie based on Stephen King‘s novella “The Body,” is headed back to the big screen to mark the movie’s 35th anniversary. The screenings will feature the bonus featurette “Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand by Me,” which follows “Stephen King as he recalls what led him to write the stories of his childhood, how they impacted the development of the movie, and Rob Reiner as he reminisces about the casting of the four leads.” Screenings will take place in theaters n...
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Godzilla Singular Point Set for June Netflix Premiere

The Godzilla anime that released earlier this year in Japan is set to make its worldwide debut on Netflix in June. Netflix announced today that Godzilla Singular Point will release June 24, 2021. The show features a unique art style as it blends hand-drawn and computer animation. RELATED: Report: MonsterVerse Births Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Son of Kong The show premiered in Japan via Netflix on March 25, 2021, and was then began airing on Tokyo MX the following week. Veteran anime studios Bones...
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*TRUFFLE SHUFFLE* Poker Style Set Collection Game

Find your luckiest good luck charm and play Truffle Shuffle, a game of half chance, half strategy for 2-4 players, ages 14+, in 15-30 minutes where players compete to build the most desirable boxes of chocolates to sell for coins.  The game is played over 3 rounds and is set up by creating a pyramid […]
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‘Good on Paper’ Trailer: Iliza Shlesinger’s New Boyfriend May Not Be What He Seems

There’s a long cinematic tradition of comedians making movies based on events in their own lives, from Woody Allen to Judd Apatow. Now we can add Iliza Shlesinger to that group, because she has written and stars in a new movie called Good on Paper that’s “based on a mostly true story” about a boyfriend she had (played by Veronica Mars actor Ryan Hansen) who may not be exactly who he appears. Check out the trailer below. Good on Paper Trailer I had somehow never heard of Shlesinger until ...
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John McClane & Rambo Join Call of Duty: Black Ops & Warzone in May

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War recently brought players back into the world of the 80s, but this week things will get even bigger as some major action movie stars are set to join the game.   RELATED: Saints Row: The Third Remaster Upgrade Dated, Free for Existing Owners On May 20, 2021, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be hosting an 80s Action Heroes event, which will see limited-time bundles, game modes, and more rewards join Season Three Reloaded of both Black Ops Cold War and the War...
Tags: Games, Movies, Call Of Duty, Bruce Willis, Die Hard, Mcclane, John McClane, SMG, John Rambo, Rambo, Video Game News, Warzone, Verdansk, CIA Outpost

Fans of Andy Weir's The Martian Will Love Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary, the third book by Andy Weir, finds the author going back to what made him famous in the first place. Weir rose to fame with The Martian, a book (and eventually a movie) about a man stranded on Mars who uses complicated, compelling science to get himself home. While Weir’s second book, Artemis, …Read more...
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Elizabeth Bathory Cosplay by Rion Sakura a Marvel to Behold

Fate/Grand Order‘s Elizabeth Bathory has been imitated by a cosplayer named Rion Sakura, the fantastic woman wearing an assortment of different outfits that will prevent those with shorter attention spans from getting bored (should a seductive woman wearing barely anything somehow do this). Rion Sakura’s presentation may have observers feeling eager to check out her […]
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Doma adds Wells Fargo as a client as it prepares to go public

Doma offers "instant underwriting" of title insurance for mortgage refinancing, along with remote and digital closing and escrow services for all types of mortgages.
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Opendoor expands to 3 new markets across West, Midwest

Opendoor has launched homeselling operations in Kansas City, Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado. The iBuyer is nine markets away from its 2021 goal.
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NAR ends multimillion-dollar zipLogix partnership

After six years and $62 million, the trade group says it will reallocate funds to "other important member-facing initiatives."
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NAR ends multimillion-dollar subsidy of zipLogix transaction management software for Realtors

After six years and $62M, the trade group says it will reallocate funds to "other important member-facing initiatives."
Tags: Technology, Radio, NAR, Lone Wolf, National Association of Realtors, Select, Transaction Management, Relay, Florida Realtors, Dale Stinton, Ziplogix, MLS & Associations, Zipforms, Form Simplicity, Instanet, Nar Member Benefit

Saints Row: The Third Remaster Upgrade Dated, Free for Existing Owners

Fans of the Saints Row series got some great news today, as Deep Silver announced that Saints Row: The Third Remastered will be releasing on next-gen consoles next week.   MORE: Leslie Odom Jr. Joins Daniel Craig & Dave Bautista in Knives Out 2 In a blog post, the developers announced that the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of the game will launch on May 25, 2021. The upgraded versions will be free to all current owners of the game and will allow players to experience some of the b...
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Beast: Universal Pictures Sets Idris Elba Thriller for August 2022

Universal Pictures has set the release date for Idris Elba’s (Luther, Beasts of No Nation, The Suicide Squad) upcoming survival thriller Beast for Friday, August 19, 2022. The movie will open a week after Universal’s rom-com Bros and a currently untitled Disney live-action feature. RELATED: Idris Elba to Star in Warner Bros. Action Film Stay Frosty Sometimes the rustle in the bushes actually is a monster. Golden Globe winner Idris Elba stars in a pulse-pounding new thriller about a father and h...
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Grace and Grit Trailer Starring Mena Suvari & Stuart Townsend

Quiver Distribution has released the official trailer for Grace and Grit, the feature debut from Sebastian Siegel starring BAFTA Award nominee Mena Suvari (What Lies Below, American Beauty, American Pie franchise), and Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Betrayal). RELATED: Exclusive: Quiver Distribution to Rerelease the Sundance Classic Ruby in Paradise Grace and Grit, based on Ken Wilber’s acclaimed book of the same name, tells the true love story of iconic philosopher Ken...
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