Big Planet Comics was 35 yesterday

Big Planet Comics https://www.facebook.com/bigplanetcomics Today is the 35th anniversary of the opening of the first Big Planet Comics store in Bethesda. [God, it seems like maybe 10 years ago... max] [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Cavna on dinner time at the Black Widow's house

How 'Black Widow' nailed its most moving scene — one where no action was involved [in print as A helping of Marvel magic at the dinner table] Michael Cavna Washington Post July 12, 2021, p C1, 5 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/07/11/black-widow-family-dinner-scene/ This story contains "Black Widow" spoilers. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Tom King to write Human Target for DC

Tom King and Greg Smallwood set their sights on HUMAN TARGET The twelve-issue Black Label series will debut in November. Joe Grunenwald 07/12/2021  https://www.comicsbeat.com/human-target-king-smallwood-black-label/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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That darn Ed Hall and Mike Luckovich

Letters to the Editor Washington Post July 10 2021, p. A15 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/07/09/readers-critique-post-two-days-after-surfside-condo-collapse-was-wrong-time-speculation/ Insect metaphors really bugged him [Ed Hall ] Matthew Makovi A sacrilegious depiction [Ed Hall] Neil Doran No laughing matter [Mike Luckovich] Carol Siegel [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Detective Comics #513 - Don Newton art

Detective Comics v1 #513, 1982 - Unknown to a panicked Gotham City, the Batman is imprisoned by his old foe Two-Face. Don Newton's artwork more or less meet expectations, though his layouts seem a little sloppier than usual. Same for inker Frank Chiaramonte, whose delineations could be clearer. He does gets credit for maintaining the integrity of Newton's pencils. Other artists in this DC copper [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Neo-Noir ‘Windfall’ Starring Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, and Jason Segel Heads to Netflix

Director Charlie McDowell previously worked with Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons on the 2017 Netflix film The Discovery. Now, he’s reteaming with both actors and bringing Lily Collins on board for Windfall, a contemporary-set noir that the streaming giant has just picked up for distribution. Deadline reports that Netflix has acquired the rights to Windfall in “a major 8-figure dollar deal.” The film is described as “a Hitchcockian thriller following a young couple who arrive at their vacation ...
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Could a ‘Red Guardian’ Movie Happen? David Harbour and ‘Black Widow’ Director Cate Shortland Weigh In

Hot on the heels of Black Widow pulling in a great post-lockdown global weekend, we have some juicy speculation to indulge in, so buckle up. Said speculation comes directly from Black Widow director Cate Shortland and actor David Harbour, so it’s a step above fan theory but it’s still not real. In an interview with The Wrap, the conversation turned towards a standalone Red Guardian movie, and it seems that both Harbour and Shortland are eager for the character’s return. Shortland in particul...
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Charlie Robinson, Best Known as Mac From ‘Night Court,’ Dies at 75

Charlie Robinson, best known for playing Mac the court clerk on the 1980s and 1990s sitcom Night Court, died on Sunday in Los Angeles. The actor passed away at age 75 from cardiac arrest with multisystem organ failure due to septic shock and metastatic adenocarcinoma, a type of glandular cancer. Robinson leaves behind a legacy that spans five decades. Born in Houston, Texas, Charlie Robinson first began performing in the 1960s. He started off as a theater actor and as a teenager began singin...
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Kanojo mo Kanojo An Unending Gauntlet of Romantic Stress

Kanojo mo Kanojo‘s two girlfriends and male protagonist have wasted no time butting heads as the show’s second episode has the trio sleeping together and sifting through each other’s private devices, the male protagonist receiving quite a bit of physical abuse from one girl and bound to have some wondering if such a relationship is […]
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New Release Review [Cinema] - THE FOREVER PURGE

The Purgers decide that one night just isn't enough. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Mark Millar’s ‘King of Spies’ is About a James Bond-esque Spy Coping With His Own Mortality

Though Jupiter’s Legacy has been canceled, Netflix is still in the Mark Millar business. Instead of adapting an existing Millar comic to the screen, however, the company has worked up a new project in-house with the creator. King of Spies is billed as a “graphic novel translation of [an] original Netflix property.” The title will pair Millar with an as-yet-unnamed superstar comic book artist for an all-new story, which centers on Britain’s greatest secret agent. James Bond? No. Sir Roland King....
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Kojima Thinks Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Isn’t Technically a Director’s Cut

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is the expanded edition of the 2019 game coming only to the PlayStation 5, which Sony recently showed more of during its most recent State of Play. And while “Director’s Cut” in gaming tends to be shorthand for some sort of enhanced version, Hideo Kojima said he isn’t into the phrasing. 2/2In the game, it is not what was cut, but what was additionally produced that was included. Delector's Plus? So, in my opinion, I don't like to call "director's cut...
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‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Spin-Off ‘Wellington Paranormal’ Gets an Extended Trailer

While you wait for the third season of What We Do in the Shadows to hit FX, there are other corners of the same universe to explore, and not all of them involve vampires. It’s been over three years since Wellington Paranormal started broadcasting in New Zealand, but now it’s finally making its way to the shores of the U.S. The series is a more direct spin-off of the original 2014 film version of What We Do in the Shadows. It debuted on The CW on July 11, with new episodes streaming on HBO Max t...
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‘Pig’ Viral Marketing Arrives in the Form of “Missing” Flyers for Nicolas Cage’s Abducted Truffle Pig

In an attempt to not only keep Austin weird but also promote Nicolas Cage‘s latest film, the marketing team on Neon’s Pig has plastered posters around the Violet Crown City. The flyers feature a photo of the missing pig in question and various descriptive bits of information to promote the film’s release later this week. Eater Austin reported flyers advertising a missing pig have popped up around Austin. In a city where locals own peacocks, chickens, and horses, it is not an entirely unusual...
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Tuesday, July 13 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for July 13, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Untitled Bosch Spin-off Location: 505 S Centre St., San Pedro (until July 15th) Filming in New York TV Series: NCP (code name for “And Just Like That”) Location: Whitney Museum, New York (until July 14th) Credit: @sacredhands TV Series: Love […] The post Tuesday, July 13 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Thanks Anxiety

what ARE nerves? we just don't know
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Rob Zombie Shares the Blueprints for ‘The Munsters’ House on Mockingbird Lane

Rockstar-turned-genre-filmmaker Rob Zombie recently announced that he will be directing a reboot of The Munsters, a 1964 sitcom featuring a family of amiable monsters. Zombie announced his plans to rebuild the family’s original house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane and began laying the groundwork for how he plans to approach the retro revival.  The Home of Our Beloved Nightmares A life-long fan of the 1964s sitcom, Zombie has been talking about directing his own take on the show for 20 years and h...
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Psychonauts 2 Contains “Invincibility Toggle” to Better Accommodate “All Players”

As game developers continue to produce games with the “global market” in mind, titles are becoming more and more accommodating for the laziest and most unwilling of players, Psychonauts 2 being the latest example as Double Fine Productions is implementing an “invincibility toggle” that will remove most of the game’s difficulty because “all people should […]
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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Probably Features a Bruce Campbell Cameo, But Sam Raimi’s Good Luck Charm Isn’t Talking

Ever since Sam Raimi took on directing duties for Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness there has been one question burning in the minds of fans all over the world: will “The Classic” 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale make an appearance? Oh, and is Bruce Campbell gonna pop up there somewhere? That, too. We don’t have an answer to the first question (although it’s a safe bet that his iconic clunker will pop up somewhere in the movie), but we do have a little tease from Campbell that...
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Archer Season 12: Release Date, Cast and More

(Welcome to …And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.) Who would have thought that Archer, a show about an obnoxious alcoholic super spy and his coterie of eccentric co-workers, would become such a long-lasting juggernaut? The animated spy comedy’s twelfth season is set to premiere next month, so now is a good time to catch up on everything we know about Archer season 12 so far. ...
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Interview: Max Aruj on Composing The Ice Road and Lansky Scores

(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) Los Angeles based composer Max Aruj worked on two exciting projects this summer: the crime drama Lansky profiling legendary gangster Meyer Lansky from Vertical Entertainment and the Liam Neeson-starring action-thriller The Ice Road from Netflix. ComingSoon’s Jeff Ames spoke with Max about his ever-evolving career and his musical process. Max got his start in the industry working at the widely known film music hub Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, C...
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Wellington Paranormal Has Arrived, and It's a Demonically Good Time

It’s here! The first two episodes of Wellington Paranormal, the New Zealand-made series spin-off of the 2014 What We Do in the Shadows movie, are now streaming on the CW. You could just dash over there this instant and watch “Demon Girl” and “Cop Circles,” or you could check out this “extended” trailer the CW put out…Read more...
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Cannes 2021: Joachim Trier's Superb 'The Worst Person in the World'

One of the best films at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival is a Norwegian romantic drama about a young woman on the verge of turning 30. It's a refreshingly intellectual and mesmerizing look at romance and love in our modern world, and all the remarkably empowering and frustrating challenges that come with it. The film is titled (in English) The Worst Person in the World, and the original Norwegian title is Verdens Verste Menneske, though the French title is Julie (en 12 Chapitres) or simply Julie...
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Re-Recording Mixer James Parnell Talks Working on Trinkets & Moonlight

Daytime Emmy Nominated re-recording mixer James Parnell was nominated for his work on Netflix’s Trinkets. As such, we decided to speak to him about the challenges and rewards of working on this series. Trinkets follows the story of three teenagers who find an unexpected connection when they all land in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group. James’ past projects include Academy Award winner Moonlight and Hulu’s hit comedy PEN15. RELATED: Jason Blum Discusses The Forever Purge, Why It’s His Favori...
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‘The Offer’ Teaser Announces Production on the Paramount+ Series About the Making of ‘The Godfather’

  If there’s one thing Hollywood loves to make movies about it’s the making of Hollywood movies. The Academy eats that shit up and, as a cinephile, I can’t say I’m jaded against this trend just yet. Ed Wood, Argo (kind of), Shadow of the Vampire, The Disaster Artist, Singin’ in the Rain… the list of hits goes on and on. Paramount+ has a new title to add to the pile and it’s called The Offer, a miniseries that follows the behind-the-scenes exploits of producer Albert S. Ruddy as The Godfather wa...
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Charlie Robinson, TV star best known for role on ‘Night Court,’ dies at 75

By Ethan Shanfeld | Variety LOS ANGELES — Charlie Robinson, known for playing Mac the court clerk in the 1980s and ’90s sitcom “Night Court,” died Sunday in Los Angeles due to cardiac arrest and cancer. He was 75. Throughout his 50-year career, Robinson appeared in movies such as “Secret Santa,” “The River,” “Set It Off,” “Antwone Fisher,” “Jackson,” “Even Money” and “Miss Lettie and Me,” and TV series including “Buffalo Bill,” “Home Improvement,” “Mom,” “Hart of Dixie,” “NCIS” and “The Guestboo...
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House from ‘Meet the Parents’ lists for $2.3M — including indoor pool

The home, which features prominently in several scenes from the 2000 film "Meet the Parents," sits on more than 2 acres on Long Island.
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Buyers could see more affordable homes in the next 6 months

A recent Homes.com survey found that most prospective sellers plan to list homes valued at less than $300,000.
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*IQUAZU* Treasure Hiding | Fantasy Jungle Game

A board game with a Fantasy theme is extra special around here in my family of fantasy lovers. Iquazu, a HABA creation for 2-4 players ages 10+, tells the story of two warring tribes. The Rhujas, a threatening group of warriors are seeking the hidden gemstones of the Inox tribe. To preserve their treasure, the […]
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