What Lionsgate’s Huge Deal with Spyglass Means for Tarantino, Scream, and Hellraiser Fans

The big Hollywood deals, they keep a-happening. Yesterday, we reported that independent film studio A24 was entertaining a possible sale. Now comes the news that Lionsgate has acquired a partial stake in Spyglass Media Group, a production company with a history dating back over twenty years. Deadline reports that Lionsgate “has acquired the vast majority of the Spyglass Media Group’s feature film library of approximately 200 titles and formed a strategic content partnership.” The deal will gi...
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NPR reviews Seek You

Loneliness Is A Communal Experience In 'Seek You' Gabino Iglesias NPR July 13, 2021 https://www.npr.org/2021/07/13/1015618618/loneliness-is-a-communal-experience-in-seek-you Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness, Kristen Radtke ...
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Spiegelman at Reston Community Center ... in 2022

https://patch.com/virginia/reston/rcc-unveils-2021-2022-season-professional-touring-artists Art Spiegelman - What the %@&*! Happened to Comics?: Sunday, Feb. 27, 3 p.m.; $20 Reston/$30 Non-Reston. Pulitzer Prize-winning artist/illustrator and author Art Spiegelman, author of Maus and Maus II, almost single-handedly brought comic books out of the toy closet and onto the literature shelves. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Wash Post reviews Libenson's Just Jaime

KidsPost Summer Book Club: 'Just Jaime' by Terri Libenson [in print as 'Gossip girl' needs a friendship lesson] When girls force Jaime out of their group, she begins to examine her own behavior. Christina Barron Washington Post July 14, 2021 P C8 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/kidspost/kidspost-summer-book-club-just-jaime-by-terri-libenson/2021/07/13/5d538172-c3e6-11eb-9a8d-f95d7724967c_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Thor #261 - Walt Simonson art

Thor #261 Thor v1 #261, 1977 - Lady Sif and the Warrriors Three join Thor in his attempt to breach the wall around the Doomsday Star. In his second issue of the series, Walt Simonson's pencils are almost unrecognizable due to Ernie Chan's inks. The sole exception is page 10, where the artist's penchant for mechanical drawing comes through. Other artists in this Marvel bronze age superhero comic [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Gundam Takes on the Form of an FPS in Gundam Evolution

It seems Bandai Namco has greater aspirations when it comes to boosting the Gundam franchise’s reputation as the announcement of Gundam Evolution has revealed it to be a hero-based team-centric FPS, the type of game that usually has a large esports following, which should be easy for something like the Gundam franchise to acquire. The […]
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Welcome to Behind the Upload

Do you want to grow your business with video? Behind the Upload is a podcast interviewing entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers that use video to grow their brand.  Watch and learn as they share their stories, tips, and tricks for using video marketing to reach new customers, increase sales, and build an engaged audience.  This show will help your business grow by giving you actionable advice on how to get started or improve your current video strategy.  It doesn’t matter if ...
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The ‘Loki’ Season Finale Features the First MCU Character Previously Owned by Fox

When Disney gobbled up Fox (like it gobbled up Marvel and Lucasfilm and will gobble up your soul), the possibility of the X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU suddenly became more probable, if not an outright inevitability. Fans were excited about the prospect, and we now know that Marvel Studios has a new Fantastic Four movie in the pipeline. However, the season finale of Loki (now streaming on Disney+) featured a character who made their first-ever appearance in a Fantastic Four comic. No...
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32 Malasana Street Giveaway – Win A DVD Copy of the Supernatural Thriller

ComingSoon has two DVD copies of Shudder and RLJE Films’ horror film 32 Malasana Street. The film is set to release July 20, 2021, on both DVD and digital on demand. Currently, the DVD is 50% off its $27.97 list price on Amazon. “Inspired by true events. In 32 Malasana Street, the Olmedo family decides to leave their village behind for a fresh start in the city and buy an old apartment at 32 Malasana Street for a suspiciously reasonable price,” reads the official synopsis. “But soon after they’v...
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Interview: Morgan Neville Talks Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain releases on Friday, July 16 in theaters. The documentary by Morgan Neville is set to later premiere on television on CNN and then release on HBO Max. The film explores Bourdain’s life and the travel host’s shocking suicide. RELATED: Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain Trailer Spotlights the Beloved Chef ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain director Morgan Neville about his emotional documentar...
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Friday, July 16 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for July 16, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Untitled Bosch Spin-off Location: 1329 S Centre St., San Pedro Filming in New York Project: SL Location: Astoria Park S and 14th Pl., Queens TV Series: The Bad Witch (code name for “Gossip Girl”) Location: 53rd St. and Park […] The post Friday, July 16 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Hair Cleanup

cute hai
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Nneka Ogwumike sees ‘Space Jam’ role as a new legacy of representation

“Space Jam” became a cultural phenomenon in 1996 for a generation of young basketball fans. It showcased the best player in the world, Michael Jordan, in a whimsical plot including a mixture of NBA stars and Looney Tunes cartoon characters. But it didn’t feature any women’s basketball players. Twenty-five years later, the sequel, “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” spotlights Sparks star Nneka Ogwumike and Phoenix Mercury icon Diana Taurasi. “We’re experiencing a time in which women’s basketball is catch...
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‘Reservation Dogs’ Trailer: Taika Waititi-Produced Crime Comedy Series Heads to FX

The trailer for Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo‘s new FX series, Reservation Dogs, has dropped, and it looks like an absolute blast. The series follows four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma who both commit crimes and fight them. The series will draw from writer and director Harjo’s experiences as an Indigenous Oklahoman to make it as authentic as possible, while still being wickedly funny. Trying to be Anywhere but Here The series stars D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Devery Jacobs, Paulina...
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AppleTV+ is Getting Into Business With ‘The Big Short’ Director Adam McKay

The proliferation of streaming services has made it so that companies like Apple need to compete aggressively. Apple TV+ has already wooed some serious talent lining up the next Martin Scorsese film, Killers of the Flower Moon, as well as the next Joel Coen film, The Tragedy of Macbeth. Now it’s getting into the Adam McKay business, as well. Deadline is out with a new report that Apple has secured “a multi-year, first-look deal for scripted feature films” with McKay’s Hyperobject Industries....
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The Hex Rival Controller Is an Amazing and Amazingly Expensive PS5 Pad

Sony has shied away from making its own pro controllers. Other third-parties have tried to fill that gap and while some are fine, they usually lack the build quality of the default pad. HexGaming decided to find a happy middle ground as its newest PlayStation 5 controller — the Hex Rival — is a DualSense at heart, but a heavily modified one. This amazing base means that this controller has the best of both worlds yet is prohibitively expensive enough to make it a harder sell than it should be. T...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Titans’ Season 3 Trailer, O-T Fagbenle Auditioned for a Different ‘Black Widow’ Character & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.) In this edition of Superhero Bits: What’s in store for The Flash season finale? Check out the new trailer for the third season of Titans O-T Fagbenle apprehensively mentions auditioning for a different Bla...
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The Grudge Series Creator Is Back With More Curses and Nightmares in Howling Village

Filmmaker Takashi Shimizu is probably best-known for creating the Ju-On: The Grudge franchise back in the early 2000s; it became a sensation in Japan and was one of the top titles, along with The Ring, to emerge from that era’s Asian horror boom. Shimizu brought extra authenticity to the 2004 Sam Raimi-produced…Read more...
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Save “Breedbate” From Obsolescence (Limerick)

Here’s my plea to “Save ‘Breedbate’ From Obsolescence.” I’m wond’ring why “breedbate’s” deemed dated. Such a fate should at least be debated. For the net’s filled with folks Who start fights; breedbate-blokes With egos that should be deflated.
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LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam’ sequel set to make a commercial splash

A day before the A-listers would stride down the purple-and-black carpets adorning L.A. Live, a small horde of families were baking under the California sunshine, posing with Bugs and Lola Bunny, clanking balls off pop-a-shot hoops, and riding the crest of a commercial wave that is about to land Friday. A hired streetball crew was running the main stage – in this case, a highlighter orange-colored court – complete with regulation rims, DJs and prize packs including action figures, XBox controlle...
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Allan Beswick shares his thoughts on Justin Timberlake

Local BBC Radio presenter Allan Beswick has shared his honest thoughts on a song he played by Justin Timberlake on his late night programme. Allan, who currently broadcasts on stations in the north west, back-announced Like I Love You saying Justin’s music should be in a lake. He remarked: “Bloody hellfire what in the name of God was that. “That was an abomination. If you loved it you need to do something about your musical tastes it was utter crap.” Allan is known for his honest conversation...
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How to Watch ‘Snake Eyes’ at Home

(Welcome to How to Watch, where we get down to brass tacks and tell you “Hey, here’s how you can watch this thing.” In this edition: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.) We wouldn’t hold it against you if you’ve sort of glazed over all the finer details regarding the previous two attempts to bring G.I. Joe to the big screen. They’re…not the greatest adaptations ever made, but that sure won’t stop Hollywood from trying again (and again, and again) until they finally get something to stick. That brings...
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'Space Jam: A New Legacy' stars LeBron James and the Looney Tunes in a new family adventure - you can watch the movie on HBO Max starting July 16

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. "Space Jam: A New Legacy" stars LeBron James and the Looney Tunes. Warner Bros. "Space Jam: A New Legacy" will premiere on HBO Max and in theaters on July 16. NBA icon LeBron James and the Looney Tunes star in this sequel to the 1997 family film. You need the ad-free HBO Max plan ($15/month) to stream new theatrical releases like "Space Jam 2." Max (ad-free) (small) Nearly 25 years after the original "...
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Henry Cavill Will Take a Break From Punching Things With ‘The Rosie Project’

Henry Cavill is good at punching things. Really good. So good he has to cock his fists to reload. Now, despite already having a very busy schedule that includes Chad Stahelski‘s Highlander reboot and Matthew Vaughn‘s spy flick Argylle, he’s signed onto a project where he gets to be more subdued. Deadline reports that he is set to star in The Rosie Project, a romance film about a university professor who can’t seem to find love and comes up with an unusual strategy to get it. A Change of Pa...
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A simple 3-step guide to getting one new listing a month

During a webinar on July 13, Chris Jones, the co-founder of Guerilla Realty, taught agents how to work borrowed listings into seller leads.
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‘The Suicide Squad’ Featurette Introduces the New Characters, Shows Off a Ton of New Footage

The Suicide Squad is almost here, which means you can expect the marketing blitz to increase. The film had its premiere last night, resulting in a lot of positive buzz. And director James Gunn answered a bunch of questions during a Q&A. Now, there’s a new featurette loaded with new footage. Perhaps too much new footage, in fact. I don’t think there’s anything overtly spoilery in the featurette below, but if you’re trying to avoid learning too much about the flick, you might want to steer clear....
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Daily Podcast: Indy 5, Star Trek, 2021 Emmy Noms, and Age of Legends

On the July 15 , 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by news editor Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest film and TV news, including the 2021 Emmy nominations, a new Star Trek movie, Age of Legends , and Indiana Jones 5 . Opening Banter :    In The News :  HT (OG Danielle): 2021 Emmy Nominations: ‘The Crown’ and ‘The Mandalorian’ Lead with 24 Nods, ‘WandaVision’ Follows with 23 HT (OG Joshua): New ‘Star Trek’ Movie Coming Fr...
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Antonio Banderas Joins Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5

Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Uncharted) is joining Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5 in an undisclosed role, according to Deadline. Production on the film is currently underway with plot details on the next installment being kept under wraps. RELATED: Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Show First Look at Phoebe Waller-Bridge Indiana Jones 5 will once again be led by Ford as he reprises one of his most iconic roles as the titular explorer. Joining him as t...
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‘Mortal Kombat’ Featurette Explores the Making of the Video Game Movie: Here’s What We Learned

The 2021 Mortal Kombat movie ain’t perfect, but it has quite a bit going for it. The production design is incredible, the costumes are gorgeous, and quite a few of the special effects are seamless. While some of the special effects don’t quite mesh and the tonal inconsistencies can be jarring, when Mortal Kombat get something right, it really nails it. Warner Brothers released a 20-minute featurette, From Game to Screen: The Making of Mortal Kombat, that takes a deep dive into just how they mad...
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TWD Season 11 Key Art & Video Spot Featuring Footage From Final Season

As part of AMC’s “11 Weeks of Reveals until Season 11” of The Walking Dead, which returns Sunday, August 22 at 9 p.m. ET, AMC has revealed the Season 11 key art (available in the gallery) and a video spot highlighting significant moments throughout the series and featuring footage from the new season, leading up to “The Beginning of the End.” RELATED: The Walking Dead Season 11 Teasers, Character Photos & Details Released Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors confronted past demons and c...
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