Hogan's Heroes #1 - 1st issue (key)

Hogan's Heroes #1 Hogan's Heroes v1 #1, 1966 - Starring Bob Crane and Werner Klemperper, this key first issue appeared roughly a year after the tv series debut. Set during WWII, this was a comedy about a Nazi POW camp. The prisoners are secretly Allied resistance fighters, operating under the nose of a bumbling Colonel. What could be funnier right? Colonel Hogan, Sgt. Schutlz and Colonel Klink [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, War, Humor, Dell, Keys, 1960s, Hogan, Ted Ignacio, Bob Crane, First issues, Werner Klemperper, Hogan Sgt Schutlz

House of Secrets #104 - Nestor Redondo art

House of Secrets #104 House of Secrets v1 #104, 1973 - When a professional hitman accidentally kills a bystander, the victim's ghost returns to haunt him. Unfortunately, the killer doesn't scare easily. Pencilled by Nestor Redondo, the artwork is typically splendid. The story's highlight is the opening splash, a somewhat comic portrayal of the hitman surrounded by the ghosts of past victims. [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Horror, Dc, 1970s, Ted Ignacio, Redondo, Nestor Redondo, House of Secrets

Bernie Wrightson original art - Swamp Thing #4 page sketch

Bernie WrightsonFascinating original page sketch from Swamp Thing #4. - - - - - - - - - - Home / Original art / Wrightson original art ebay  >Wrightson original art [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Wrightson, Ted Ignacio, Bernie Wrightson, Bernie WrightsonFascinating

Nukitashi Ero-Manga Takes Pride in Its Promiscuity

Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? (shortened as “Nukitashi”) will be mandatory reading material amongst erotica-lovers as the saucy manga takes place on an island where perversion is legal, a conundrum for the main protagonist as he values his virginity and believes sex shouldn’t take place without love, […]
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Manga, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Exhibitionism, Ero-manga, Shima, Nukitashi, Nukige Mitai, Dou Surya Ii Desu

Oh No

I love this webcomic, even though I had no idea it was actually called Webcomic Name or that the author was Alex Norris. Calling the book Oh No was smart, as that’s how most people know it, since that’s the punchline to every three-panel installment. I think we all can sympathize with the pink “disappointed blob” that features in it, and seeing so many resigned “oh no”s in a row created in me a kind of bemused resignation. Although I [...]
Tags: Feature, Comics, Andrews McMeel, Alex Norris

Don't Worry, the Bob's Burgers Movie Is Still Happening

Though fans of Bob’s Burgers have a new season to look forward to, many have been wondering what’s going on with the Bob’s Burgers movie that was announced back in 2019—before it, like many productions, was waylaid by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, series creator Loren…Read more...
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Body Language

hey cool body
Tags: Comics

DC: Women of Action

Modern-day coffee table books like DC: Women of Action, in addition to being fun reads on their own, pleasantly remind me of how much things have improved over the past few years. When I started this gig, a book full of pretty pictures celebrating the female superheroes of DC Comics would have been drawn by men and full of anatomically impossible come-hither poses and smutty innuendo. Now, it’s written by a woman, Shea Fontana, who has also written Batman and [...]
Tags: Comics, Dc Comics, Batman, Books About Comics, Shea Fontana

VTuber Gawr Gura Appears in Background of Taco Bell CM

Western fast food establishment Taco Bell recently pushed out a new commercial that makes use of animation to advertise one of their newest food products, though, many have realized that virtual YouTuber Gawr Gura also manages to appear in the background at one point, demonstrating the extent of popularity virtual YouTubers have achieved. The rather […]
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The Stephen King Adaptation Chapelwaite Brought Gothic Gloom to SDCC 2021

Back in May, we got a decent look at Adrien Brody’s new series Chapelwaite, adapted from a Stephen King short story (it appears in the collection Night Shift) thanks to a bunch of images released by Epix, as well as a teaser. The outlook? Gloomy, gothic, and dripping with dread. Today’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Fiction, Stephen King, It, Adrien Brody, Emily, Epix, Peter Filardi, Rebecca Morgan, Gothic fiction, Salems Lot, Charles Boone, Jason Filardi, Charles Boone Brody, Chapelwaite

DC Super Hero Girls: A Listing

The DC Super Hero Girls line launched in Fall 2015 with web content, dolls, Lego toys, graphic novels, and videos. Here’s a list of the comics, starting with the graphic novels: Finals Crisis written by Shea Fontana; art by Yancey Labat 2016 Hits and Myths written by Shea Fontana; art by Yancey Labat 2016 Summer Olympus written by Shea Fontana; art by Yancey Labat 2017 Past Times at Super Hero High written by Shea Fontana; art by Yancey Labat, Agnes [...]
Tags: Feature, Comics, DC / Vertigo, Shea Fontana, Yancey Labat, Yancey Labat Agnes

Army of Thieves' SDCC 2021 Teaser Takes Us Back to Zack Snyder's Zombieverse

The poster for the new movie Army of Thieves puts it best: “More safes. Less zombies.” Directed by and starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Army of Thieves is a prequel to Zack Snyder’s recent hit, Army of the Dead, told from the point of view of one of its main characters, Dieter. And now, the first teaser trailer is here.Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Netflix, Zombie, Dieter, Zack Snyder, Living Dead, Nathalie Emmanuel, Matthias Schweighofer, Deborah Snyder, Schweighöfer, Zack Fair, Army of the Dead, Creative Works, Entertainment Culture, Draftarmy Of The Dead

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Trailer: Michael C. Hall Returns as Your Favorite Serial Killer in November

After a disappointing series finale left Dexter Morgan with a scruffy lumberback beard and an unsatisfying ending, Michael C. Hall is returning to see if everyone’s favorite serial killer can get a better send off. Dexter: New Blood catches up with the evasive murderer 10 years after he went “missing” in the middle of a hurricane. Under the name Jim Lindsay, he’s started a new life, working in a small town shop and smiling at all the local who have embraced him as a friend. But Dexter’s Dark Pa...
Tags: TV, Movies, News, Showtime, Trailers, John Lithgow, Michael, Dexter, Michael C Hall, Harrison, HANNAH, Julia Jones, Scott Reynolds, Dexter Morgan, Clyde Phillips, Jim Lindsay

First Teaser for Matthias Schweighöfer's Fun 'Army of Thieves' Film

"This is about becoming legends." Netflix has revealed an impressive first teaser for a film titled Army of Thieves, a spin-off prequel for Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead. Directed by and starring German actor Matthias Schweighöfer as the safecracker Ludwig Dieter, the film is about his escapades early on just six years before the Vegas heist just as the start of the outbreak. He is hired by a mysterious woman to pull off a heist with the help of a misfit crew of aspiring thieves. The taglin...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Netflix, Army, To Watch, Matthias Schweighofer, Zack Snyder s Army, Ludwig Dieter, Fun Army of Thieves Film, Jonathan Cohen Dieter, Fun Army

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Porte Cochere Open!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is going through a major makeover, and it’s almost complete! The Polynesian resort recently reopened all guest rooms after being open for only DVC rooms since the resort opened after pandemic closure. However, the monorail station and porte cochere have been closed since around November of last year, and did not […] The post Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Porte Cochere Open! appeared first on ZANNALAND!.
Tags: Parenting, Entertainment, Disney, Top Stories, Resorts, Walt Disney World, DVC, Disney Parks, Disney News, Disney Resorts, Disney's Polynesian Resort, Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, Polynesian Village Resort, Disney's Polynesian reopened 2021, Disney's Polynesian Village porte cochere open, Polynesian Porte Cochere reopen

Night Jackal #1

If you’re a fan of The Boys, you’ll want to check out Night Jackal #1, particularly since it’s a full-length, professionally done, dark superhero story for only 99 cents. It’s the story of a former hero, now out of prison after decades behind bars, written by Heath C. Michaels and illustrated by Philip Renne. The ex-con just wants to survive, although no one wants him around. Plenty of people feel powerful picking on him, since he’s afraid to fight back. [...]
Tags: Comics, Other Publishers, Heath C Michaels, Philip Renne

Chucky Is Back in Trailer for USA & SYFY’s Don Mancini-Created Series

During [email protected]’s virtual Legacy of Chucky panel, celebrating the 30+ year legacy of the Child’s Play franchise and iconic killer doll, the full trailer for the Don Mancini-created horror series was released. The series will premiere on October 12 on SYFY and USA Network. RELATED: Chucky Goes to School in New Photos For Child’s Play Series The Chucky series will be set in an idyllic American town thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders sweep through and threaten to expose the t...
Tags: Video, Usa, TV, Movies, Horror, Syfy, TV News, Chucky, Comic-Con, Usa Network, Tiffany, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Nick Antosca, Don Mancini, Fiona Dourif, Nica Pierce

Army of Thieves Teaser: Witness the Army Before the Dead

During the film’s [email protected] virtual panel, the official teaser and poster for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead prequel Army of Thieves were released. The movie will stream exclusively on Netflix this fall. RELATED: Army of Thieves Gets First Poster, Comic-Con Panel Set for This Weekend In Army of Thieves, small-town bank teller Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted crimina...
Tags: Video, Comedy, Movies, Horror, Action, Netflix, Army, Streaming, Comic-Con, Interpol, Zack Snyder, Europe Check, ComingSoon, Movie News, Deborah Snyder, Shay Hatten

The Chucky Trailer Is Here to Slay SDCC 2021

Last week’s teaser gave us just a taste of what to expect from Chucky, Syfy and USA’s upcoming series continuation of the Child’s Play horror series from original creator Don Mancini. (In other words, that recent remake ain’t canon.) But today at San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, fans of the wisecracking killer doll and the…Read more...
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Monday, July 26 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for July 26, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: The Offer Location: 615 S Broadway; 617 S Olive St., Los Angeles Project: Speedwell Location: 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles (until July 29th) Project: Lake Mead Location: Los Angeles Times, 202 W 1st St, Los Angeles (until July 27th) TV […] The post Monday, July 26 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
Tags: Movies, California, Los Angeles, Broadway, Filming Locations, Daily Filming Locations, Lake Mead Location

Why I Love The French (Limerick)

Want a gibe that sounds charming? Don’t fret! French phrases can help you — no sweat! If the java tastes vile, Simply bitch with a smile: “This coffee is ‘jus de chaussette.'” (I was amused to learn that the literal translation of “jus de chaussette” is “sock juice.”)
Tags: French Language, Humor, Limerick, Limericks, Food & Drink Humor, French Humor, Language Humor, Language Limerick, Idiom Humor, Coffee Humor, Coffee Limerick, Coffee Verse, France Limerick, French Insults, French Limerick, Insult Humor

Dexter: New Blood Limited Series Sneak Peek Trailer & Release Date

During Dexter’s [email protected] virtual panel for the upcoming special event series, officially titled Dexter: New Blood, a sneak peek trailer was released, teasing the return of the Dark Passenger. The limited series will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, November 7. RELATED: Showtime’s The First Lady Adds Ellen Burstyn & More For Recurring Roles Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the series finds him living under an assumed name, Jim Lindsay, in the small town o...
Tags: Video, TV, Movies, Drama, Showtime, TV News, John Lithgow, Comic-Con, Dexter, Phillips, Ellen Burstyn, Western Massachusetts, Julia Jones, Scott Reynolds, Jennifer Carpenter, ComingSoon

Genshin Impact HMV Breeds All the Perfect Women Without Rest

Those obsessed with the attractive and unique females present in Genshin Impact might be enthused at the idea of watching them all have sex simultaneously, something this HMV accomplishes by compiling various erotic animations from artists, and sure to easily have something for every type of individual. The sexually rigorous HMV contains such noticeable Genshin […]
Tags: Games, Music, Parody, HMV, Artists, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, Oshiri, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, Genshin Impact

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 First Look Revealed

During the show’s [email protected] panel, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 first look was released, teasing the conclusion of the epic two-season story with a scene from the upcoming second season. Season 2 returns on October 3 on AMC, with new episodes premiering early on AMC+ all season, followed by a new episode of Talking Dead. RELATED: Alexa Mansour Teases The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Moderated by Chris Hardwick, the panel featured Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple, show...
Tags: Video, TV, Movies, Drama, Horror, Amc, TV News, Streaming, Barca, Comic-Con, Chris Hardwick, FELIX, Silas, Leo Bennett, Grandin, Julia Ormond

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 First Look Clips & Details Released

During its [email protected] panel, Fear the Walking Dead released new details including two first-look clips at the upcoming season, which will premiere on Sunday, October 17, with new episodes premiering early on AMC+ all season, followed by a new episode of Talking Dead later that evening. RELATED: The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer: The Beginning of the End The virtual panel, moderated by Chris Hardwick, featured Chief Content Officer for The Walking Dead Universe Scott M. Gimple, showrunners A...
Tags: Videos, TV, Texas, Movies, Drama, Horror, Amc, TV News, Streaming, Comic-Con, Chris Hardwick, Fear The Walking Dead, Alycia Debnam Carey, Debnam Carey, David Alpert, Isabelle

PowerSite Pro Profile: A Novi, MI Single Property Website

We are excited to present this PowerSite Pro single property Website: 41936WolfePass.com Marketed by Coldwell Banker agent Laura Monley, the Website highlights a four bedroom home located in Novi, Michigan. 41936 Wolfe Pass, Novi, MI 48377 Using our new PowerSite Pro platform, Sandie and Lisa have added: lots of high definition photosa detailed descriptionproperty documents office infoa property mapagent contact information. An Associate Broker, Laura has a vast unders...
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer: The Beginning of the End

During the show’s [email protected] panel, The Walking Dead Season 11 trailer was released, teasing the beginning of the end when the series returns on August 22 on AMC. The premiere will be available to stream on AMC+ starting on August 15. Season 11 will air in three 8-episode parts, with 11B and 11 C airing in 2022 following 11A’s debut in August. RELATED: TWD Season 11 Key Art & Video Spot Featuring Footage From Final Season The virtual panel featured Chief Content Officer for The Walking Dead ...
Tags: Video, TV, Movies, Drama, The Walking Dead, Horror, Kingdom, Amc, Walking Dead, TV News, Streaming, Maggie, Robins, Comic-Con, Hamilton, Alexandria

Syfy's Day of the Dead Gives SDCC 2021 a First Look at TV's Newest Zombie Tale

Even the most diehard horror fan can be forgiven for forgetting (or not even realizing at all) that George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead is becoming a TV show. It was first announced in February 2020 and, well... a lot has happened since then. But today’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home panel, featuring the first trailer…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, San Diego, Day Of The Dead, Zombie, Romero, Scott Thomas, Living Dead, George A Romero, Dawn of the Dead, Zombie apocalypse, Steven Kostanski, Jed Elinoff, Night of the Living Dead, Horror fiction, Film Genres

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 Teaser Peddles a Nice Bone, an Evil Bucket, and More

We’re just over a month away from seeing the triumphant return of What We Do in the Shadows for a third season of FX. Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), Laszlo (Matt Berry), and Colin (Mark Proksch) are all back as the vampire roommates, but there might be a change in their dynamic now that Nandor’s familiar Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) has been revealed to be a deadly vampire hunter. However, in a new What We Do in the Shadows season 3 teaser, it seems like Guillermo is keeping hi...
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