Howard Stern says people who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine are 'idiots' and calls for mandatory vaccinations

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Howard Stern said unvaccinated Americans should be denied hospital access. Stern called for vaccinations to be mandatory. A recent CDC report found that those unvaccinated were 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19. See more stories on Insider's business page. Radio host Howard Stern said people who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are "idiots" and called for vaccinations to be mandatory."When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this ...
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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Dune (But Were Afraid To Ask) [TIFF 2021]

I just witnessed Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" in IMAX at the Toronto International Film Festival, and as I sat bathing in the big, expensive imagery, it occurred to me that some moviegoers are going to have questions going in. Serious questions – questions they'll be asking before they even sit down to watch the movie. If you're one such person, I am here to help you, dear reader. Since "Dune" isn't due out until October 22, 2021, and I don't want to be a huge jerk, I will attempt to keep this as s...
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Janet Harvey at Fantom right now

[Author: Mike Rhode]
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Second Line"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist - "Second Line" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3311 So, after getting the worst of Hurricane Ida, Louisiana is about to  get the worst of the still-ongoing oil spill from somewhere in the  thousands of miles of decomissioned and abandoned pipeline —  previously owned and operated by who the hell knows who — on the  bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico. "The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has allowed the  offshore oil ...
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Kyoko Tsuyude Bondage Exhibitionist Ero-Figure Unspeakably Perverse

Renowned artist Tony Taka had another of their illustrations transformed into a figurine as the unstoppable Kyoko Tsuyude can be seen walking about tied up and nude, allowing any and all bystanders to catch a peek and bound to be a must-have item for extreme perverts when she decides to meander about come March 2022. […]
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RIP Former cartoonist David Simonson, of Arlington

David Simonson – RIP  by D. D. Degg September 10, 2021 http://www.dailycartoonist.com/index.php/2021/09/10/david-simonson-rip/ David C. Simonson May 9, 1927 ~ August 27, 2021 (age 94) Everly Wheatley Funeral Home https://www.everlywheatley.com/tributes/David-Simonson David worked at the Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Patent Trader, a semi-weekly newspaper covering Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties, s...
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X-men #94 - 1st series begins

X-men #94 X-men v1 #94, 1975 - Following the debuts of several characters in Giant-size X-men #1, this issue features a new team and the start of their first series. Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Polaris, Sunfire and Havok depart. Professor X and Cyclops remain to lead newcomers Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler (all making their second appearances) and veterans Banshee and Wolverine. In [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Alarming Adventures #3 - non-attributed Al Williamson art

Alarming Adventures #3 Alarming Adventures v1 #3, 1962 - The discovery of an unusual gold-spotted fish prompts an expedition to its source: an underwater cavern on a remote island. Uncredited by comic book guides, Al Williamson delivers a capable effort. The main scientist's face looks suspiciously repetitious, as if retraced to save time. That aside, spacious layouts and sensitive rendering [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Horror, 1960s, Harvey, Williamson, Ted Ignacio, Al Williamson, Non-attributions

Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Volume 10

The Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju series concludes with volume 10. It came out almost three years ago, and this volume — along with some of the others in the series, apparently — may be currently out of print. But I still wanted to talk about it because as a wrap-up, it’s beautifully in tone with the theme of the series. I’ve enjoyed reading about these practitioners of rakugo (monologues/ storytelling) because the manga stories combine personal drama with [...]
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Conventions in the Age of COVID

Less than a month until New York Comic Con! Are people ready? Should be interesting to see what this is like, as I can’t find any information on publishers setting up there. Guests — of whom the biggest names are William Shatner, George Takei, John Cena, and Chris Claremont — are appearing, but photo ops have no touching. Guest and attendee will be separated by plexiglass. Proof of vaccination is now required for attendees. Under 12 years of age will [...]
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'Happening' & Jane Campion Winners at 2021 Venice Film Festival

A remarkable year for female filmmakers! Sian Heder's CODA won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance, Julia Ducournau's Titane won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, and now Audrey Diwan's Happening wins the Golden Lion in Venice. The 78th Venice Film Festival wrapped up this weekend on the sunny Lido island in Venice, and awards were handed out at an awards show complete with masks and empty seats for social distancing. The top prize at Venice is a Golden Lion (in honor of the iconic lion that is the symbo...
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Daisuke Tsuji Imitates Ghost of Tsushima’s Sword Techniques

Fans of epic samurai tale Ghost of Tsushima are likely in agreement that Daisuke Tsuji did an excellent job of portraying main character Jin Sakai, now the accomplished actor has tried to embody his character entirety by attempting to imitate various attacks from the game. Daisuke Tsuji not only delivered the English dub for protagonist […]
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Alice in Leatherland

Out in early November is the collected Alice in Leatherland. It’s the story of a children’s book author who finds satisfaction and love by moving to a big city and working in a sex toy store. As written by Iolanda Zanfardino and illustrated by Elisa Romboli, Alice is almost too good to be true. She’s optimistic and romantic and believes in happy endings. Her innocence makes people want to protect her — except for her girlfriend, who belittles her and [...]
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Zilwaukee, Michigan Was A Town Made To Troll Settlers

By Ethan Tyrrell Published: September 11th, 2021
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Parallel Mothers Review: Director Pedro Almodóvar Gets Both Familiar And Evolutionary [Venice 2021]

The draw of applying an auteurist lens to the cinema is watching a director grow and mature over time. The peril, on the other hand, is that a filmmaker can become so infatuated with their house style that they engage in repetitive work with limited growth. Pedro Almodóvar's "Parallel Mothers" may at first present like a run-of-the-mill effort from the face of Spanish cinema, but there's a deceptive amount of variation here. It's both a perfect distillation of his artistic fascinations and marke...
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The Power Of The Dog Review: Jane Campion's Stunning Neo-Western Has A Career-Best Performance From Benedict Cumberbatch [TIFF 2021]

"What kind of man would I be if I didn't help my mother?" So says Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) at the start of "The Power of the Dog," Jane Campion's quiet-yet-menacing neo-Western. We hear Peter say these words before we've even met him, and it will take almost the entire film before we find out what they truly mean. With this moment, Campion, adapting the novel by Thomas Savage, is setting a trap. The entire film feels like that; like something hypnotizing us, lulling us in, ready to strike us dow...
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Project Eve Trailer Adores Supple Feminine Behinds

The recent PlayStation Showcase managed to turn heads as a trailer for the South Korean developed Project Eve put its lithe heroine front and center, the stunning female possessing an acrobatic level of combat prowess on top of a wonderfully supple frame (which deliberate camerawork has made sure not to miss). The action title (developed […]
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Microsoft and Marvel Collab for Custom Shang-Chi Xbox Series X

Microsoft and Marvel are teaming up to celebrate the launch of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in style, with a custom Xbox Series X and controller up for grabs. RELATED: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Review – Representation That Matters Xbox is holding a special sweepstake for the chance to win a custom Xbox Series X and controllers inspired by the latest Marvel Studios film. Fans looking to try and win the prize can enter the sweepstakes by simply following and retweeting...
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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Anime Adaptation Announced

The hit manga Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is getting an official anime adaptation. MORE: Sing a Bit of Harmony Trailer Teases 2022 Release for Anime Pic The announcement was initially made during the Hiro Mashima Fan Meeting livestream event, and will be part of the Fairy Tail 15th-anniversary celebrations. The Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest manga series began in 2018 and currently has nine volumes out in Japan. You can check out the trailer from the livestream event, below: Fairy Tail: 100 Year...
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Date set for first public RAJAR results since May 2020

RAJAR will release its first listening figures for UK radio stations since Q1 2020 to paid-up member stations on Wednesday 27th October 2021. The figures will cover 28th June 2021 – 19th September 2021 (Wks 26 – 37), known as Q3 2021. The body has been privately working out how and when the figures could return since first announcing the data was being put on hold in July 2020. Whilst no announcement has been made regarding the return of the service, the date for the release of the first fig...
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Tyler Posey: It’s Time for a Teen Wolf Reboot

Tyler Posey is famously known for his role on MTV’s Teen Wolf series, where he grew a huge fanbase that still follows him to this day. According to the actor, though, it’s time to reboot the series. RELATED: MTV Sets Teen Wolf Cast Reunion for New Digital Series Speaking during a recent appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Posey said that he didn’t mind fans that only refer to him as Scott, the character he played on Teen Wolf, but that it just makes him want to do more of the show. “I’m so proud o...
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The Card Counter Review – Oscar Isaac Stars in Captivating Crime Drama

Sometimes, it’s easy to pinpoint what makes a movie great, whether it’s the excellent performances or the riveting dialogue. Other times, it’s not easy at all, and that happens with films like The Card Counter, a crime drama written and directed by Paul Schrader, who has previously directed First Reformed and wrote the screenplay for Taxi Driver. Oscar Isaac stars as William Tell, a gambler who counts cards at the casinos. When a young man named Cirk (Tye Sheridan) approaches him wanting his hel...
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The Little Mermaid Live-Action Film Gets 2023 Release Date

Disney has officially set its release date for the latest big live-action remake, with The Little Mermaid now planned to hit theaters on Memorial Day weekend 2023. RELATED: Little Mermaid: Halle Bailey Announces Filming Has Wrapped on Live-Action Movie In an announcement regarding a handful of new dates for the next couple of years, Disney confirmed that The Little Mermaid would be releasing on May 26, 2023. The newly announced release date now sets it up for some big returns, as Memorial Day we...
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Gokushufudou Part Two Rife With Even More Pitiful “Animation”

Yakuza househusband series Gokushufudou has geared up for its second part as the Netflix anime’s trailer is unsurprisingly as devoid of animation as the first part, a fact that mattered little considering its success in Japan and sure to prove disappointing for genuine fans who actually care about animation. The trailer that shows that the […]
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Visiting The Shady Underbelly Of, Uh, Vatican City

By Nathan Williams Published: September 11th, 2021
Tags: Humor, Vatican City, Nathan Williams

Kanojo mo Kanojo Overflowing With Nude Girls

Kanojo mo Kanojo‘s newest broadcast takes place mostly in the bath as the male protagonist spends time with several girls in their towels, with yet another woman coming into the steadily growing harem romance with the protagonist and even falling onto him nude. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Relationships, Dating, Anime, Bathing, Oppai, Oshiri, Image Gallery, Kanojo, Tezuka Productions, Kanojo mo Kanojo

Granblue Fantasy – The Animation Blu-ray Cover Collection

Granblue Fantasy グランブルーファンタジー is a Japanese RPG mobile game developed by Cygames. The character designer for the game is Minaba Hideo, who served as art director on numerous Final Fantasy titles. Because of its high popularity, the game was also adapted into an anime series, with 2 seasons produced so far. While I’ve not actually seen the series, I do like the beautiful illustrations that were painted for the home video ( blu-ray ) release; I’ve collected all the cover art for the 2 seasons ...
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Bane's About to Remind Y'all That He's The Superior Batman

By Cezary Jan Strusiewicz Published: September 11th, 2021
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Jason Statham's Next Role: A Badass Beekeeper (No, Seriously)

By JM McNab Published: September 11th, 2021
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Kate Director Explains Tokyo Ghoul Cameo in Netflix Action Pic

Anime fans were surprised to see scenes from Tokyo Ghoul playing on the side of a building in Netflix’s action flick Kate. According to director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, it’s not only a tribute to the show, but it’s meant to convey similarities between Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character and the Tokyo Ghoul protagonist. THEY FEATURED TOKYO GHOUL IN THE NEW MOVIE KATE, I FEEL SO PROUD#anitwt #KateNetflix #tokyoghoul pic.twitter.com/RwngdsuAGZ — ri, (@ririfuyu) September 11, 2021 “I wanted to f...
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