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EDITORIAL CARTOONS http://xp4zn.mjt.lu/nl2/xp4zn/5880y.html http://xp4zn.mjt.lu/nl2/xp4zn/5880y.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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That darn comics page

Comics scores a double-double Scott Price, Washington Washington Post October 9 2021 p A19 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/10/08/readers-critique-post-carve-out-space-this-artists-credit/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Nell Minow does a Looney Tunes interview

It's Rare to Have a Funny Winner: Jaime Weinman on Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes Nell Minow October 08, 2021 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Detective Comics #66 - 1st Two-Face

Detective Comics #66 Detective Comics v1 #66, 1942 - A handsome and successful lawyer, Harvey Dent suddenly turns to crime when half of his face is marred by acid. In this first appearance as Two-Face, Dent uses a two-headed coin to decide between criminal and chartible acts. Curiously, this tale concludes not in the next issue, but in Detective Comics #68. The villain would be revived decades [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Discord’s “Latinx Heritage Month” Mercilessly Criticized

Woke Western platform Discord recently published a tweet asserting they will celebrate “Latinx Heritage Month”, immediately generating criticism and spite as many deem the word a slur since it was devised by those of the woke agenda acting as if they know more about the Spanish language than actual Latinos. The word “Latinx” was fabricated […]
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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #10

House!,Halloween With The Addams Family, The Headless Horseman, and Blacker Than the Night! I know we’ve posted this trailer before, but I shared it with someone on Facebook earlier…and it truly is the greatest Japanese movie trailer ever. The film is House, or as it’s pronounced in the trailer: “HOUSE!” Next, we head back to 1964 for the holiday, as it can only be experienced with the Addams Family. This is posted by MGM and it says “Full Episode” but the titles and theme son...
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Tan Okinawan Goddess Ganaha Hibiki’s Birthday Loyally Cherished

IdolMaster‘s tan and energetic Okinawan idol Ganaha Hibiki is still remembered fondly as social media has been washed over with a deluge of celebratory art honoring the fictional girl’s birthday, the classic tradition sure to be appreciated by developers as it helps to maintain the life of video game franchises. This year had just as […]
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Here are all the Walt Disney World rides included in Disney's new premium line-skipping feature

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Disney said in August it was introducing a new paid option to skip lines at its theme parks. The company said its California and Orlando parks would retire the FastPass option, which allowed people to skip lines for free. Disney's Genie service and the optional Genie+ add-on will launch October 19 at Walt Disney World Resort. Disney-goers will soon be reaching further into their pockets if they want to skip the lines at their favorite rides. Disney announced...
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Mosquito Misery (Limerick)

Please forgive me: I can’t help but grouse; A mosquito is loose in our house. It doesn’t like Mark, But bites ME on a lark: Hellish welts from that blood-sucking louse!
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Shuumatsu no Harem Delayed Until January 2022

Those excited for sex-heavy apocalypse anime Shuumatsu no Harem will unfortunately have to wait a couple extra months as it has been announced the rest of the series has been delayed until 2022, those responsible citing the need to “closely examine the expressions” as the reason behind this delay. A message from Shuumatsu no Harem’s […]
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What Took Down Facebook And Instagram

By Stephen Buckley Published: October 09th, 2021
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NASA Rover Captures Breathtaking Mars Landscape Photo You Can't Miss

Mars' landscape may be barren and dangerous to human life, but thanks to photos like this from NASA's advanced rovers, that doesn't stop it from looking any less stunning. Although humans have yet to set foot on Mars, robotics and other technologies have allowed astronomers to closely analyze the mysterious planet. Whether it be bleeding-edge telescopes, rovers, helicopters, orbiters, or something else, humans have found inventive ways to closely study a planet we've never actually visited.One ...
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B*tch na Inane-samaa Stretched Beyond Normalcy

B*tch na Inane-samaa’s fourth episode is yet again unrestrained in its sexual escapades as the two main females play with an assortment of toys, many of which are either far larger than they should be or are being used to stretch a girl beyond what is deemed normal (or possible). The PV for the episode […]
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Ghostbusters Afterlife Early Buzz: A Solid Sequel That Plays It Safe

The first reviews for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" are in, and they're skewing generally positive. Directed by Jason Reitman (son of original "Ghostbusters" director Ivan Reitman), the sequel picks up in the present day with the grandchildren of Dr. Egon Spengler discovering their grandfather's collection of ghostbusting gadgets -- and putting them to good use.Mckenna Grace ("The Haunting of Hill House," "Malignant") leads the young ensemble cast as Egon's science-obsessed granddaughter, Phoebe, wh...
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Bates Motel: 10 Important Ways It's Different From Psycho

When Bates Motel completed its five-season run in 2017, many fans were taken aback by how good the show was. The announcement of a Psycho prequel seemed, at first, to be a cheap cash grab on one of the most classic horror films ever made, but the love and care to the franchise shined through as an original yet familiar story was told. One way the series kept fans on their toes was by essentially remaking the classic slasher in the final season, and changing quite a bit. Fans of Psycho thou...
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Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser Reveals Halloween Premiere Date & Mysterious Title: 'Flux'

Keep the TARDIS engines running, because the Doctor will be back very soon. A new teaser for "Doctor Who" season 13 reveals a Halloween premiere date, warns about the return of the Weeping Angels, and introduces a mysterious new danger called "The Flux.""Doctor Who" season 13 will be the final run of adventures for Jodie Whittaker, who has played the thirteenth iteration of the Doctor since taking over from Peter Capaldi at the end of the 2017 Christmas special. Both Whittaker and showrunner Chr...
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007: 7 Directors Who Almost Helmed A Bond Movie (& 8 Who Should)

The most important hire in the making of a James Bond movie is the casting of 007 himself, but the second most important is choosing a director. To pull off a great Bond movie, a filmmaker needs to have a fundamental understanding of what makes the character and his stories work, a unique take on the familiar formula, and most importantly, experience with directing action.When a new Bond movie is in development, the first few choices for the director’s chair might turn down the job, or suffer fr...
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Why Kingpin Is The Perfect Villain For Hawkeye

Excitement for Hawkeye is building steadily leading up to its November 2021 premiere, but the addition of Kingpin as the series’ villain would bring the MCU series to a whole new level. Kingpin was the primary villain of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Daredevil series, where he was played tremendously by Vincent D’Onofrio, but because that show hasn’t officially been made part of the MCU canon, the infamous villain has yet to formally appear in the franchise. Here’s why Hawkeye would be the per...
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Will Not Be An Open World Game

It has been confirmed that Pokémon Legends: Arceus will not be an open world game and that it will be closer to the Monster Hunter series than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in terms of its gameplay style. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an upcoming RPG that is set in the Hisui region, which is the ancient version of the Sinnoh region from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The original trailers for Pokémon Legends: Arceus showed a game that was more akin to Breath of the Wild than the regula...
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Marvel Champions: 10 Strongest Heroes, Ranked

Marvel Champions lets players step into the shoes of several famous Marvel heroes, but the game's deck-building rules mean that it can be hard to assess the effectiveness of any given character. While each comes with fifteen cards that they must include in their deck for all games, players select the other 25 to 35 from an ever-growing pool of basic and aspect cards.  This deck-building method helps prevent power creep, and it also means that some initially underwhelming characters have sin...
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What We Do In The Shadows: How Derek (Accidentally) Became A Vampire

What We Do In The Shadows reintroduces former amateur vampire hunter Derek as a confused new vampire – but how did he turn undead? In What We Do In The Shadows season 3, co-equal vampire council rulers Nadja and Nandor bicker about who gets to sit on the throne, Nandor’s familiar and bodyguard Guillermo convinces them to let him do it, as it solves the lack of a throne figure, and no one would recognize him behind the ceremonial robes.However, a problem quickly turns up as it is Guillermo who r...
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Why is Marvel Pretending Its Heroes Don't Know Each Other?

SPOILER WARNING for Darkhold Alpha #1!Over the past several decades, Marvel Comics has introduced fans to thousands of new heroes and villains, and it seems like Spider-Man is having trouble remembering them all, and more specifically, Scarlet Witch. This isn’t entirely surprising considering the number of people he’s interacted with throughout his extensive history. Still, Peter Parker would certainly remember meeting a famous hero like the Scarlet Witch, right? According to a new series, this...
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DCEU: Every Hero Darkseid Has Defeated (Including Snyder's Knightmare)

The Apokoliptian warlord Darkseid has killed numerous heroes in the DCEU, as shown in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, especially in its hypothetical Knightmare future, but who are all the heroes who he defeated? The DCEU has set up Darkseid to be the ultimate villain. As a New God, Darkseid is extremely powerful and megalomaniacal and has conquered thousands of worlds in his lifetime, subjugating planets in his quest for power and the Anti-Life Equation. In a potential future, Darkside succeeds, ...
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90 Day Fiancé: Tom Brooks Shares Instagram Tribute To New Girlfriend

Tom Brooks from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way posted a new selfie on Instagram with his new girlfriend, Mariah, accompanied by a heartfelt caption. Tom appeared in seasons 3 and 4 of the show. Fans were introduced to self-proclaimed "British Boy" Tom when he appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3 alongside Connecticut resident and longtime 90 Day Fiancé cast member Darcey Silva. The pair met online after Darcey's split from Amsterdam-based personal trainer Jesse Meester. 90 Day F...
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10 New & Upcoming Horror Movies To Stream Before Halloween

As Halloween fast approaches, several highly anticipated new horror movies are set to hit both the theatrical and VOD circuits between now and October 31st. Acclaimed genre filmmakers such as James Wan, Edgar Wright, David Gordon Green, Patrick Brice, Scott Cooper, and more have intriguing new horror tales to go with a solid mixture of international arthouse fare, broad Netflix originals, and everything in between.  From eerie haunted houses, creepy creature features, and anthological perio...
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Bruce Wayne Got Batgirl Pregnant In Batman Beyond

Warning! Spoilers for Batman Beyond 2.0 #28 In a world inspired by the beloved DC Animated Universe, Batman once got Batgirl pregnant. Not only is their past relationship scandalous to fans— it’s also infuriating to Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, who was Barbara Gordon’s boyfriend at the time. Although some fans might forget that both Bruce and Dick had romantic relationships with Barbara during Batman: The New Adventures, audiences were enraged when Batman and Batgirl got together in the a...
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Why Joss Whedon's Alien 5 Never Happened (& What It Would've Looked Like)

Penned by Joss Whedon and set on Earth after Alien Resurrection, Alien 5 is one of the biggest sequels never to see the light of day. The Alien franchise is a success by any barometer or metric, spawning 4 mainline installments and 2 prequel films, with the original Alien's induction into the National Film Registry for historical preservation highlighting its cultural significance. All Alien installments center around the origins or activity of the iconic early Xenomorph, designed by legendary ...
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The Many Saints of Newark Should Have Been A Miniseries

Critics are divided on the movie The Many Saints of Newark, and many of the problems could have been avoided by using a miniseries format for the prequel. David Chase's feature film provides viewers a glimpse into the backstory of The Sopranos, showing how a young Tony Soprano was mentored by Dickie Moltisanti. Unfortunately, the format of a two-hour movie leads to many plot points feeling rushed or unsatisfying, resulting in The Many Saints of Newark's mixed reviews.Set decades before The Sopr...
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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Was Influenced By Into The Spider-Verse

In a recent sit-down with the crew behind Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Insomniac’s creative director opened up about how much the blockbuster 2018 animated film influenced Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Just like Into The Spider-Verse, Insomniac’s superhero spin-off saw young Brooklyn teen Miles step into his own as Spider-Man after gaining his powers during the events of 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.  Insomniac has never been shy about drawing inspiration from all versions of Spider-Man f...
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Outlander Season 6 Trailer: Revolutionary War Comes for Claire & Jamie

The new trailer for Outlander season 6 shows young love overshadowed by the impending American Revolutionary War. Outlander, which is based on the series of Diana Gabaldon novels of the same name, premiered on Starz in 2014. It stars Caitríona Balfe as Claire Randall, a World War II nurse who is sent back in time to 1743 Scotland, where she falls in love with Sam Heughan's Jamie Fraser, a warrior involved in the Jacobite rising. The show also stars Duncan Lacroix, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin...
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