The Post's review of a Moebius-influenced video game

'Sable': An art game for people who like adventure games, and vice versa [in print as An art game for people who like adventure games] By Christopher Byrd Washington Post October 10, 2021 p. E20 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/10/01/sable-game-review/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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AAEC Zoom Fest '21: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Doom

AAEC Zoom Fest '21: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Doom Scott Stantis, Sage Stossel, Kevin Necessary, Steve Stegelin, and moderator Alexandra Bowman Oct 9, 2021 America Association of Editorial Cartoonists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8CzPaLdjBY Five cartoonists talk about staying sane (and creative) during the pandemic. With Scott Stantis (Chicago Tribu...
Tags: Comics, Mike Rhode, AAEC, Alexandra Bowman, Doom Scott Stantis Sage Stossel Kevin Necessary, Steve Stegelin, America Association of Editorial Cartoonists

Ben Towle’s "Four-Fisted Tales" for Dead Reckoning reviewed

An Entertaining Comic: Ben Towle's Four-Fisted Tales Rob Clough Solrad October 1, 2021 https://solrad.co/an-entertaining-comic-ben-towles-four-fisted-tales [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Mike Rhode, Ben Towle

G.I. Combat #143 - Joe Kubert art & cover

Joe Kubert G.I. Combat v1 #143, 1970 - No Joe Kubert stories in this issue, but he does deliver a double-page spread and this terrific cover. Foreground, mid-ground and background are firmly established, increasing depth while telling a story. As usual, Jeb Stuart and his Haunted Tank crew seem hopelessly outnumbered while protecting civilians. Part of the Battle Album series, the "General [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Ted Ignacio, Joe Kubert, Jeb Stuart

Conan the Barbarian #64 - Jim Starlin reprint

Conan the Barbarian #64 Conan the Barbarian v1 #64, 1976 - This fill-in issue features a Jim Starlin reprint from Savage Tales #5. Originally drawn in the larger magazine format, certain pages do show a minimal loss of details. Still, this full color version brings a refreshing new dimension to the story. Other artists in this bronze age comic include cover illustrator John Buscema. This is 1 [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Adventure, Marvel, Conan, Conan the Barbarian, Unknown, John Buscema, 1970s, Jim Starlin, Starlin

Misfortune Comes to Someone Other Than Jahy in Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai‘s constantly distraught tan Jahy has thankfully not been too roughly battered by the harshness of reality in the anime’s latest airing as a certain magical girl seems to have quite the streak of unluckiness, hopefully making the conflict between her and Jahy minimal. Omake:
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Kanojo Okarishimasu’s Girls Slip Into Pretty Party Dresses for New Lottery Goods

Kanojo Okarishimasu is taking part in yet another online lottery as this time the goods contain art of the main girls wearing sultry party dresses, the event bound to be deemed as mandatory for males who obsess over the perfect 2D women. The lottery will be held via online lottery service Kujibikidou and various kinds […]
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Sex And Horror – Volume Four Art Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. This is the fourth title in Korero Publishing’s bestselling Sex and Horror series, which celebrates the 1960s and ’70s publishing phenomenon known as “fumetti sexy” ; Italian adult comics with a unique take on such genres as horror, crime, fantasy, history and fairy tales. Wilder and weirder than you can imagine, they were some of the most outrageous and shocking comics ever produced. These weren’t underground publications: they we...
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Monday, October 11 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for October 11, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: Untitled Bosch Spin-Off Location: 555 N Lucerne Blvd., Los Angeles  Movie: Your Place Or Mine Location: Silverlake Blvd, Sunset Blvd – Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles  Filming in Illinois TV Series: Chicago Fire  Location: 2624 W Carmen Ave., Chicago TV […] The post Monday, October 11 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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College Labels Group’s Among Us “China Kinda Sus” Stickers “Xenophobic Weapons”

The corruption of Western universities grows more and more apparent by the day as a college in Massachusetts is launching an investigation into a conservative nonprofit group on its Boston campus after they scattered around stickers labeled “China Kinda Sus” with the character from the popular online game “Among Us” on it, the college labeling […]
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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Review: Far Less Than Super

The idea behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a good one, even if it’s not all that original. Similar to Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, this platform fighter brings together a smattering of cartoon characters from the childhoods of several generations and looks to replicate the party game fun of Super Smash Bros. However, the punch is rotten, the clown no-showed, and this party is one you were better off not going to. While, despite some jokes online, it was never destined to rival compe...
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Saturday Night Live Lets Kim Kardashian West Try To Be Funny With Help From Family & Celebrity Cameos

This weekend, Kim Kardashian West made her hosting debut on "Saturday Night Live." This felt like an episode to be dreaded, and all signs pointed to something akin to the disastrous series of sketches when Paris Hilton hosted "SNL" in 2005, at the height of her reality show fame. Thankfully, the woman who garnered fame with an illicit sex tape and turned that draw into a massive empire of fashion, make-up, fashion, and pure celebrity didn't torpedo the entire episode. Unfortunately, she wasn't a...
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That Time James Bond Partnered With KFC

By JM McNab Published: October 10th, 2021
Tags: Humor, James Bond, Kfc, JM McNab

Shang-Chi Passes $400M at Global Box Office Even Without China

Disney and Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings continues to outperform expectations at the box office, sailing past $400 million worldwide. The Phase 4 MCU movie is in its sixth weekend since its release, which was back on September 3. Shang-Chi was an immediate success upon release, grossing $29.6 million at the box office on its opening day, which was the third-best opening day during the COVID-19 pandemic.Shang-Chi would go on to take the crown of the largest Labor Day weekend...
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Astronomers 'Stumped' Over Images Of Bizarre Double Galaxy

It's not too often that astronomers are at a loss for words when making a space-related discovery, but the above image from NASA's Hubble telescope managed to do precisely that. Of all the tools at our disposal for exploring outer space, Hubble has repeatedly proven to be one of the best. The 31-year-old telescope has made countless discoveries over the years, whether it be answering questions about our own Solar System or investigating galaxies millions of light-years away.In 2021 alone, Hubbl...
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xXx 4 Should Borrow From Fast & Furious And Introduce Xander Cage's Family

If xXx 4 wants to evolve the series, it should take a page out of The Fast And The Furious playbook and bring in some of Xander Cage's family. The original xXx was custom built for Vin Diesel as a star vehicle, following the surprise success of 2001's The Fast And The Furious. Plans to turn it into a James Bond-style series came to halt when the star passed on a sequel, with Ice Cube taking over for State Of The Union in 2005. This follow-up was a box-office dud, but Diesel was later lured back...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, James Bond, Samuel L Jackson, Cage, Vin Diesel, Dom, Xander Cage, Xander, Jakob John Cena, Gibbons Complete

Star Wars: Visions Owes Much To Akira Kurosawa

(Welcome to The Movies That Made "Star Wars," a series where we explore the films and television properties that inspired George Lucas' iconic universe. In this edition: Akira Kurosawa's influence on "Star Wars: Visions.")For anyone who has any interest in the cinematic influences of "Star Wars," Kurosawa's name is always going to come up -- whether it's the flourishes of "The Hidden Fortress" George Lucas used to establish R2-D2 and C-3PO in "A New Hope" or most of the plot in "The Phantom Mena...
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Jason Reitman Hopes Ghostbusters: Afterlife ‘Sets the Table’ for Future Films

Although Ghostbusters: Afterlife has yet to be released, director Jason Reitman teased the possibility of future Ghostbusters films during a recent panel at New York Comic Con. RELATED: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Looks Like The Real Ghostbusters: The Movie At a panel for the upcoming film (via The Hollywood Reporter), which also included a surprise screening for the fans in attendance, Reitman said that their goal with Afterlife was to make a film that allowed for future stories to be told, whether...
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Handbag Hassles (Limerick)

Heavy handbags are irksome indeed. Paring down has become my new creed: No more notebooks, spare keys. Bye-bye iPad, change, cheese. Net result? Never have what I need! Happy National Handbag Day! (October 10)
Tags: Humor, Limerick, Limericks, Odd Holidays, Bag Humor, Handbag Humor, October Holidays, Pocketbook Humor, Handbag Day, National Handbag Day

World Trigger Season 3 Trailer Released Ahead of Premiere

The third season of the World Trigger anime got a brand new trailer this week when Toei Animation unveiled the latest look during New York Comic Con 2021. MORE: Iké Boys Interview: Director Eric McEver Discusses Anime & Kaiju Influences The third season of the popular anime is streaming now and will air every Saturday at 1:30 a.m. in Japan on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation programming block. Crunchyroll will stream the new season as new episodes air, with the premiere of the third season on the service...
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First Look At Timothée Chalamet As Willy Wonka Or Possibly Gonzo The Great

There's a "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" prequel movie on the way, because of course there is, and star Timothée Chalamet has shared a first look at himself as a young version of eccentric chocolatier and labor law dodger Willy Wonka.Currently titled "Wonka," the movie might sound like a soulless cash-in, but it has a little magic up its sleeve -- or rather, behind the camera. Paul King, who directed the delightful "Paddington" and "Paddington 2," is helming "Wonka" and co-wrote the screenp...
Tags: Movies, News, Roald Dahl, Paddington, House, Quentin Blake, Hugh Grant, Timmy, Wonka, Gene Wilder, Denis Villeneuve, Willy Wonka, Simon Farnaby, Paul King, Lindy Hemming, Timothee Chalamet

ICQ Podcast Episode 361 – High Power Battery Box

For Episode #361, I joined Martin Butler (M1MRB), Edmund Spicer M0MNG, Ed Durrant DD5LP and Ruth Willet KM4LAO to discuss the following: Radio France International Splatter “Untenable”. You wouldn’t think that a major broadcaster would be guilty of putting out a bad signal, but apparently Radio France International is living up to its acronym (RFI) and splattering into the ham band. Amazon Experimenting with Amateur Radio?. In this segment, we talk about a recent experiment by A...
Tags: Amazon, UK, US, Radio, Batteries, Martin, RFI, ICQ, Logan Utah, Amateur Radio Service, Martin Butler, Ed Durrant, Radio France International, Ruth Willet KM4LAO, AREDN, Edmund Spicer

Dead By Daylight Survivor Guide: Mikaela Reid (Perks, Tips, & Strategies)

The latest Dead by Daylight survivor in need of a strategy guide, Mikaela Reid, will be arriving in the game on October 19 along with the update for chapter 21.5. The next chapter in Dead by Daylight, Hour of the Witch, is predictably based around a Halloween theme.Mikaela Reid looks like a character plucked straight out of a Halloween movie: black attire, long, red hair, funky glasses, and a hat fit for a witch. Mikaela’s backstory involves her father dying when she was 16, leading her down a ...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Mikaela, Nintendo Switch, Mikaela Reid, James Sunderland Leaks As Dead, Cheryl Mason Skin Mikaela, Boon Totem Teachable, Boon Totem

Animal Crossing Player Recreates The Pokémon Sword & Shield Bedroom

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has made an accurate in-game recreation of the main character's bedroom from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sword and Shield are the 2019 releases in Game Freak's popular Pokémon franchise for the Nintendo Switch. In Sword and Shield, players travel across Galar to collect Pokémon, fight other trainers, and collaborate or compete with other players.Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a versatile game that many players have used to recreate various scenes and maps...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Reddit, Nintendo, Pokemon, New Horizons, Korok, Pokémon Sword, Galar, LyrianTheWanderer

DWTS: Cheryl Burke & Cody Rigsby Reunite Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby have reunited inside the Dancing With The Stars rehearsal studio following their COVID-19 diagnosis. Within the last two weeks, both Cheryl and Cody tested positive for COVID-19, forcing them to rehearsal and perform virtually and individually. In doing so, they were allowed to remain in the competition despite not being physically present for the live shows. Cheryl was the first to test positive between the dancing duo. Just days before the second live show of...
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No Time To Die Passes $300 Million At Global Box Office As Shang-Chi Hits $400 Million

After 18 months of lockdowns and delays, movie theaters are in need of a hero -- and now they've got quite a few to choose from. Though "No Time To Die" came in slightly under expectations in its domestic opening weekend, a $56 million debut at the North American box office has tipped it past the $300 million worldwide mark. Meanwhile, "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" crossed a milestone of its own: $400 million worldwide.The journey back to normality at the box office has been a slow...
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Vikings: Valhalla Explained - What The Spinoff Title Really Means

The world of Vikings will continue expanding with the sequel series Vikings: Valhalla, but what does the title really mean? Historical drama has become one of the most popular genres on TV, and among the most successful projects in recent years is Vikings, created by Michael Hirst (The Tudors). Although it was originally planned to be a miniseries, the first episodes of Vikings were so well-received by both critics and viewers that it was quickly renewed for a second season, and it lived on for...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Netflix, Scandinavia, Vikings, Edward, North Atlantic, Viking, Ivar, Michael Hirst, Odin, Valhalla, Ragnar, Lindisfarne, Freyja, Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel

Who is the Spawn Universe's New Star, Gunslinger Spawn?

The Spawn universe has a variety of hellspawn, created by the demon Malebolgia. There have been a few different iterations of the comics' main character and the hellspawn, including Medieval Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and Raven Spawn. Lately, Gunslinger Spawn - a fan favorite - has been garnering some extra attention, but who exactly is he and what do fans need to know about him?Gunslinger Spawn first appeared in Spawn #119 in 2002, in a very brief cameo with no dialogue. In 2008, his backstory w...
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What Dungeons & Dragons Rules Could Be Updated For D&D 5.5

Revised versions of the core Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks are coming in 2024, which fans are already referring to as the 5.5 version of the game. This will give Wizards of the Coast the chance to alter the existing D&D rules, in order to improve them, following years of fan feedback and online discourse.The new books were revealed during D&D Celebration 2021. The new D&D books will launch in 2024, to mark the 50th anniversary of the game. All that has been revealed is that the Player's Handbook...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Wizards Of The Coast, Tasha, Baldur, Theros

Where Each Netflix Defender Could Return In Upcoming MCU Movies & Shows

Netflix's Defenders characters could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at last and may feature in a number of different shows and feature films. Back when the MCU was truly taking off after The Avengers, Marvel TV and Netflix joined forces to create multiple Marvel shows that would culminate with a crossover event, The Defenders. Shows for Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist entered development and were sold as taking place in the MCU. Now, these characters could be set to...
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