Sometimes you just wonder what they were thinking...

My inlaws sent this ad from middle Tennessee to me recently... it was presumably for Batman day...   [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Coming tomorrow - an in-depth look at the BCC

Tomorrow morning we'll have an interview with Randy Tischler of the Baltimore Comic-Con about this year's con, guests, covid precautions, and what you should be looking forward to.  [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Silver Surfer v3 #21 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Marshall Rogers Silver Surfer v3 #21, 1989 - The Obliterator returns, seeking revenge and another battle with the Silver Surfer. The initial artist on this series, Marshall Rogers returns to illustrate one more cover and story. Aside from the cover, the artwork is purposefully drawn within competent layouts. In addition to a compelling two-page spread of an asteroid belt (pages 8-9), Rogers [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Dreamland: Village Life a Moe Anime Life Simulator

Macaron Studio announced their upcoming game Dreamland: Village and their plans to crowdfund the project, a life simulator with an anime aesthetic that many will surely compare to titles like Harvest Moon. Dreamland: Village is being made by a self-professed small team with a love of video games and moe anime aesthetics. They have set […]
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Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable Warfare Previews Major Kusanagi

Bandai Namco Arts uploaded a character trailer featuring Major Motoko Kusanagi as a preview for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare compilation film. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare is a compilation film of the anime’s first season, and will have a limited two-week theatrical release to 20 theaters […]
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Kaiju No. 8 Mural Rises Over Paris

A mural depicting the cover of Kaiju No. 8 was put up at the National Library of France, celebrating the manga’s release in France and further demonstrating the global love for Japanese culture. French anime and manga publisher Kazé set up the large mural and held an exhibition on the same day the first volume […]
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Word Of Mouth

Dora is helping
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Nintendo Derided for Switch Online Expansion Pack Price

After rumors and leaks, Nintendo has finally unveiled their Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack’s price and release date, and there has been some mixed reception to the price compared to what is being offered. Nintendo posted an announcement tweet that accompanied a trailer and website for the upcoming service, revealing that the Expansion Pack will […]
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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #18

Peter Lorre on Suspense,Peter Cushing on This is Your Life, &Up From the Depths! Old-time radio is truly a blessing. Because not only did it give us stuff we can enjoy eighty years later, but it also gave people like Peter Lorre a paycheck when he was between other gigs. Or sometimes they were recorded during other gigs. Either way, we liked that these folks got paid. Here’s “Moment of Darkness” from 1943 and the show Suspense! Then we go to that standard bearer of celebrating...
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Animal Crossing New Horizons Update & DLC Announced

Nintendo has announced the last free update and paid DLC coming for the wildly popular Nintendo Switch title Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sure to have crazed Animal Crossing fans anticipating the next release in the franchise as a result. New Horizons 2.0 and the DLC titled “Happy Home Paradise” will both launch on November 5th. […]
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Ridley Scott's The Last Duel Bombs At The Box Office As Halloween Kills Dominates The Weekend

Ridley Scott's The Last Duel Bombs At The Box Office As Halloween Kills Dominates The Weekend It's been a mixed weekend at the box office. The steady shores of the horror genre delivered another hit with David Gordon Green's sequel "Halloween Kills," but Ridley Scott's historical drama "The Last Duel" has been thoroughly glove-slapped by a dismal $4.8 million domestic debut. Those numbers are particularly painful when taking into consideration the movie's $100 million budget, which it now has ef...
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Tales From The Box Office: How Skyfall Became The Biggest Bond Movie Ever

(Welcome to Tales from the Box Office, our column that examines box office miracles, disasters, and everything in between, as well as what we can learn from them.)Daniel Craig's debut as 007 came in 2006's "Casino Royale." It simply cannot be overstated just how radical that movie was in comparison to how Pierce Brosnan ended his run with "Die Another Day" just four years earlier. Though Craig's casting was initially met with distaste from certain fans (as the first ever "blond Bond," he was a c...
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Monday, October 18 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for October 18, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: NCIS: LA Location: S Carolina Pl, W 37th St – W 38th St., San Pedro  Project: Wild Chickens Location: 478 W 6th St., San Pedro  TV Series: Bel-Air Location: 1253 Bishops Rd.; 1039 N Broadway, Los Angeles  Filming in […] The post Monday, October 18 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Halloween Kills It at the Domestic Box Office

To the surprise of no one, Halloween Kills topped the domestic box office. To the surprise of everyone, Halloween Kills scared up a $50 million debut from 3,705 locations despite the day-and-date release on Peacock’s streaming service. Per Deadline, the slasher pic held extremely well on Saturday, typically the day of death for most horror pics with less than stellar reviews and exit polls, where it dropped just 25 percent to earn $17.2 million. RELATED: The Flash Trailer Teases New & Familiar F...
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Mother Who Burns Son’s Pokemon Cards as Punishment Faces Twitter’s Flamethrower

A mother who shared the horrific parenting tip of burning the objects children cherish if they don’t do exactly what the parent wants, such as beloved and potentially valuable Pokemon cards, was typically lambasted on social media. Liz Mair, a Republican comms strategist and former RNC Online Comms Director, explained that whenever her son doesn’t […]
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'Home Sweet Home Alone' Is Disney’s Newest Rebootquel

By Tara Marie Published: October 17th, 2021
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Rami Malek Impersonates Pete Davidson In A Wholly Satisfying Saturday Night Live (With A Little Help From Daniel Craig)

This weekend brought another new episode of "Saturday Night Live" -- the third in a series of four back-to-back episodes kicking off season 47 with four first-time hosts. "No Time to Die" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek hosted the show, and although he's best known for his dramatic roles and having "resting villain face," he turned out to be a wholly satisfying collaborator who wasn't afraid to get weird with the "SNL" cast. The Oscar winner turned in a fantastic impersonation of cast me...
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How Supergirl Revamped Superman IV's Story And Made It Work

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Supergirl season 6, episode 15, "Hope For Tomorrow."The Supergirl season 6 episode "Hope For Tomorrow" enhanced the story of the Superman movie Superman 4: The Quest For Peace in every respect. The final movie to star Christopher Reeve as Kal-El of Krypton, Superman 4 is widely considered to be the worst of the classic Superman films. Given that, it would be all but impossible for Supergirl to revamp The Quest For Peace and not improve it, but the ep...
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D&D: Why Spelljammer Is Likely To Return | Screen Rant

The Dungeons & Dragons players of the world could soon be hanging a flag at the end of the mast and taking to the stars as explorers or pirates, as there is mounting evidence to suggest that the Spelljammer campaign setting is returning. Wizards of the Coast has slowly been updating the classic D&D campaign settings for use with the current edition of D&D, even though many groups still default to the Forgotten Realms for their games.The most popular D&D campaign settings are the ones inspired b...
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Pokémon Unite: Best Pikachu Build (Tips, Items, & Moves)

Using a combination of moves and items, players can maximize Pikachu's build in Pokémon Unite. Players will need to fight both wild Pokémon and those on the opposing team to score points and win. As an Attacker Pokémon, a well-built Pikachu can work great for an offensive, ranged strategy. With 5-on-5 matches between trainers, and wild Pokémon in each stage, a well-rounded, carefully built team will be vital for success. Players just getting started in Pokémon Unite may need to test differen...
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Dark Souls 3 & Bloodborne DLCs' Final Bosses Fight Each Other In New Mod

A new mod for Dark Souls 3 pits the final boss of the game's last DLC against the final DLC boss from fellow FromSoftware title Bloodborne. FromSoftware has developed a reputation for challenging bosses over the past decade and seems to be continuing that trend with the upcoming Elden Ring, which fans have been awaiting eagerly for some time now following its initial reveal at E3 2019. A more in-depth trailer released at Summer Games Fest earlier this year revealed many of the hallmarks fans ha...
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The Supergirl "Stunt" That Made Mon-El Actor Dislocate His Jaw

Mon-El actor Chris Wood recalls the silly "stunt" that resulted in him breaking his jaw while filming Supergirl. The Arrowverse series has enjoyed a long run, but it will be coming to an end very soon. Supergirl, which stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, started out on CBS before moving to The CW for season 2. During the show's 6-season run, Supergirl has faced countless enemies and teamed up with fellow Arrowverse heroes like The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Batwoman (Ruby Rose). The sixth and ...
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Star Wars: How The Knights of Ren Are Different From The Sith

The Sith are the primary antagonists of the Star Wars saga, but they’re largely absent from the sequel trilogy, having been seemingly replaced by a different dark side religion: The Knights of Ren. All conflicts in the Skywalker Saga lead back to the Sith sooner or later, specifically their deadliest and most brilliant Dark Lord, Darth Sidious, aka Palpatine. The Sith seemingly died with Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, but The Emperor survived, and, thus, the Sith Order did, too. With Sith inf...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Darth Vader, Force, Kylo Ren, Leia Organa, Ben Solo, Snoke, Luke, Ren, Palpatine, Skywalker, Jedi, Kylo, Galactic Empire, Sith

Sylvester Stallone & Dolph Lundgren Reunite in Expendables 4 Set Photo

Dolph Lundgren shared a photo of his reunion with Sylvester Stallone from the set of The Expendables 4. The new film in the ensemble action franchise comes almost a decade after The Expendables 3, which was released in 2014. The film is being directed by former stunt coordinator Scott Waugh with an eye toward a 2022 release. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture are all reprising their franchise roles along with Expendables newbies Andy Garcia, 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, ...
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Did Squidward Have A Wife? SpongeBob SquarePants Theory Explained & Debunked

Even though SpongeBob SquarePants is aimed at children, it hasn’t been safe from all types of theories, of which many don’t make much sense, such as one that says the reason why Squidward is always sad is that he misses his wife. Nickelodeon has been home to a variety of cartoons that have become very popular with viewers, but the most successful Nicktoon to date is SpongeBob SquarePants, created by Stephen Hillenburg. The show made its debut in 1999 and has since become one of the longest-runn...
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Embracing “Ass Day” (Limerick)

As you can see, I’m embracing “Ass Day.” (October 17) It’s “Ass Day,” so celebrate rears And relinquish your booty-size fears; I suspect your can’s span Ain’t as wide as a van. Get behind it and relish the cheers!
Tags: Humor, Butts, Limerick, Limericks, Odd Holidays, Physical Appearance, Asses, Derrières, October Holidays, Buttocks, Ass Day, Booty Humor, National Ass Day, Rears

A Sinister Six Movie Should Copy Spider-Man: No Way Home & Bring In Miles

Sony’s upcoming Sinister Six movie should take some inspiration from Spider-Man: No Way Home and introduce a new version of Miles Morales. Sony has had plans for a Sinister Six film since The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise was in progress. The second film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, ended with a clear setup for the villain team, with the Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) and The Gentleman (Gustav Fiers) equipping allies (and possibly members) of Oscorp with advanced weapons and devices. The plans, ...
Tags: Entertainment, Tech, Iron Man, Sony, Marvel Studios, Miles, Tom Holland, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, MCU, Peter Parker Spider Man, Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe, Oscorp, Harry Osborn, Gustav Fiers

The Flash Trailer Confirms Batman Will Have A Bigger Role Than We Thought

The latest The Flash trailer suggests that Michael Keaton's Batman has a bigger role in the film than many initially assumed. Ezra Miller makes his DCEU return as the Scarlet Speedster after starring in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash's first trailer was released at DC FanDome 2021, offering a sneak peek at what to expect from the standalone flick. It's no secret that The Flash was in production limbo for quite some ti...
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How Bulletproof Is Pattinson's Batsuit In The Batman?

Robert Pattinson’s Batman takes multiple bullets to the chest in the latest trailer for The Batman, indicating how bulletproof his version of the Batsuit is. Although he lacks superpowers, Batman fights crime in Gotham City with superlative fighting skills, a genius-level intellect, and state-of-the-art gadgetry. A common piece of equipment for live-action Batman adaptations is a Batsuit made of bulletproof material. Not all the Dark Knight's costumes have the same level of protection, so how d...
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What Katey Sagal Has Done Since Sons of Anarchy Ended

Katey Sagal played one of the most important characters in Sons of Anarchy, but what has she done since the show came to an end? In 2008, Kurt Sutter took the audience to a small town in California to meet a motorcycle club and all the drama in their daily lives in the TV series Sons of Anarchy. The series premiered on FX in 2008 and lived on for a total of seven seasons, coming to an end in 2014. Sons of Anarchy got positive reviews throughout its whole run, with most praise going towards the ...
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