Nicholas Cage Demanded Removal Of Inexperienced Rust Armorer From The Old Way Production Just Two Months Prior

The past few days have brought a flood of non-stop news stories related to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and there appears to be no end in sight. New details keep coming out about the circumstances leading up to the shooting accident that occurred on the set of the Alec Baldwin Western, "Rust," which resulted in Hutchins' death. The latest piece of information pertains to armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was part of the chain of crew members involved in handling the prop gun th...
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Criminal Charges In Rust Shooting Are Possible, Though Potentially Months Away As Investigation Continues

The fallout continues from the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the Bonanza Creek Ranch set of "Rust," and while law enforcement's investigations may take weeks, perhaps months, the Santa Fe County District Attorney is keeping criminal charges in consideration. Via The New York Times, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies has not "ruled out anything," and a person or persons could be held criminally liable for the safety failure that resulted in the death of a crewmember. "E...
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Nicolas Cage Demanded Removal Of Inexperienced Rust Armorer From Another Production

The past few days have brought a flood of non-stop news stories related to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and there appears to be no end in sight. New details keep coming out about the circumstances leading up to the shooting accident that occurred on the set of the Alec Baldwin Western, "Rust," which resulted in Hutchins' death. The latest piece of information pertains to armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was part of the chain of crew members involved in handling the prop gun th...
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Baltimore's sports cartoonist Ricig still remembered in Buffalo

Mike Ricigliano has the luck of the Irish – and a well-timed photo – to thank for 40 years of wedded bliss Erik Brady Oct 25, 2021https://buffalonews.com/news/local/erik-brady-mike-ricigliano-has-the-luck-of-the-irish-and-a-well-timed-photo/article_35f94054-3370-11ec-894d-f3a0853ced3d.html ...
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Frank Cho returns to sketching covers at BCC

Frank Cho's Outrage Sketch Covers From Baltimore Comic Con October 25, 2021 by Rich Johnston https://bleedingcool.com/comics/frank-chos-outrage-sketch-covers-from-baltimore-comic-con/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Strange Adventures #9 - Alex Toth art + 1st Captain Comet

Strange Adventures #9 Strange Adventures v1 #9, 1951 - A food creation machine becomes a household product around the world, leading countries to stop growing produce and raising animals for consumption. Alex Toth's page layouts tend to be repetitive and his pencils are mostly sanitized by Bernard Sachs' inking. On the positive side, Toth draws the tale with both efficiency and clarity. In a [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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IdolMaster Starlit Season Breast Physics Nearly Nonexistent

Veterans of the IdolMaster franchise who have played through or witnessed several of its games are likely already aware that the idol-raising simulator’s breast physics are nearly nonexistent in the latest entry, IdolMaster Starlit Season, serving as part of a recent downward trend. The breast physics became a more prominent feature of the franchise come […]
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CoStar CEO likens Zillow’s StreetEasy to blackmail

Andy Florance on Tuesday positioned his company's upcoming New York City portal as an alternative to Zillow-owned StreetEasy.
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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #27

Bob Burns, Tom Savini, &The Redeemer! For tonight’s edification, we start with a pair of interview/tours. First is Bob Burns, who has an array of props and other movie memorabilia that will melt your brain. Across all genres. But when you want your horror fan brain to truly become an ingredient for a smoothie, you should check out the second video, a private tour of Tom Savini’s school and his house. Between the two videos, you have about an hour of pure geek glee. ...
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The latest comic from The Lily

Here's why I miss the mindless, in-between moments of my pre-pandemic routine I thought cutting out that time would make me more productive, but that hasn't been true (Marian Blair for The Washington Post) https://www.thelily.com/heres-why-i-miss-the-mindless-in-between-moments-of-my-pre-pandemic-routine/ Marian Blair and   Lily Feinn October 24, 2021 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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First Trailer and Poster for Irish Monster Movie UNWELCOME

First look at the upcoming horror starring Hannah John-Kamen. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Fascinating True Story Behind All American

The old adage goes that truth is stranger than fiction. But, more often than not in Hollywood, what's true makes for great fiction. Audiences love to see a person who feels real to them as they learn, grow, and succeed. Maybe that's why so many of the most beloved films and shows come from the world of sports, like The CW high school sports drama "All American." It was one of their freshman shows in 2018. It's often compared to "Friday Night Lights," which also offered a healthy dose of sports s...
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All the Elf Girls Are at the Mercy of a Human in Kyonyuu Elf Oyako Saimin

The indomitable male human in Kyonyuu Elf Oyako Saimin has worked quickly as the erotic anime’s second episode has the protagonist working his subliminal magic on elf women of all kinds, seizing the moment to satisfy his lusts and humiliate his victims. The PV has many different females being involved in sex scenes, such variety […]
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'Squid Game' keyword searches are reportedly yielding no results on major e-commerce platforms in China

Squid Game toys at a wholesale market in Yiwu city, east China. Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images "Squid Game" keyword searches are apparently banned on online platforms in China, a new report says. Products related to the show are found with alternative keywords, such as "squid mask" and "Korea." "Squid Game" hasn't been released in China due to the nation's strict content licensing rules. "Squid Game" keyword searches on major online shopping platforms in China are yielding no results...
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Wednesday, October 27 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for October 27, 2021: Filming in California TV Series: The Rookie Location: 100 S Hudson Pl, Los Angeles  TV Series: Good Trouble Location: 200 N Main St, Los Angeles  Filming in New York TV Series: Untitled Viacom Project Location: Canal St. & Baxter St., New York  Credit: @daisygurl […] The post Wednesday, October 27 Filming Locations appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Keller Offers exec: iBuying is a golden opportunity for agents

RJ Jones, head of Keller Offers, told Inman Connect Las Vegas that the increase in iBuyers and alternative transaction models are driving professionalism and give the industry a lot to look forward to.
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Shang-Chi VFX Supervisor On Creating Dragons, The Rings, And The Mountain Of Souls [Interview]

Warning: This interview contains spoilers for "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."Weta had 350 artists working on Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." Most of their work was done on the third act, including the fight between the Great Protector and Dweller in Darkness, the battle between Shang-Chi and Xu Wenwu, and the action involving the Ten Rings. Even with two large scale dragons going at it in the sky, it was the rings, according to Weta Digital's visual effects sup...
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'Rust' insurance policy shows Alec Baldwin film production had $1 million liability protection

Alec Baldwin, Rust set Mark Sagliocco / Getty Images for National Geographic / Jae C. Hong / AP Photo The insurance policy covered the "Rust" film production in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It provided up to $2 million in aggregate liability protection. The insurance covers financial losses for injuries and damages caused on set. Alec Baldwin's "Rust" film production was covered for up to $1 million in costs associated with injuries and damages on set, and another $1 million workers' comp...
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Cowboy Bebop Trailer: John Cho Leads The Stylish Netflix Anime Adaptation

Rejoice! Shinichiro Watanabe's acclaimed anime series "Cowboy Bebop" is getting a live-action adaptation, and Netflix has just dropped the trailer. The noir space western series stars John Cho as Spike Spiegel. Along with Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine, the trio of bounty hunters are what Netflix describes as "long on style and perpetually short on cash."The show explores the crew's interstellar exploits over 10 episodes and is expected to air its first episode...
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Marvel Is Reportedly Bringing Back Their Erm, Thirstiest Hero In 'Eternals'

By Carly Tennes Published: October 26th, 2021
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To bring agents back to the office, start small and be flexible

"We realized that relationships matter and that face-to-face contact is irreplaceable," said Vanguard Properties' Nina Dosanjh when discussing the return to office at Inman Connect.
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Brokers: ‘Leverage everything you can’ to get agents leads

From inside sales agents and online leads to repeat and referral business, brokers need to pull out all the stops to help agents generate leads.
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‘We can’t be generalists’: How broker-owners compete for agents

Technology is essential for any broker-owner — but so is achieving buy-in from agents. Two experts discuss the topic at Inman Connect.
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A Beautiful Gyaru Ropes the Protagonist Into Cosplay in Sono Bisque Doll wa Koiosuru

A boy with a strange hobby gets to interact with a charming gyaru in Sono Bisque Doll wa Koiosuru as the series has the protagonist being coaxed into creating cosplay outfits for the gyaru, surely an opportunity any hotblooded male would take just for a chance at romance with the female. Male protagonist Wakana Gojou, […]
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‘Most agents are time-poor:’ Why tech needs to cut through the crap

At Inman Connect Las Vegas, four proptech executives discussed how technology can be used to empower agents to save time, flatten work processes and better serve clients.
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RealSure, Realogy’s iBuyer joint venture, gets first CEO

Entrepreneur Katie Finnegan is tasked with "simplifying the consumer experience without removing the personal relationship with an agent."
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Den Of Thieves 2 Begins Shooting Next Year, O'Shea Jackson Jr. Confirms

"Den of Thieves," which is kind of like "Heat" if it were directed by Axe Body Spray instead of Michael Mann, rules. Sure, it doesn't have an original thought in its head. But it's also a movie that understands what it is: a dirtbag knock-off of much better movies. And because of that knowledge, "Den of Thieves" knows how to have fun with its premise, which involves a group of crude cops going up against a group of crude thieves. B-movie king Gerard Butler is the leader of the cops, a character ...
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Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy Video Game Reviews Are In, The Batman Budget & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:"The Batman" budget might be relatively smallWarner Bros. responds to Ruby Rose's "Batwoman" claimsA new "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer may be coming soon"Marvel's Guardia...
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Interview: Don Most

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — The film “Cult Cartel” is a passion project and an insightful look at the real-life events and human trafficking tragedy in Colorado City, and the downfall of “prophet” and convicted felon and polygamist, Warren Jeffs. Notably, the movie stars actor Don Most, who has been garnering accolades for his wide […]
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