Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Live With It"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist Mike Flugennock - "Live With It" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3345 And, there we have it — we've gone from "we're all in this together"  to "live with it". Like, screw you — just shaddup and live with it;  they're through even pretending to care. So, what else will we be expected to "live with" — labor exploitation?  Fascist thugs ruling the streets? The end of the goddamn Earth? ----- "CBS Stars Vow 'We're All in This...
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Jay Leno Has Joined The Cast Of The Brian Epstein Biopic, Midas Man

Jay Leno, the former host of NBC's "The Tonight Show," has signed on to play another late-night talk show host, Ed Sullivan, in "Midas Man," an upcoming biopic about Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Leno has numerous film credits to his name, but he usually plays himself or does voice work in animated movies. So the Sullivan role marks something of a departure for him, even if it's very much in the wheelhouse of his old job.The AV Club reports that "Midas Man" is already in production, after a hia...
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The Strange Death of Alex Raymond [by Dave Sim] reviewed by Michael O’Connell

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond [by Dave Sim] reviewed by Michael O'Connell | November 23, 2021 https://www.tcj.com/reviews/the-strange-death-of-alex-raymond/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Alex Raymond, Michael O'Connell, Mike Rhode, Dave Sim

P&P Live! Ken Krimstein | WHEN I GROW UP with Paul Karasik

P&P Live! Ken Krimstein | WHEN I GROW UP with Paul Karasik Nov 22, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJfNNGr_v34 From the prize-winning author of The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt, a stunning graphic narrative of newly discovered stories from Jewish teens on the cusp of WWII.Ken Krimstein has published cartoons in the New Yorker, Punch, the Wall Street Journal, and more. He is the author of The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt, which won the Bernard J. Brommel Award ...
Tags: Comics, Paul Auster, Hannah Arendt, Mike Rhode, David Mazzucchelli, Paul Karasik, Krimstein, Ken Krimstein, Bernard J Brommel

The Post reviews LOC's Geppi's Gems exhibit

Stephen A. Geppi's trove of vintage comics and collectibles is on view at the Library of Congress By Mark Jenkins Washington Post November 23 2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/museums/library-of-congress-geppis-gems/2021/11/22/46bdec02-4886-11ec-b05d-3cb9d96eb495_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 11/22/2021

I still can't add to the Facebook page. John Stanisci brings back LIFEDEATH in a new Substack newsletter The ORIGIN STORY newsletter will feature new work and behind-the-scenes material from cartoonist John Stanisci and comics marketer Jeremy Atkins. Joe Grunenwald 11/22/2021 https://www.comicsbeat.com/john-stanisci-jeremy-atkins-origin-story-lifedeath-substack/   ...
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Creepy #85 - Walt Simonson art

Creepy #85Creepy v1 #85, 1977 - After bragging to the press, a tv actor named Oliver Munday travels to the Himalayas to hunt the yeti and bring back its carcass. The snowy settings call for the use of more white space, but Carmine Infantino's pencils provide plenty of clarity. Walt Simonson's inks reinforce the idea, while adding more definition. His distinctive, graphic approach dominates most [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Himalayas, Ted Ignacio, Carmine Infantino, Oliver Munday, Walt Simonson

The Petite Jinx of League of Legends Makes Good Use of Her Lips

The wild and crazy Jinx of popular online game League of Legends has managed to not violently slice up the penis of the random male in this sex animation, as the woman has decided to show him mercy by massaging his measly member, a courtesy likely only possible in the world of fan-produced works. The […]
Tags: Games, Guns, Parody, Artists, Anime, League Of Legends, Fetish, Oppai, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, Pettanko, Petite Jinx of League

*MAGNETIC SPACE SUDOKU* Logic/Memory/Concentration Puzzle Game

Happy children are what I LOVE to see, and playing lots of games means I get to see these smiling faces all the time and especially lately with this magnetic sudoku game from Learning Resources. It checks all the boxes for young gamers – the pieces are magnetic so they don’t slide around. This is […]
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Mushoku Tensei Meets a Cute Maid Loli

Mushoku Tensei‘s Rudeus continues to reunite with certain familiar characters on his tumultuous journey, this time with the prodigy getting into another conflict that will require his magical expertise to resolve as a cute maid loli appears. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Anime, Lolita, Image Gallery, Maids, LOLI, Isekai, Mushoku Tensei, Studio Bind, Rudeus

Everything We Know About The Donkey Kong Movie So Far

Sometimes miracles do happen, and if you're as big a fan of Donkey Kong as I am, then there is no doubt you are busy smashing barrels and stealing bananas with excitement over the chatter around an original Donkey Kong animated movie. The news, originally first reported on over at Giant Freaking Robot, comes on the heels of the upcoming "Super Mario Bros." animated movie that is set to come out late next year from Illumination Entertainment (the very same studio that introduced the minions from ...
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The Mitchells Vs The Machines Is Coming To Blu-Ray With An Extended Cut And New Short Film

"The Mitchells vs the Machines" is coming to Blu-ray, digital, and DVD on December 13, 2021. The home format is packed solid with goodies, including over two hours of new content. There's an all-new short and Katie Mitchell's filmmaking process in "Katie's Cabinet of Forgotten Wonders."If you haven't seen it yet, and you really should, here is the synopsis:An old-school father and his plugged-in, filmmaker daughter struggle to relate as their family embarks on a road trip to her new college. The...
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We'll Take A Jurassic World Movie Set Entirely In The Past, Thank You Very Much

While we still have yet to get a trailer for "Jurassic World Dominion," the third entry in the current trilogy and the sixth movie in the franchise overall, we did recently get a five-minute prologue that gave us some idea of what to expect from the upcoming blockbuster. It is, to use a word that Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm is quite fond of, chaos. But it also gives us something that many of us probably didn't expect to see: dinosaurs in the distant past, 65 million years ago.Universal Pictu...
Tags: Movies, Universal Pictures, Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic, Jeff Goldblum, Planet Earth, Frank Marshall, Genndy Tartakovsky, Ian Malcolm, Said Marshall

HBO Trailer for 'Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street' Doc Film

"Sunny days, furry friends, classic songs, and a whole lot of heart." HBO has unveiled their own full trailer for the acclaimed documentary Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street, made by doc filmmaker Marilyn Agrelo (Mad Hot Ballroom). This intiially premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival this year, and already opened in theaters back in April (watch the first trailer). The doc film chronicles the improbable origins and expansion of the groundbreaking show that not only changed chil...
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The Daily Stream: Billy On The Street Is Like A Pre-Pandemic Vacation

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Series: "Billy on the Street"Where You Can Stream It: HBO MaxThe Pitch: Comedian, writer, and actor Billy Eichner runs around the streets of New York City playing a variety of "game shows" with random strangers and a whole host of celebrities. If you've ever wanted to hear Lupita Nyong'o try to perform the standup of Andrew Dice ...
Tags: Hbo, New York, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Mexico, New York City, Jon Hamm, Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Eichner, Hamilton, Billy, Elena, Lupita Nyong, Elaine, Daveed Diggs

Transgender former Netflix employee drops labor complaint after resigning over Dave Chappelle controversy

B. Pagels-Minor, left, and Terra Field filed charges against Netflix with the National Labor Relations Union over the company's treatment of the Dave Chappelle controversy.B. Pagels-Minor & Terra Field/Linkedin Two transgender ex-Netflix employees dropped labor complaints against the company, the NY Post reported Tuesday. Terra Field, one of the employees, said in a blog post Monday she had resigned from Netflix. Field was at the center of worker protests over comedian Dave Chappelle'...
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Ethan Hawke's The Black Phone Mask Was Designed By Horror Legend Tom Savini

If you've seen "Creepshow," "Friday the 13th," or "Maniac," you've beheld the work of Tom Savini. The legendary fx artist has been in the game for over 40 years, from Bob Clark's '74 Monkey's Paw riff "Deathdream" to his feature directorial debut, a 1990 remake of George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead," and finally coming full circle to directing an episode of Shudder's "Creepshow" series in 2019. Pulling from his experience as a combat photographer during the Vietnam war, Savini incorpor...
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10 Bonkers Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

By Carly Tennes Published: November 23rd, 2021
Tags: Humor, Carly Tennes

Getsuyoubi no Tawawa’s Bikinis at Their Absolute Limit

The small swimsuits barely able to contain the gargantuan breasts in Getsuyoubi no Tawawa might be the highlight of the latest airing as emphasis is again heavily placed on service, the revealing bikini naturally proving highly distracting to the forgettable male character as watchers no doubt label him a beta male for not taking advantage […]
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Targeting Zillow again, CoStar’s Homesnap unveils new showing tool

The company announced its latest management tool, which it bills as a direct competitor to the widely used ShowingTime product.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Zillow, Industry News, Select, News Brief, Homesnap, Showings, Showingtime, MLS & Associations, Costar, Showing Management, Homesnap Showings

WATCH: Top female leaders on not waiting for permission

Tune in as top women leaders get real about some of the most challenging issues facing women working toward leadership roles in real estate today. Watch their full conversation here.
Tags: Video, Radio, Luxury, Teams, Select, Inman Connect, Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim, ICLV, Inman Connect Las Vegas, Brett Oppenheim, Inman Events, Luxury Lens, Iclv2021, Iclv 2021, Inman Conect Las Vegas 2021

New Ghostbusters: Afterlife Action Figure Two-Pack Is Disturbing On A Number Of Levels

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is in theaters now, doing decent numbers at the box office. While some have found a decent amount to enjoy, others (like yours truly) walked away disappointed and unsettled by the film's third act being stuffed with nostalgia and a handful of other questionable decisions. Now that the movie is out there, Hasbro has revealed a new action figure two-pack inspired from the movie that aims to pay tribute to one of the key moments from the film's finale. Even if you can look...
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Superhero Bits: Miles Morales Movie Rumors, Agatha Harkness Returns To Marvel Comics & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Agatha Harkness returns in the pages of Marvel Comics"Hawkeye" has a real archer in its castJennifer Lawrence shoulder's some blame for "Dark Phoenix"Keanu Reeves wants to be...
Tags: Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, Movies, News, Disney, Dc Comics, Fox, Netflix, Mother, Heath Ledger, Jupiter, Marvel Comics, Keanu Reeves, Vanity Fair, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Renner

Amazon Studios Is Nearing A Deal To Make A Mass Effect TV Series

It seems Amazon has its sights set on yet another massive series adaptation, this time drawn from the world of video games. The company is said to be nearing a deal for a "Mass Effect" series based on the widely popular and acclaimed BioWare/EA Games series of the same name. Should this come to pass, it would be yet another possible franchise for Amazon Prime Video -- and a likely expensive one at that.The news comes via Deadline in a report on Amazon's "Wheel of Time," which has apparently perf...
Tags: Amazon, Television, Movies, News, Netflix, Harry Potter, Mars, Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, Mass Effect Amazon Studios

The 14 Best Giallo Films Ranked

Black leather gloves. Bold colors. Incredible architecture. Gory kills. If you found yourself nodding along with each phrase, then you may just love giallo. Giallo, which literally means "yellow" in Italian, is a subgenre of Italian horror-thrillers that are believed to have emerged 1963 with the release of Mario Bava's "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" (more on that later in the rankings). While giallo was predominantly created in the 1960s and 1970s in Italy, the subgenre is alive and well today an...
Tags: Movies, France, Rome, Canada, United States, Italy, Solange, Anna, Lucio Fulci, Sam, Carol, Gore, Dora, Marco, Don, Daly

Accurate Group acquires broker price opinions provider

EMerge will operate as a standalone division, leveraging Accurate Group's property inspection technology and deepening its nationwide broker network.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, AVM, Appraisals, Novacap, AMCS, BPOs, Accurate Group, Appraisal Management, Appraisal Managment Companies, Broker Price Opinions, eMerge Property Solutions

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Clip Features A Terrifying Introduction To Lisa Trevor

Over the last few weeks, it feels like I've left my position as a /Film news writer in exchange for becoming a one-person "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" hype train. Have I seen the movie yet? No. Does it look like it has everything I've ever wanted from a "Resident Evil" movie so I'm deliciously excited about it? YES. Sony has been really cool about releasing a variety of featurettes in preparation for the film's release, but their most recent featurette delivers on a character fans of...
Tags: Movies, News, America, Sony, Trevor, Spencer, George, Jessica, Gabriel, Lisa, James Wan, Johannes Roberts, Mazepa, Raccoon City, Spencer Mansion, Lisa Trevor

Santa Inc. Trailer: Seth Rogen And Sarah Silverman Star And Folks Are Gonna Be Maaaad

The War on Christmas* is starting early this year, folks! Giant letters blasting "From the Creators of 'Sausage Party'" cover the screen, as if Santa dropping F-bombs and elves flashing green tiddies wasn't enough of a giveaway that this is not your typical Christmas show. HBO Max recently released the trailer for their raunchy new stop-motion holiday series, "Santa Inc." as the big man himself, and Sarah Silverman as an elf named Candy Smalls with big dreams of becoming the first woman Santa ...
Tags: Hollywood, Television, Movies, News, America, Trailers, Seth Rogen, Santa, Sarah Silverman, Gabourey Sidibe, Silverman, Rogen, Devin, Nicholas Braun, Point Grey Pictures, Maria Bamford

Lin-Manuel Miranda Admits Movie Musicals Are Really Weird, But Knows How To Make It Work [Exclusive]

Lin-Manuel Miranda has no good reason to be nervous about writing songs for a Disney movie, but he is. For starters, this isn't his first go-round with the House of Mouse -- the actor-playwright previously penned songs for the Polynesian-focused tale "Moana" in 2016, earning him a best original song Oscar nomination for "How Far I'll Go." Two years later, Miranda would play the chimney-sweeping Jack in the musical sequel "Mary Poppins Returns," and in 2020 the Disney+ streaming service would pic...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Oscar, Broadway, Rob Marshall, Jack, Miranda, Hamilton, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Mary Poppins, Bob Fosse, John Chu, Hoai Tran Bui, Disney for Encanto

Cobra Kai Season 4 Will Try To Redeem The Worst Karate Kid Movie

Whether you were introduced to the "Karate Kid" franchise through the nostalgia of "Cobra Kai" or the original films, you're likely as hooked on the series as Johnny is on Coors Banquet Beer. In the fourth season of the Netflix series, we're going to see elements from "The Karate Kid Part III." Oof, you may be saying. That film didn't exactly win the tournament, so to speak.Ralph Macchio sat down for an interview with Empire magazine, talking about bringing in the best parts of the third movie f...
Tags: Television, Movies, News, Netflix, Morgan Freeman, Vietnam, Daniel, Valley, Johnny, San Fernando Valley, Miyagi, Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio, Macchio, Terry Silver, Daniel Macchio

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