Happy New Year from Mike & ComicsDC

http://www.dailycartoonist.com/index.php/2021/12/30/csotd-trading-new-years-for-old/ to see the original. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Betty White

So sorry to hear of the passing of Betty White, just weeks from her 100th Birthday.  Why are the good taken too soon?   I never worked with her but did meet her on several occasions. ... [Author: By Ken Levine]
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The Post on superhero movie actors

Hollywood's top 12 superhero performances of the year, ranked By David Betancourt and Michael Cavna   Washington Post December 30 2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/comics/2021/12/30/best-superhero-perfomances-2021/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Eerie v3 #128 - Jim Starlin / Neal Adams art

Eerie v3 #128 Eerie v3 #128, 1982 - Rising from the waters, a demon-possessed air force pilot raises an army of the dead to attack civilization. Stylistically, this Jim Starlin tale was drawn a few years earlier than the publication date. His carefully designed layouts are consistent with other earlier works. Interestingly, it appears Neal Adams did most of the inking (though not credited). [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Artist ZumiDraws Admires Barely-Clothed Maidens

The prolific ZumiDraws has a penchant for artistically portraying fictional females in the nude, a hobby of many individuals, though the artist might be commended for their distinct style as well as their decision to occasionally draw the girls clothed as well (serving as a palate cleanser of sorts). No girl from anime or games […]
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Biggest radio stories in 2021…. and some 2022 predictions

The UK radio industry didn’t see any major changes in 2021 compared to previous years, but that didn’t stop us from bringing you over 1000 unique stories on our website. Everything you read on RadioToday, our newsletters, social media and listen to via our podcasts are brought to you free of charge thanks to our sponsors, who we thank deeply for keeping RadioToday alive. We celebrate our 18th birthday next month too, when we’ll have a look back at how the industry has changed since we started...
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5 Brilliant Betty White Performances And Where You Can Watch Them

After 99 brilliant, hilarious, beautiful years on this earth, we said goodbye today to television legend and pop culture icon, Betty White. With a world-record setting career in the entertainment industry, White has felt omnipresent for as long as just about anyone else on the planet has been alive. White was nominated for a whopping 21 Emmys, winning 8, and earned three American Comedy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy Award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is a Telev...
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Teaser Trailer

First shown as a post-credit scene after the theatrical screening of Spider-Man : No Way Home, Marvel has now released the teaser trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness online as well. Check it out below – I’ve been working on the VFX ( visual effects ) for this film since late May 2021 and after my new year vacation in my hometown of Singapore I’ll head back to Vancouver to finish up the project, due some time in March 2022. Before I embarked on this project I was actual...
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Comiket 99’s Goods & Treasure the Epitome of Glorious

Those who managed to squeeze their way into Comiket 99 have since shared the bounties they secured at the crowded venue through social media, the assortment of goods, doujinshi (both clean and erotic), and other collectibles bound to convince any newcomer into wanting to go to the notable gathering. Using the “spoils of war” tag […]
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Don't Feel Bad About Not Having Seen The Best Of 2021

This morning after I woke up, I stepped over the gigantic mountain of laundry I've needed to put away for weeks, reheated a cup of coffee in the microwave like a garbage troll, and curled up next to my laptop to read the official /Film selections for the best films of 2021. As I scrolled through the list of 76 titles, I felt a pit develop in my stomach. I ran my finger down the trackpad and looked on in horror as it hit me just how many new releases I missed. Just a few minutes later, director E...
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Classic Romance Anime Urusei Yatsura Remake Rumored

Urusei Yatsura, a classic romance comedy from the late 70’s, might be getting a remake anime sometime in 2022 according to a rumor, such a turn of events likely to have been an easy decision (should it be true) considering the obsession companies have with producing remakes of beloved works. For those not familiar, Urusei […]
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Comiket 99 Visitor Count Down About 85% From Comiket 97

Those present at Comiket 99 were likely familiar with the drastically reduced amount of participants and official messages from the Comiket Twitter account confirmed this depressing loss in attendance, which will hopefully be alleviated at future events so that Comiket can return to its former glory. Tweets from the official Comiket Twitter account noted the […]
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How The 1999 Film Lake Placid Revitalized Betty White's Film Career

The legendary Betty White never had to go through a "re-invention," nor did her career ever have an "Act II." White, a showbiz mainstay since the 1950s, was constantly working in TV and in films, never leaving the popular consciousness. Her career was such that it took audiences a long while to realize that she was as prolific as she was, and that we had been taking her reliable presence for granted. This author was already writing about films in 1999, and he recalls a great recognition of Betty...
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New Year Honours announced for radio presenters and volunteers

Presenters Moira Stuart, Kate Garraway and Margherita Taylor, plus Choice FM co-founder Neil Kenlock have been recognised in the New Year Honours. Radio Tyneside Chairman Dave Nicholson is also honoured, along with David Sharp, Station Manager at Academy FM in Folkestone. Dave Nicholson MBE has been awarded the OBE for his work with the station and the community. He has been involved with the hospital radio station for almost 50 years. He was awarded the MBE in 1997 for his 28 years of work w...
Tags: People, Dave, Radio, Folkestone, Broadcasting, Kate Garraway, Smooth Radio, Dave Nicholson, Neil Kenlock, Moira Stuart, Derek Draper, Margherita Taylor, Moira Stuart Kate Garraway, David Sharp Station Manager at Academy FM, David Anthony Sharp, Canterbury Radio

Interview: Jon Heder & Summer Bellessa

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — “Funny Thing About Love” enjoyed its debut at Harkins Superstition Springs in Mesa, Arizona, earlier this month when the cast, crew, director and producers pulled into the theater’s parking lot in a couple of massive stretch limos. Outside the theater, hundreds of excited fans lined up to watch the red […]
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Wet Goddess Ero-Figure a Stunning Example of Beauty

The artist Matarou continues to profit off their savory artwork as another illustration has been turned into a collectible, the Wet Goddess bound to be a hotly desired item as the woman is wearing a rather unique semi-transparent outfit that can be torn off her body when she descends November 2022. The Wet Goddess can […]
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The New 'Harry Potter' Game Is Littered With Unintentional O-Face

By Tiago Svn Published: December 31st, 2021
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Betty White: a true TV genius – and a comedy black belt

With her sweet smile and twinkly eyes, White made her name playing seemingly dopey blondes. But how canny she was – and what a revolutionaryGolden Girls star Betty White dies aged 99Betty White: a life in picturesBetty White, who had one of the longest careers in TV history playing ditzy blondes, was actually one of the toughest and most wised-up brunettes in showbiz. Yet such was her skill in shaping her public image – through talkshows, gameshows, sitcoms and multiple autobiographies – that fr...
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The 44 best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now

With a new year comes more movies to watch. Luckily we're here to help sift through the duds with our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now.
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The 55 best movies on Hulu right now

From award-winning dramas to the latest hits, Hulu has an awesome collection of movies. We've put together the best films currently available on the streamer.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add or Edit My Qualifications or Designations?

To add or edit your qualifications or designations on any AgencyLogic PowerSite Pro single property Website, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit PowerSitePro.com and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Add or edit your qualifications or designations in the “Qualifications or Designations” field and click the “Update” button. This is a free form, text field: If you have additional questions, email: suppor...
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Get Ready for 2022 with an Action Movie Preview from Kinemotions

Calling all action fans - this is the 2022 preview you didn't know you needed!! We're just a few hours away from kicking off 2022, so the YouTube channel called Kinemotions has put together a very fun 2-minute preview for 2022 Action Movies Trailer. There aren't a ton of trailers available yet, but he was able to find footage from 48 (!!) different action movies currently set to open sometime in 2022. This video includes clips from Hollywood's The Batman, Ambulance, Top Gun: Maverick, Unchar...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Hype, Youtube, To Watch, Kinemotions

Cobra Kai Season 4 Finally Told Us What Happened To Miguel's Dad

Throughout "Cobra Kai," I've come to love Miguel (Xolo Maridueña). I'm not the only one. Miguel's dad may be out of the picture, but his sensei, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and his girlfriend's father/other sensei, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), both care deeply about him. So much, in fact, that it causes fights between them.Until episode 4, we only knew that Miguel's biological father was no longer in the picture, and that every day, Johnny is getting closer and closer to looking at Migue...
Tags: Google, Television, Movies, Mexico, Chicago, Sam, Miguel, Carmen, Peter Cetera, Daniel, Valley, Johnny, Yaya, Miyagi, Robby, Chozen

Cobra Kai Season 4 Finally Revealed What Happened To Aisha Robinson

Back at the end of "Cobra Kai" season 2 and the huge school karate brawl, Aisha Robinson (Nichole Brown) left West Valley High School to the disappointment of a whole lot of fans, including me. Aisha, who had been friends with Sam (Mary Mouser) since childhood, had already been through a lot. When Sam started to hang with the popular girls, Aisha got bullied. She became the first female member of Cobra Kai, kicked all sorts of butt, got all buddy-buddy with Tory (Peyton List), tried to stop Sam ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Barbie, Tory, Sam, Amanda, UC Santa Barbara, Aisha, West Valley, Cobra Kai, Malibu Barbie, Johnny Lawrence, Kreese, Sam Mary Mouser, Tory Peyton List, Aisha Robinson

Comiket 99 Day 2 Cosplay Unbothered by Low Temperatures

Comiket 99 was surely an amusing event for not just cosplayers and attendees but those who were unable to travel to the venue as well, as the surplus of photos being uploaded by both cosplayers and photographers will possibly prove entertaining, especially to those wanting to see how many franchises they can name that received […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Otaku, Oppai, Oshiri, Image Gallery, Tokyo Big Sight, Comiket

Betty White, Beloved Star Of Stage And Screen, Has Died At 99

Just a few weeks shy of her planned 100th birthday celebration, legendary actress and cultural icon Betty White has passed away. Boasting the longest TV career of anyone in history, the eight-time Emmy winner was more than just an actress, she was the first woman to ever produce a sitcom, a bleeding heart humanitarian, a pop culture touchstone, and a friend to all animals. The career of Betty Marion White Ludden began in 1930 when she appeared on a radio program called "Empire Builders" at only ...
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Every Peacemaker Episode Will Have A Post-Credits Scene

James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad," which came out in early August of 2021 and is currently available to stream in the United States on HBO Max, was far better received by fans and critics than David Ayer's 2016 film "Suicide Squad," a film which takes place in the same continuity and features some of the same actors but was notoriously undone by endless re-edits and studio tinkering. Gunn's film was, comparatively, gently raucous and featured several new, wackier characters, including a human sha...
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Daily Podcast: Swan Song Interviews With Writer/Director Benjamin Cleary And Star Naomie Harris

On the December 31, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor Ben Pearson presents an interview episode with writer/director Benjamin Cleary and actress Naomie Harris from the AppleTV+ sci-fi drama "Swan Song."Opening Banter:In Our Feature Presentation:Swan Song Director Benjamin Cleary On Envisioning The Future In His Sci-Fi Drama [Interview]Swan Song Writer/Director Benjamin Cleary Talks About Crafting The Movie's Emotional Ending [Interview]Swan Song Star Naomie Harris On Reuniting With Maher...
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Why Some Colors Are Rarer than Others

By Oona O'Brien Published: December 31st, 2021
Tags: Humor, Oona O Brien

The Expanse's Dominique Tipper And Steven Strait Talk About That Big Emotional Scene In Redoubt [Exclusive]

The latest episode of "The Expanse" includes a lot of emotionally intense moments, but one that especially stands out is that scene between Holden (Steven Strait) and Naomi (Dominique Tipper)./Film had the chance to ask Strait and Tipper about that scene and what it meant for their characters as well as what it was like for them as actors to perform it. Read on for a very spoiler-filled conversation about "Redoubt," the sixth season's fourth episode. The Last Scene They Shot Together The scene i...
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