TODAY! New Years Day Specials at Third Eye!

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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "What's Happy About It?"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist - "What's Happy About It?" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3365 As seen from the POV of Old Father Time. Happy New Year? Huh, what's happy about it? No, really; I know it's only January 1st, but what the hell's happy about it? Mike Flugennock, Political Cartoons: http://www.sinkers.org/stage and follow me on Mastodon at https://mastodon.social/@flugennock [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Jan 19: Nnedi Okorafor and Jesse Morales-Small for AKATA WOMAN

Nnedi has written for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, and Abrams. Nnedi Okorafor and Jesse Morales-Small for AKATA WOMAN https://www.loyaltybookstores.com/akatawoman Loyalty is so excited to celebrate Akata Woman, the highly anticipated new release by Nnedi Okorafor! Nnedi Okorafor will be in conversation with Jesse Morales-Small (aka @bowtiesandbooks)! This event...
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Feb 5: X Deaths of Wolverine signing at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis

http://www.conventionscene.com/2021/12/24/md-x-deaths-of-wolverine-signing/Comic creators Ben Percy and Joshua Cassara sign at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis on Saturday, February 5th from 11am – 1pm. RSVP on Facebook! Third Eye Comics 209 Chinquapin Round Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) 897-0322 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Herblock in the Cold War academic article

  Laughter Louder Than Bombs? Apocalyptic Graphic Satire in Cold War Cartooning, 1946–1959 Brandon Webb American Quarterly, Volume 70, Number 2, June 2018, pp. 235-266 online at https://www.academia.edu/ 40452236/Laughter_Louder_Than_ Bombs_Apocalyptic_Graphic_ Satire_in_Cold_War_Cartooning_ 1946_1959?email_work_card= title In the postwar American media landscape, “the bomb” symbolized both security and insecurity. Two of the nation’s leading syndicated cartoonists—the W...
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The Post's year in editorial cartoons

2021 in editorial cartoons Washington Post December 25 2021: 17 Online at https://www.washingtonpost. com/opinions/2021/12/24/2021- newspaper-cartoons-opinion/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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That darn Mark Trail

The other half of herpetology [Mark Trail letter] Gerald J. Filbin, Rehoboth Beach, Del. Washington Post January 1 2022 https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/12/31/readers-critique-post-this-photo-biden-seemed-continue-false-narrative/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 1/1/22

Year In Review: Cape Breton Post's editorial cartoons of 2021 Cape Breton Post / SaltWire Network December 30 2021 https://www.saltwire.com/atlantic-canada/opinion/year-in-review-cape-breton-posts-editorial-cartoons-of-2021-100675242/   Phew, Pugh... what a year! Amid Covid and sleaze, how cartoonist cheered us up in 2021 Jonathan Pugh By Pugh For The Daily Mail   ...
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Sonia Rao on Wall-E's climate message

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity. Here's how filmmakers have tried to make sense of it all.[in print as Climate change plays out on the big screen; Wall-E] Over the past 20 years, directors have increasingly put out movies that help viewers process a crisis of existential proportions By Sonia Rao Washington Post January 2, 2022, p. E1, 10, 12 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/12/21/climate-change-movies/ [Author: Mike...
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Jan 9: P&P Live! Xavier Navarro Aquino | VELORIO - with Victor LaValle

Lavalle has done comics for Marvel and BOOM! Studios. Jan  09 P&P Live! Xavier Navarro Aquino | VELORIO - with Victor LaValle by Politics and Prose https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pp-live-xavier-navarro-aquino-velorio-with-victor-lavalle-tickets-224752218937 ...
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Ms. Marvel #1 - 1st appearance

Ms. Marvel #1 Ms. Marvel v1 #1, 1977 - First appearing as an Air Force officer in Marvel Super-Heroes #13, Carol Danvers makes her superhero debut as Ms. Marvel. With her abilities of flight, super-strength and a seventh sense, she rescues J. Jonah Jameson from the Scorpion's revenge. Her origin, revealed in the next issue, ties in with Captain Marvel himself. This Gerry Conway story was drawn by [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Ringo Kid #13 - Al Williamson art

Ringo Kid #13 Ringo Kid v1 #13, 1956 - After hearing of a marshal's retirement, two thieves descend upon  his territory to take advantage. A full page view of an idyllic ranch opens this Al Williamson tale. Spaciously drawn, it could have benefited from a few more details. Regardless, the scenes throughout are roomy and varied. Combining framed and unframed panels, Williamson maintains [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Weird Fantasy v2 #13 - Wally Wood art

Weird Fantasy v2 #13 Weird Fantasy v2 #13, 1952 - Wally Wood contributes two fine science fiction stories in this issue. His first tells of a massive comet that nearly destroys the planet, sterilizing everyone on Earth with its radiation. His second tale chronicles a boy waiting for his space-traveling father to come home. Both stories are futuristic, yet somber in theme. Wood illustrates them [Author: Unknown]
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Fate/Grand Order Lancer/Caenis Figure Delectably Dark & Dangerous

Individuals who adore Fate/Grand Order or merely have a fixation for wild tan girls can be entranced by this collectible of the stunning Lancer/Caenis, the woman being fully equipped for battle and certain to have some wishing she were wearing much less – Lancer/Caenis can demonstrate she is also physically astute come February 2023. Lancer/Caenis […]
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Top 10 Best Anime of 2021, According to 5ch

Japanese message board 5ch has also weighed in on the anime they consider the most phenomenal of 2021, mystery and shows with all girl casts managing to surpass the likes of fantasy world isekai, and sure to be good news for those sick and tired of that overused genre. The ranking: 1. Kageki Shoujo 753 […]
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How Betty White Got Her Start In One Of The First TV Broadcasts Ever

Actress and comedian Betty White passed away on December 31, 2021 at the age of 99, just a couple of weeks shy of her 100th birthday. White has long been beloved for her groundbreaking career, which spanned decades and included more high points than most people would get in two lifetimes. Depending on your age and level of exposure to White's work, you may think of her as Rose Nylund from "The Golden Girls," Sue Ann Nivens from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," or even as a talk show host and game sh...
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Jujutsu Kaisen AV Chijutsu Kaisen Definitely Strange Yet Sexy

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s parody AV, Chijutsu Kaisen, has proven to be as humorous as it initially teased as the anime’s familiar females are violated in live-action, such content sure to elevate the sexual allure on top of making it a memorable production. Screenshots of some of the cosplay AV’s absurdity: Omake:
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Jason Isaacs Accidentally Injured Tom Felton With His Cane While Filming Harry Potter

Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton's Lucius and Draco Malfoy are two of the most controversial figures in the "Harry Potter" movies. While Malfoy senior is known for being a vile, malicious, and manipulative pure-blood wizard and Death Eater, Draco, on the other hand, is a bit more tragic. He started as a spoiled and self-centered bully until the burden of living with his father and being in Voldemort's orbit caught up with him.Lucius and Draco are often seen in scenes together, with the former always ...
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Multiverse Of Madness Action Figure Reveals Doctor Strange's Luxurious Ponytail

During a New Year's Eve celebration in the mid-2010s, before "man buns" became "fashionable", a very good friend of mine and I looked at each other seriously and said, "Why don't more dudes rock ponytails anymore?" For the rest of that year, we grew our hair out and did our best to rock ponytails as much as we could. Now, I've made a few wild choices with my hair over the years (because everyone had an emo phase), but I can confidently say that the long ponytail wasn't really working for me back...
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Spider-Man: No Way Home Set To Become One Of The Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies This Weekend

Just as "Spider-Man: No Way Home" brings together multiverses, the holiday season brings people together. And despite the ongoing pandemic with new variants emerging, those people are flocking to theaters in order to see the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler's latest feature film. In fact, so many people are seeing Jon Watts' latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it has become Sony Pictures' biggest movie of all time, crossing the $1 billion mark at the global box office after ju...
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Why Emma Watson Secretly Hated Filming This Hermione Scene

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was a turning point in the franchise, picking up what "Prisoner of Azkaban" started by embracing a darker, far more serious tone that was more in line with J.K. Rowling's books. The depleting color of the Warner Bros. logo reminds viewers at the very beginning that things are changing in the Wizarding World, with the film's grim opening moments seeing Peter Pettigrew catering to Lord Voldemort' and killing an innocent man in the process.It's all sunshine and...
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Reminder: The 'Jurassic Park' Novel Was Surprisingly Brainy

By Talbert Gregson Published: January 01st, 2022
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My Slant On “Slant Rhyme” (Limerick)

From time to time, people who enter my limerick contests (and others), ask me my opinion of “slant rhyme” a/k/a “near rhyme.” I have very strong feelings on the subject, as you can see from this limerick: That thing that some limmers call “slant rhyme,” Doesn’t sing; it just means that you can’t rhyme. My slant on the matter? Avoid “slant rhyme” clatter. And THAT is the end of my rant rhyme.
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Comiket 99’s Abundance of Cosplay Seemingly Endless

Photographers at Comiket 99 were likely able to greatly boost their portfolios of cosplay content as the sheer amount of cosplayers present was staggering, the photo-takers being more than generous enough to share these photos online, and the abundance will likely keep cosplay addicts busy for quite a while.
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Video Games' Most Interesting Man: John Carmack

By Stephen Buckley Published: January 01st, 2022
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How Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Captured The Real-Life Awkwardness Of The Cast

It turns out that the absolute awkwardness of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" wasn't just in our heads. The cast of the wizarding franchise is well-aware of how gloriously hormonal the fourth movie feels because they were living through it themselves. Or as Daniel Radcliffe says in the 20th anniversary special, "Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts," the movie is "peak hormones."By far, one of the most magical aspects of the Harry Potter saga is the fact that the main cast begins as children, ...
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Shiboritoranaide Onna Shounin-san Manga Creepily Turned Into Slime

The Shiboritoranaide Onna Shounin-san manga has once again treated readers to strange fetish fuel phenomena as the meddlesome fox-eared Firo this time ends up being transformed into a slime girl, an occurrence that might simultaneously be weird, horrifying, and erotic, depending on the perspective of the reader. Sample pages of the horrifying happening, that does […]
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US Army pays tribute to Betty White's World War II volunteer service: 'A true legend on and off the screen'

Betty White attends the "SNL" 40th Anniversary Celebration at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on February 15, 2015.D Dipasupil/FilmMagic The US Army on Friday lauded the late actress Betty White for her service during World War II. In 1941, White served as a volunteer for the American Women's Voluntary Services. White passed away on Friday at the age of 99, just days before her 100th birthday on January 17. While millions of fans mourn the beloved television star Betty White, who passe...
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A Reminder That Betty White And Ryan Reynolds' Flirty Relationship Was Beyond Charming

Losing Betty White, a true national treasure, right as 2021 ended was a real bummer. White gave us so much, including brilliant performances, a willingness to get down and dirty, and some lovely interviews, but one thing I will always treasure is her flirtatious relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds. White was 55 years Reynolds senior, but she always had the upper hand in their banter. Hollywood has a history of glamorizing relationships between older men and young women, so White and Reynold's ...
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The best gaming podcasts from 2021 for you to listen to

2021 was a great year for gaming podcasts. Both gaming and podcasts are more popular than ever, so it’s no surprise that the mix of the two is popular as well. In this article, we guide you through the best gaming podcasts from 2021. There are so many podcasters streaming into the internet that it gets hard to keep up with the latest one. But with a little help from our expertise, you can effortlessly catch up with the latest news regarding the best ones, their style, and what they review. W...
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