Ben Affleck Gave Up The Batman Cowl Because Of A 'Principal Influence': Matt Damon

Call it a hot take if you must, but with the exception of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, there's no other male friendship in Hollywood quite like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The duo met as kids, living two blocks away from each other all throughout their childhood. As legend has it, their friendship was forever solidified when a high school kid was threatening to beat up Damon, and Affleck inserted himself and fought off the bully. The two have done so much together in the years since, with t...
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Beanie Bubble: Film About Beanie Craze Starring Zach Galifianakis And Elizabeth Banks Heads To Apple

If you lived through the 1990s in the United States, chances are you remember the Beanie Baby craze. While my younger brother and I only ever had these beanbag stuffed toys for playing with, not collecting, there were some prized items that sold for thousands of dollars. As soon as the craze popped up, it died out, leaving many with more stuffed toys than they would ever know what to do with. It was recently explored in the HBO Max documentary "Beanie Mania," and now there's going to be an Apple...
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Studio 666 Trailer: Making An Album Is Hell

Rock 'n roll has long been friendly to the occult. It's a relationship whose lore stretches all the way back to blues pioneer Robert Johnson's fabled crossroads deal with the devil in exchange for musical mastery, and the entire heavy metal genre is infused with it (don't even get me started on Black Sabbath). You can't listen to an album like Pink Floyd's "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and tell me with a straight face that rock musicians aren't intensely spiritual. The demonic-rock connection...
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To Catch A Thief Remake Will Star Gal Gadot

Your gal pal Gal (sorry) Gadot isn't letting her already busy schedule stop her from lining up even more projects. Fresh off of Netflix's "Red Notice" and "Death On the Nile" (which will maybe come out someday), Gadot is diving headfirst into her next project, which has a classic film twist. According to Deadline, she's set to start in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 romance-thriller "To Catch a Thief." This is a remake that's been shuffling around Hollywood for a little bit, but with Gadot'...
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Omicron Lights: They're MILD...!"

From DC's anarchist editorial cartoonist, Mike Flugennock - "Omicron Lights: They're Mild...!" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=3376 Schoolkids and teachers in the UK, Chicago, Oakland and NYC are being  clobbered, child infections are jumping, hospitals are being swamped,  but the State and the media keep telling us that it's "mild" — over  and over and over again, beating the word to death like a slow,  painful mantra, kind of like "Weapons of Mass Destruction"... or,  ...
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Tig Notaro on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The post Tig Notaro on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert appeared first on Jumbo Dump.
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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 1/11/22

Black Sands Entertainment gets $500K on Shark Tank Heidi MacDonald 01/10/2022 https://www.comicsbeat.com/black-sands-entertainment-gets-500k-on-shark-tank/   Shark Tank S13E10 Episode 10 [ Black Sands Entertainment] Guest shark Kevin Hart; a fun tool that takes snacking to the next level; a product made from space-age materials; an online social network that allows fans to have a real connection wit...
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Detective Comics #486 - Don Newton art

Detective Comics #486Detective Comics v1 #486, 1979 - From a maximum security prison, Maxie Zeus orders his subordinates to commit explosive crimes. The Batman naturally intervenes, even saving a pair of innocent bystanders. Don Newton's drawings lack sharpness and detail on some panels, but generally does a decent job. As usual, Dan Adkins' finishes bring a high level of craft to the story. [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Ted Ignacio, Don Newton, Dan Adkins, Maxie Zeus

Los Angeles Police Officers Fired for Neglecting Robbery to Catch a Snorlax

Two Los Angeles police officers have given certain groups in the West ammunition as they have been fired for neglecting a robbery call so they could catch worthless critters in Pokemon GO!, demonstrating the dangers of addiction and surely giving the fair and non-biased media two things to attack in articles. The officers were requested […]
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Netflix's Most Watched Movies Last Week — Which Should You Check Out?

A new year has begun and audiences are looking for a fresh start. Only three films from last week's top 10 are making a return appearance, while everything else has been replaced. The adorable animated feature "Back to the Outback" has finally been ousted as the top watch for kids and replaced by the underrated "Rise of the Guardians." Audiences have finally kicked off my nemeses of the "Oldboy" remake and the weird Christian drama "The Shack" after a few weeks, but they've been replaced by perh...
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A Single Blow

never shoulda bet against Raiden
Tags: Comics

Remembering Bob Saget: Inside The Loveable Duality of America's Dirty Dad

By Carly Tennes Published: January 11th, 2022
Tags: America, Humor, Bob Saget, Carly Tennes

The Ending Of The Original Scream Still Kicks Ass Decades Later

When Wes Craven's "Scream" dropped in December of 1996, there occurred a seismic shift in the horror genre. In a field of stale slasher franchises — the previous year saw the sixth entry in the "Halloween" film series and the fourth trip back to Texas chain saws — Kevin Williamson's sharp, cynical script breathed fresh life into a subgenre that had come a long way since Michael Myers broke out of Haddonfield Hospital in 1978. The film spawned a handful of sequels, and its latest, the terribly-ti...
Tags: Texas, Movies, Alice, Billy, Gale, Don, Carrie, Randy, Sidney, Stu, Kevin Williamson, Wes Craven, Craven, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Sidney Prescott

Mushoku Tensei’s Eris Greyrat Makes Sweet Love in Erotic Doujin

The lovable Eris Greyrat of endlessly praised isekai Mushoku Tensei has continued to work her charm on lovers of the series even after the latest anime season ended as this artist produced a doujin of the spicy girl, a tradition for anime characters that many hope will persist. The doujin was circle Fiore’s contribution to […]
Tags: Parody, Anime, Manga, Akihabara, Fiore, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Doujinshi, Mushoku Tensei, Eris Greyrat

They Got Him! Justin Johnson, Young Dolph Murder Suspect, Arrested by U.S. Marshals in Indiana

They got him! Justin Johnson, the man who police believe shot and killed Young Dolph at a Memphis-area cookie shop back in November, is finally in custody after a weeks-long manhunt that resulted in his capture and arrest. According to reports, Johnson, 23, was taken in by U.S. Marshals Officers Tuesday afternoon around 3 p.m. in Indiana. BREAKING- U.S. Marshals say Justin Johnson accused of killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph is in custody. He was arrested in Indiana. @3onyourside pic.twitter.c...
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Full Trailer for the Foo Fighters' Rock Band Horror Movie 'Studio 666'

"This is not just a creepy rock 'n roll, it allows spiritual entities to cross into our world." Open Road Films has revealed the full-length official trailer for rock band horror comedy Studio 666. The Foo Fighters made their first film during the pandemic - and it looks wicked fun. Legendary rock band Foo Fighters move into an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock & roll history to record their 10th album. "The trouble is, frontman Dave Grohl is creatively blocked, and when evil forces in t...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Horror, Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Grohl, To Watch, Encino, Whitney Cummings Leslie Grossman, Jenna Ortega Jeff Garlin

'Catch the Fair One' Official Trailer Following a Native American Boxer

"This is about survival. You gotta be ready." IFC Films has revealed the official trailer for Catch the Fair One, a thriller about a Native American boxer named Kaylee "K.O." Uppashaw - played by Kali Reis. This premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival last year, and also played at the Woodstock, Buffalo, Deauville, Warsaw, and Philadelphia Film Festivals last year. A former champion boxer embarks on the fight of her life when she descends into the dangerous world of trafficking in search...
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The 15 Best Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

While Netflix is starting to make inroads into the best picture category at the Oscars, it's been making a strong showing in the best documentary competition for some time. Although its feature documentary catalog does not stretch very far into the past (the oldest film on this list is from 2016) and is mostly American (there's only one film here from outside the U.S.), it still has plenty of docs that are worth discovering.True crime stories, like the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and the sexual ab...
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Cobra Kai Deleted Scene Reveals A Lost Moment Between Samantha And Hawk [Exclusive]

"Cobra Kai" season 4 is out now on Netflix, but if you want to relive season 3 with extra goodies, you can pick up the DVD today, January 11, 2022. Even cooler? You can check out an exclusive deleted scene right this very moment. /Film has the scene below which features Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) confronting Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) and telling him what's coming down the pipe for him and the rest of Cobra Kai. The very best part about it is Demetri's (Gianni DeCenzo) face as he watches former f...
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The Tinder Swindler Trailer: A Con Man's Marks Turn The Tables In Netflix Doc

Today, Netflix has released a new trailer for their upcoming true-crime documentary "The Tinder Swindler." Dating apps can be dangerous places. If you've been on them, you know what people will say and do to get what they want. In the film, which is directed by Felicity Morris, we learn about one such person. This man, whose name is Simon, seduced several women on Tinder, made them fall in love with him and his jet-setting lifestyle, and then swindled them out of millions.Public service announce...
Tags: Movies, News, Netflix, Trailers, Irs, Simon, Don, Felicity Morris, Simon Leviev, Cecilie Fjellhoy, ABC Obviously

Isekai Succubus Gender Swaps the Protagonist in a Sex-Hungry World

An eroge about a male protagonist being transported to a fantasy world in the body of a sexy female succubus serves as the plot in Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~, the turn-based RPG looking to contain both decent gameplay and stunning sex scenes through an R-18 patch. The premise involves the protagonist […]
Tags: Games, English, Eroge, Fantasy, Fetish, Gender Swap, Image Gallery, Isekai, Oppai, RPG, Tan, Translation

Superhero Bits: New Eternals Deleted Scenes, A New Superman On The CW & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:A handy "Peacemaker" streaming guide.Marvel celebrates 750 issues of "Thor."New "Eternals" deleted scenes ahead of Disney+ release.Did the Arrowverse just get a new Superman?...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Benedict Cumberbatch, News, Instagram, Superman, Disney, Warner Bros, Thor, James Gunn, Ava Duvernay, Doctor Strange, Cw, John Cena, Rick, Naomi

The Daily Stream: The Daredevil Season 3 One-Take Prison Fight Scene Makes Me Nostalgic For Great Marvel Action

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Series: "Daredevil"Where You Can Stream It: NetflixThe Pitch: Blinded in a chemical spill accident as a child, Matt Murdock gains heightened senses that allow him to see the world differently. He uses his abilities to moonlight as a vigilante while working as a lawyer by day. But he's also intensely Catholic. Like super Catholic....
Tags: Television, Movies, Disney, Netflix, Catholic, Hawkeye, Kingpin, Cox, Punisher, Jon Bernthal, MCU, Matt Murdock, Disney Marvel, Vincent D Onofrio, Charlie Cox, Steven S DeKnight

REX: Realogy’s stance is prelude to a reckoning on commissions

Realogy says it believes in buyer agents and cooperative compensation, but not in forcing brokers to enter a commission amount to list in a multiple listing service.
Tags: Radio, Antitrust, Rex, Department Of Justice, Doj, NAR, National Association of Realtors, Realogy, Brokerage, Select, Trey Sarten, Rex Real Estate, MLS & Associations, Real Estate Commissions, M Ryan Gorman

The Chernov Team leaves Keller Williams for The Agency

The seven-agent team will depart Keller Williams and join The Agency's Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, location, the brokerage told Inman exclusively on Tuesday.
Tags: Los Angeles, Radio, Luxury, Teams, Industry News, Agency, Inman, Keller Williams, San Fernando Valley, Select, Sherman Oaks Los Angeles, The Agency, Luxury Lens, Mauricio Umanksy, Dennis Chernov, CEO and founder of The Agency

“Bucket Lists” Leave Me Listless (Limerick)

There are folks who develop a bucket list; Pre-death dreams, goals, and treks to Nantucket list. But to heck with that checklist! I don’t need a trek-list! I DO have a chuck-it and fuck-it list.
Tags: Humor, Bucket List, Limerick, Nantucket, Life Goals, Limericks, Behavior & Personality, Bawdy Limericks, Bawdy Humor, Aging Humor & Verse, Bawdy Limerick, Aging Limerick, Aspirations Humor, Aspirations Limerick, Bucket List Humor, Bucket List Limerick

First Agent Edge Meet and Greet to welcome all members

New agents, experienced agents, and anyone in between — we’re building a community culture that builds relationships from across the globe, both online and in person. Join our fast-growing community Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022 for a free meet and greet.
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Z Saber Found in Megaman Battle Network IV After Nearly 20 Years

A quietly sleeping secret in the old Gameboy Advance title known as Megaman Battle Network IV has finally been unearthed nearly 20 years after the game’s launch, as it turns out there is a way to get an elusive Z Saber chip by way of entering in a code at the Number Trader, baffling many […]
Tags: Games, Strategy, Anime, Retro, Rockman, Megaman Battle Network, GameBoy Advance, Megaman Battle Network IV

When Ping-Pong Helped Improve U.S./China Relations

By Ethan Tyrrell Published: January 11th, 2022
Tags: Humor, Ethan Tyrrell, Ping Pong Helped Improve U S China Relations

Trailer for 'Why Is We Americans?' Doc About Newark's Baraka Family

"We don't call them riots, we call them the rebellion." Corinth Films has unveiled the official trailer for a documentary film titled Why Is We Americans?, which premiered year and is opening in select theaters this month. It will also play at LA's Pan African Film Festival next month, along with an expansion in more theaters throughout February. The story focuses on Newark's Baraka family and their involvement in many changes throughout Newark, New Jersey's history. "Spanning decades of soc...
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