CBS Drama ‘All Rise’ Produces a Coronavirus Episode Made Entirely From Home

Television in the time of coronavirus is going to start to look drastically different. While many TV and film productions across the world have shut down out of abundance of caution for the spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, some shows have forged ahead. Most of those ongoing productions are animated shows, with most of the moving parts of animated series (voice acting, animation, etc.) allowing staff and actors to complete their work virtually. But live-action TV and movies are a diffe...
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Fallon, Kimmel, and Colbert to Host Huge Cross-Network Coronavirus Benefit Event

If you find yourselves mindlessly flipping through channels on April 18 and see the same exact content pop up on a dozen different channels, don’t worry – the quarantine isn’t affecting your vision. You’ll just be encountering a massive, cross-network coronavirus TV event called One World: Together at Home, which is set to be hosted by late night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert and feature appearances of several high-profile musicians, including Billie Eilish, El...
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Daily Crunch: Quibi finally launches its mobile streaming app

Quibi launches its mobile streaming service, Apple sources 20 million protective masks and Red Hat announces a new CEO. Here’s your Daily Crunch for April 6, 2020. 1. Quibi launches its mobile streaming service in the middle of the quarantine era The much-hyped mobile app promising to deliver “quick bites” of video entertainment is finally here. The company has been in the headlines for more than two years, thanks to the involvement of founder Jeffrey Katzenberg (who previously co-founded Dre...
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Blood Type – review

Director: Kevin Wayne Release date: 2019* Contains spoilers Blood Type is a short feature that is showing as a 2019 film on IMDb but also appears dated 2014 as a web serial. The feature is on Amazon VOD and, I guess, is a stitched together version of the serial but I have used the feature's listed date. I didn’t know any of this as I watched the feature and the positive news is it didn’t feel episodic as I watched though the serial origins have a massive impact on one aspect that I’ll come back...
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‘No Time to Die’ Won’t Be Re-Edited During its Release Delay, Director Calls It “Great as It is”

No Time to Die was supposed to grace us with its presence this month, but then the coronavirus stepped in and threw a wrench into those plans. Now the latest James Bond film is set for a November release, which has lead some to wonder if director Cary Fukunaga would use this time to re-edit and perhaps polish the film more before its eventual release date. According to Fukunaga, the answer to that question is a big fat no. In fact, Fukunaga says the film is great as is already, and doesn’t need...
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New Release Review [VOD/Blu-Ray] - SEA FEVER

A mysterious sea creature attacks the crew of a fishing trawler. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo For A Senior Center And It’s Delightful

*Choking back tears* alright alright alright Adjusting to life under the preventative measures put in place to help protect ourselves and our communities from coronavirus, like social distancing and Stay At Home orders, has been more difficult for some than it has been for others. There are plenty of extroverts out there who are bouncing off the walls and have probably started talking to their houseplants for even a crumb of socialization, and I’d imagine that many parents now on week thre...
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The Films That Made Me - Richard Kelly’s DONNIE DARKO

A teenage boy experiences visions of an impending doomsday. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Adventure Time: Distant Lands Teaser For HBO Max Animated Special

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Adventure Time: Distant Lands teaser: First look at HBO Max’s animated special The first teaser for HBO Max and Cartoon Network’s forthcoming four episode animated special titled Adventure Time: Distant Lands has finally arrived online, featuring our first look at the fan-favorite series’ return. The miniseries is scheduled to debut sometime this year, with the first episode centered on Niki Yang’s BMO, who is the helpful robot of Finn and Jake. Check out the Distant Lan...
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Enjoy This Fun 'Geri's Game' Shot-for-Shot Social Distancing Remake

This has to be one of the best short films ever made, right? Geri's Game is one of Pixar's early short films, that originally played in front of A Bug's Life in 1998 after winning an Academy Award earlier that year. Our friend and fellow cinephile H. Nelson Tracey (follow him @DrivingNelson) decided to create a fun "social distancing remake" version of Geri's Game, made entirely at his home by himself. "Few film projects can be made while social distancing, but I didn't want to let that stop...
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CNN preps NewsCo launch by acquiring personalization engine Canopy

Last year, The Information reported that CNN was working on a new digital news service to compete with the likes of Apple and Facebook. Today, some of those plans are taking shape. The Turner-owned news broadcaster has acquired Canopy, an all-purpose content personalisation that uses human curation, on-device machine learning and differential privacy to help readers discover things they actually want to see, while at the same kind keeping personal data private. The startup will become an anchori...
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John Krasinski Hosts a Virtual ‘Hamilton’ Cast Reunion for a Little Girl on ‘Some Good News’

The Office and Jack Ryan star John Krasinski recently started passing some of his time in self-quarantine by hosting a web series called Some Good News. Recorded from the home office of the A Quiet Place director/star, the series highlights some uplifting stories from around the web to help drown out the hellish nightmare of news from our government and the coronavirus pandemic that is claiming lives everyday. The first episode of Some Good News brought the wonderful surprise of The Office star...
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Jashin-chan Dropkick 2 Episode 1 Impression

On this episode, Jashin attempts to kill Yurine once again. Later, the Yurine's group has lunch together and Pekora faces her next new threat. Yay, I was hoping for second season, but I was surprised at the same time since I didn't exactly pay attention to the announcements. Anyway, it hilarious to see Jashin being stupid on trying to kill Yurine. It just doesn't get old just like the Western Tom and Jerry cartoon. Also, it was funny and unfortunate that Pekora is still struggling on being homel...
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The Gentleman Driver Review: Average But Still Worth Your Time

release date January 31st 2019 director Mario Mattei Where To watch it Netflix The Gentleman Driver gives a private examination into the lives of four successful businessmen who pursue their dream of racing at the highest levels of Motorsport. The film observes them, both in business and in racing, and shows us what motivates them, how they got to where they are, and how they balance racing with business. Unlike Any Other Here’s a phenomena uniq...
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New to Stream: Kanopy’s April 2020 Lineup!

New to Stream: Kanopy’s April 2020 lineup! Kanopy, the premium, free-to-the-user entertainment streaming platform, has unveiled the full list of titles set to premiere in the month of April, including the Golden Globe-winning The Farewell and Sundance darling The Skeleton Twins! The list of titles on the streaming service includes Oscar winners, foreign language films, documentaries, and more. These films are available for free to library cardholders at partnered universities and public libr...
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Ranking the New Quibi Shows From Worst to Best

Quibi! It’s here, folks, and it’s ready to change the streaming service game – or so it hopes. Quibi, which stands for “quick bites”, wants to be your go-to streaming service when you only have about 5 to 10 minutes to kill. Rather than offering traditional half-hour or hour-long content, Quibi gives viewers content either in quick five-minute bursts, or split up over a series of 5 to 10-minute parts that add up to a whole. The streaming service has just launched with a surprising amount of new...
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First Trailer for Netflix Original Movie EXTRACTION, Starring Chris Hemsworth

First look at Netflix's upcoming action thriller. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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‘Extraction’ Trailer: Chris Hemsworth is a Mercenary on a Rescue Mission

The Russo brothers’ pick of projects following their monumental run at Marvel Studios have been on the garden-variety thriller side of things. But at least they got their Marvel heroes to headline these action thrillers. Following the Chadwick Boseman-starring 21 Bridges, the Russo brothers are re-teaming with their Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth for Extraction, a crime thriller written by Joe Russo, who also produces with his brother Anthony Russo under their AGBO banner. Watch the Ext...
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The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 Trailer Takes You on a Quest Against Monsters & Zombies

The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 trailer takes you on a quest against monsters & zombies Netflix has released the official trailer for the upcoming second season of The Last Kids on Earth, featuring a group of teenagers as they try to have in the middle of an apocalypse. The 10-episode second season officially titled The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade will be available for streaming on Friday, April 17. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: The Willoughbys Trailer Previews...
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New Trolls Worlds Tour Clip: Branch is in the Friend Zone

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Trolls Worlds Tour clip: Branch is in the friend zone Ahead of its digital release on April 10, Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation have revealed a brand new Trolls World Tour clip from the upcoming second installment to 2016’s blockbuster hit Trolls. The first video features Justin Timberlaker’s Branch as he realizes that Anna Kendrick’s Poppy’s has put him in the friend zone. Check out the video below! As theaters around the world continue to close down due...
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ScreenPlus Allows Theaters to Create Personalized VOD Platforms, Which Could Help Them Survive During the Coronavirus

We’ve documented the hardships of movie theaters as this pandemic has essentially put the entire industry on hold. Bailout programs have been put in place and organizations are collecting money to make sure theaters are able to turn the lights back on when everything returns to normal, but now a potential new revenue stream has presented itself as another way to help in the short term. It’s called ScreenPlus, and thanks to their partnership with a software company called VistaGroup, they’ve rol...
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More Disney Theatrical Movies Could Go Direct to Disney+, But Don’t Expect Big Tentpole Films, Says Bob Iger

With movie theaters shut down for the time being, and so many movie release dates delayed, moviegoers are wondering if more and more titles will go directly to digital or streaming. Disney made this decision recently with one of their upcoming movies, Artemis Fowl, which is headed right to Disney+. Could that mean additional Disney theatrical titles will go straight there as well? According to Bob Iger, yes – but don’t expect that from huge tentpole movies like Black Widow or Mulan. No one c...
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Fly with Bombers in Official Trailer for Epic War Film 'Lancaster Skies'

"I cannot stress enough the importance of this mission. Good luck, stay sharp." Shout Factory has released an official US trailer for a British bomber "war epic" titled Lancaster Skies, which originally opened in the UK in spring last year. A loving homage to the classic British war films of the 1940s and '50s, Lancaster Skies soars in its depiction of the legendary bomber crews who fought for our freedom. The storyline follows Douglas, a broken, solitary Spitfire Ace, who must overcome his ...
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Netflix’s Tiger King Gets One More Episode Set to Stream this Week!

Netflix’s Tiger King gets one more episode set to stream this week Nearly over two weeks after Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness had made its successful debut in March 20, Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dogders took to Twitter to share a video featuring zoo owner Jeff Lowe as he reveals the Netflix is currently filming one more episode for their hit true crime documentary miniseries. Lowe had also confirmed that the new episode of Tiger King will be available for streaming within this ...
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Birds of Prey’s Cathy Yan Opens Up On Box Office Disappointment

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Birds of Prey’s Cathy Yan opens up on box office disappointment Despite sitting at the third-highest reviewed entry into the DC Extended Universe, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) performed well under expectations at the box office, already struggling to make a big dent in its roughly $100 million budget before theaters began shutting down. Now, director Cathy Yan has opened up about the lackluster opening and how she views it coming f...
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Hollywood First Look Images – Netflix Series Still Secretive With Premiere Closing In

When there’s a new series with Ryan Murphy involved, you expect to know a lot of details, or at the very least, the sort of creature you’re about to get. With Netflix’ Hollywood set to premiere in mere weeks, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this effort to examine the world of cinema’s Golden Age and it’s oft-repeated focus on the power dynamics that shaped the entertainment world. In the most general terms you might imagine, the series is about a group of aspiring actors and filmma...
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New Trailer and Artwork for Post-Apocalypse Horror IMPACT EVENT

Michael Berryman and Vernon Wells star in the post-apocalyptic thriller. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Interview - SAME BOAT Writer/Producer Josh Itzkowitz

Writer/producer Josh Itzkowitz talks about his new time travel comedy. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Movies Anywhere launches movie-sharing feature ‘Screen Pass’ into open beta

Last month, it was reported that digital locker service Movies Anywhere was working to launch a movie-sharing feature called “Screen Pass.” At the time, the feature was only available in limited, private beta testing with a plan to fully roll it out late summer or early fall. But as a result of increased demand from consumers stuck at home under government lockdowns and quarantines, Movies Anywhere has rushed to launch the sharing feature into an open, public beta. The Movies Anywhere app today ...
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The Venice Film Festival Will Not Be Going Digital

Everything is delayed, canceled, or on hold at the moment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which means that film festivals are having to make some tough choices. Cannes is postponed. SXSW was canceled, but they recently announced they would try to put together an online film festival with Amazon Prime Video. TIFF has yet to make a decision one way or another, but festival runners Joana Vicente and Cameron Bailey mentioned last week that they were considering a potential digital festival. Digi...
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