Melvin Van Peebles, Pioneer Of Black Cinema, Dead At 89

One of the most influential Black filmmakers of all time passed away in his home on Tuesday night. Melvin Van Peebles cemented his legacy with films like the radical comedy "Watermelon Man" and the blaxploitation masterpiece "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song." He was 89-years-old.His family, Janus Films, and The Criterion Collection all released a statement today announcing his death, stating, "In an unparalleled career distinguished by relentless innovation, boundless curiosity and spiritual e...
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The Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Is Being Written, Could Film Next Year

"Percy Jackson" author Rick Riordan is famously open about his creative process. He's the primary reason fans know anything at all about the upcoming TV adaptation of the first novel in his famous "Olympians" series, "Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief." Disney+ might be all about keeping the details hidden, but Riordan has always taken care of his fans. Via his blog, Riordan spoke about how things are progressing in the writers room. He revealed that their primary focus is producing outlines ...
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Think With Pinker series and podcast coming to BBC Radio 4

Psychologist Professor Steven Pinker is to examine how we can harness rational thinking in a new programme for BBC Radio 4. Think With Pinker is a 12-part series and podcast with guests including Bill Gates, Daniel Kahneman and Hannah Fry. The series will explore questions such as: Whether we should trust intuition or algorithms; how the brain tricks us into seeing patterns in randomness; why the desire to win an argument or boost our tribe can be a hindrance; how we might rationally forecast...
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Tiger King 2 Coming To Netflix This Year With 'More Madness And Mayhem'

I'll freely admit that I got swept up in the "Tiger King" craze. The Netflix docuseries was well-made in the sense that it did a good job dropping strange, explosive twists to keep us hooked from episode to episode. That said, the minute the original docuseries ended, I was content to move on. I really didn't want to spend any more time with Joe Exotic, a twisted character who was so sure he was going to get a pardon from former President Trump that his lawyer had a limo waiting outside the pris...
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Bob's Burgers: The Movie: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Now in its 12th season, "Bob's Burgers" centers on Bob Belcher, his wife Linda, and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise, and their ridiculous hijinks running a burger restaurant while dealing with the trials and tribulations of lower working-class life. "Bob's Burgers" is arguably one of the best adult animated series on televi...
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Spencer Trailer: Kristen Stewart Is A Troubled Princess Diana

Kristen Stewart is Princess Diana in "Spencer," Pablo Larraín's haunting portrait of the Princess of Wales during one very long Christmas holiday. We seem to be overloaded with Princess Diana projects lately: there's "The Crown" and there's even a musical hitting Netflix in October. But that doesn't mean you should sleep on Larraín's movie, which is elegant, sad, and oddly even a little hopeful (despite the fact that we all know how things turn out for Diana in the end). A new "Spencer" trailer ...
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Back To The Future Stars Lea Thompson And Christopher Lloyd Will Time Travel Again In A... Hallmark Christmas Movie

We bring some good news today, dear readers -- albeit with a huge caveat. The good news? "Back to the Future" stars Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson are reuniting. And not just at a fan convention, but in an actual movie! The not-so-great news? It's in a Hallmark Christmas movie called "Next Stop, Christmas."As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Lloyd and Thompson will both star in the made-for-TV Christmas flick, which is set to debut on Hallmark Channel in November. A couple of first-look pho...
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Or Mr. Pibb

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Superhero Bits: Black Widow's Effect On Talent Deals, Guardians Of The Galaxy Video Game Reactions & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:The "Black Widow" lawsuit is affecting talent deals at DisneyDC's New 52 turns 10The first reviews of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" video game are in"Venom: Let There Be Carn...
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Let The Right One In Gets A Series Order At Showtime

Showtime is officially opening the door to a new vampire series.The premium cable channel has given a series order to "Let the Right One In," a television adaptation of the Swedish novel and its spectacular 2008 film adaptation. (The story was also remade as an American movie called "Let Me In" in 2010, directed by "The Batman" filmmaker Matt Reeves.) Showtime has ordered ten episodes of this new show, which will begin production in New York City sometime in early 2022.Oscar-nominated actor Demi...
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Drawn to an Alternate Dimension in Trippy 'The Blazing World' Trailer

"Darkness eats, darkness keeps." Vertical has released an official trailer for the film The Blazing World, marking the feature directorial debut of actress / filmmaker Carlson Young. This first premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year. Decades after the accidental drowning of her twin sister, a self-destructive young woman returns to her family home, drawn to an alternate dimension where her sister may still be alive. Sundance then adds: "Through an epic journey down ...
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The Shires’ Ben Earle joins Absolute Radio Country weekends

Ben Earle from British Country Duo The Shires is joining Absolute Radio Country to host a new Sunday morning show. Ben’s first show will be on Sunday 3rd October from 9am –12pm, where he will play his favourite country artists, as well as introducing listeners to some of his ‘ones to watch’. Ben won the International Broadcaster of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards whilst also having the fastest selling UK country album in history, as part of The Shires. This won’t be his firs...
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New Trailer for Pablo Larrain’s SPENCER, Starring Kristen Stewart

Larrain's royal drama comes to UK/ROI cinemas in November. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Best-Selling Sony PlayStation 5 Games Right Now

It may not be the best-selling console in the United States, but Sony’s PlayStation 5 is likely the most sought-after. More than a year after the PS5’s launch, the console still remains in short supply. You can’t just walk into your local Walmart or Best Buy expecting to see one on the shelves — the consoles are only available at stores in short, oft-unannounced restock bursts. Part of the issue, of course, was the global semiconductor shortage. But another huge part of the equation is high dema...
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Shudder Release Trailer For Vampire Thriller DEAD AND BEAUTIFUL

The thriller comes to Shudder in November. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Avengers, Doctor Strange, And Spider-Man Are Embroiled In An Epic (Copyright) Battle

Marvel finds itself in a legal battle of epic proportions, as the rights for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and other major superheroes are being contested. Recently, several lawsuits have been filed by various parties -- including the estate of the late, great Steve Ditko -- to terminate various copyrights that relate to some of Marvel's biggest characters.According to The Hollywood Reporter, various complaints have been filed from the estates of comic legends such as Stan Lee, Gene Colan, and Ste...
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Foundation Star Leah Harvey Reinvents What An Isaac Asimov Hero Can Be [Interview]

If you Google images for Salvor Hardin, a key character from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" novel series, you'll find illustrations of white men. But the new Apple TV+ adaptation of the books modernizes the classic books in some key ways. Character development is pushed the forefront, more action is emphasized, many of the male characters are no longer male, and many of them are no longer white by default. This Salvor Hardin is a battle-hardened soldier and a brilliant leader, and is played by non-...
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In Foundation, Jared Harris Plays The Key To Saving The Universe [Interview]

Jared Harris is making a habit of playing very smart men who anger the powerful. He received an Emmy nomination for his incredible work as a Soviet scientist who dares to speak the truth in HBO's "Chernobyl," and now, he's one of the leads in "Foundation," playing a mathematician who predicts the end of a galactic civilization ... but also the key to saving it. That character is Hari Seldon, one of science fiction author Isaac Asimov's most famous creations, and also one who really doesn't have ...
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The Morning Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2 Special Effects, Jungle Cruise Honest Trailer & More

(The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fan-made productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.)In this edition, take a closer look at the visual effects and practical special effects used in the second season of "The Mandalorian" on Disney+. Plus, have a laugh at the expense of "Jungle Cruise" with the Honest Trailer...
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KCC Live crowned station of the year at local event

Merseyside community radio station KCC Live has been awarded station of the year at a local event. The service is based at Knowsley Community College and has been broadcasting to the students, run mostly by volunteers since 2003. The award was judged by people such as Ben O’Brien (Head of Comms Liverpool City Region Combined Authority) and Andrew Diggle (Head of Digital Content, Formula 1), but no shortlist was released by the organisers. Station Manager Dan Spelman told RadioToday: “To have...
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Every Denis Villeneuve Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

As theatrical moviegoing begins to share the cultural spotlight with other forms of entertainment, there are fewer directors whose names spark interest in fans and financiers alike. The most recent addition to this list is undoubtedly Denis Villeneuve, the French-Canadian filmmaker who rapidly ascended to Hollywood's top ranks in the 2010s.Villeneuve started the decade with a feature that garnered an Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, picked up a personal nomination for best direct...
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12 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies That Never Got Sequels

Many of the greatest science fiction franchises of all-time have benefitted from multiple cinematic installments that help expand their mythologies. Not every sequel to "Star Wars," "Star Trek," and "Alien" is great, but few would argue that their legacies are isolated to just one film. Occasionally, a sequel is even better than the original; recent films like "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Blade Runner 2049" surpassed expectations and became classics in their own right.But not every sci-fi series ge...
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First Trailer and Poster for THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

First trailer for the Will Sharpe directed biopic. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Apple's Wool Series Builds Out Its Dystopia With Rashida Jones And David Oyelowo

"Foundation" isn't the only sci-fi adaptation Apple TV+ is bringing to the small screen. The streaming service — which launched only a couple of years ago, but is getting industry recognition for shows like "Ted Lasso" — is also developing "Wool," a series based on the popular books by Hugh Howey.We've already knew that "Wool" will star Tim Robbins and Rebecca Ferguson, the latter of whom was announced right when the show was picked up for a direct-to-series order in May. Today we've found out t...
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Cumberbatch + Cute Cats in 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain' Trailer

"What's going on in that funny little head of yours?" Amazon Studios has debuted the full-length official trailer for The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, directed by Will Sharpe, with Benedict Cumberbatch as British artist Louis Wain. This just premiered at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, and it's one of the most charming and delightful films of the fall. "From Ancient Egypt to TikTok, cats have accompanied humans on life’s journey. But who made the creatures cute? Louis Wain tells ...
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First Trailer and Poster for Netflix Vampire Thriller NIGHT TEETH

The vampire thriller comes to Netflix in October. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Agents Of SHIELD Star Says She's Not In Secret Invasion, Stop Bothering Her At Target

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding outwards in bigger and bolder directions, fans of Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." have been clamoring for the popular characters from the Marvel Television production to cross over into the MCU proper in a future film or TV series. That possibility has always seemed rather unlikely, especially considering the fact that "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." operated under Marvel Television -- a division entirely separate from Kevin Feige's purview that focuses mo...
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Pixar Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

In the house of Pixar, character is key. For over 25 years, the most reliable studio in animation has dazzled and devastated audiences with its profound understanding of character-driven storytelling. No one would care about these talking toys, blue-collar monsters, or middle-aged superheroes if they weren't full of motivation, depth, and thematic growth. We don't love Buzz Lightyear because he looks cool and has a famous catchphrase; we love him because he dwells in existential misery before le...
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Minions: The Rise Of Gru: Release Date, Cast, And More

Kids just can't get enough of those adorable yellow henchmen known as Minions. In fact, they're so popular that the "Despicable Me" franchise name has disappeared in favor of "Minions" branding. Even with a story that focuses on young Gru's origin story as a young child who dreamed of being part of the super-villain group known as the Vicious 6, the movie has been dubbed "Minions: The Rise of Gru." "The Rise of Gru" will follow the aspiring bad guy's rise to power, including his relationship wit...
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Indiana Jones 5: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. And if Indiana Jones appears in a fifth movie, it must be called "Indiana Jones 5." OK, OK, you got me: the fifth film will almost certainly get a subtitle that follows the traditional "Indiana Jones and the [Insert Noun Here]" naming convention. As of this writing, though, the f...
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