Artists Sketch Fate/Grand Order Servants Imitating Shounagon’s Double V

An influx of artists have begun sketching Fate/Grand Order characters giving the “double v” pose, with this sudden surge of cute art being due to the game’s new addition of Sei Shounagon, as her Noble Phantasm concludes with her gracing players with the adorable gesture. Sei Shounagon’s Noble Phantasm, enamoring so many players that artists […]
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Recommended Cinema for February 23-February 29, 2020

This calendar is a new addition to NotComing.com, and is updated each Sunday with suggested screenings for the upcoming week. Currently, the calendar contains listings for , , , , , , , and . Others will be added in the future, and if you're interested in curating a calendar in your part of the world, !
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Pilot Pride

As one of relatively few female airline pilots, I've often been mistaken for a flight attendant, ticket agent or even a snack bar employee. Occasionally people will see me in uniform and ask if I'm a "real" pilot. Still others congratulate me for making it in a male-dominated field. One day, I was in the restroom before a flight. I was at the sink, brushing my teeth, when a woman walked through the door and looked over at me. "My sister would be so proud of you!" she remarked. I figured her sist...
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Comic for February 23, 2020

Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com.
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Top 10 Cutest Nekomimi Girls

Adorable girls equipped with cat ears and possibly a tail, a staple of many mediums that otaku adore, have been ranked by order of their cuteness, leading to some rather peculiar results as the top selected heroine originates from a franchise that many will likely not remember. The ranking: 1. Haru Yoshioka (Neko no Ongaeshi) […]
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Sexfriend Gakuen Completely Obsessed With Sex

Those wishing they could relive their school days as a popular male capable of seducing any woman will want to check out Sexfriend Gakuen, as the erotic animation involves a man breeding with scores of easy females without any consequence. Though a solid concept that is actually used quite often in ero-anime, watchers may be […]
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Projekt Melody Fandom Accused of Hating Women

Wired journalist Emma Grey Ellis has written an article about the latest Internet sensation that is virtual “hentai camgirl” Projekt Melody and her rise to fame, but not without taking offense to her very existence and the “misogynists” that ogle her. Ellis begins her “article” by introducing Melody to Wired’s wider audience while trying to […]
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Ishuzoku Reviewers Gets off on Egg-Laying

Ishuzoku Reviewers has ventured into some stranger territories as egg-laying has been made the lewd focus of its latest airing, making a show of scaly monster girls and other egg-laying beasts as they give birth – the episode then ending on a special chapter of the manga revolving around the most popular girls thus far. […]
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Dead or Alive XVV Reveres Kasumi’s Birthday With a Sexy Swimsuit

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is extravagantly ushering in the birthday of another of its resort girls as Kasumi has been suitably blessed with a new outfit for the occasion, a must-have for any Kasumi fanatics or just those in general who rabidly desire every swimsuit in the game. A brief trailer has Kasumi […]
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Top 10 Most Sold Manga Are All Kimetsu no Yaiba for Third Consecutive Week

Oricon has discovered that Kimetsu no Yaiba has managed to hold onto its popularity as the most sold manga for the week of February 10th are nothing but the demon-slaying series, serving as the third consecutive week that this has happened. Supposedly selling more volumes in 2019 than the believed to be unbeatable One Piece, […]
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Comic: Michael Crichton’s Twitter

New Comic: Michael Crichton’s Twitter [Author: [email protected] (Gabe)]
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6 rules for keeping the deal on track every time

There are six fundamental rules an agent must follow to enable transactions to move forward expeditiously and with integrity. Without these critical elements, the transaction is at risk of collapsing and leaving all parties frustrated and angry in its wake. Discover what they are here.
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Uh, You're Eating More Plastic Than You Realize

By Kelly Stone  Published: February 23rd, 2020 
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A profile of a successful education system, international art news, paramedical tattooing and more The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in …
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Fate/Grand Order Babylonia Has a Rematch in the Sky

Fate/Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia has ceaselessly doled out battle after battle as the show’s heroes this time take part in an aerial encounter, leading to a rematch with Ushiwakamaru and allowing Quetzalcoatl to have a chance to shine. Omake:
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Two-Fisted Tales v2 #24 - Wally Wood reprint

Two-Fisted Tales v2 #24, 1998 - Forty years later, publisher Russ Cochran re-presents the EC war stories that became modern classics. This edition reprints Two-Fisted Tales #41, including some of the best work of Wally Wood's career. Other artists in this issue include George Evans. Cover by Jack Davis. - - - - - - - - - - Home / Wood / Two-Fisted Tales ebay   >this issue >Wood >Two-Fisted [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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I liked the 2 times at yesterday's Las Vegas rally when Trump talked about computers — first, to say what's wrong with movies and second, enacting a scene between him and Barron.

1. Explaining his "Bring back 'Gone with the Wind'": "What I say is: Make great movies. Not this computerized crap. Computerized garbage." 2. Talking about the bad $5 billion Obamacare website:"I have a son at home — he's a genius with computers" — mimes typing on a keyboard, does his Barron voice — "'Hi, Dad. What's up, Dad? Get outta here'/'Hey, listen, I'm the President of the United States, Barron, don't talk to your —'/'Dad, can't you see I'm playing with my computer?' The guy talks to me, ...
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Monday, Feb. 24 Filming Locations for The Old Man, SVU, & more!

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Feb. 24, 2020: Filming in California TV Series: The Old Man Location: 545 S Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles Filming in Illinois TV Series: Batwoman Location: 50 S Clark St, Chicago Filming in New York TV Series: City On A Hill Location: filming in Mt. Vernon, NY TV […] The post Monday, Feb. 24 Filming Locations for The Old Man, SVU, & more! appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Weird Science-Fantasy #25 - Al Williamson art & cover, Wally Wood art

Al Williamson Weird Science-Fantasy v1 #25, 1954 - A time traveling safari company takes a wealthy hunter to the dinosaur age, intent on bagging the biggest game of all. Text heavy panels fill this Ray Bradbury-written tale, yet Al Williamson's visuals come to the fore. Like his cover, the story artwork demonstrates a high level of craft, aided by Angelo Torres' inks. Wally Wood contributes a [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Science Fiction, Comics, Ray Bradbury, Atlas, EC, 1950s, Wood, Unknown, Williamson, Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson Weird Science Fantasy

Twitter Moderators Might Become Arbiters of Truth

Twitter has been “testing one possible iteration” for a new system meant to prevent “misinformation”, which consists of moderation teams being able to decide which tweets are true or false and bound to be horribly misused. Moderators in the future might soon be able to label tweets they take issue with as being “harmfully misleading”, […]
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UFO and Aliens Comix #1 - Alex Toth reprint

UFO and Aliens Comix v1 #1, 1977 - Warren's collection of science fiction tales includes the classic "Daddy and the Pie". Illustrated by Alex Toth, this story first appeared in Eerie v3 #64. This is a one-shot issue. Other artists in this issue include Luis Bermejo, Leopold Sanchez, Leo Duranona, John Severin, Ramon Torrents and Martin Salvador. Cover by Kim McQuaite. Find >this issue or more > [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Ted Ignacio, Alex Toth, Kim McQuaite, Aliens Comix, Martin Salvador

Veteran Seiyuu Hisashi Katsuta Dies at the Age of 92

Hisashi Katsuta, who has voiced characters in such esteemed works as Astro Boy, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu and Lupin III, has passed away six weeks before his 93rd birthday. Katsuta began work on the Japanese dub of swashbuckling 1950’s British TV drama The Buccaneers, but may be best known for voicing the role of Dr. Ochanomizu […]
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Riot Games Lawsuit Withdraws $10 Million Request, Now Demanding $400 Million

The discrimination lawsuit filed toward League of legends developer Riot Games was believed to have been done after they agreed to pay $10 million for their alleged misdeeds, though the request for $10 million has now been withdrawn as California regulators are now demanding $400 million. Agreeing to the $10 million collective settlement to female […]
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Pokemon Clone Temtem Secures Significant Financial Success

The Pokemon-like monster-catching and training MMORPG Temtem has seen great financial success, selling over 500,000 copies since its Steam Early Access release as announced by the game’s official Twitter account. The developers were typically thankful of fans and those supporting the franchise: While just half a million sold copies is quite a small number compared […]
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New Tokyo Mew Mew “Project” Coming in April

A countdown site has opened promising a new entry to the catgirl-laden Tokyo Mew Mew franchise; said countdown is set to end at 22:22:22 on April 2nd. The countdown began at 22:22:22 on February 22nd, often known as “neko day” in Japan due to a pun related to the words “ni” (two) and “nya”. Further […]
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