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‘The Season of Passage’: Mike Flanagan Directing Christopher Pike Adaptation

When it comes to the glory days of young adult horror novels, there’s Christopher Pike and then there’s everyone else. Pike wrote incredibly weird, batshit crazy scary books for younger readers, and while Hollywood had dipped into the work of his contemporary R.L. Stine, Pike’s work has been sorely underrepresented on the screen. But that’s about to change, thanks to Mike Flanagan. Not only is Flanagan adapting Pike’s The Midnight Club into a Netflix series, but he’s now signed on to turn Pike’...
Tags: Adaptation, Horror, Sci-Fi, Universal, Christopher Pike, Mike Flanagan, The Season of Passage

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Adds Even More Cast Members

Martin Scorsese isn’t done filling out his Killers of the Flower Moon cast just yet. The mystery drama, which is based on a true story and the book by David Grann, stars Jesse Plemons, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro. Now, Tatanka Means (I Know This Much is True), Michael Abbott Jr (The Death of Dick Long), Pat Healy (Bad Education), and Scott Shepherd (Bridge of Spies) have all signed on as well in supporting roles. The film is expected to shoot through July, and probably won’t be out un...
Tags: Adaptation, AppleTV, Casting, True Story, Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin-Scorsese

‘Without Remorse’ Featurette Tries to Appeal to All the Dads Who Love Tom Clancy Books

Tom Clancy‘s tales of espionage stretch from the pages of his many novels to the light of the silver screen, not to mention a franchise of video games and a TV series. Now the author’s recurring character John Clark is about to have a bigger presence in media, courtesy of Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming film adaptation Without Remorse. Originally picked up by Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios snagged Without Remorse and will be releasing it through the Amazon Prime video service at the end o...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Navy, Russia, Thriller, Adaptation, Cia, Liev Schreiber, Michael B Jordan, Video Clips, Tom Clancy, Kelly, Brett Gelman, John Clark, Willem Dafoe, Action/Adventure

‘Starlight’: ‘Attack the Block’ Helmer Joe Cornish Will Write and Direct Mark Millar Adaptation

After Attack the Block arrived in 2011, lots of folks expected Joe Cornish to become a prolific filmmaker hired by big studios to make great, original movies. Instead, he’s only directed one other film – The Kid Who Would Be King in 2019. Thankfully, Cornish is about to get back in the director’s chair again with Starlight, an adaptation of the Mark Millar comic of the same name. Cornish will write and direct the film for 20th Century Studios. The comic follows a space hero who saves the galaxy...
Tags: Movies, Earth, Adaptation, 20th Century Fox, Duke, Mark-Millar, Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Kingsman, Cornish, Starlight, Comic Book/Superhero, Duke McQueen, Helmer Joe Cornish, Goran Parlov Millar, The Adventures of Tin Tin Cornish

‘Perestroika in Paris’: Barry Sonnenfeld Will Direct 2D Animated Movie

Barry Sonnenfeld is set to make his first animated feature film with Perestroika in Paris, an adaptation of the Jane Smiley book of the same name. Legendary producer Frank Marshall will produce the movie via the Kennedy/Marshall Company, and the plan is to create a 2D animated film reminiscent of the animated comedy The Triplets of Belleville. The story follows a thoroughbred horse wandering through Paris. THR broke the news that Barry Sonnenfeld is set to direct the animated film Perestroik...
Tags: Movies, Animation, Paris, Adaptation, Indiana Jones, Marshall, Belleville, Etienne, Barry Sonnenfeld, Frank-Marshall, Frida, Paras, Jane Smiley, Sonnenfeld, Kennedy Marshall Company, Perestroika in Paris

Live-Action ‘Gundam’ Movie is Coming to Netflix With Jordan Vogt-Roberts Directing

Time to get in the robot: a Gundam live-action movie is coming to Netflix. Legendary is developing a live-action Gundam feature film, which will be steered by Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It will stream exclusively on Netflix. Netflix announced that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct and produce a Gundam live-action movie from Legendary Pictures, based on the beloved mecha-anime franchise. “Grab your Mobile suits! Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been set to direct and produce Legend...
Tags: Movies, China, Sci-fi, Netflix, Adaptation, Tokyo, Anime, Bandai, Skull Island, Legendary Pictures, Kong, Gundam, Action/Adventure, Netflix Netflix, Cale Boyter, Jordan Vogt-Roberts

‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ Will Pit Friendship Against the Devil with ‘Eighth Grade’ Star Elsie Fisher

Whenever a horror movie with an exorcism comes along, it usually threatens to tear apart a family who has just moved into a new home. But soon the evil of the devil will square off with the power of friendship in Amazon’s upcoming film adaptation of Grady Hendrix’s best-selling book My Best Friend’s Exorcism. The Hollywood Reporter has news on My Best Friend’s Exorcism movie, which just started production this week and has been picked up by Amazon Studios. If you haven’t heard of the book on...
Tags: Amazon, Hollywood, Movies, Casting, Horror, Adaptation, David Oyelowo, Amazon Studios, Gretchen, Abby, Grady Hendrix, Gotham Group, Chris Evangelista, Amiah Miller, Christopher Landon, Elsie Fisher

‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ TV Series Will Star Justin Timberlake as ‘Gong Show’ Host and Self-Confessed CIA Assassin Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris was the host of The Gong Show and creator of The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. He was also an assassin for the CIA. Okay, that’s more than likely not true – but Barris himself made those claims in his autobiography Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The CIA denied Barris was an agent – but that’s exactly what they would say, isn’t it? Of course, Barris himself also admitted he made the whole thing up. No matter – it was a good story, and it was turned into a twisted little film ...
Tags: Apple, Television, Movies, Casting, Adaptation, Cia, George Clooney, Justin-Timberlake, Charlie Kaufman, Miramax, Clooney, Kaufman, Sam Rockwell, Llewyn Davis, Timberlake, Barris

Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in ‘The 39 Steps’ Limited Series for Netflix

Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange, The Imitation Game) is set to star in a limited series adaptation of author John Buchan’s novel The 39 Steps, which updates the story for the modern era. The book was previously adapted into a beloved movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935. Netflix has scored the rights to the new series adaptation, which has Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) writing the scripts and Edward Berger, who previously worked with Cumberbatch on the Showtime series Patrick Melrose, directin...
Tags: Europe, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Benedict Cumberbatch, Casting, Netflix, Thriller, Showtime, Adaptation, Cumberbatch, Alfred Hitchcock, Northwest, John Buchan, Hitchcock, Mark L. Smith

‘The Woman in the Window’ Trailer: Nosy Neighbor Amy Adams Witnesses a Murder…or Does She?

We’re finally going to get to see The Woman in the Window, the Joe Wright/Amy Adams film that was once scheduled to hit theaters in 2019. Poor test screenings, reshoots, and COVID-19 changed all that, but Netflix stepped in and purchased the film, and now they’re gearing up to start streaming it in May. Which means it’s time for a new trailer! Based on the best-selling novel by A. J. Finn (AKA Dan Malloy), The Woman in the Window is heavily inspired by familiar titles such as Rear Window and fo...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Julianne Moore, New York City, Netflix, Thriller, Adaptation, Movie Trailers, Amy-Adams, New Yorker, Adams, Tracy Letts, Tony Gilroy, Joe-Wright, Dan Malloy, The Woman in the Window

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Will “Be Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen,” Says Screenwriter Eric Roth

Killers of the Flower Moon, the new movie from Martin Scorsese, is currently in pre-production, and the anticipation is already through the roof. Not only is it a new Scorsese movie, but it also reunites Scorsese with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. On top of that, it’s adapting an acclaimed book by David Grann, based on a true story. Now, as we all sit around eagerly awaiting the movie, screenwriter Eric Roth has shed some light on the project, going so far as to say the film is goi...
Tags: Movies, Adaptation, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert De Niro, Leo, Scorsese, Eric-Roth, True Story, Texas Rangers, Martin-Scorsese, DiCaprio, Marty, Roth, Jesse Plemons, David Grann, Tom White

‘The Mosquito Coast’ Trailer: Justin Theroux and His Family Are On the Run

The Mosquito Coast is a novel by Paul Theroux that was previously adapted into a film starring Harrison Ford. Now it’s getting another adaptation for Apple TV+, with Justin Theroux set to star. As you might notice, Theroux shares a last name with the book’s author – and that’s because he’s Paul Theroux’s nephew, which is some fun trivia you can store away in your brain right now and bring it up at your next cocktail party. In The Mosquito Coast, an inventor uproots his family and takes them on ...
Tags: Apple, New York, Television, Movies, US, America, Justin-Theroux, Rupert Wyatt, Adaptation, Harrison Ford, Paul Theroux, Harrison, Theroux, Mosquito Coast, Tom Bissell, Peter Weir

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Adds a Pair of Country Music Stars and Gets an Incredible Production Designer

The Killers of the Flower Moon cast has added a pair of Grammy-winning singer/songwriters to its ranks. Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson will act in Martin Scorsese’s newest movie, appearing in the cast alongside with big names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Plemons. But in case you needed another reason to get excited about this film, Scorsese has also hired the excellent Jack Fisk as the film’s production designer. Some of Fisk’s credits include There Will Be Blood, The Ne...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Drama, Casting, Fbi, Thriller, Adaptation, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert De Niro, Scorsese, Oklahoma, Martin-Scorsese, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons

Park Chan-wook is Directing a TV Adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer-Winning Novel ‘The Sympathizer’

Park Chan-wook has found his next TV project. The filmmaker behind Oldboy and The Handmaiden ventured into TV for the first time for the John le Carré series Little Drummer Girl in 2018, and will be bringing another espionage story to to the screen with A24’s TV adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Sympathizer. A24, Park Chan-wook, and post-Vietnam War espionage? It’s a match made in heaven for the Sympathizer TV series, which is being developed for the small sc...
Tags: Television, Movies, America, Los Angeles, War, Adaptation, Vietnam, A24, Saigon, Nguyen, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Park Chan wook, Park Chan, The Sympathizer, Sympathizer

‘Those Who We Wish Me Dead’ Trailer: Angelina Jolie Fights a Forest Fire and Deadly Assassins in the New Taylor Sheridan Film

Angelina Jolie has to deal with an army of deadly killers and a raging forest fire in the trailer for Those Who Wish Me Dead. Jolie plays a fire lookout and survival expert who has to protect a teenage boy from some deadly killers, all while a fire rages around them. It’s kind of looks like the video game Firewatch, but with more guns, and also Tyler Perry. The film has Jolie teaming up with Taylor Sheridan, the writer of Sicario, Hell or High Water, and Yellowstone. Here, Sheridan directs from...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, Montana, Adaptation, Angelina-Jolie, Movie Trailers, Warner Brothers, Yellowstone, Tyler Perry, Nicholas Hoult, Sheridan, Charles Leavitt, Aiden Gillen, Action/Adventure, Taylor Sheridan

‘Monster’ Trailer: The Award-Winning Novel From Walter Dean Myers is Now a Netflix Movie

Monster, based on the novel by Walter Dean Myers, had its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. But oddly enough, it never found an official wide release – until now. Netflix scooped the adaptation up and will finally release it in May, with the first trailer now available to watch below. The movie follows a seventeen-year-old film student whose entire life gets turned upside down when he’s charged with felony murder. Monster Trailer  Published in 1999, Walter Dean Myers’s ...
Tags: Movies, America, Netflix, Adaptation, Movie Trailers, Steve, Harlem, Monster, Netflix Movie, Anthony Mandler, John David Washington, Walter Dean Myers, Kelvin Harrison Jr, Steve Harmon, Anthony Madler, Steven Prokopy

‘Without Remorse’ Trailer: Michael B. Jordan is Out for Blood in Amazon’s Tom Clancy Adaptation

Michael B. Jordan is not going to let an international conspiracy keep him down in Without Remorse, a new action thriller based on Tom Clancy‘s book of the same name. Without Remorse finds Michael B. Jordan playing John Clark, one of the most popular recurring characters from the world of Tom Clancy’s espionage novels. In a story that plays out like John Wick meets Clear and Present Danger, Clark loses his family in a brutal attack by a squad of Russian soldiers seeking retaliation for a top se...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Navy, Russia, Thriller, Adaptation, Cia, Movie Trailers, Paramount Pictures, Michael B Jordan, Tom Clancy, Kelly, Clark, John Wick, Brett Gelman, John Clark

Lost Soviet ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Movie Resurfaces on YouTube

In 1991, a Lord of the Rings TV adaptation titled Khraniteli aired on Soviet television. By all accounts, it’s the only Lord of the Rings adaptation made in the Soviet Union – and it was also thought to be lost forever. However, much like the One Ring itself, the Soviet Lord of the Rings TV movie has resurfaced – on YouTube. It’s a charmingly low-budgeted affair, looking more like a TV game show than a J. R. R. Tolkien adaptation, and you can watch it in full below. Soviet Lord of the Rings...
Tags: Movies, Youtube, Fantasy, Adaptation, Jackson, Peter Jackson, Tolkien, Soviet Union, Gollum, Tom Bombadil, Lord-of-the-Rings, Foreign Language, Khraniteli, Rings TV Movie Part, Leningrad Television, Andrei Romanov

‘Borderlands’ Casts Edgar Ramirez as Villain, First Plot Details Revealed

Eli Roth‘s Borderlands movie has found its villain. Edgar Ramirez (Carlos, Gold, the Point Break remake) will play a character named Atlas, who’s described as “a business titan and arms manufacturer, and the most powerful person in the universe.” The movie, which has been filming since the beginning of this month in Hungary, is based on the popular video game franchise – and Lionsgate has revealed the first official plot details for the film adaptation. In a press release, Lionsgate announced...
Tags: Movies, Lionsgate, Casting, Sci-fi, Atlas, Pandora, Hungary, Adaptation, Kevin Hart, Emmy, Godzilla, Cate Blanchett, Eli Roth, Video Game, Roth, Edgar

Sam Raimi-Produced Horror Movie ‘Every House is Haunted’ Lands at Netflix

Every House is Haunted, especially for Netflix. The streamer, which knows a thing or two about haunted houses, has landed the Sam Raimi-produced horror movie Every House is Haunted, based on Ian Rogers’ collection of supernatural short stories. Deadline reports that the Every House is Haunted movie will be coming to Netflix. Written by Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman, Every House is Haunted will be directed by Corin Hardy, best known for helming The Nun and episodes of Gangs of London. Rai...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Horror, Netflix, House, Adaptation, Rogers, Sam-Raimi, Raimi, Hill House, Mike Flanagan, Andrew Childs, Ian Rogers, Roy Lee, Corin Hardy, Every House

Eli Roth’s ‘Borderlands’ Movie Has Begun Filming

Director Eli Roth’s Borderlands is looking to be the most star-studded video game adaptation yet. With cast members like Cate Blanchett and Jack Black on the call sheet, it’s immediately one of the more interesting feature film adaptations of a popular video game to come along in years. So all eyes are on the Borderlands production, which has just started filming in Hungary. Ariana Greenblatt, who played Young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War and is set to play a character named Tiny Tina in...
Tags: Movies, Hungary, Adaptation, Kevin Hart, Chernobyl, Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, Eli-Roth, Video Game, Roth, Craig Mazin, Borderlands, Lionsgate Films, Action/Adventure, Tannis, Florian Munteanu

‘Things Heard and Seen’ Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Moves Into a Haunted House

Fresh off her Oscar nomination for Mank, Amanda Seyfried has another Netflix movie on the way – Things Heard and Seen, a thriller based on the Elizabeth Brundage novel All Things Cease to Appear. Seyfried plays one half of a New York couple who move into a historic house in the Hudson Valley, only to discover the house has a dark, creepy history – and that it may be haunted. Watch the Things Heard and Seen trailer. Things Heard and Seen Trailer Things Heard and Seen wasn’t on my radar, ...
Tags: New York, Movies, Netflix, Thriller, Adaptation, Manhattan, Movie Trailers, Catherine, Hudson Valley, Clare, Amanda Seyfried, Seyfried, Murray Abraham, Franny, Shari Springer Berman, Elizabeth Brundage

‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ Release Date Delayed to Thanksgiving

If you’d booked a trip to Raccoon City in early September, we have bad news: your trip has been delayed to Thanksgiving. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Sony’s reboot of the film franchise based on the popular video game series, was previously slated to arrive in theaters on September 3, 2021, but now the movie has been bumped back to Thanksgiving, presumably since the idea of surviving in a post-apocalyptic hellscape will allow viewers to work up quite an appetite for turkey and stuffi...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Sci-fi, Adaptation, Sony, San Diego, Video Game, Milla Jovovich, Paul W S Anderson, Release Dates, Johannes Roberts, Neal McDonough, Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Umbrella Corporation Raccoon City, Raccoon City Sony

Neil Gaiman Insists That ‘American Gods’ is “Not Dead” Despite Starz Cancelation

It might take a miracle to bring back American Gods, but Neil Gaiman has faith that the fantasy drama based on his acclaimed novel is not dead. In fact, it’s “definitely not dead,” Gaiman assured fans following the show’s cancelation by Starz. But considering American Gods‘ three turbulent seasons at Starz, it might take a little prayer to keep it going. Late Monday night, Starz announced that American Gods had been canceled after three seasons, bringing to an end a troubled production that ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Fantasy, Neil-Gaiman, Green, Netflix, Adaptation, Starz, Pope, Charles, AG, Fremantle, Gaiman, Fuller, Michael Green, Bryan Fuller

‘Shadow and Bone’ Trailer: It’s Time to Enter the Grishaverse With the New Netflix Fantasy Series

Are you ready for the next big fantasy hit (probably)? Then prepare to enter the Grishaverse, the series of bestselling novels by Leigh Bardugo, which are coming to the small screen in Netflix’s new epic fantasy series Shadow and Bone. Watch the official Shadow and Bone trailer below. Shadow and Bone Trailer Fans of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels have long been demanding an adaptation of its complicated, dark world filled with political schemes and dangerous wars. And Netflix looks ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Fantasy, Netflix, Adaptation, Ben Barnes, Witcher, Alina, Leigh Bardugo, Bone, TV Trailer, Eric Heisserer, Shadow and Bone, Alina Starkov, Grisha But, Kirigan

‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel About the Fateful Tourney at Harrenhal is Becoming a Broadway and West End Stage Play

The Tourney at Harrenhal. The kidnapping of Lyanna Stark. Robert’s Rebellion. All were spoken about in hushed tones during the course of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones as the fateful events that led to the corrupt and fractured kingdom that we’re introduced to at the start of the series. Now, A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin is bringing those events to life in…a stage play. A Game of Thrones stage play is heading for Broadway, London’s West End, and Australian stages, w...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Australia, Fantasy, George Orwell, Stage, Broadway, Adaptation, Game Of Thrones, West End, Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Robert, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Helen, Martin

‘Thundercats’ Movie to Be Directed By ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Helmer Adam Wingard

Holy Snarf, a Thundercats movie is finally happening – and the project has found its director. Adam Wingard, the director of You’re Next, The Guest, and this week’s gigantic MonsterVerse movie Godzilla vs. Kong, has been tapped to direct a Thundercats film for Warner Bros. based on the popular 1980s animated television series. And it sounds like Wingard is a massive fan, because in a new interview, he makes this bold claim: “Nobody on this planet knows or has thought as much about Thundercats a...
Tags: Television, Movies, Michael Bay, Sci-fi, Adaptation, Warner Bros, Godzilla, Thundercats, Warner Brothers, Toy, Kong, WB, Wingard, Action/Adventure, Roy Lee, Adam Wingard

‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ TV Series is Coming to Hulu Courtesy of ‘Outlander’ Creator Ron Moore

Outlander and Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore is developing a new fantasy series. Moore is turning Sarah J. Maas’ best-selling A Court of Thorns and Roses fantasy books into a TV series, with the author co-writing the pilot alongside Moore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore has signed on to adapt Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses books into a TV series at Hulu. In a script deal that has a “significant penalty” if the series is not greenlit, Moore is writing the pilot al...
Tags: Apple, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Fantasy, Adaptation, Hulu, Josh, Ron, Moore, Ron Moore, Maas, Ronald-D.-Moore, Sarah J Maas, Court of Wings, A Court Of Thorns And Roses

‘Game of Thrones’ Creator George R.R. Martin Strikes Five-Year Deal to Develop Content for HBO and HBO Max

After giving HBO one of their biggest hit show of all time, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is getting even more comfortable with the cable network and the WarnerMedia streaming service HBO Max. Hot on the heels of news that three Game of Thrones spin-offs were in development at HBO, the fantasy author has struck a five-year deal that will see him developing programming for both HBO and HBO Max. The Hollywood Reporter has news on George R.R. Martin HBO deal, which earned the author...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, Fantasy, Rome, House, Adaptation, Game Of Thrones, Matt Smith, A Song Of Ice And Fire, George R R Martin, Martin, Aegon, Nnedi Okorafor, House Martell, Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke

Bo Burnham to Play NBA Legend Larry Bird in HBO’s Los Angeles Lakers Show

Promising young man Bo Burnham has just “scored” a major role in a new HBO series. The multi-hyphenate, whose credits include writing and directing Eighth Grade and acting in films like Promising Young Woman, The Big Sick, and Rough Night, will play Boston Celtics superstar Larry Bird in the untitled show about the “Showtime” era of the 1980s, in which the Los Angeles Lakers, led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, energized the NBA with their up-tempo, high-flying style of play and capti...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Drama, Casting, Sports, Showtime, Adaptation, Nba, Magic, Bird, Espn, Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson, Boston Celtics

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