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Will people buy homes sight unseen in a post-pandemic market?

At Inman Connect, realtors Cara Ameer and Gary Gold weighed in on whether they think virtual tours will continue to be enough for homebuyers.
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Amid inventory crisis, median age of US housing stock is getting older

In a pair of new studies released Wednesday, NAR and Harvard University are calling on the government to help ease the housing crisis.
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5 ways agents can boost their profitability

Wendy Papasan of the Papasan Properties Group, says increasing profitability can be as simple as managing expenses and picking a specialty.
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7 must-have skills all great team leaders put above everything else

By prioritizing these critical skills, traits and principles, team leaders can handle whatever comes their way with grace, poise and enough energy left over to enjoy life.
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Does your advertising paint a true picture?

In real estate, transparency should matter. However, there's a lot of self-promotional marketing in the industry that falls firmly in the gray areas between truth and fiction and along the seams between black and white.
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Agent/broker perspective: Do reality TV shows help or hurt agents’ careers?

Each month Anthony Askowitz explores a hypothetical real estate situation from both sides of the broker/agent dynamic. This time: An agent wants to appear on a real estate reality show, convinced it would bolster her career. How should her broker react?
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Root cause of inventory crisis dates back more than a decade: NAR

The US has been underbuilding for more than a decade, according to a new analysis by the National Association of Realtors. Without a solution, homeownership will become more difficult to obtain.
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Summer market will be hot, but not scorching, economists say at Inman Connect

Daryl Fairweather of Redfin and Jeff Tucker of Zillow said the market would still continue to be strong through the end of 2021.
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Home sale-leasebacks are surging, but are they good for homeowners?

Sale-leasebacks can feel like a lifeline to homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments, but consumer advocacy groups are concerned over the low sales prices investors are offering.
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Brad Inman calls for bold leadership on pocket listings, NIMBYism

During a speech kicking off Inman Connect, Inman said that the industry has evolved quickly during difficult times, but needs bold leadership to overcome challenges that are holding up supply
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Inman Innovator Awards 2021: Nominations, please!

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Inman Innovator Awards. The winners will be honored at Inman Connect Las Vegas in October.
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Jacksonville apartment property website wins Webby honor

A website built for an apartment property in Florida was one of three in the world to be awarded as a 2021 Webby Honoree at the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science's 25th Annual Webby Awards.
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Buyers relocating? How to guide them in a cross-country move

In this highly competitive market where agents outnumber homes for sale, every agent needs a competitive edge. Here's how to make helping relocating buyers yours.
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Why ‘do what you love, outsource the rest’ is bad advice

While hiring staff to take on tasks you’re not best at is a common way of growing a team, it can be incredibly costly to hire out a task you haven't mastered yet. Here’s what you should consider before opting to “hire it out.”
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Full disclosure: Sellers fear transparency — here’s how to get past it

Sellers often approach disclosures with dread. Agents need to counsel them about the many benefits of disclosure, from building mutual trust to offering legal protection.
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What real estate agents need to know about laminate flooring 

As a real estate agent, it counts to be well-versed on flooring options. Whether they're selling or buying a home, your clients will appreciate your know-how and expertise in helping them problem-solve flooring issues. 
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How to use your real estate expertise to save for retirement

Investing with a SDIRA includes developed or undeveloped land, single family homes, commercial real estate, multifamily housing, or even mortgage notes. Your real estate expertise is your greatest asset.
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Lesson Learned: Giving 100% every time pays off

Real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week: Find out how Florida agent Dennis Bowers learned that every client is a potential game-changer with $70 million in referrals (from one client) to back it up.
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The small investments that can solidify a client relationship

Big Sky agent Charlotte Durham discusses three helpful strategies that guide her approach and gives insight into why each is important in building your client relationships — and by extension, your business.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add or Edit a Link To My Twitter Account?

To add or edit a link to your Twitter account or page on any AgencyLogic PowerSite Pro single property Website, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit PowerSitePro.com and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Add or edit your Twitter account or page in the “Twitter” field and click the “Update” button. This is not a free form, text field. Please make sure you add “http://” or “https://” in front of your Website addres...
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Edit Agent Information?

To edit agent information for your AgencyLogic single property Website PowerSite Pro, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit PowerSitePro.com and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Change any information shown, and click the “Update” button: If you have additional questions, email: [email protected] Or give us a call on: (888) 201-5160
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The New Normal: Imagining the frictionless transaction of the future

With every sight-unseen offer, iBuyer sale, Knock Home Swap and contingency-free contract that graces a seller's inbox, one more cornerstone gets chiseled away from the foundation of the traditional sale.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add Agent Information?

To add an agent to your AgencyLogic single property Website PowerSite Pro, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit PowerSitePro.com and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: If you haven’t previously added an agent, you will see a blank page/list: Step 3: Click the “Add Agent” button: Step 4:Enter agent information to the fields shown, and click the “Save” button: If you have additional questions, email: [email protected] Or giv...
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The New Normal: What if sellers become complacent?

The pandemic dramatically shortened the listing and selling process, and forced buyers to become decisive about what they want. Now that sellers have gotten a taste of it, will they become unrealistically overconfident?
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Ramsey vs. eXp: The coaching company takes aim at the brokerage

Ramsey Solutions has given eXp Realty agents a startling choice: Switch brokerages or stop getting leads from the well-known coaching firm.
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The Real Word: Can the appraisal process be color-blind?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. In this edition of The Real Word, they'll discuss racial discrimination in homebuying, NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and using TikTok as a real estate agent.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add or Edit An Agent Email Address?

To add or edit an agent email address for your AgencyLogic single property Website PowerSite Pro, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit PowerSitePro.com and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Add to, or edit the value in the ‘Email’ field: and click the “Update” button: If you have additional questions, email: [email protected] Or give us a call on: (888) 201-5160
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Offerpad is a more profitable flavor of iBuying: Mike DelPrete

Offerpad's latest financials strongly suggest that a less venture-funded, less tech-enabled, more real-estate focused and less breakneck version of iBuying can be (almost) profitable.
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Tackling agent retention? 4 strategies for a stronger firm

You can’t predict when your agents will decide their time with your brokerage is done, but while they’re with you, you can work to support them. Here are a few effective ways to prioritize retention.
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Why agents and title agencies don’t always see eye to eye

While the title agency tends to bear its fair share of a transaction's detail-oriented work, it’s when communication and cooperation collapse that closings tend to be delayed. Here's why both companies need to work together and communicate clearly.
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