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The Daily Stream: Paper Moon Is The Road To Movie Heaven, With The Late Peter Bogdanovich As Your Driver

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Movie: "Paper Moon"Where You Can Stream It: Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, Showtime/The Roku ChannelThe Pitch: Real-life father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal star as a small-time grifter and his unlikely accomplice in this spirited road movie set during the Great Depression. Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, who passed away this ...
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Apple Series City On Fire Adds Chase Sui Wonders To The Cast

A new crime drama from the team who brought us "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" has just landed its lead. Chase Sui Wonders has been tapped for a major role in the upcoming Apple series "City on Fire," per Variety.Though she may not be a household name yet, Wonders' filmography to date is composed of interesting projects, from Sofia Coppola's "On The Rocks" to Crystal Moselle's skater girl series "Betty" to the teen-penned HBO Max drama "Generation." Now she's been cast as Samantha, the woman who be...
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Francis Ford Coppola Used A Mafia Move To Escape Getting Fired From The Godfather

Late last year, we delved into a bit of Hollywood history and examined how director Francis Ford Coppola was nearly fired during the production of "The Godfather." The arrival of 2022 brings the 50th anniversary of "The Godfather" and a theatrical rerelease and 4K restoration of "cinema's most beloved masterpiece," as Paramount's new trailer calls it. Coppola is doing press to promote it, and he has again shared the story of watching the Oscars in 1971 with friend and fellow filmmaker Martin Sco...
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The Two Nicolas Cages: A Case Study In How To Properly Utilize One Of Our Best Actors

The "memeification" of Nicolas Cage is a digital age phenomenon. Younger generations watch the Oscar-winning Coppola's catalog as "hilarious" YouTube compilation videos featuring titles like "Deadfall," "The Wicker Man," or "Vampire's Kiss." He's become infamous for his extravagant spending habits (he had to return a $276k dinosaur skull for legal reasons), which drives the online theory that he'll take any role for the right price to pay off castle-sized debts. Audiences demand the unrestrained...
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Official Trailer for the 50th Anniversary Re-Release of 'The Godfather'

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Paramount Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for the 50th Anniversary 4K re-release of the seminal gangster movie The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and first released in 1972. There's nothing like this movie! In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Coppola’s Academy Award-winning masterwork The Godfather, Paramount Pictures announced that the film will have a limited theatrical release in Dolby Vision beginning February 25...
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The Godfather 50th Anniversary Trailer: Francis Ford Coppola's Masterpiece Gets A Limited Theatrical Release

Hey, have you heard about this young up-and-comer Francis Ford Coppola? I think this kid has what it takes! But seriously, folks! "The Godfather," one of several films that could be declared as Coppola's masterpiece, is turning 50 this year. To celebrate, Paramount is re-releasing the film in select theaters. They're also releasing a brand-new 4K box set that features the entire "Godfather" trilogy, including the recently released "Godfather: Part III" re-cut "The Godfather Coda: The Death of Mi...
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New Trailer and Poster for the 50th Anniversary Release of THE GODFATHER

Coppola's classic return to cinemas in February. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Every Emma Watson Role Ranked Worst To Best

The audience discovered Emma Watson when she was only 11 years old. The role of Hermione Granger didn't just launch Watson's acting career, but made it, as she spent a decade filming the eight-movie series. In the following decade, the young Brit then proved she could do more than play a teenage wizard, appearing in almost a dozen movies and trying her hand at different types of characters and genres, building on the reputation that Hermione gave her.Acting isn't Watson's only passion, though. A...
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Year Of The Vampire: Bram Stoker's Dracula Puts The 'Opera' In Gothic Horror Opera

(Welcome to Year of the Vampire, a series examining the greatest, strangest, and sometimes overlooked vampire movies of all time in honor of "Nosferatu," which turns 100 this year.)"Dracula" movies are commonly associated with Universal Pictures and Hammer Film Productions, and with valid reason: they're responsible for many of the most famous big screen adaptations of Bram Stoker's landmark 1897 novel that've come out over the last 100 years. Yet one of the best and certainly the most operatic ...
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Nicolas Cage Says His Dracula In Renfield Is Inspired By Gabriel From The Utterly Bonkers Malignant

James Wan's recent "Malignant" is a big, weird, unapologetically bombastic horror extravaganza. Wan tapped into the same kind of gonzo energy present in films like Brian De Palma's "Raising Cain," and created a great new horror movie villain: Gabriel. If you haven't seen "Malignant" just yet, be warned: here come some spoilers. Gabriel is first presented as a kind of supernatural-adjacent slasher, stalking around and brutally murdering people while main character Madison (Annabelle Wallis) suffe...
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This Was Francis Ford Coppola's Favorite Movie To Film

There's not always a correlation between a filmmaker's best movie and the one that was their favorite to make, and Francis Ford Coppola's career is living proof of that. "Apocalypse Now" and "The Godfather" are the two Coppola films that most frequently top lists of the greatest movies of all time. In Sight & Sound's once-a-decade poll, the directors of the world ranked those two films at #6 and #7, respectively, making Coppola the only filmmaker with two titles in the top 10. Yet he made both o...
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The Godfather Ending Explained: Baptism By Blood

In the final moments of Francis Ford Coppola's seminal classic "The Godfather," the audience bears witness to one of the most stunning onscreen transformations of a character in Al Pacino's Michael Corleone. It's the consummation of his shift from the virtuous and patriotic war hero he is at the beginning of the movie, to the malevolent and intimidating figure he becomes by its end. Portrayed by Al Pacino in only his third acting role, Coppola's adaption of Mario Puzo's novel elegantly and bruta...
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The Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving Netflix January 2022

Hang in there, folks. 2021, the nonstop roller coaster that none of us ever wanted to ride in the first place, is almost in the books and we can look forward to 2022 either giving us a much-needed clean slate ... or just more of the same. I'm not a betting man, but I know which way I'm leaning. In any case, we thankfully have the distraction of movies and shows to keep us occupied as another month winds to a close and the Great Streaming Shuffle begins yet another cycle of titles jumping from on...
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Movies Like American Gangster You Definitely Need To See

Ridley Scott debuted not just one, but two big-budget, star-studded vehicles this year with "The Last Duel" and "House of Gucci," both of which were released within a month of each other. Scott is one of the most prolific filmmakers of his generation, and "American Gangster" stands as one of his very best films. The 157-minute crime epic was a throwback to classic films that explored the lives of both cops and criminals in nearly equal measure. It spotlighted real events and public figures some ...
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14 Movies Like The Social Network You Definitely Need To See

It takes a long time for films to establish themselves as cinematic classics, and it often takes several decades to fully realize a film's legacy. As such, few films from the 21st century are already considered classics that'll be worth revisiting generations later. However, if any film of the past two decades will withstand the test of time, it's undoubtedly "The Social Network." Not only is David Fincher's masterful study of the dawn of social media a rich, compelling drama that's highly enter...
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The Godfather Is Heading Back To Theaters In 4K

Just when you thought you were out, "The Godfather" pulls you back in. It's been almost a full half-century since Francis Ford Coppola's mob epic, widely considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, first came to movie theaters. After premiering in New York, "The Godfather" went into wide release in the U.S. on March 24, 1972. It's one of the all-time greats, yet there's a whole generation of moviegoers who never got the chance to see it on the big screen.All that will change next ye...
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This Memorable Godfather Moment Almost Didn't Happen

One of the key pieces of the opening scene from Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film "The Godfather" is the cat that sits on Vito "Don" Corleone's lap for the first few minutes. Apart from being some of the best minutes in cinema history and containing some of the film's most quoted lines, that scene and the image of the cat on the Don's lap is forever burned into my mind — and probably most who've seen it. It paints a portrait of power and reverence that weighs over the film long after Vito exits t...
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Every Francis Ford Coppola Feature Ranked From Worst To Best

Out of all the New Hollywood directors to launch their careers in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Francis Ford Coppola is without a doubt one of the most famous. This is partially a result of his string of hits throughout the 1970s, many of which are serious contenders in any conversation about the best films ever made. But when you talk about Francis Ford Coppola, you also have to discuss the veritable film dynasty he would become the head of — it's sort of like "The Godfather," only with a bun...
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Podcast #758: The Epic Story of the Making of The Godfather

When it comes to lists of men’s favorite movies, The Godfather is a perennial inclusion. And as hard as this may be to believe, the critically acclaimed and popularly beloved film is coming up on the 50th anniversary of its release. Journalist Mark Seal wrote an in-depth piece on the making of The Godfather for Vanity Fair magazine back in 2009, and after doing even more interviews with director Francis Ford Coppola, the actors of the film, and other behind-the-scenes players, wrote a new boo...
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From Mark Seal's “'Marlon Was as Dead as Could Be': How Brando Beat the Odds and Became the Godfather"

--via Vanity Fair, a sample of Mark Seal's upcoming book Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: The Epic Story of the Making of The Godfather: "Brando told Coppola not to record his voice, because he hadn’t settled on the don’s speech pattern. The director nodded to Narita to begin rolling, and Marlon Brando, supposedly washed up and finished as an actor, began to turn forty-seven years of preparation, experience, and talent into art. 'Slightly, from a low angle, I filmed him holding a glass of wi...
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Dune Costume Designer Jacqueline West On How To Make A Stillsuit [Interview]

"Dune" costumer designer Jacqueline West is one of the best in the business. The three-time Academy Award nominee's previous credits include "Argo," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Revenant," and "The Social Network." She's also frequently collaborated with Terrence Malick, having worked on "The New World" and "The Tree of Life," to name a few. It's a long list of accomplishments, including Martin Scorsese's next film, "The Killers of the Flower Moon."West has brought accuracy and li...
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The 15 Best Movies About The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War had an unprecedented impact on the development of modern filmmaking. The war itself occurred during a downward spiral for major studios, as the luster of the "Golden Age of Hollywood" had depleted throughout the 1960s.The '70s saw the rise of a new generation of filmmakers. As the old system crumbled, studios began to take risks on younger filmmakers who revitalized the industry with their original voices. Directors like Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Brian...
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15 Must-Watch Documentaries About Filmmaking

On its best day, filmmaking is alchemy. On the rest, it's an affront to the natural order. Forming something from nothing in any other medium is a fundamentally lonely pursuit. Movies, by contrast, are deceit as a team sport. Armies, anywhere from a handful to hundreds strong, must march in microscopic lockstep -- no matter the scope, scale, or genre, all films are made one shot at a time.It's a miracle that Frank Capra considered a disease. "When it infects your bloodstream, it takes over as th...
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Why Francis Ford Coppola Was Nearly Fired During The Godfather's Production

While Mario Puzo's book "The Godfather" isn't usually mentioned in the canon of the Great American Novel, Francis Ford Coppola's film adaptation is unquestionably one of the Great American Movies. In the 10th-anniversary edition of the American Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Movies list, "The Godfather" was second only to "Citizen Kane." However, Coppola's reputation as the premier auteur of the 1970s was not yet established when he made "The Godfather."He had directed four other films in the ...
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Anya Stanley's Favorite Movies Of All Time

Hello /Film readers. I'm Anya Stanley, and I like movies -- the darker, the better. In the past five years, I've fooled an outlet or two into paying me to talk movies, and /Film is the latest mark to take my film opinions seriously. When the invite came down to round up my top 15 movies, I was a little daunted. I've actively avoided this for said five years, because I knew my list would refuse to pick a lane, and would defy any attempts to corral and rank them in any way that makes sense. How do...
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Dune Villain Baron Harkonnen Was Inspired By Marlon Brando In Apocalypse Now [Exclusive]

Author Frank Herbert famously pulled from many different sources for inspiration when crafting his original "Dune" novel in 1965, but the story itself proved to be as widely influential as any sci-fi or fantasy tale that we've seen in the time since -- even leading to some surprising echoes of "Dune" in unexpected places. Though many of its spiritual successors (chiefly "Star Wars") would end up beating the property to the big screen, it's still perfectly fitting that Denis Villeneuve's adaptati...
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How Blade Runner's Production Was Almost Shut Down During Its Final Days

Rightly regarded now as a classic, the original "Blade Runner" faced many significant hurdles on its road to movie greatness. Ridley Scott's 1982 film utilized some of the neon from the set of Francis Ford Coppola's Las Vegas-set musical romance, "One from the Heart," the same box-office bomb that — together with Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate" — traditionally demarcates the end of the New Hollywood era. "Blade Runner" came at the tail end of that fertile period when filmmakers like Scott, Copp...
Tags: Movies, Ford, Las Vegas, Harrison Ford, Ridley Scott, Vanity Fair, Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, Scott, Rachel, Michael Cimino, Fancher, Rick Deckard, Deckard, Coppola

Apocalypse Now Ending Explained: The Horror, The Horror

The 1970s was an exceptional decade for American cinema, with directors of New Hollywood taking advantage of unprecedented artistic freedom as the old studio system declined. Attitudes towards sex, violence, and adult themes loosened up, and the likes of Scorsese, Altman, Bogdanovich, Polanski and their contemporaries flourished creatively, making some of the greatest films of the era.Eventually that freedom would become too much of a good thing. By the end of the decade, some notorious film pro...
Tags: Movies, Africa, US, Philippines, Cambodia, Marlon Brando, Congo, Pentagon, Vietnam, Roger Corman, Martin Sheen, Saigon, U S Navy, Willard, Kurtz, Conrad

From Mark Seal's “'Marlon Was as Dead as Could Be': How Brando Beat the Odds and Became the Godfather"

--via Vanity Fair, a sample of Mark Seal's upcoming book Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: The Epic Story of the Making of The Godfather: "Brando told Coppola not to record his voice, because he hadn’t settled on the don’s speech pattern. The director nodded to Narita to begin rolling, and Marlon Brando, supposedly washed up and finished as an actor, began to turn forty-seven years of preparation, experience, and talent into art. 'Slightly, from a low angle, I filmed him holding a glass of wi...
Tags: Movies, Playboy, Marlon Brando, Vanity Fair, Narita, Brando, Coppola, The Film Doctor, Mark seal, Narita Francis

15 Movies To Watch If You Loved The Many Saints Of Newark

Tony Soprano feels about the same we remember him, but his presence in "The Many Saints of Newark" cuts differently. His looming presence is gone, replaced with a younger and more unsure Tony. You have to pay attention to the slight tilt of the head and his distinctive slouch to see the late James Gandolfini in his son, the young Michael Gandolfini, who takes over as our window into the world of the foundational TV series "The Sopranos".At the time, that great, important show seemed like an enti...
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