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Six Cosplayers Raped After Drinking Sleep-Inducing Substance

A twisted 49-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly knocking six women unconscious by sneaking a sleep-inducing drug into their beverage and molesting them, the deviant attending cosplay events to request private photoshoots from unsuspecting females. Chiba police arrested the unemployed 49-year-old, who is being prosecuted on suspicion of semi-forced sexual intercourse and attempted forced […]
Tags: Photography, Japan, Crime, Events, Rape, Anime, Cosplay, Sleeping, Chiba

JAV Scout CEO Arrested for Sending “Tens of Thousands” of Women to AV

The president of an AV production company has been arrested for scouting “tens of thousands” of women into porn according to his words, a practice he also alleged seeing his friends commit to for 30 years and bound to have many wondering why the police are only now deciding to crack down. Tokyo police arrested […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, AV, Tokyo, Pornography, Anime, Blackmail

Kanagawa Police Crack Down on “Molester Matsuri” Groping of College Students

Japanese perverts were allegedly planning to grope college girls in groups on the days where college admission tests were being taken, as reporting such incidents would prevent the victims from taking the test on time, and leading to Japanese police appearing in record numbers to prevent such a thing. It is said that several posts […]
Tags: School, Crime, Police, Trains, International, Bizarre, University, Anime, Fetish, Schoolgirls, Kanagawa, Chikan

Japanese Fire Sergeant Fined for Having YouTube Channel

A Japanese fire fighter has been fined for committing the heinous crime of operating a gaming YouTube channel, a violation of the Local Public Service Act, which restricts local government employees from holding two jobs. The unidentified 33-year old fire sergeant operated his YouTube channel as far back as October 2021, posting around 314 “let’s […]
Tags: Business, Japan, Crime, Money, Youtube, Anime, Wakayama, Firemen

LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan Delayed, Reviewing Partnership with Activision-Blizzard

Lego has announced that it will delay the release of the hotly anticipated Overwatch 2 Titan set as it “reviews” their partnership with Activision-Blizzard. The Lego set, featuring the Titan from Overwatch 2, received enough complaints about Lego’s partnership with the embattled Activision-Blizzard to provoke a response. Lego sent out a blog post explaining their […]
Tags: Games, Activision, Blizzard, Business, California, Courts, Crime, Delays, Law, Lego, Overwatch, Toys

Tiffany Haddish Arrested for DUI in Georgia After Police Found Her Asleep at the Wheel

Tiffany Haddish was arrested early Friday morning (Jan. 14) and is reportedly facing a DUI charge in Georgia after police found her asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle. Details below (via TMZ): Law enforcement tells us Tiffany was arrested by Peachtree City PD officers around 4 AM ET. Although she was getting booked for DUI, the comedian still managed to smile for the camera when cops snapped her mug shot. Cops were responding to a call for a driver who’d fallen asleep at the wheel. Officers ha...
Tags: Celebs, Crime, Celebrity Arrests, Mugshots, Georgia, Pop Culture, Jazz, Dui, Tiffany, Mugshot Madness, Tiffany Haddish, Tiffany Haddish Arrested for DUI, Peachtree City PD

Man threatened to attack, rape multiple real estate agents: Police

Police believe 44-year-old Frank Mainka called agents in Mississippi and threatened to rape them during home showings. The incident highlights the challenges agents face when it comes to safety.
Tags: Florida, New York, Crime, Mississippi, Safety, Minneapolis, Police, Virginia, Radio, Agent, Arrest, Stalking, Starkville, News Brief, Cyber Stalking, Agent Safety

Eroge Developer Alleges Last of Crowdfunded Money Taken by PayPal

Toffer Team, the developer behind eroge Lewd Idol Project that had their PayPal account locked after raising money through Kickstarter, announced that PayPal has now allegedly taken the last of their crowdfunded money from their account. The developer made this turn of events known through Twitter and shared a relevant screenshot: They also stated they […]
Tags: Business, Games, Politics, Usa, Crime, Money, Theft, Censorship, Paypal, Crowd Funding, Kickstarter, Anime, Eroge, Visual Novels, Toffer Team

Los Angeles Police Officers Fired for Neglecting Robbery to Catch a Snorlax

Two Los Angeles police officers have given certain groups in the West ammunition as they have been fired for neglecting a robbery call so they could catch worthless critters in Pokemon GO!, demonstrating the dangers of addiction and surely giving the fair and non-biased media two things to attack in articles. The officers were requested […]
Tags: Games, Usa, Crime, California, Police, Los Angeles, Smartphones, Pokemon, Addiction, Anime, Casuals

They Got Him! Justin Johnson, Young Dolph Murder Suspect, Arrested by U.S. Marshals in Indiana

They got him! Justin Johnson, the man who police believe shot and killed Young Dolph at a Memphis-area cookie shop back in November, is finally in custody after a weeks-long manhunt that resulted in his capture and arrest. According to reports, Johnson, 23, was taken in by U.S. Marshals Officers Tuesday afternoon around 3 p.m. in Indiana. BREAKING- U.S. Marshals say Justin Johnson accused of killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph is in custody. He was arrested in Indiana. @3onyourside pic.twitter.c...
Tags: Celebs, Murder, Crime, Instagram, Indiana, Hip Hop, Pop Culture, Jazz, Arrested, Johnson, Memphis, TBI, Dolph, Justin Johnson, Young Dolph, Wanted

Japanese Man Attempted to Marry Woman Without Her Consent

A deluded man from Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture filed legal documents to marry a woman without her knowledge, fulfilling a dangerous fantasy that most sensible individuals never act upon. The man filed marriage documents at his local government office and used a basic hanko stamp to sign for his bride-to-be, all without her knowledge. It’s […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Marriage, Romance, Stalkers, Bizarre, Wedding, Anime, Gunma, Isesaki City Gunma Prefecture

Japan Leads Global Anti-Piracy Coalition in Effort to Fight Piracy

Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) is leading an international anti-piracy group known as the International Anti-Piracy Organization (IAPO), an organization dedicated to stopping piracy, which will begin its efforts in April to stamp out all forms of illegally uploaded anime and manga. CODA was originally founded in July 2013 by a group of private […]
Tags: Business, Japan, Crime, Money, Interviews, International, Sunrise, Piracy, Anime, Kadokawa, Aniplex, Kodansha, Shueisha, Content Overseas Distribution Association CODA, International Anti Piracy Organization IAPO

23-Year-Old Memphis Man Wanted for Young Dolph’s Murder

Police in Memphis have released the name of the man who they believe is responsible for the shooting death of rapper Young Dolph. According to Fox 13 in Memphis, 23-year-old Justin Johnson is wanted for murder after being accused of shooting and killing Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. Dolph, 36, was gunned down on November 17th, 2021 at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee during a routine visit. Two masked gunmen were captured on surveillanc...
Tags: Celebs, Murder, Crime, Guns, Shootings, Fox, Tennessee, Hip Hop, Pop Culture, Jazz, Johnson, Memphis, Gun Violence, Shooting Death, Mercedes Benz, Memphis Tennessee

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Lose Personal Information Stored on Floppy Disks

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Organized Crime Countermeasures Section 3, who apparently use heavily outdated technology, have admitted to losing two floppy disks that contained the personal information of 38 men. There is little concern in the event the ancient technology is discovered by a random miscreant, considering floppy disks are no longer used. Representatives of […]
Tags: Japan, Technology, Crime, Police, Bizarre, Tokyo, Anime, Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Meguro

Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan Manga Ousted From ComicWalker Manga App

ComicWalker, an app used by Japanese residents to read manga, has announced they are suspending the serialization of the Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan manga and removing all content of the series on the app in wake of the mangaka’s child pornography crimes, the work apparently now being deemed as evil. News of mangaka Kenya Suzuki being arrested […]
Tags: Crime, Children, Censorship, Anime, Announcements, Cancellations, Manga, Mangaka, Oshiete Gyaruko-chan, Kenya Suzuki, Oshiete Gyaruko

Cosplay Pianist Pan Piano Hit With Seemingly False Copyright Claims

Pan Piano, a pianist who accrued far more attention after realizing the sex appeal of cosplay sells, has shared through her YouTube page that many of her videos have been copyright striked by a Vietnamese company that doesn’t seem to actually own the content in question, serving as yet another example of YouTube favoring companies […]
Tags: Music, Japan, Crime, Law, Youtube, Censorship, Copyright, Anime, Cosplay, Pan Piano

The biggest questions and answers about portals ditching crime data

Redfin, Trulia and realtor.com have all vowed to not use crime data going forward. The companies' stands are now prompting a debate in the industry.
Tags: New York, Technology, Crime, Minnesota, Washington, Atlanta, Regulations, Radio, Discrimination, North Carolina, Zillow, Bias, Orlando, Trulia, Redfin, Glenn Kelman

Zillow-owned Trulia will ditch crime data beginning in 2022

The announcement comes days after realtor.com and Redfin also revealed plans to avoid crime data, with the latter company calling on others to follow suit.
Tags: Technology, Crime, Radio, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Industry News, Select, Realtor.com, Christian Taubman

Boston agent pleads guilty to false marketing scheme

A Boston-area real estate agent pleaded guilty to a scheme that saw him pocket $2 million from marketing houses that were not actually for sale, according to reports.
Tags: Crime, Boston, Fraud, Radio, Agent, Michael Flavin

Oshiete! Galko-chan Mangaka Kenya Suzuki Arrested for Importing Child Porn

Kenya Suzuki, the mangaka who created the popular Oshiete! Galko-chan, was arrested for importing child pornography from Germany, as apparently such things are “not available in Japan”, according to him. An event that is certain to remind people of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s own arrest and later fine, 40-year-old Kenya Suzuki was arrested for importing child pornography […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Children, Law, Internet, Germany, Kenya, Pornography, Anime, Suzuki, Mangaka, Oshiete Gyaruko-chan, Lolicon, Nobuhiro Watsuki, Oshiete Galko, Kenya Suzuki

Authentic Police Cases #29 - Matt Baker cover

Matt Baker Authentic Police Cases v1 #29, 1953 - In what appears to be a bus station, a suspicious couple stakes out the lockers while looking out for policemen. Compared to her roguish companion, the woman is glamorously dressed. Her facial expression captures her paranoid state, intensified by her direct gaze toward the reader. Matt Baker's illustration is the one of the few (in this series) [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Crime, 1950s, Baker, Unknown, St John, Matt Baker

Degenerate Who Groped Child Restrained by Father & Arrested

A father managed to subdue the grotesque man who purposefully touched his young daughter at a public bath, escorting him to the authorities where the criminal was then arrested, and sure to have many praising him for his commitment. According to police, the young preschool girl entered the bath with her father on the men’s […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Children, Assault, Anime, Bathing, Saitama

Redfin calls on real estate websites to drop crime data

The company cited the real estate industry's history of redlining, as well as the potential to reinforce racial bias, as reasons to abandon crime data on search portals and other websites.
Tags: Technology, Crime, Race, Radio, Racism, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Glenn Kelman, Industry News, Brokerage, Select, Realtor.com, Multiple Listing Services, Crime Data, Redlining

Man Took Stealth Photography in Women’s Bath 11 Times by Dressing as Woman

A pervert who dressed up as a woman as an excuse to invade the female’s bath at a bathing facility and take obscene photos has been arrested after assaulting one of the females, certain to have some wondering just how convincing his costume must have been. The 36-year-old male suspect assaulted a woman (said to […]
Tags: Photography, Japan, Crime, Voyeurism, Tokyo, Anime, Bathing, Crossdressing

Activision-Blizzard Allegedly Thieved Breast Milk From Nursing Female Employees

Amidst the sexual harassment Activision-Blizzard lawsuit, more accusations towards the company and its male employees have continued to surface, this time with various feminists with the usual pronouns on their social media pages complaining about having their breast milk stolen and other related issues. The complaints include theft of breast milk from nursing mothers, unsanitary […]
Tags: Games, Crime, Blizzard, Bizarre, Milk, Courts, Anime

7 strategies for marketing a notorious real estate property

Whether it has been the scene of a crime, a cult or a haunting, you can help buyers and sellers navigate the aftermath of a troubled property. Here's how.
Tags: Crime, Lifestyle, Service, Radio, Agent, Cults, Haunted House, Brokerage, Select, Ghost House, Christy Murdock, Crime-related properties, Disclosure requirements

Heroic Bus Driver Catches Groper in Nagoya

A simple bus driver chased down and had a groper arrested after one of his passengers reported the incident, the man either having a strong sense of justice or potentially trying to make a convenient excuse to ask for her number later. On November 19th, Tatsunori Koga, a 25-year old bus driver who worked for […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Anime, Buses, Nagoya, Aichi, Chikan, Tatsunori Koga

PSN Senior Vice President Fired After Allegedly Trying to Hook Up With Minor

George Cacioppo, the now-former Senior Vice President of PSN, was fired after allegedly being caught on video trying to hook up with a 15-year old boy, certain to have many immediately calling out PlayStation’s hypocrisy as they have previously pushed censorship and woke propaganda for the “sake of the children“. People v. Preds, a group […]
Tags: Usa, Crime, Children, International, People, Playstation, Anime, Psn, Preds, George Cacioppo

A 19-year-old was shot in an attempted robbery while trying to sell a PlayStation 5, the latest indication of how high demand remains for the game console

A man puts a boxed PlayStation 5 game console into a bag.CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP via Getty Images In Texas, a 19-year-old man was shot on Sunday while attempting to sell a PlayStation 5 console. The suspected shooter was the person meeting him to buy the PlayStation 5. The shooting is the latest crime related to the highly sought after PS5, which has largely remained sold out since its release. A 19-year-old man was shot in Texas on Sunday while attempting to sell his PlayStation 5, according t...
Tags: UK, Texas, Crime, News, Shooting, Guns, Video Games, Entertainment, Law, Abc, US, Trends, Playstation, Sony, Nintendo, Violence

Japanese Truck Driver Arrested for Embezzling PS5 & Switch Consoles

The Kamata Police Station in Tokyo has reported the arrest of a truck driver selling packages containing Nintendo Switches, PS5s, and physical games to resellers to make a personal profit. The suspect, Fuyuki Minemura, had no permanent address or occupation on record, which should have raised concerns from the beginning. He acknowledged the charges leveled […]
Tags: Games, Crime, Money, Theft, Playstation, Nintendo, Tokyo, Anime, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Kamata Police Station, Fuyuki Minemura

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