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Sundance Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ is Already Stirring Up Controversy

The Sundance Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland is facing backlash before anyone has even had a chance to see it. A new report reveals fans of the late singer are threatening to protest the screening of the documentary, leading local police to increase staff. The doc is a nearly 4-hour exposé investigating the allegations of sexual abuse levied against the King of Pop during his lifetime. Deadline is reporting that the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland is causing conce...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, Jackson, Park City, Michael Jackson, Sundance, Reed, Kirk, King of Pop, Film Festivals, Amazon Netflix, Wade Robson, Dan Reed, Phil Kirk, James Safechuck

‘Song of Parkland’ Trailer: Drama Students Band Together in the Wake of the School Shooting

On February 14, 2018, a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and killed seventeen people and injured another seventeen. A drama class was in the middle of rehearsal for a musical when they heard shots being fired, so it’d be totally reasonable if everyone wanted to abandon the show once they returned to school. But that’s not what happened. Instead, in one of the most inspiring instances of “the show must go on” you’ll ever hear, the drama class decided to go...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, Movie Trailers, Melody, HBO Films, Parkland Florida, Amy Schatz, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Melody Herzfeld, Song of Parkland, Alex Athanasiou

Trailer Round-Up: ‘Dogman,’ ‘Love and Saucers,’ ‘Woman at War,’ ‘We Die Young’

Another week, another batch of trailers that we’re rounding up for you here at /Film. Whether they be trailers for foreign films, or indie flicks that might have flown under the radar, make sure not to miss the trailers for these films. Below, check out the trailers for Dogman, Love and Saucers, Woman at War, and We Die Young. Dogman A quaint rural drama about an unassuming dog groomer turns violent in this Italian thriller that was the country’s selection for the Best Foreign Language ...
Tags: Amazon, Comedy, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Washington, Ukraine, Ptsd, Movie Trailers, Hulu, Academy, Young, Miguel, Lucas, Jodie Foster, Alida

‘This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy’ Trailer Features Doomsday Prep, Artificial Intelligence, and More

Kal Penn and director Adam McKay want to teach you about the global economy. That doesn’t sound very exciting at first, but just wait – the This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy trailer goes to great lengths to make all of this sexy, funny, and, well, kind of scary. And it’s educational, too. For instance: you’ll learn all about how we’ll turn into cannibals a mere two months after the global economy collapses. This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy Trailer This Giant Beast T...
Tags: Television, Movies, Labor, Obama, Documentary, Osama Bin Laden, Singapore, Los Angeles, Thailand, Prague, Global Economy, Moscow, Oxford University, Panama, Penn, Gary Vaynerchuk

‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ Trailer: America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer, In His Own Words

Serial killer Ted Bundy is the focus of the latest Netflix original, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. The streaming service has had great success with true crime documentaries, but this looks different. For one thing, there’s no mystery to solve here. Instead, the docuseries features never-before-heard interviews with Bundy himself. Watch the Conversations with a Killer trailer below. Conversations with a Killer Trailer From 1974 to 1978, Ted Bundy committed a string of...
Tags: Television, Movies, Documentary, America, Netflix, United States, Zac Efron, Movie Trailers, Bundy, Ted Bundy, Joe Berlinger, Berlinger, Jon Kamen, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, Stephen G Michaud, Hugh Aynesworth

‘Fyre Fraud’ Trailer: Hulu Beats Netflix to the Punch With Their Own Fyre Festival Documentary

Here’s something many people didn’t see coming, including Netflix: five days before Netflix launches Fyre, their documentary about the ill-fated Fyre Festival, Hulu has dropped a Fyre Festival doc of their own. Below, you can check out the Fyre Fraud trailer, which announces Hulu’s now-streaming documentary. Of the two docs, Fyre Fraud is the only one to feature an exclusive interview with Fyre Media founder Billy McFarland. Fyre Fraud Is this the beginning of a streaming war? In what c...
Tags: Movies, Instagram, Documentary, Netflix, Movie Trailers, Hulu, Bahamas, Netflix Hulu, Elliot Tebele, Jenner Furst, Billy McFarland, Fyre Media, Fyre, Julia Willoughby Nason, Fyre Fraud, Hulu doc Fyre Fraud

New Martin Scorsese Bob Dylan Documentary Headed to Netflix This Year

Martin Scorsese and Bod Dylan: together again. In 2005, the legendary filmmaker released the documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. Scorsese now returns to Dylan as a subject with the new doc Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese, set to be released by Netflix later this year. It’s one of three Netflix projects for Scorsese, the other two being the gangster epic The Irishman, and a Second City Television reunion show. The new documentary will focus on Dylan’s “Rolling T...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, America, Netflix, Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Scorsese, Clara, Martin Scorsese, Dylan, Sam Shepard, Rolling Thunder Revue, Joan Baez Roger McGuinn, Jack Elliott, Renaldo, Bob Dylan Scorsese

‘Fyre’ Trailer: Netflix’s Documentary About the Music Festival’s Legendary Failure

Where were you in April of 2017? For your sake, I hope you weren’t on a private island in the Bahamas attending the infamous Fyre Festival, but if you did happen to be there, maybe we’ll see you in the background of Fyre, a new Netflix documentary that provides a first-hand account of the legendarily terrible music festival. Organizers promised attendees they’d be a part of an epic, unforgettable experience, and they certainly were – but far from the one they expected. Fyre Festival Movie Tr...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Netflix, Movie Trailers, Bahamas, Chris Smith, McFarland, Netflix/Streaming Video, Steven Starr, Billy McFarland, Fyre, Jim Andy

Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ Coming to HBO After Sundance Premiere

The 2019 Sundance Film Festival recently announced a last minute addition to the slate of movies premiering in Park City, Utah later this month, and it’s bound to stir up some controversy, albeit with a familiar story. Leaving Neverland is a new documentary that will focus on sexual abuse allegations made against Michael Jackson by a pair of young boys who were befriended by the international recording superstar. The documentary has extensive interviews with the adult men who have claimed Micha...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, Russia, United Kingdom, Jackson, Michael Jackson, Hunter, Park City Utah, Dan Reed, Leaving Neverland, Sundance Deadline, Amos Pictures

‘Horror Noire’ Trailer: Shudder’s Documentary Explores the History of Black Horror

Shudder, the subscription streaming service dedicated to horror movies, is slowly starting to create its own original content. Next up is the service’s first documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, which dives into the history of the depiction of black people in the genre and includes interviews with people like Jordan Peele (Get Out), Tony Todd (Candyman), Keith David (The Thing), and other notable creators in the genre space. Check out the trailer below. Horror Noire Trailer ...
Tags: New York, Movies, Documentary, Horror, Los Angeles, Movie Trailers, Jordan Peele, Netflix/Streaming Video, Xavier Burgin, Shudder, Robin R Means Coleman, Horror Noire, History of Black Horror, Tina Mabry Mississippi Damned

Now Stream This: ‘Annihilation’, ‘Hereditary’, ‘Leave No Trace’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘The Changeling’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.) Welcome to 2019! It’s time to stream more movies! In the latest edition of Now Stream This, I bring you the chance to stream three of last year’s best films. In addition to that, there’s a ghost story with George C. Scott, a heist flick with Walter Matthau, a fun Indiana Jones knock-off, an underrated biopic, and more. These are the best movies str...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, New York, Hollywood, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Steve Jobs, Horror, Sci-fi, America, Walter Matthau, Netflix, Brian Cox, Danny Boyle, Seth Rogen

‘Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me’ Trailer: An American Icon Gets His First Major Documentary

Sammy Davis Jr. has is an essential member of the Rat Pack and an icon of American culture, but his contributions to pop culture have remained mostly unsung. A new documentary from PBS as part of their “American Masters” series gives the spotlight to Sammy Davis Jr., in the aptly titled Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me. PBS has debuted the official Sammy Davis Jr. I’ve Gotta Be Me trailer which you can watch below. Sammy Davis Jr. I’ve Gotta Be Me Trailer “Sammy Davis, Jr’s whole life ...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, America, Davis, Pbs, Movie Trailers, Musical, Sammy Davis Jr, Kim Novak, ACORN, Sammy Davis Jr I ve Got, Sammy Davis Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me, Samuel D Pollard, Maynard Sammy Davis Jr, AFI Fest DOC NYC

‘The Last Dance’ Trailer: ESPN’s 10-Part Chicago Bulls Documentary Series Arrives in 2020

Earlier this year, we learned ESPN and Netflix were teaming up for a 10-part documentary series looking at the life, career, and legacy of Michael Jordan. However, a new trailer for the series paints the project at being about much more than just the legendary basketball player. Instead, the documentary, titled The Last Dance, will chronicle the 1997-1998 season of the Chicago Bulls as they marched towards the final championship this epic assembly of players would win together. Watch The Last D...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Sports, Netflix, Michael-Jordan, Espn, Jordan, Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson, Jason Hehir, TV Trailer, Part Chicago Bulls

These Are the 2018 TV Shows and Movies With 100% Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Universal acclaim is hard to come by. Even the most beloved film or TV show will have a few detractors. But every now and then, certain titles come along that end up without a single negative review…on Rotten Tomatoes, at least. As 2018 draws to a close, here are the handful of this year’s lucky TV shows and movies with 100% Rotten Tomatoes scores. Before we dive into this, a disclaimer: not every critic is on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, there are many arts critics who aren’t accredited to the...
Tags: Hbo, Comedy, Television, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Singapore, Norman Lear, America, Los Angeles, Chicago, Netflix, Brooklyn, Paddington, Amy Poehler, High Maintenance

‘Bathtubs Over Broadway’ Trailer: Discovering the Hidden World of Sponsored Musicals

You may remember those bits on the Late Show With David Letterman, in which the host introduced obscure vinyl records for laughs in a recurring segment called “Dave’s Record Collection.” That segment actually stemmed from an hobby held by Late Show writer Steve Young, who in the mid-nineties became obsessed with the hidden world of industrial musicals, curating a vast collection of sponsored musicals that hawked everything from cars, to cereal, to — yes — bathtubs. Now his obsession becomes a f...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, David Letterman, America, Dave, Broadway, Movie Trailers, Musical, Young, Steve, Martin Short, Steve Young, Focus Features, John Kander, Susan Stroman, Bob Fosse

Now Stream This: ‘Atomic Blonde’, ‘Tangerine’, ‘Springsteen on Broadway’, ‘Pyewacket’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)  We’re in the holiday season, which means you probably have some days off coming up. I suppose in theory you might want to spend Christmas and beyond with your families. Or you could ignore all of that and stream some movies. That’s where Now Stream This comes in. I’ve put together an eclectic mix of titles that you can stream right now, including ...
Tags: Florida, Bruce Springsteen, Hollywood, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Netflix, Thriller, Stage, Broadway, Charles Dickens, A Most Wanted Man, Santa

‘Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice’ Sneak Peek: Crowdfunded Documentary Examines Tim Burton Classic

It’s showtime! With a Beetlejuice musical out, it was only a matter of time before a documentary dove into the making of the Tim Burton cult classic. But it will take more than saying “Beetlejuice!” three times to conjure up this documentary. The feature-length documentary, titled Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice, is currently running a crowdfunding campaign and will need a little monetary magic to pull through. Beetlejuice Documentary Sneak Peek French B...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Documentary, Horror, China, Tim Burton, United States, Amsterdam, Movie Trailers, Alec Baldwin, Robert, Vancouver Toronto, Adam F Goldberg, Behind the Scenes Footage, Beetlejuice, Jane Jenkins

Sacha Baron Cohen Won’t Make ‘Who Is America?’ Season 2

After stirring up all sorts of controversy and creating problems for plenty of politicians and pundits, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s comedy documentary series Who Is America? will not be returning for a second season. No, the show hasn’t been canceled, but instead, Cohen simply doesn’t see a way to easily continue the show and deliver the same kind of shock and hilarity. The Hollywood Reporter recently had an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen on their Awards Chatter podcast, and thankfully, he wasn’t p...
Tags: Hbo, England, Comedy, Television, Movies, Documentary, America, Georgia, United States, Showtime, Kazakhstan, Borat, Sacha-Baron-Cohen, Cohen, Da Ali, Da Ali G Show

Incredible Climbing Documentary ‘Free Solo’ Coming to IMAX for One Week, Which Could Result in Your Most Intense Theatrical Experience of 2019

Free Solo, a documentary about rock climber Alex Honnold, is coming to IMAX theaters for a one week run in early 2019. This is great news – the film is a pulse-pounding look at a man who attempts to scale El Capitan, the 3,000 foot sheer rock face in Yosemite National Park, by himself and without any assistance from ropes. The opportunity to experience Free Solo‘s jaw-dropping cinematography on the largest screen possible will be a wonderful post-holiday gift from National Geographic Documentar...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Canada, United States, Exhibition, True Story, Alex Honnold, El Capitan, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, National Geographic Documentaries, Honnold, Free Solo, Chai Vasarhelyi, Digital Re, Jimmy Chin Meru

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: Humanity Leaps Off the Screen in Peter Jackson’s Vivid World War I Documentary

When I was handed a pair of 3D glasses to watch They Shall Not Grow Old, I rolled my eyes. How could a tired theatrical gimmick possibly add anything to a documentary about World War I? But 15 minutes into Peter Jackson’s vivid documentary, the glasses stopped digging into the sides of my head and instead helped transport me into the dazzling, achingly human archival footage that the Oscar-winning director so brilliantly restored. Culled together from 2,700 hours of faded footage shot firsth...
Tags: London, Movies, Documentary, War, Bbc, Features, Movie Reviews, Britain, Jackson, Peter-Jackson, Imperial War Museum, Mademoiselle, Featured Stories Sidebar, They Shall Not Grow Old, Sgt William Jackson, Armentieres

Shout! Studios Announce Roger and Julie Corman Doc Series

Shout! Studios announce Roger and Julie Corman doc series Shout! Studios, Ace Film HK Company, and Friendship Films have teamed up to produce Corman’s Hollywood, a multi-part documentary series about producer/director Roger Corman and his wife and partner Julie Corman. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { v...
Tags: TV, Hollywood, Movies, Documentary, China, TV News, Roger Corman, Roger, Los Angeles CA, Mario Van Peebles, Corman, Hollywood Among, Julie Corman, Shout Studios, Sally Kirkland Julie Corman, Shout Studios Ace Film HK Company

‘Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki’ Clip: The Legendary Anime Filmmaker Works With His First CG Creation

Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki chronicles the inevitable un-retirement of its legendary subject, but despite the predictable return of Hayao Miyazaki to the world of animation, the Kaku Arakawa documentary has a few surprises hidden up its sleeves. Namely, Miyazaki’s first dalliance with an entirely CG-animated project. The famous advocate for traditional hand-drawn animation, who notoriously once called an AI-animated short “an insult to life itself,” tackles his first CG-animated film with ...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Tokyo, Anime, Miyazaki, Hayao-Miyazaki, Caterpillar, NHK, Boro, GKids, Kaku Arakawa, Never-Ending Man, Boro the Caterpillar, Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki, Boro of Boro

Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s Taylor Swift Concert Documentary, Arriving on New Year’s Eve

Are you ready for it? This morning, Taylor Swift made a surprise announcement about a concert documentary focusing on the music superstar’s Reputation stadium tour that she embarked on from May 8, 2018 through November 21, 2018, spanning locations from the United States to Japan. The documentary is coming to Netlix very soon and you can watch the trailer below. Taylor Swift Concert Documentary Trailer I’m not gonna lie: I love me some Taylor Swift, and not in a shameful guilty pleasure w...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Taylor Swift, Instagram, Documentary, Netflix, United States, Charli Xcx, Movie Trailers, East Coast, East Side, Camila Cabello, Netlix, Karyn Even, Karyn Taylor Swift

‘Fyre’ Trailer: Netflix Takes You Inside the Greatest Party that Never Happened, The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival was sold as a luxury music festival hosted on a private island where guests could live like rock stars – for a hefty price. Once attendees arrived, however, chaos reigned. Instead of fancy villas and gourmet meals, they were greeted with tents and – perhaps worst of all – cheese sandwiches. A scam was afoot, and lawsuits followed. Netflix will take viewers inside the disastrous non-festival with the new documentary Fyre, hitting the streaming service in January. Watch the Fyre...
Tags: Television, Movies, Instagram, Documentary, Washington Post, Netflix, Fema, Kendall Jenner, Jack, Bahamas, Chris Smith, Pablo Escobar, Steven Starr, Billy McFarland, Fyre, Jim Andy

Now Stream This: ‘The Immigrant’, ‘Let the Corpses Tan’, ‘The Dead Zone’, ‘Gotti’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)  Welcome back, streamers. Come along with me as I take you on a journey through several great films you can stream right now. As always, I’m trying to highlight titles that might not stand out on first glance – titles that slip through the cracks. Here, you’ll find a few documentaries, a stylish ’70s throwback, a chilly ghost story, and more. These...
Tags: New York, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Stephen King, Orson Welles, America, Netflix, Thriller, David Cronenberg, Adaptation, Christopher Walken, Marion Cotillard, James Gray, David Mamet

These smokin’ hot trans bodybuilders in the new doc “Man Made” have us totally parched

"Man Made" is a new documentary about trans body builders that has everyone talking.
Tags: Health, Entertainment, Film, Documentary, Lifestyle, Trans, Bodybuilding, Bodybuilder, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Man Made

‘Netflix vs. The World’ Trailer: See the Documentary About the Rise of a Streaming Giant

A new documentary charts the rise of Netflix from scrappy start-up to all-encompassing streaming giant whose name is so ubiquitous it’s become a verb. Now you can Netflix and chill with Netflix vs. The World, directed by Shawn Cauthen, which dives into the formation of Netflix and its rise to Hollywood powerhouse. See the Netflix vs. The World trailer below. Netflix vs. The World Trailer IGN debuted the trailer for Netflix vs. the World, which chronicles the company’s two-decade journey...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Documentary, World, Netflix, Movie Trailers, Ben Cooper, Boris, Cauthen, Jim Cook, Marc Randolph, John Antioco, Steve Swasey, Alan Payne, Netflix vs the World, Shawn Cauthen

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Trailer: Peter Jackson’s World War I Documentary Brings 100-Year-Old Footage to Stunning Life

Peter Jackson has put his cutting-edge visual technology to good use with They Shall Not Grow Old, a World War I documentary unlike any other. The documentary takes BBC archival footage shot during the war 100 years ago, and brings it to life via a state-of-the-art restoration and colorization process — and in 3D for good measure. The documentary has already aired in the U.K. on BBC Two, but now the stunning film comes to U.S. theaters for a limited time next month. Watch the They Shall Not Gro...
Tags: UK, Movies, Documentary, War, Bbc, World War I, Movie Trailers, Jackson, Peter-Jackson, Warner Brothers, Fathom Events, They Shall Not Grow Old, NOW Arts Program Imperial War Museums, BBC Warner Bros

2019 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations: ‘We the Animals’, ‘Eighth Grade’ and ‘First Reformed’ Lead the Pack

Awards season is officially in full swing as the folks at Film Independent have officially announced the nominations for the 2019 Independent Spirit Awards, honoring achievements in independent film for the year 2018. Jeremiah Zagar‘s film We the Animals led the indie pack with five total nominations. But coming in close behind are two wildly different A24 films, Bo Burnham‘s coming of age comedy Eighth Grade and Paul Schrader‘s challenging drama First Reformed, each with four nominations. Othe...
Tags: South Korea, Comedy, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Awards, Ifc, Hereditary, Independent, Robert Altman, If Beale Street Could Talk, Riley, Jonathan Duffy, Paul Schrader, Josh Hamilton, Gary Levy

Jack Black Doc ‘The Insufferable Groo’, About a Tommy Wiseau-Style Filmmaker, Finds U.S. Distribution

Tommy Wiseau. James Nguyen. Neil Breen. Connoisseurs of “so bad, they’re good” movies are familiar with these infamous directors, but have you heard of Stephen Groo? The Utah-based filmmaker has nearly 200 low- or no-budget credits to his name, and he’s the subject of a new documentary called The Insufferable Groo, which follows the title filmmaker as he casts professional actor Jack Black (School of Rock, King Kong) in his newest movie, an elf/human love story. Take a look at the trailer for t...
Tags: Utah, Movies, Documentary, Movie Trailers, Jack-Black, Gravitas Ventures, Napoleon Dynamite, Tommy Wiseau, Christopherson, Jared Hess, Stephen Groo, The Insufferable Groo, Jack Black Doc, Tommy Wiseau James Nguyen Neil Breen Connoisseurs, Jack Black School of Rock King Kong, Scott Christopherson

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