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Martin Scorsese Directing a Documentary About New York Dolls Frontman David Johansen for Showtime

While we’ll have to wait a while before we see Martin Scorsese‘s Killers of the Flower Moon, a different new Scorsese movie is headed our way much sooner. Scorsese will direct a documentary for Showtime about David Johansen, lead singer of the New York Dolls. The doc will chronicle Johansen’s shifting career, from his childhood and beyond. David Johansen has had a big career, both as a singer and a sometimes actor (he’s the Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged). And now he’s the subject of a ...
Tags: Hbo, New York, Movies, Documentary, New York City, David, Bob Dylan, Showtime, Scorsese, Staten Island, Martin-Scorsese, East Village, David Johansen, Johansen, Buster Poindexter, New York Dolls

The Quarantine Stream: Christopher Guest’s ‘Best in Show’ is Full of Good Dogs and Even Greater Gags

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: Best in Show Where You Can Stream It: Hulu The Pitch: The tension is palpable, the excitement is mounting, and the heady scent of competition is in the air as hundreds of eager contestants from across America prepare to take part in what is undoubtedly one of the greatest events of their lives – the Mayflower Dog Show. The cani...
Tags: Florida, Comedy, Movies, Documentary, America, Best, Features, Jane Lynch, Michael McKean, Parker Posey, Shih tzu, Best in show, Cookie, Meg, Hubert, Christopher Guest

Manchild: The Schea Cotton Story Review

Rating: 8.5/10 Starring: Schea Cotton Elton Brand Stephen Jackson Randy Moss Metta World Peace Paul Pierce Earl Watson PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [[300, 250]]).addSize([750, 0], []).addSize([98...
Tags: Reviews, Movies, Documentary, Los Angeles, Cotton, Nike, Nba, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Nab, Kevin Durant, Eric, Monarchs, Vince Carter, Kobe, Kevin Garnett

Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance’ Are Finally Coming to Netflix in the US This Month

ESPN had a monster hit on their hands from April through May thanks to the release of the 10-hour documentary series The Last Dance, a chronicle of the final championship season run by NBA superstar Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Netflix also had a hand in producing the documentary, and even though it was made available on the streaming service in international markets, the only way US audiences could enjoy it was through ESPN. Thankfully, that’s changing very soon. The Last Dance is off...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, US, Sports, Netflix, United States, Michael-Jordan, Nba, Espn, Jordan, Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson, Jason Hehir, The Last Dance, Chicago Bulls Netflix

‘Born to Play’ Trailer: ESPN Debuts Documentary About Women’s Tackle Football Team

The Boston Renegades were born to play. The women’s tackle football team is the subject of the latest ESPN documentary, Born to Play, which follows the athletes throughout their 2018 season as they tried to capture the WFA national championship. Watch the Born to Play trailer below. Born to Play Trailer “Being on the field just makes me feel alive. I feel that’s where I’m supposed to be.” ESPN’s latest documentary, Born to Play, delves into the little-known world of women’s tackle footb...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Football, Michael Jordan, Espn, Movie Trailers, Bruce Lee, Lance Armstrong, Lieberman, WFA, BORN TO PLAY, Viridiana Lieberman, Boston Renegades, Variety Football

‘Hamilton’ Documentary Coming to Disney+ Alongside the Musical

The much-hyped film version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s acclaimed Broadway hit Hamilton is arriving on Disney+ in just a few days, but the streaming service knows the musical’s rabid fan base will never be satisfied by just the movie itself. So as an added bonus, Disney+ will also release a new Hamilton documentary which features the original cast reunited to talk about the origins and legacy of the musical. Get more details below. Entertainment Weekly reports that a new Hamilton documentary, en...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Disney, America, Broadway, Espn, Pbs, Musical, Miranda, Entertainment Weekly, Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail, Kelley Carter, Kelley L Carter, PBS s Hamilton

‘Boys State’ Trailer: This Sundance Hit is a Microcosm of U.S. Politics

Boys State, the new documentary from directors Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss (The Overnighters), was one of the most talked-about films from this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It won the Grand Jury Prize for documentary filmmaking, and ended up being acquired by A24 and AppleTV+ for $12 million – the biggest acquisition for any documentary in the festival’s entire history. Now the first trailer has arrived, and you can see what all the hype is about. Boys State Trailer Our 10/10 review ...
Tags: Texas, Movies, Documentary, Reagan, Movie Trailers, Political, Steven, Moss, Sundance, Ben, Jesse Moss, Appletv, McBaine, Boys State, Amanda McBaine, Sundance Film Festival Boys State

‘Gamemaster’ Trailer: A Documentary Love Letter to Tabletop Games

It’s never been a better time to be a tabletop game nerd. Attractive celebrities are obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, Kickstarters for quirky board games raise millions of dollars, and documentaries are being made about the passionate community behind the board game industry. Concourse Media is making a board game documentary called Gamemaster, and they have released a trailer for the documentary directed by Charles Mruz. Watch the Gamemaster trailer below. Gamemaster Trailer From the ...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Kickstarter, Movie Trailers, Klaus Teuber, Concourse Media, Gamemaster, Catan Matt Leacock Pandemic, Charles Mruz Watch the Gamemaster, Jennifer Tocquigny, Elan Lee Exploding Kittens, Charles Mruz

‘Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado’ Trailer: Meet the Most Famous, Flamboyant Psychic Ever

Even though you may not have heard of Walter Mercado, millions tuned in to his televised horoscopes around the world. With the flashiness of Liberace and the charm of Mr. Rogers, Walter Mercado raked in over 120 million viewers. And then suddenly he disappeared, but not in a dark, mysterious true crime fashion. A new Netflix documentary called Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado will explore what happened to the famous astrologer and psychic when he disappeared from the spotlight, an...
Tags: Television, Movies, Documentary, Netflix, Miami, Liberace, Walter, Cristina, Kareem, Cristina Costantini, Kareem Tabsch, TV Trailer, Walter Mercado, Mucho Mucho Amor, Oprah Liberace, Rogers Walter

LeBron James is Producing a Documentary About the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

If you watched HBO’s Watchmen series, you were possibly surprised to learn about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre that unfolded in the Oklahoma neighborhood of Greenwood, known at the time as the “Black Wall Street.” Somehow, one of the biggest incidents of racial violence in the history of America was used to kick off the events of a comic book sequel TV series, but it wasn’t featured in most history books in school. Because of the lack of awareness of this tragic event, LeBron James and his Sprin...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, Wikipedia, America, Netflix, United States, Lebron James, Oklahoma, Muhammad Ali, Usa Today, Black, Octavia Spencer, Drexel, Greenwood, National Guard

‘Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2’ Added Even More Pressure to Creating a Hit Disney Sequel

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, a six-part documentary series about the final year of production on the hit animated sequel, arrives today on Disney+. As you can read in our review, the series provides one of the most in-depth looks behind the scenes of making a feature length animated movie. That means cameras were following everyone during some of the most intimate, vulnerable moments that aren’t typically seen by the general public. Naturally, that added even more pressure on top of what ...
Tags: Frozen, Movies, Documentary, Disney, Features, Brooklyn, Animation, Sequels, Idina Menzel, Kristen, Chris, Bobby, Lee, Jen, Chris Buck, Harding

‘Showbiz Kids’ Trailer: What’s It Like to Be a Child Star?

Promising an “unvarnished look at the high risk, high reward business of working as a child actor in the entertainment industry,” HBO’s documentary Showbiz Kids comes from writer-director-actor Alex Winter (of Bill and Ted fame), and features interviews with former child stars, as well as young hopefuls trying to make it big in the industry. Watch the Showbiz Kids trailer below. Showbiz Kids Trailer  Arriving on HBO next month, Showbiz Kids follows the price of fame that befalls many yo...
Tags: Florida, Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, Documentary, Los Angeles, Ted, Broadway, Movie Trailers, Kathmandu, Mara Wilson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Milla Jovovich, Wil Wheaton, Henry Thomas, Alex-Winter

The Quarantine Stream: You Won’t Be Able to Look Away From ‘The Painter and the Thief’

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: The Painter and the Thief Where You Can Stream It: Hulu The Pitch: In pop culture, art heists are often meticulously planned, and the mark is typically a villain who the movies depict as “deserving” of having their art stolen. But in real life, that’s not always the case. The Painter and the Thief is a documentary about what ha...
Tags: Google, Movies, Documentary, Features, Ocean, Hulu, Oslo, Featured Stories Sidebar, The Painter and the Thief, The Quarantine Stream, Barbora Kysilkova, Benjamin Ree Magnus

‘Expecting Amy’ Trailer: Amy Schumer Shares Her Pregnancy Journey in HBO Max Docuseries

Amy Schumer has been an open book about the difficulties she went through with her pregnancy, which included nausea and dehydration, complete with a trip to the emergency room — all while she was preparing for her Netflix comedy special Amy Schumer: Growing. Now the comedian is taking us even further behind the scenes with an HBO Max docuseries Expecting Amy, which takes viewers on tour with Amy as she struggles with her pregnancy while performing in 42 cities on tour. Watch the Expecting Amy t...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Documentary, Amy Schumer, Netflix, Chris, Amy, Fischer, Schumer, TV Trailer, Chris Fischer, HBO Max, Expecting Amy, HBO Max Docuseries, Gene Fischer

Barry Jenkins Writing, Leonardo DiCaprio Producing Film Version of ‘Virunga’ Documentary for Netflix

Barry Jenkins, who won an Oscar for co-writing his Best Picture winner Moonlight, hasn’t made a movie since he wrote and directed the beautiful, heartbreaking adaptation of James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk in 2018. He’s still hard at work adapting Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad into a TV series for Amazon, and now he’s been hired for yet another adaptation, this time by Netflix. Jenkins will write the screenplay for Virunga, a live-action feature film adaptation of the 20...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Drama, Documentary, Africa, Netflix, Unesco, Adaptation, Leonardo-DiCaprio, Congo, Virunga National Park, Leo, Virunga, James Baldwin, Jenkins, Orlando Von Einsiedel

‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ Review: A Game-Changer in the True Crime Docuseries Genre

True Crime isn’t a new fad, but in the last several years, thanks to buzzworthy podcasts and binge-worthy series (usually on Netflix), there’s been a considerable boom in the genre. More often than not, these entries fit into a formula – a cookie-cutter set-up and follow-through that, while often engrossing and even captivating, rarely treads new ground. Which is part of what makes I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, the new HBO docuseries adapted from the book by the late Michelle McNamara, stand out. T...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Documentary, California, Los Angeles, Features, Netflix, Liz Garbus, Patton Oswalt, Leonard Cohen, True Story, McNamara, Amy Ryan, Los Angeles Magazine, Ted Bundy

‘Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2’ Trailer: A Thrilling Look Inside the Making of Disney Blockbuster

It takes three or four years to make an animated movie. The creative process is even more strenuous when working on a sequel to one of the biggest animated hits of all time. A new documentary series coming to Disney+ this week will let you be a fly on the wall as Disney’s hit sequel Frozen II moves towards the film’s premiere with one year left on the production schedule, with uplifting highs and frustrating lows. See how Disney magic is created by some of the most talented people in the busine...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Disney, Animation, Sequels, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Disney/Pixar, TV Trailer, Frozen 2, Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, Disney Blockbuster, Trailer Disney, Idina Menzel Kristen Bell Josh Gad Jonathan Groff

‘Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2’ Digs Deep into the Challenges of Making Disney Magic

Whenever a new movie comes out, there are featurettes that show us generic footage of the cast and crew in production, whether it’s on-location or somewhere on the studio backlot. There are interviews providing vague information about the story and characters along with some sneak peeks of the movie we’ve yet to see. Even the traditional special features included on home video releases of movies don’t often dig much deeper than that. But Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, a new documentary seri...
Tags: Elsa, Frozen, Movies, Documentary, Disney, Features, Animation, Sequels, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Pixar, Lee, Chris Buck, Walters, Robert Lopez, Marc E Smith

Hulu Streaming 16 IMAX Documentaries This Summer

IMAX screens may be closed for the time being, and even if they open again soon, you might not feel comfortable venturing out to one. Don’t worry, Hulu has you covered. This summer, the streaming service is offering 16 IMAX documentaries for your viewing pleasure. Granted, they might not be as impressive at home as they’d be on gigantic IMAX screens, but beggars can’t be choosers these days, folks. Thanks to Collider for pointing this out. All summer long, Hulu is streaming some IMAX docs, w...
Tags: Amazon, Jennifer Lawrence, Movies, Documentary, California, China, America, Nasa, Earth, Rex, Imax, South Pacific, Mars, Kristen Bell, David Attenborough, Hulu

Discover Mark Hamill’s Secret Role in ‘The Mandalorian’ and Other Surprises in the First Season

The Mandalorian kicked off with one of the biggest surprises in the history of Star Wars by introducing fans to the adorable little asset known as The Child, but lovingly referred to by everyone as Baby Yoda. However, throughout the first season of the series on Disney+, there are plenty of other secrets, Easter eggs, and references to the rest of the Star Wars saga that you might not have known about. Many of these were revealed or discussed as each episode of The Mandalorian was released, but...
Tags: Star-Wars, Television, Movies, Documentary, Sci-fi, Disney, Sequels, Jon-Favreau, Lucasfilm, George-Lucas, Mark Hamill, Orlando, Lucas, Nick Nolte, Luke Skywalker, Mando

The Morning Watch: DC Comics Documentaries Chronicle the History of Superman, The Batmobile and More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, a trio of DC Comics documentaries have been made available online that comic book fans may want to check out. Dive into the history of Superman with Look Up in the Sky, see how The Dark Knight’s signature ri...
Tags: Christopher Nolan, Movies, Documentary, Superman, Dc Comics, The Dark Knight, Gotham City, Batman, Warner Bros, Batmobile, Warner Brothers, Shazam, Comic Book/Superhero, Video Of The Day, Zachary Levi, The Morning Watch

Peter Jackson’s Beatles Documentary ‘Get Back’ Delayed Nearly an Entire Year

This fall, Disney would have given fans of The Beatles a wonderful gift in the form of Peter Jackson‘s documentary The Beatles: Get Back. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the movie being delayed nearly an entire year from the original September 2020 release date. Disney confirmed (via Variety) that The Beatles: Get Back will now be released on August 27, 2021. The project was first announced in January of 2019 as a chronicle of the recording of the band’s final album, L...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, John Lennon, Disney, George Harrison, The Beatles, Paul Mccartney, Jackson, Peter-Jackson, Ringo Starr, Mccartney, Peter, Abbey Road, Disney/Pixar, Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon, Ringo Starr Variety

‘Dads’ Trailer: Bryce Dallas Howard’s Documentary Focuses on Fatherhood with the Help of Famous Dads

Father’s Day is next week, and Apple TV+ will be shining a light on six different fathers around the world with a new documentary called Dads, marking the feature directorial debut of Bryce Dallas Howard. The first trailer for the film has arrived, and in addition to the stories of various fathers around the world, there’s a collection of talking heads from famous fathers such as Will Smith, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon, Hasan Minaj, Kenan Thompson, Neil Patrick Harris, Ken Jeong, Conan O’Brien, P...
Tags: Apple, Hollywood, Movies, Documentary, Will-Smith, Movie Trailers, Bryce-Dallas-Howard, Dads, Ron-Howard, Reed, Howard, Ron, Ken Jeong, Rance, Judd-Apatow, Neil-Patrick-Harris

‘Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn’ Trailer: The Life and Death of an Infamous Political Figure

Roy Cohn, one of the worst people to ever live, is the subject of the new HBO documentary Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn. And, interestingly enough, the doc is directed by someone who has a personal connection to Cohn’s life: Ivy Meeropol, the granddaughter Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the couple Cohn prosecuted as spies, leading to their execution in the electric chair. Watch the Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn trailer below. Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Ro...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, America, Movie Trailers, Donald Trump, Al Pacino, James Woods, Trump, Donald J Trump, Ethel Rosenberg, Cohn, Julius, Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Ivy Meeropol

‘I’ll Be Gone In the Dark’ Trailer: Michelle McNamara Hunts For the Golden State Killer

The late Michelle McNamara‘s bestselling True Crime book about the Golden State Killer gets the HBO docuseries treatment with I’ll Be Gone In the Dark. In the 1970s and ’80s, a killer prowled California, committing 50 home-invasion rapes and 12 murders and evading capture for years. McNamara, a True Crime blogger and the wife of comedian Patton Oswalt, grew obsessed with cracking the case, and died before completing the book. Not long after her death, 72-year-old former police officer Joseph Ja...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Documentary, California, Ear, Liz Garbus, Patton Oswalt, Santa Barbara, Hbo Now, Northern California, Michelle, Haynes, McNamara, Orange County Sheriff 's Department, CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Amy Ryan

Judd Apatow Working on a Documentary About Legendary Comedian George Carlin

Judd Apatow is best known for directing R-rated comedies like The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Trainwreck. But his passion for comedy also extends into the world of stand-up. Not only has he taken the stage himself plenty of times throughout his career, but he shined a light on the late Garry Shandling with an extensive two-part HBO documentary called The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. Now, Apatow will return to the documentary world with a film looking at the life and career of George...
Tags: Hbo, Comedy, Movies, Documentary, Ted, George-Carlin, Espn, Bill, Pixar, Staten Island, Judd-Apatow, Jay, Carlin, New York Mets, Kevin Smith, Burns

‘Long Gone Summer’ Trailer: Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire Swing for Home Run Supremacy

Following the massive success of the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls documentary series The Last Dance, ESPN is trying to keep the hype alive by releasing new 30 for 30 sports documentaries on Sundays. One of them will be Long Gone Summer, which chronicles the famous home run battle in the summer of 1998 between St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire and Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa. The first Long Gone Summer trailer has arrived to tease the film’s arrival next week. Long Gon...
Tags: Movies, Documentary, Sports, Wilco, Chicago, Michael Jordan, Espn, Movie Trailers, Chicago Bulls, St Louis, Kosovo, St Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Jeff Tweedy, Sosa, Mark McGwire

Magnolia Pictures and Shudder Make Black Documentaries Like ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ and ‘Horror Noire’ Available for Free

As protests continue to march across the United States (and even the entire globe) in support of Black Lives Matter, movie distributors are amplifying the voices of black filmmakers in an effort to not just show solidarity, but educate the general public on why these protests are so necessary. Following The Criterion Channel making a selection of movies from black filmmakers available for free, Magnolia Pictures is teaming with The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and O Cinema to release ...
Tags: John Lewis, Hollywood, Movies, Minneapolis, Documentary, America, United States, Ferguson, Michael Brown, Muhammad Ali, Toni Morrison, Magnolia Pictures, Martin Luther King Jr, Knight Foundation, Princeton University, Angela Davis

Magnolia Pictures Making ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ and Other Black Documentaries Available for Free

As protests continue to march across the United States (and even the entire globe) in support of Black Lives Matter, movie distributors are amplifying the voices of black filmmakers in an effort to not just show solidarity, but educate the general public on why these protests are so necessary. Following The Criterion Channel making a selection of movies from black filmmakers available for free, Magnolia Pictures is teaming with The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and O Cinema to release ...
Tags: John Lewis, Movies, Minneapolis, Documentary, America, United States, Ferguson, Michael Brown, Muhammad Ali, Toni Morrison, Magnolia Pictures, Martin Luther King Jr, Knight Foundation, Princeton University, Angela Davis, Morrison

The Mystery Surrounding ‘Tiger King’ Rival Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Has a New Twist

The fascinating story at the center of Netflix’s true crime documentary series Tiger King keeps getting better. Hot on the heels of the news that the zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic has been ordered to be handed over to his rival, Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary owner Carole Baskin, there’s a chilling update in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her husband Don Lewis. Local Florida news outlet 10 Tampa Bay (via Entertainment Weekly) has gotten confirmation from Florida sheriff Cha...
Tags: Florida, Television, Movies, Documentary, Netflix, Gulf of Mexico, Lewis, Hillsborough County, Don Lewis, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Chad Chronister, Tiger King, Tampa Bay via Entertainment Weekly, Pilot Country Airport, Springhill Florida

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