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New Blu-ray Releases: ‘Glass’, ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’, ‘Dragged Across Concrete’, ‘Replicas’, ‘The Witch’; Plus: the ‘Escape Room’ in a Box

Physical media will live forever! That’s what I keep telling myself every night as I cry myself to sleep. For now, at least, physical media is sticking around, and that’s where this column comes in – rounding up the Blu-ray releases you might want to check out, while Blu-rays still exist. This week, we have the confusing conclusion to M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy; a charming Amblin-esque throwback from the director of Attack the Block; Keanu Reeves playing God; a crime-thriller guaran...
Tags: Featured Stories Sidebar, Blu-ray & DVD, Drama, DVD/Blu-Ray, Family Films, Features, Home Video, Horror, Sci-Fi, Dragged Across Concrete, Escape Room, Glass, Replicas, The Kid Who Would Be King, The Witch

Kevin Smith’s ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Theory Proposes a “New Religion”

Writer/director Kevin Smith is one of the biggest celebrity Star Wars fans out there, so it’s no surprise that he has some thoughts about the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer that debuted at Star Wars Celebration a few days ago. Kevin Smith Rise of Skywalker Theory Smith actually visited the set of The Rise of Skywalker, but he says he learned the title at the same time as everyone else and doesn’t know much about the movie beyond what he saw on the day of his visit. On a recent...
Tags: Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Drama, LucasFilm, Sci-Fi, Sequels, Kevin-Smith, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star-Wars

One-Punch Man a Nonstop Onslaught of Action

An abundance of fight scenes have once again made an appearance in One-Punch Man‘s 2nd season, great news for hardcore fans as a new villain has also made his arrival and demonstrated his strength, though some may be more interested in the focus on Fubuki. Omake:
Tags: Anime, Drama, Image Gallery, JC Staff, One-Punch Man

Aidy Bryant’s ‘Shrill’ is Getting a Second Season at Hulu

Scream it loud for all to hear: Shrill has been renewed for a second season. Hulu has ordered Shrill season 2 for an expanded sophomore run in 2020, following the critical acclaim that the Aidy Bryant-led comedy met with the release of its first season in March. The SNL cast member is set to reprise her role in the Hulu comedy series based on the book by Lindy West. The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t keep quiet about the news that Shrill is getting a second season. The outlet reported that the ...
Tags: Comedy, Television, Movies, Drama, Elizabeth Banks, Annie, Aidy Bryant, Hulu, Thr, Lorne Michaels, Bryant, Hollywood Reporter, Max Handelman, Lindy West, Warner Bros TV, Shrill

‘The Loudest Voice’ Teaser: Showtime Tells the Story of Roger Ailes and the Rise of Fox News

Fox News has generated millions by giving some of the world’s most obnoxious caricatures a platform in the world of political punditry. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, Megyn Kelly, and whatever trio of airheads is still on Fox & Friends are just some of the dispiriting voices in cable television news, and it’s all thanks to one man: Roger Ailes. Now, the story of how Roger Ailes took fear and pandering to a dangerous level and turned it into a profita...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Showtime, Russell-Crowe, Fox News, Republican Party, Emmy, Donald Trump, True Story, Richard Nixon, Roger Ailes, Ailes, Gabriel Sherman, Mike Douglas, TV Trailer, Kari Skogland

‘Y: The Last Man’ Loses Both Showrunners But Still Moves Forward at FX

A year after FX ordered a pilot adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s highly acclaimed comic series Y: The Last Man, showrunners Aida Mashaka Croal and Michael Green announced that they are parting ways with the project. But this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing of the series. FX is reportedly still moving forward with the long-gestating series that the network first began developing in 2015. In a tweet released Monday, Y The Last Man showrunners Aida Mashaka Croal and Michael G...
Tags: Television, Movies, Drama, Green, Adaptation, FX, Entertainment Weekly, Vaughan, D J Caruso, Michael-Green, Guerra, Brian K Vaughan, Comic Book/Superhero, Y:-The-Last-Man, Pia Guerra, Aida Mashaka Croal

Watch: ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Featured Cameos From Martin Starr and Rob McElhenney, George Lucas Visited the Set, and More

Game of Thrones is back, but even those who are watching closely may have missed a couple of high-profile cameos in last night’s season premiere. Did you catch Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Party Down, Freaks and Geeks) and Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) in small roles? Did you know Star Wars creator George Lucas visited the set during the filming of “Winterfell”? See all of that and more in a great new behind-the-scenes video, head inside the episode to get more insights fr...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Game Of Thrones, Philadelphia, George-Lucas, Emilia Clarke, Jon, Westeros, Weiss, David Benioff, Dan Weiss, Dany, Cersei

‘Westworld’ Season 3 Adds Lena Waithe, Won’t Air Until 2020

HBO is currently basking in the glory of their final season of Game of Thrones, but the day is soon approaching when they no longer have the same stranglehold on the pop culture conversation as they do now. They’ve invested some serious money into Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy‘s sci-fi western series Westworld as an heir apparent, but the audience has dropped significantly from the first to the second season. But after a frustrating second season, the show is making all the right moves to hook me...
Tags: Amazon, Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Casting, Sci-fi, Showtime, Westworld, Nolan, Ava Duvernay, Bet, Tessa Thompson, Dolores, Delos, Dwp

George R.R. Martin Talks ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending, Says His Book Conclusion Won’t Be That Different from the Show’s

The eighth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has begun, leaving only five episodes until the ending of the epic story is unveiled. That story originally began in 1996 when George R.R. Martin published the first book in his A Song of Ice and Fire saga, and as the final season of the show kicks off, the author has weighed in on the parallels between the two endings: the show’s and his planned conclusion for his novels, which is still years away. Read on for his quotes and to find out where he think...
Tags: Books, Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Dave, Game Of Thrones, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, A Song Of Ice And Fire, George R R Martin, Martin, George, Dan, Action/Adventure

‘Game of Thrones’ Returns to ‘Winterfell’ With a Busy Hour of Table-setting and Doomsaying

Game of Thrones is back with its eighth and final season…which means that a series known for its unwillingness to take any prisoners no longer has a reason to let the castles stand and keep heads on their shoulders. The season premiere, “Winterfell,” follows the grand series tradition of moving pieces into place before the proper storm begins. And there are many, many pieces, even as the game table itself has shrunk to only two key locations: Winterfell, stronghold of House Stark, and King’s La...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Features, Game Of Thrones, North, King, Kit Harington, Sansa, Ben, Jon, Chekov, Jacob, Westeros

Life Is a Penguin Highway

I saw Penguin Highway in theaters during the New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival. I was sitting next to two women in their late 20s who were discussing where to get artisanal haircuts. If that does not paint a picture of who was sitting next to me I’m not exactly sure what will. After the … Continue reading Life Is a Penguin Highway
Tags: Reviews, New York, Drama, Fantasy, Anime, Penguin Highway

‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Trailer: Meryl Streep Wants the Truth

The first season of HBO’s Big Little Lies was an adaptation of author Liane Moriarty’s best-selling novel, and it was originally envisioned as a one-season-and-done miniseries. But after the show became a big hit, everyone involved changed their minds and decided to bring it back for more. But you’d never guess that from this brand new Big Little Lies season 2 trailer, which continues the story after the shocking events of the finale and looks just as thrilling as ever. Check it out below. ...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Meryl Streep, Zoe Kravitz, Jean Marc Vallee, Alexander Skarsgard, Liane Moriarty, Andrea Arnold, TV Trailer, Big Little Lies, Monterey Five, Meryl Streep Wants the Truth

501st Legion of ‘Star Wars’ Fans Will Appear in ‘The Mandalorian’

Here’s a cool bit of news out of Star Wars Celebration: the 501st Legion, an organization of Star Wars fans dedicated to wearing screen-accurate costumes of Stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and other Star Wars characters, will be appearing in multiple episodes of Jon Favreau‘s upcoming Disney+ series The Mandalorian. It’s the first live-action TV show in the franchise’s history, and a dedicated group of fans was able to participate in some genuine Star Wars history. Read more about it below. 5...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Sci-fi, Disney, Dave, Jon Favreau, Lucasfilm, 501st Legion, Trivia, Favreau, Taika Waititi, Jango, Star-Wars, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Disney Here

‘Veronica Mars’ Teaser: Kristen Bell Will Break Spring Breakers When Hulu Series Premieres in July

Veronica Mars is back in the leather jacket, which may be out of season for the show’s July 26 premiere date, but oh does it feel so good. Hulu announced the premiere date of the highly anticipated eight-episode revival of Rob Thomas‘ beloved mystery drama series in the new Veronica Mars teaser, which sees Kristen Bell donning her familiar leather jacket and trusty taser. Watch the new Veronica Mars teaser below. Veronica Mars Teaser Right off the bat, we get some of that classic Veroni...
Tags: Television, Movies, Drama, Hulu, Mystery/Suspense, TV Trailer, Kristen-Bell, Veronica-Mars

Sequel Bits: ‘The Conjuring 3’, ‘Ghostbusters 3’, ‘Jumanji 3’, ‘Rush Hour’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: The Conjuring 3 scares up a release date. Jason Reitman shares a behind-the-scenes Ghostbusters 3 pic, and some promo art finds its way online. Kevin Hart does some hype-building for Jumanji 3. No, Jackie Chan isn’t making Rush Hour 4. Or The Karate Kid 2. The Conjuring Universe just keeps on ticking. The Curse of La Llorona, which is a Conjuring film even though it’s not being marketed as one, and Annabelle Comes Home both arrive this year. And next year w...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Drama, Horror, Sequels, Kevin Hart, Jason Reitman, Ghostbusters, Jackie Chan, Jumanji, Don, CHAN, Collider, Jake Kasdan, Chris Tucker, Action/Adventure

Our 2019 ‘Game of Thrones’ Superlatives: Awards, Honors, and Titles for the Currently-Alive Characters

First, we ranked the 10 best episodes of Game of Thrones. Then we ranked the 15 best moments from the series. Now, it’s time get serious. It’s time for some Game of Thrones superlatives. It makes sense, right? After all, the treacherous world of Westeros is just like high school. What is the battle for the crown if not the grandest popularity contest imaginable? So the Westerosi yearbook editors (Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson) are awarding the currently-living characters the accolades they deserve...
Tags: Facebook, Hbo, Television, Movies, Instagram, Drama, Fantasy, Features, Davos, Adaptation, Army, Game Of Thrones, North, Party, Jon Snow, Sam

‘Teen Spirit’ Cast and Filmmakers on What Movies Inspired Them [Interview]

Writer-director Max Minghella, actress Elle Fanning, and executive producer Jamie Bell were on hand to discuss Teen Spirit during the 2019 SXSW Film Festival. Teen Spirit was among a number of music-centered films to premiere last year at Toronto.  It was certainly among my favorites of the musical selections. Bleecker Street acquired the film and wisely held off releasing it until this year. Appropriately, the film would go onto make its U.S. premiere during SXSW, a festival known for i...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Interviews, Toronto, Features, Katy Perry, Madonna, Elle, Sxsw, Max, Vlad, Elle Fanning, Vladimir, Marius, Jamie Bell, Featured Stories Sidebar

‘Weathering With You’ Trailer: ‘Your Name’ Director Makoto Shinkai Delivers Another Visually Stunning Film

Three years after Makoto Shinkai delivered his acclaimed 2016 masterpiece Your Name, the anime director is delivering what looks to be another gorgeous, visually stunning film with Weathering With You. And based on the trailer, Shinkai’s follow-up film will be just as cerebral and ambitious as his 2016 mega-hit. Watch the Weathering With You trailer below. Weathering With You Trailer Makoto Shinkai and rain, what else could you ask for? The director has always had a talent for crafting ...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Drama, Sci-fi, Tokyo, Anime, Movie Trailers, Makoto Shinkai, Shinkai, Weathering With You, Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori

Now Stream This: ‘Destroyer’, ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘Lizzie’, ‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’, ‘The Fly’, ‘Between Worlds’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.) It’s that time again! Time for more great movies you can stream right now. In this edition of Now Stream This, you’ll find a Nicole Kidman cop drama, Kristen Stewart deconstructing the story of Lizzie Borden, a quiet horror film, Nicolas Cage going full Cage, some disturbing body horror, a hilarious documentary, and more! These are the best movies ...
Tags: Amazon, Florida, Hbo, New York, Hollywood, Movies, Geena Davis, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Sports, Jerusalem, Nicole Kidman, David Cronenberg, Davis, Manhattan

‘Wine Country’ Trailer: Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and More Reunite for Netflix Comedy

Former Saturday Night Live co-stars Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Tina Fey shared the stage at the Academy Awards earlier this year, but you’ll soon be able to see them together again in a brand new Netflix comedy. It’s called Wine Country, and features that hilarious trio of women teaming up with fellow SNL alums Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey in a story about a group of women traveling to California’s Napa Valley to celebrate one of their characters’ birthday. Chec...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Nbc, Drama, California, Rebecca, Netflix, Broad City, Amy-Poehler, Tina-Fey, Parks and Recreation, Napa, Movie Trailers, Natasha Lyonne, Adam Sandler, Parks

The 15 Greatest ‘Game of Thrones’ Moments: Shocking Suicides, Brutal Betrayals, and Dangerous Dragons

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season this weekend, so you know what that means: it’s time to rank things. And a show as epic as this offers a great deal to rank. Yesterday, we ranked the 10 best episodes. Today, we’re ranking the 15 best moments of the entire series. /Film’s resident Westeros experts, Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson, hunkered down, re-watched all 67 episodes of the series so far, and whittled down a list of dozens of moments to a final 15. In a show known for its ...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Features, House, Adaptation, Army, Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow, Twins, Diana Rigg, Wolf, Ben, Jon

First Look: Speeder Bike From ‘The Mandalorian’

Star Wars Celebration is currently underway in Chicago, and we’ll be bringing you plenty of coverage from the biggest panels over the next few days. But in the meantime, /Film’s weekend editor Ethan Anderton is on the ground checking out the show floor and just sent over some photos of a brand new speeder bike from The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV series. We’re expecting to learn more about the show this weekend, but you can take a closer look at this new prop below and see h...
Tags: Television, Movies, Drama, Sci-fi, Disney, Chicago, Lucasfilm, Leia, Star Wars Celebration, Star-Wars, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Ethan Anderton, Featured Stories Sidebar, The Mandalorian, Imperial Aratech

‘Transparent’ to Kill Off Jeffrey Tambor’s Character in Musical Finale

Roughly two years after allegations of harassment against star Jeffrey Tambor put Transparent on hold, the Emmy-winning Amazon series is returning for one final curtain call. But its main character played by Tambor, the transgender Maura Pfefferman, will be nowhere in sight. The feature-length series finale of the acclaimed series will be a musical episode that kills off Maura at the beginning and follows “the Pfefferman family as they come together in their grief and celebrate her life.” Th...
Tags: Amazon, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Drama, Amazon Prime, Gay, House Of Cards, Kevin Spacey, Roseanne Barr, Transparent, Jill, Jeffrey-Tambor, Maura, Jill Soloway, Maura Pfefferman

Donald Glover and Rihanna’s ‘Guava Island’ Movie Drops on Amazon Prime Video This Weekend [Updated]

Update: Running time and plot details have been added to the end of this piece. Last summer, rumors spread that actor/musicians Donald Glover (Community, Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Rihanna (Ocean’s Eight, Battleship) were secretly shooting a movie in Cuba. Now we have our first official look at that film, which is called Guava Island and – surprise! – debuts this weekend on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the first teaser and find out more below. Guava Island Teaser You’re all invited to our s...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Drama, Rihanna, California, America, Atlanta, Amazon Prime, Movie Trailers, Cuba, Barry, Vanity Fair, Donald Glover, Glover, Amazon Studios, Hiro Murai

Star Wars Bits: Resistance, Jedi Fallen Order, Porg Hatchlings, and More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: A fan-made video shows a key overlap moment between The Force Awakens and Resistance, and a Resistance producer answers questions about the finale Mark Hamill addresses the wait for a Star Wars: Episode 9 trailer with a humorous Instagram photo Take a closer look at the sacred Jedi texts from The Last Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn gets the Hot Toys treatment See some concept art of porg hatchlings And more! Side-by-side synced-up footage of the destruction of Hosnia...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Sci-fi, Sequels, Lucasfilm, Marvel Comics, Mark Hamill, Starwarsunderworld, Star-Wars, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Justin Ridge, Imperial Guard, Star Wars Resistance

‘Barry’ Season 3 is Coming: HBO Renews Bill Hader’s Hilarious and Heartbreaking Assassin Show

Good news for NoHo Hank fans: HBO’s Barry is officially coming back for season 3. Bill Hader and Alec Berg‘s show about a hitman who accidentally discovers his love for acting has proven to be one of the funniest and darkest shows on television, and even though it’s just a couple of episodes into its sophomore season, today HBO decided to renew it for a third season. Amy Gravitt, HBO’s executive vice president of programming, announced the Barry season 3 renewal today. The premium channel did...
Tags: Hbo, Comedy, Movies, Drama, Barry, Bill-Hader, Alec Berg, Henry Winkler, Skeleton Twins, Hader, Amy Gravitt, Anthony Carrigan, NoHo Hank, HBO Renews

Big Battles and Bad Weddings: The 10 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Episodes

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season this weekend, so you know what that means: it’s time to rank things. And a show as epic as this offers a great deal to rank. So let’s start with the best episodes, shall we? /Film’s resident Westeros experts, Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson, hunkered down, re-watched all 67 episodes of the series so far, and whittled them down to a lean and mean top 10. Before we enter the show’s endgame on Sunday night, let’s remember why we love this show in ...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Adaptation, Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow, White Walker, Ben, Jon, Jacob, Robb, Westeros, Ned, Ben Pearson

One-Punch Man Doles out More Hard-Hitting Action

One-Punch Man‘s 2nd season has at last made its debut, hopefully satisfying those desperate for more of the show’s thrilling action scenes as Saitama becomes intimate with another hero, watchers however will likely be debating the quality of JC Staff’s work… Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Anime, Saitama, Image Gallery, One-Punch Man, JC Staff

‘Tales of the City’ Trailer: Laura Linney Finds Her Home in the Armistead Maupin Adaptation

Queer Eye may have finished its third season too soon, but Netflix has another touching, feel-good LGBT series to fill that gap. Tales of the City is an upcoming limited series that presents the next chapter in the adaptation of the nine-novel series by author Armistead Maupin. Linney reprises her role as Mary Ann Singleton, which she originated in the beloved 1993 miniseries, in Netflix’s Tales of the City, which finds Mary Ann returning to the city that she loved so dearly 20 years later. Wat...
Tags: Movies, Drama, San Francisco, Netflix, Connecticut, Adaptation, Laura-Linney, Mary Ann, TV Trailer, Armistead Maupin, Anna Madrigal, Barbary Lane, Mary Ann Singleton, Olympia Dukakis, Ellen-Page, Tales of the City

‘Lisey’s Story’: Julianne Moore Will Star in Apple Drama Written By Stephen King and Produced by J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions already has two shows on tap for the new Apple TV+ streaming service, but they’ve just received a green light for another drama. Apple has won a bidding war for a limited series adaptation of Lisey’s Story, which is based on the 2006 novel by Stephen King. Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore will star, and in King himself will write all eight episodes of the series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore will play the lead role in what is being ...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Hollywood, Television, Movies, Romance, Drama, Julianne Moore, Casting, Horror, Stephen-King, Cbs, Hulu, Ben Stephenson, King, J J Abrams

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