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Coronavirus Continues to Wreak Havoc & Disrupt Businesses

The Coronavirus has continued to sew chaos as companies and developers are cancelling more events and having their production and plans disrupted, with there being no signs of when it will all stop. The IdolMaster Million Live! One Night Cruise Welcome!! Aboard tour event that was planned for February 29th was cancelled out of concerns […]
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Kojima Productions Cancels GDC Appearance Due to Coronavirus

Hideo Kojima’s game development studio Kojima Productions has canceled its Game Developers Conference appearance due to increasing concerns over the international spread of the Coronavirus. The development studio issued a statement surrounding their absence from GDC 2020 on both Twitter and their official homepage: Hideo Kojima himself was scheduled to host a talk about his […]
Tags: Health, Games, Events, Anime, Announcements, Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, Death Stranding, Coronavirus

Free online broadcast engineering training launched

Radio TechCon has released the contents of its Radio Technology Masterclass for free. ‘An Introduction To Broadcast Engineering’ takes users through a virtual masterclass day, with videos covering how to build a studio, what equipment to choose, how central technical areas work, an overview of transmission, and internet and coding for radio stations. Each video is around 20 minutes long. The presentations feature industry experts from the BBC, Global, Bauer, Arqiva and Ofcom among others, and...
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Sexy Companions Are All About in Osaka Auto Messe 2020

Spectacular car show Osaka Auto Messe has not been remiss to forget adorning the entire venue with hordes of gorgeous companion girls, as a grand assortment can be seen wearing luxurious outfits to harvest attention towards the brands they are promoting. Held from February 14th to February 16th, the event had plenty of sublime sights […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Cars, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Osaka, Image Gallery, Race Queens, Booth Babes, Osaka Auto Messe

Ed Boon on Mortal Kombat & Smash Bros “It’d Be Like a Stamp of Approval”

Ed Boon, one of the co-creators of Mortal Kombat, shared his thoughts on the concept of the fatality-laden fighting game having its characters implemented into the child-friendly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his opinion naturally being a positive one. Boon participated in a short interview with Shacknews at D.I.C.E Summit 2020, touching on a number of […]
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WATCH: The best of Inman Connect New York 2020

Have you seen our Inman Connect New York coverage from January 2020? Dig into what was discussed in January, and get a taste of the experience you’ll have with us in Las Vegas in July.
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Coronavirus Cancels Bang Dream Events, FFVII Remake Event & More

The China-originating Coronavirus has begun to greatly affect an assortment of Japanese media as the virulent plague has disrupted the plans for several events, from notable street gatherings to the airing of anime episodes. The revered Nipponbashi Street Festa and Shibuya Design Festival were both aborted by way of an announcement out of fear of […]
Tags: Japan, China, Medical, Events, Anime, Announcements, Delays, Cancellations, Coronavirus

Inman Success Stories: Nest Realty

Nest Realty is based in Charlottesville, Va. Founder Jonathan Kauffmann and the team had a specific need: to build critical brand awareness.
Tags: Real Estate, Education, Events, Training, Radio, Conference, Sponsorship, CHARLOTTESVILLE Va, Brokerage, Inman Connect, Nest Realty, Lauren Walker, Real Estate Connect, Jonathan Kauffmann, Inman Sponsorship, Inman Success Stories: Nest Realty

Original 1933 ‘King Kong’ Returning to Theaters for the First Time in Nearly 65 Years

The King Kong that most audiences are familiar with today is probably Peter Jackson’s remake from 2005. But the original King Kong from 1933 is a much bigger milestone in cinematic history, bringing a larger than life story to the big screen with old school movie tricks and special effects. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the classic film directed and produced by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, there’s no better way to see it than on the big screen. Thankfully, Fathom Even...
Tags: New York, Movies, Sci-fi, Events, South Pacific, Peter Jackson, Kong, King-Kong, Dwight D Eisenhower, DARROW, Ernest B Schoedsack, Merian C Cooper, Fay Wray, Ben Mankiewicz, Willis O'Brien, Fay Wray Robert Armstrong

‘The AGFA Horror Trailer Show’ Will Bring Rare Trailers, Commercials & More to Alamo Drafthouse Theaters

Despite the rise in digital projection, there are still 35mm screenings of new releases, as well as repertory screenings of older movies at select theaters across the country. But The American Genre Film Archive will offer up something different on 35mm for those lucky enough to be near the right theaters. The AGFA Horror Trailer Show is a special event screening coming to select Alamo Drafthouse locations for Reel Film Day, an annual celebration of watching 35mm film prints in theaters that ha...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Horror, Events, Don, Austin Texas, Tim, Alamo Drafthouse, Agfa, Nicolas Winding Refn, Joe Ziemba, American Genre Film Archive, Lisa Petrucci, The AGFA Horror Trailer Show, The American Genre Film Archive, Alamo Drafthouse Theaters

Detective Conan Cafés Will Serve Drugs

A series of Detective Conan-themed cafés are set to spring up across Japan in anticipation of the upcoming Scarlet Bullet film, giving customers the chance to take the APTX 4869 drug that caused Conan to shrink to the size of a child. Twelve cafés in nine Japanese cities are planning to sell Conan-themed food and […]
Tags: Food, Japan, Marketing, Events, Conan, Anime, Cafe, Image Gallery, Scarlet Bullet

David Lloyd to present The Story of Radio

Radio consultant David Lloyd is booked in at the Burgh House & Hampstead Museum in London to present The Story of Radio next month. The Story of Radio will happen on March 4th at 7.30pm, providing an alternative night of entertainment to the ARIAs which is scheduled for the same time. David presents the radio podcast Conversations and hosts the weekly Radio Moments, looking back at this week in radio. He began his career at Radio Trent in 1980, then went on to work in all sectors of the indus...
Tags: London, Top, Events, Bbc, David, Radio, David Lloyd, Orion Media, Radio Authority, Radio Trent, Burgh House Hampstead Museum, Story of Radio, Radio Moments, Phil Riley He

Fans Cherish Their One-Minute Talks at VTuber Oshaberi Fes

Otaku who adore watching virtual YouTubers had made their way to the VTuber Oshaberi Fes on February 16th, as the event was an opportunity for them to meet all their favorite Hololive virtual YouTubers and talk with them for the miraculous time period of a single minute. The event was held in Tokyo’s Chiyoda and […]
Tags: Japan, Events, Bizarre, Tokyo, Anime, Chiyoda, Otaku, Image Gallery, Ronery, Virtual YouTubers, Hololive, VTuber Oshaberi Fes

Behold All the Pretty Cat Girls at Nekopara Exhibition

An outstanding exhibition is open for the currently ongoing Nekopara anime, the spectacular event having an assortment of sights to witness and appreciate as well as some goods that rabid collectors will want to fork out their hard-earned cash for. Taking place at the Akiba CO Gallery, original art and illustrations of the anime were […]
Tags: Events, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Akihabara, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Nekomimi, Nekopara, Nekopara Exhibition, Akiba CO Gallery

WATCH: Startups that use big data

How can we use big data to make actionable decisions? Big data can bring a company big financial gains, if you know how to use it.
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Sweet Anime Treats Are Everywhere for Akihabara Valentine’s Day 2020

An assortment of photos of Akihabara during Valentine’s Day have finally emerged to indicate to observers the popularity of the handout events during the holiday, as hordes of lonely males can be seen picking up all the sweets on offer. Many franchises were participating in handout events at venues in Akihabara, from Ishuzoku Reviewers, to […]
Tags: Japan, Events, Anniversaries, Anime, Cosplay, Akihabara, Valentine's, Otaku, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Ronery

About 500 Lined up For Madoka Water, Already Being Resold Online

A special handout event was held for the currently airing Madoka anime Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden as those in attendance were handed some fabulous Fukurou Fortune Water at no expense, which some individuals (consumed by avarice) already intend to resell online. The event took place at the main Gamers store in Akihabara, […]
Tags: Events, Auctions, Anime, Akihabara, Anime Goods, Madoka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mahou Shoujo, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden

WATCH: Data cap is more important than market cap

Media and real estate have more in common than you might think, argued Chris Finnegan, chief marketing and communications officer at Bright MLS onstage at Inman Connect New York. If you use data to target consumers in a personalized way, it can be more valuable than owning more market volume.
Tags: Video, Big Data, Events, Data, Radio, Inman Connect New York, Austin Board of Realtors, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Bright MLS, Real Estate Connect, MLS & Associations, Connect Video, Emily Chenevert, Ryan Rodenbeck

WATCH: Digital marketing trends from top agents

Top luxe agents plan to spend four to five times more on digital marketing in 2020 than their less productive peers, according to an internal study of more than 1,000 real estate agents, said the Luxury Presence CEO Malte Kramer at Inman Connect New York.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Digital, Events, Radio, Agent, Digital Marketing, Inman Connect New York, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Luxury Presence, Malte Kramer, Inman Connect New York 2020

WATCH: Pocket listing ban will have ‘huge impact on consumers’

A pair of industry leaders argued at Inman Connect New York that NAR's recently approved Clear Cooperation Policy will ultimately be good for everyone.
Tags: Video, Events, Radio, Compass, NAR, Inman Connect New York, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Bright MLS, Real Estate Connect, MLS & Associations, Connect Video, Brian Donnellan, Pocket Listing, Assist-2-Sell

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe Satisfies Nostalgia Thirst & Appetites

The Square Enix Cafe in Tokyo, which originally opened in 2016 in Akihabara, has changed its theme to promote the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, serving up an extravagant arrangement of fittingly themed dishes that will sate not only appetites but any visitors aching for nostalgia as well. The cafe obliges attendees with both beverages […]
Tags: Food, Games, Marketing, Events, Tokyo, Anime, Cafe, Final Fantasy Vii, Akihabara, Image Gallery, Anime Goods

WATCH: How and when to update your brand

On the Inman Connect New York 2020 stage, Coldwell Banker CMO David Marine shared the process behind the company’s 40-year rebrand.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Events, Radio, Branding, Rebranding, Inman Connect New York, Coldwell Banker, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, David Marine, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Inman Connect New York 2020

WATCH: 3 marketing trends to lock down in 2020

Marketing heavy hitters from eXp, Sotheby’s and RE/MAX took the stage to kick off Inman Connect New York and discussed the top marketing trends, visions and tips for agents.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Events, Radio, Agent, Sotheby's, Inman Connect New York, Abby Lee, Sotheby, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, RE/MAX, Brad Nelson, Exp Realty, Mitch Robinson

WATCH: Marketing kick off for 2020

Where are things headed for marketing in 2020? Katie Lance of Katie Lance Consulting shares her insights at Inman Connect.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Events, Radio, Inman Connect New York, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Katie Lance, Agent Marketing, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Inman Connect New York 2020, Icny2020, Katie Lance Consulting

WATCH: Managing your team like a brokerage

The best ways to create a killer team from experts at Inman Connect New York.
Tags: Video, Events, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Bonneau Ansley, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, Building Teams, Exp Realty, Real Estate Connect, Daniel Beer, Ben Kinney Companies

Tim Sweeney “Companies Need to Divorce Themselves From Politics”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has weighed in on the ever omnipresent topic of politics being needlessly inserted into video games, with the oft controversial man asserting that businesses should remain neutral and allow customers to have their own views without being judged. During his opening keynote at DICE Summit 2020, Sweeney discussed this topic […]
Tags: Business, Games, Politics, Events, Anime, Epic Games, Sweeney, Tim Sweeney

WATCH: Getting real about the agent compensation discussion

The general consensus from two panels at Inman Connect New York was that every brokerage's situation with agent compensation is highly specific.
Tags: Video, Events, Radio, Teams, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Keller Williams Realty, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Jessica Edwards, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage, Real Estate Connect, Sue Adler, Ben Kinney Companies

Ready to meet the New Guard?

Join the conversations at Disconnect that will set the course for the next decade.
Tags: Events, Radio, Agent, Disconnect, Industry News, Inman Disconnect, New Guard

WATCH: Should I stay or should I go?

Should you franchise or not? Watch the experts dive into the pros and cons of expansion, growth and affiliation onstage at Inman Connect New York.
Tags: Video, Events, Radio, Franchise, Inman Connect New York, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Daryl Rogers, ERA Wilder Realty, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Inman Connect New York 2020, Icny2020, Jereme Kleven

WATCH: Has tech leveled the playing field?

With brokerages trying to be sold every new tech under the sun, what is it we actually need?
Tags: Video, Technology, Events, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Inman Connect New York 2020, Icny2020

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