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‘Devs’ Review: Alex Garland’s Melancholy Sci-Fi Series Will Blow Your Mind (and Might Trigger an Existential Crisis or Two)

When approaching Devs, there’s one rule worth keeping in mind: Pay attention. That may seem like a no-brainer, but more often than not these days, TV viewers tend to only half-watch shows – one eye on the TV, the other on the phone for some live-tweeting. You can certainly try to watch Devs this way, but if you, do be warned: You’ll get lost in the woods, wandering around aimlessly in a futile search for familiar landmarks that never present themselves. Devs is dense – a layered, near-hypnotic ...
Tags: Television, Movies, Sci-fi, Features, Nick Offerman, Hulu, Amaya, Lily, Alex-Garland, Garland, Sonoya Mizuno, Sergei, Offerman, San Franciso, TV Reviews, ` Devs

‘Doctor Who’ Tells a “Haunting” Tale With a Chilling Night With Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Author

It turns out lightning can strike twice with Doctor Who, which makes an electric return to form with “The Haunting of Villa Diodati.” Last week saw Season 12’s hot streak of episodes come to an end, but Doctor Who resuscitated its high-quality run with a perfect old-fashioned ghost story that pitted Frankenstein’s author against a modern Prometheus of Doctor Who‘s own making. Doctor Who has long delighted in doing on-the-nose tributes to famous literary figures, which range from the good (Charl...
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Visiting the Set of ‘VFW’, a Fangoria Production Drenched in Blood and Brotherhood

VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. It is a non-profit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces. Part of their mission is ”to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts”. Writers Max Brallier and Matthew McArdle along with Director Joe Begos ( The Mind’s Eye, Bliss ) take a blood-spattering approach to brotherhood and camaraderie in their latest feature VFW .  VF...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Iraq, America, Features, Ptsd, United States, Irving, Josh, VFW, Dallas Texas, Williamson, LANG, Tom Williamson, Bill Ted, George A Romero

Exploring the Many Hurdles That Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc.’ Faced on the Road to the Big Screen

(Infinity and Beyond  is a regular bi-weekly column documenting the 25-year filmography of Pixar Animation Studios, film by film. In today’s column, writer Josh Spiegel highlights Monsters, Inc .) Thursday, November 1, 2001 ought to have been a very exciting day for Pete Docter. The stalwart Pixar animator, writer, and director was just hours away from a true milestone: the first feature film bearing his name as director was going to be released in theaters nationwide. It would be the fourth...
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Revisiting ‘Return to Oz,’ Disney’s Sequel-to-a-Classic That Haunted Our Nightmares

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) Picture it: a time when the head of Walt Disney Productions said, what if we tried to appeal to more than just families? What if we make a series of boldly innovative films that challenge the notion that we only do one type of film? If that sounds incompatible with the company today, you’d be right, but this was when Ron Miller was in charge during the ‘80s, as he se...
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‘Hunters’ Review: Al Pacino is Great in an Otherwise Disappointing Series

After Pulp Fiction became something of a phenomenon in 1994, there was a period where producers and filmmakers were practically tripping over themselves to follow its lead. The end result was a steady string of Quentin Tarantino knock-offs – overwritten crime films with “quirky” characters spouting “cool” dialogue. In many ways, Hunters, a new series created by David Weil and debuting soon on Amazon, feels as if it time-traveled to the present from that particular era. By the time a goofy monta...
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‘Emma.’ Review: An Ultra-Stylish Jane Austen Adaptation as Sharp as Its Punctuation Mark

It’s often overlooked how adept a satirist Jane Austen was, with most adaptations of the English literary icon’s works favoring the swooning romances and feminist themes of her novels. But more than any other past adaptation, barring the wildly underrated and wildly funny Love & Friendship, Emma. captures that tongue-in-cheek and whip-smart tone of Austen’s work. “Emma Woodhouse: handsome, clever, and rich,” the film declares right at the outset, quoting Austen’s opening words of her 1815 no...
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‘Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made’ Director Tom McCarthy on Following ‘Spotlight’ With a Disney Family Movie [Interview]

Just when you think you have Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy figured out, he goes and follows Spotlight with a film for Disney+ about a kid who thinks of himself as a hard-boiled detective whose best friend is a polar bear. It may surprise you to know that McCarthy’s latest film, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is delightful. The main character takes himself very seriously and the film has a lot of fun playing around with that while building an entertaining mystery for him to solve. The Re...
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‘The Lodge’ Directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala on Building Atmosphere and Referencing ‘Jack Frost’ [Interview]

Filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala know how to let a movie get under an audience’s skin. Even the simplest of their shots, such as Riley Keough scratching her knees, elicit discomfort. They maintain that mood of dread throughout the their newest film, The Lodge, their followup to Goodnight Mommy. Their latest is a chilly head trip of a horror movie about bottled-up emotions exploding into fear, terror, and mystery. It’s an unsettling experience best seen blind. “This movie lingers long...
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The Clock Tower: Love Was in the Air Throughout the Arrowverse This Week

(Welcome to The Clock Tower , where we’ll break down the goings on of the The CW network’s Arrowverse. We’ll touch on things like themes , cultural impact, lead-ins to major events, ships, and more every week! Warning: this Clock Tower is filled with spoilers . Proceed at your own risk.) What’s Valentine’s Day without a little murder? Love is in the air in the Arrowverse this week, but more than a few people are going to lose their lives while they’re looking for love. Though it’s still...
Tags: Television, Movies, Features, The Cw, Harry, Batwoman, Frost, Barry, Cw, Iris, Ava, Ray Palmer, Allegra, Marie Antoinette, Freddy, Charlie

Let’s Celebrate the Best Unconventional Romantic Leading Men

Throughout cinema, there have been many kinds of leading men. Some are the charming prince types that sweep us off our feet, while others are the bad boys that we know are no good (but maybe have a heart of gold?). There’s a leading man for all seasons. But there is a specific group of actors that have gone unrecognized in the ways of pulling viewers’ heartstrings – men who don’t fit so cleanly in those established templates. Here, we’ll examine the talented gents that need to be recognized for...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Star Trek, Features, Paris, Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, William, Michael Sheen, Halle Berry, Jack Black, Hellboy, Jack Lemmon, Black, Selma Blair, Marcus

‘The Assistant’ Director Kitty Green on the Banality of Evil in #MeToo Workplace Drama [Interview]

It’s a little over two years following the culture-shifting reporting that sparked the #MeToo movement, and we’ve finally gotten the first truly great movie about the culture in need of dismantling. Kitty Green’s The Assistant follows a single day in the life of Julia Garner’s Jane, a new employee working for a Harvey Weinstein-like bullying boss. We inhabit her state of mind not through what she says or thinks but rather through what she does – primarily, dreary office tasks. But through the s...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Green, Noah, Harvey Weinstein, Seth Macfarlane, Cannes, Gus Van Sant, Julia, Jane, Weinstein, Patrick Wilson, Julia Garner, JonBenét, Patsy Ramsey

‘Downhill’ Directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash on Why They Remade ‘Force Majeure’ and Directing Comedy Legends [Interview]

Filmmakers Nat Faxon and Jim Rash took some time out of their schedule to sit down with /Film for a phone interview to talk about their new film, Downhill. Downhill premiered at the Eccles Theater during the first weekend of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The film is the the English-language remake of the Swedish dark comedy Force Majeure. In addition to directing the film, Faxon and Rash co-wrote the script with Jesse Armstrong. Downhill marks their return to Sundance for the first time sinc...
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The Best South Korean Films You’ve Never Seen

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week we celebrate Bong Joon Ho’s big win at the Academy Awards with his masterpiece ‘Parasite’ by looking back at some lesser known gems from South Korea.) History was made recently when a non-English language film won Best Picture at the Oscars for the very first time. Parasite absolutely deserves the honor, but even better, the win is mo...
Tags: South Korea, Hollywood, Movies, Earth, Features, Moss, Lee, Jeong, Gavin O Connor, Yong, CHOI, Lee Myung, Bong Joon Ho, Seoul Station, Kim Sung, Ryoo Seung

‘Fantasy Island’ Review: Stay Far, Far Away From Blumhouse’s Horror Getaway

Fantasy Island, the late ’70s/early ’80s TV series that made the catchphrase “The plane! The plane!” wildly popular, heads to the big screen thanks to the fright masters at Blumhouse. As is their want, Blumhouse has warped the show into a horror movie – a move that’s not entirely unprecedented. The original show had plenty of supernatural elements – there was even an episode featuring the Devil. And the old adage of “be careful what you wish for” has been exploited time and time again for scary...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Features, Movie Reviews, Michael Pena, Fiji, Patrick, Gwen, Jacobs, Melanie, Fantasy Island, Ryan Hansen, Blumhouse, Roarke, Lucy Hale, Michael Rooker

Now Scream This: The Best Horror Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

(Welcome to Now Scream This, a column where horror experts Chris Evangelista and Matt Donato tell you what scary, spooky, and spine-tingling movies are streaming and where you can watch them.) Matt: If you’re venturing out to the cinema this Valentine’s Day weekend and can catch a screening of After Midnight, I urge you to do just that (or watch it on VOD). Between all the other obvious date night choices – looking at you Sonic The Hedgehog – none understand the beauty of love and complexity of...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Horror, Features, Rex, Tammy, Hulu, Paul Walker, Chris, Benson, Matt, Walker, Richards, Denise Richards, Toby, Micah

10 Truly Great Movie Kisses That Deserve More Love

There have been quite a few memorable smooches throughout cinematic history. From the kiss that left us on the edge of our seat to the ones that made us melt, particular kisses continue to make us dream. But (as is the case with most artistic things), there have been a few swoon-worthy moments of emotion that have gone under-appreciated within the movie fan community. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it seems only fitting to give some much-needed-shout outs to a select few. So grab your favorite box of...
Tags: Movies, Robin Williams, Disney, Star Trek, Features, Egypt, Nick Offerman, Sam, Skye, Joe, Marcus, Val Kilmer, Robert, Billy Wilder, Tony Curtis, Rose

The ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Post-Mortem: Breaking Down What Worked and What Did Not in the Underrated Series

The Disney XD animated Star Wars Resistance requires patience in ways that frustrated while also marveled. Even when it literally launched into the stars in season two, its tests its own range without really transcending it. There are times where Resistance , set before and during The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, takes the path of least resistance. But it is not inherently negative if Resistance had breezier aims than other LucasFilm animated productions than Clone Wars ...
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New on Blu-ray: ‘Parasite’, ‘Roma’, ‘Doctor Sleep’, ‘Shutter Island’, ‘The House that Jack Built’, and More

Brace yourselves, my friends – this week’s Blu-ray column is packed. There are so many movies here that you probably want to block out your entire day just to read this. Go ahead, clear your calendar. Call in sick from work. Lock all your doors, draw the blinds, and feast your eyes. These are the new Blu-ray releases you should check out this week. Parasite Fresh off its triumphant run at the Oscars, Parasite is now available on Blu-ray, and it’s just as special as you’ve heard it is. I...
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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Review: An Exhausting Video Game Adaptation With an Identity Crisis

Who is Sonic the Hedgehog for? What is the target audience for a film that wants to take its cues from Deadpool but also family films about the Easter Bunny? Ostensibly, children should want very badly to see this movie adaptation of the long-running Sega video game about an extremely fast blue animal. But Sonic the Hedgehog can’t figure out if its audience is the parents of those children — those of us who grew up with the first iteration of Sonic — or kids themselves. The result is...
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‘The Magicians’ Offers a Gripping Double Feature With “Apocalypse? Now?!” and “Oops! I Did It Again”

Last night The Magicians gave us the gift of a two-parter, back-to-back episodes to entertain us and save us from the indignity of biting our nails while we waiting for days to find out how the cliffhanger at the end of “Apocalypse? Now?!” turns out.  And what a cliffhanger it was—the gang in attempt to stop the harmonic convergence ends up accidently destroying the moon and setting Earth up for complete annihilation. How did the gang mess up so badly? They were sleep deprived, for one thi...
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What It’s Like to Run the Walt Disney World Marathon

I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday, January 12, 2020. Before delving into the magic of the runDisney weekend and event, the five-park course (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and one of the water parks), the Disney characters and exhibits set up for picture-taking every few miles, classic Disney clips and tunes played on screens and speakers throughout the course, and exclusive memorabilia, many readers may be wondering why anyone not named Pheidippides, car...
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How ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Influenced the Films of Jordan Peele

The 92nd Academy Awards have come and gone and while Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us went unrecognized — even in the Best Actress category, where Lupita Nyong’o’s versatile dual role surely deserved a nomination —  horror aficionados know the real score regarding the best films of last year. So does Janelle Monae, whose opening musical number featured back-up dancers in red Us jumpsuits and white Midsommer dresses, with Monae herself being crowned the flowery May Queen and other notable sn...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Obama, California, Horror, New York City, John Lennon, US, Features, Connecticut, Adelaide, Manhattan, Tsa, Universal, Baby, Upper West Side

The Marvel Cinematic Universe May Produce Blockbusters, But It Doesn’t Create Movie Stars

The old-fashioned concept of movie stardom, depending on how you look at it, has been on life support for a long time or just flat-out dead. The premise is simple: actors open a movie, not intellectual property. But even if you had a slightly more positive outlook on the state of movie stardom, the recent film Dolittle should have served as the final nail in the coffin of any hopes you had for a 21st-century movie star. That film’s stumbles at the box office are only further evidence that ...
Tags: Movies, Robert Downey Jr​, America, Features, Canada, United States, Evans, Selena Gomez, Luc Besson, Sherlock Holmes, Scarlett Johansson, Snow White, Chris Hemsworth, Thor, Pixar, Chris Pratt

‘The Simpsons’ Executive Producer Matt Selman Teases the Show’s Upcoming Marvel Episode [Interview]

Every Television Critics Association press tour, we catch up with  The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean. January’s TCA was no exception, and we’ll bring you that interview soon enough. But this time, Jean brought executive producer Matt Selman with him.  Disney acquired The Simpsons in its acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Since November 12, every Simpsons episode is available on Disney+. Streaming gave Selman some more ideas to maximize content and he has some ideas about enhanced Simpso...
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What to Watch After ‘Parasite’: A Primer for the Incredible World of South Korean Cinema

Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite destroyed the awards circuit this season, and for good reason. The dark comedy and thriller about a family of con artists strategically inserting themselves into a rich family’s lives is a masterwork of filmmaking. The less you know about Parasite before viewing, the better, so stop reading now and go watch it. So…have you watched it? Would you like to know where to find other South Korean cinema to scratch a newfound itch for unusual and compelling human drama...
Tags: Movies, Features, Park, Korea, Kim, Busan, Lee, Host, Bong, Bong Joon Ho, Parasite, Oldboy, Kim Jee, Kim Jee woon, Featured Stories Sidebar, Park Chan wook

‘A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon’ Review: Very Cute and Very Fun, But Still Lesser ‘Shaun the Sheep’

In an era where feature animation often feels as if it’s driven solely by computers, it remains heartening for any fans of the medium that Netflix is supporting artists who are willing to tell animated stories with other methods. Last year, two of the streaming service’s standout films— Klaus and I Lost My Body —utilized hand-drawn styles as much as computer animation, using the art form to craft unique stories. Now, just a few weeks into the new year, we have Netflix’s latest domestic f...
Tags: Movies, Features, Netflix, Movie Reviews, United Kingdom, Spielberg, Aardman, Aardman Animations, Burton, Wallace, Shaun, Klaus, Becher, Bitzer, Harold Lloyd, Mark Burton

‘Possessor’ Director Brandon Cronenberg on Crafting the Most Nightmarish Film of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival [Interview]

After an eight-year period of development, director Brandon Cronenberg returns with his sophomore feature Possessor , a seductive and macabre crime thriller that mixes body horror, near-future nihilism and noir elements to deliver a funky, freaky brew. In his Sundance review /Film’s Chris Evangelista called it “unrelentingly aggressive”, finding the film “special and exciting.” With an ensemble led by Andrea Riseborough, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christopher Abbot, the film feels assured a...
Tags: New York, Movies, Interviews, Toronto, Features, Salt Lake City, Park City, Cannes, Chris, Cbc, Andrea, Matt, Jennifer, Brandon, Hannam, Cronenberg

‘Into the Dark’ Takes on Abusive Relationships Through a Holiday Horror Lens With ‘My Valentine’

(Blumhouse Television and Hulu have partnered for a monthly horror anthology series titled Into The Dark , set to release a full holiday-themed feature the first Friday of every month. Horror anthology expert Matt Donato will be tackling the series one-by-one, stacking up the entries as they become streamable.) For Into The Dark ’s second dysfunctional Valentine’s Day, writer/director Maggie Levin delivers a pop-glammy ode to loving one’s self. My Valentine warns against the horrors of...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Features, Royal, Hulu, Valentine, Reservoir Dogs, Samuel, Levin, Michael Madsen, My Valentine, Flay, Benedict Samuel, Featured Stories Sidebar, Matt Donato, Blumhouse Television

‘Come to Daddy’ Director Ant Timpson on Making One of the Year’s Most Gonzo Horror Movies [Interview]

Life doesn’t include an instruction manual when it comes to handling grief. We all process loss and cope in our own ways. For me? I’ve taken to expression through written words, most recently about how The Farewell helped me say goodbye to a loved one. For the prolific indie producer Ant Timpson ? He conceptualized and directed a violent, offbeat, absolutely gonzo in memoriam starring Elijah Wood titled Come To Daddy . I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Timpson last year a...
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