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Sundome Milky Way More Sexually Aggressive Than Ever

Sundome Milky Way’s 6th volume has continued to pull no punches in terms of its ludicrously erotic situations, with flat girls getting some representation during a strange scene that may have readers more preoccupied with laughing rather than indulging in the sex appeal. Some of the sexiness present in Sundome Milky Way’s 6th volume:
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Manga, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Ero-manga, Sundome Milky Way

Dancing Gumi Ero-MMD so Very Depraved

Vocaloid girl Gumi has been humiliated by way of an erotic MikuMikuDance animation as this latest creation has her dancing whilst being sexually prodded, a fetish that has seemingly yet to grow old in the community. The combined sex and dancing MMD animation:
Tags: Dancing, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, Vocaloid, MikuMikuDance, Gumi, Gumi Ero

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Gorges on Pantsu

The next highly strange fetish to appear in Ueno-san wa Bukiyou has been revealed to be pantsu consumption, as the precious Ueno-san has tried to get the main male character to eat her pantsu – a feat that will satiate the lusts of at least some individuals who happen to have interest in the rather […]
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Ueno, Pantsu, Image Gallery, Lesprit, Ueno san wa Bukiyou, Bukiyou Gorges

An Erotic Zelda Clone Arrives in the Form of “The Sword of Succubus”

Libra Heart has delivered another nostalgically fueled title, with their “The Sword of Succubus” game clearly paying tribute to the Legend of Zelda series as it features a top-down view, gem collecting and items that allow passage into new areas. The Sword of Succubus stars an amorous succubus as she acquires a holy sword from […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Anime, Zelda, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge

Drain Dungeon 2 Overflowing with Level-Hungry Succubi

Drain Dungeon 2 has built upon the mechanics of its predecessor and offered additional content for those in need of more dungeon traversing, with sex scenes still serving as quite the satisfying reward upon a successful delving. The erotic RPG has the male protagonist cursed by three desirable succubi to forever be their “cum slave”, […]
Tags: Translation, Games, English, Anime, Fetish, RPG, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Succubi

Endro So Tiny & Precious

Cuteness has been made the star of Endro‘s latest broadcast as always, with its 6th episode bound to have watchers falling in love with the delightfully tiny Mao as she takes part in some luscious licking whilst providing other cute visuals. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Anime, Fetish, Mao, Moe, Image Gallery, Gokumi, Endro

Midnight Castle Succubus a Complete Ode to Castlevania

An erotic ode to the Castlevania series has emerged in the form of “Midnight Castle Succubus“, as the 2D sidescroller has players controlling a voluptuous maiden as she defeats foul monsters and rescues women across a gargantuan labyrinth of rooms. Midnight Castle Succubus involves the main heroine going on a journey to defeat the succubus […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Castlevania

Monster Mashing Really Mashes the Monster Girls

Nutaku has added a vertical runner game to its already extensive library of enticing eroge, with “Monster Mashing” involving players infinitely running through various dungeons whilst performing lewd acts on monster girls. The pixel-art infinite runner has players taking control of the amorous male protagonist as they rapidly traverse deadly dungeons; along the way, players […]
Tags: Games, Sales, Anime, Fetish, Pixel Art, H, Image Gallery, Eroge, Monster Girls, Nutaku

Miko Fundoshi Outfit by Dotetinyui Tastefully Teases

Frequently nude cosplayer Dotetinyui has made sure to tease her worshipers by providing some satisfaction via her Twitter, this time wearing miko garb along with a fundoshi (traditional Japanese undergarment that leaves little to the imagination), though some may be disappointed by the lack of nudity. An example of the nude service she occasionally provides […]
Tags: Japan, Anime, Fetish, Miko, Oppai, Image Gallery, Miko Fundoshi, Dotetinyui

Megane no Megami PV Shows No Sexy Restraint

Megane no Megami’s 2nd episode PV has given megane fanatics quite the tease as the episode will feature the male protagonist playing with two glasses girls at once, even delving a bit into girl-on-girl (though some may have seen that as inevitable in an orgy with two maidens). The luscious 2nd episode PV, released before […]
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Yuri, PV, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, OVA, Megane, Megane no Megami

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Taking the Piss

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? has prepared for its near imminent April debut by unleashing two naughty PVs, both of which depict a scene with the main protagonist being in the same toilet stall as the show’s seductive sensei as she’s relieving herself. The plot summary for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?, a series known […]
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Anime, Fetish, PV, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga, Nande Koko, Tear Studio

Nude Ribbon Aqua Figure All Tied Up

Clumsy goddess girl Aqua of revered comedy anime KonoSuba has gone full fetish mode as the goddess can be seen wearing nothing but a ribbon courtesy of this figurine, her July arrival bound to have buyers eager to spend intimate time with her. Aqua can be pre-ordered now.
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Anime Figures, Oppai, Oshiri, Image Gallery, KONOSUBA, Subarashii Sekai, Union Creative

Beginning with S-rank Supports a Rather Sexual Fire Emblem Parody

Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise who have passionate emotions for its many luxurious women may be enticed by the appeal of the eroge known as Fire “Beginning with S-rank Supports” Blem, as the title has players running around performing various tasks in order to have sex with multiple Fire Emblem girls. The game’s basic […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Anime, Fetish, RPG, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Fire Emblem

The Captured God & a Traveler Girl Destroys Innocence

The Captured God & A Traveler Girl is an RPG starring a cute girl’s adventures in feudal Japan, with her mischievousness typically landing her in an erotic situation that causes her to be sexually abused by males. Main heroine Mizuha one day encounters a god living within a rundown temple who asks her to return […]
Tags: Games, Japan, Anime, Fetish, RPG, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Mizuha

Ahegao Mystifies Elderly Americans: “Is That Semen All Over Her Face?”

Elderly Americans have reacted with shock and confusion to the phenomenon of “ahegao”, which has recently gained some degree of mainstream popularity on social media. The increasing popularity of the ahegao fetish (a face distorted by incomprehensible pleasure) in both hentai and Western social media has been met with predictable bemusement by a parade of […]
Tags: Japan, Usa, Internet, Youtube, International, Anime, Fetish, Old People, Ahegao

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Orifice Insertion Anime

An endless tide of humorously lewd situations have continued to emerge in Ueno-san wa Bukiyou, as its latest airing has the titular Ueno unintentionally getting something inserted into her – some sexy sumo action has also taken place. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Ueno, Sumo, Image Gallery, Lesprit, Ueno san wa Bukiyou, Bukiyou Orifice Insertion Anime

Star Paizlar 3 an Erotic Fire Emblem Clone

Eroge aficionados looking for an erotic Fire Emblem clone need look no further as Star Paizlar 3 offers just such an experience, with players being able to take part in turn-based strategy whilst occasionally being rewarded with erotic scenes. The game takes place in a world where there was once a war between “Eros” and […]
Tags: Games, Strategy, Anime, Fetish, Yuri, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Star Paizlar

Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san More Smug Than Ever

Manga enthusiasts who have been enjoying the last few chapters of Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san will surely be overjoyed to know that they can buy them by way of the latest volume 4 release, said chapters possessing plenty more of Nagatoro’s emotional face, including smugness and anger especially for this volume. Sample pages from the new volume: […]
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Manga, Moe, Image Gallery, Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, Nagatoro

Ghoul x Ghoulah Turning Girls with Rape

Those who enjoy the concept of puzzle games might take interest in “Ghoul x Ghoulah“, as the erotic title has players pondering what they need to do in order to proceed whilst rewarding them with sex in the process. Ghoul x Ghoulah follows the male protagonist, who dies and is brought back to life by […]
Tags: Translation, Games, Puzzle, English, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Eroge, Ghoul x Ghoulah, Ghoulah

Asui Tsuyu Ero-Animation Makes Use of Her Long Tongue

Asui Tsuyu of Boku no Hero Academia has put her long seductive tongue to good use thanks to this fan-made erotic animation; a rather unoriginal concept that will still be adored simply due to the sexiness of the frog-girl. Asui Tsuyu’s tongue-based antics:
Tags: Artists, Anime, Fetish, Boku, H, Image Gallery, Hero Academia, Asui Tsuyu

Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 2 Full of Erotic Betrayal

Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 2’s 2nd episode has involved the husband being drugged and raped by another woman as he is forced to watch a video of his wife having sex with the gross old man (and others) from the previous episode who blackmailed her (perhaps a more complex plot than most ero-anime). Omake:
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru, Soredemo Tsuma, Aishiteru

Vaygren Legacy of Darkness Ero-Animation Thrusts Violently

A new short animation for fan-made ero-anime series “Vaygren Legacy of Darkness” has surfaced, the brief short starring a large-breasted futanari girl penetrating an elf whilst delivering plot through dialogue (granted watchers will be more interested in one of those things). The lewd animation, replete with corny English voice-acting:
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Elf, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, Futanari

Magical Girls Ever so Useless in GAP Magical Girl Milky Way

Further magical girl violation has graced the visual novel scene as the sexually intense “GAP Magical Girl Milky Way” has an older woman donning mahou shoujo attire whilst combating the forces of evil, a usual concept perhaps made more enticing with its more brutal content. The 21-year-old heroine of GAP Magical Girl Milky Way was […]
Tags: Games, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Visual Novels, Mahou Shoujo

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Leaking so Many Fluids

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou‘s naughty escapades have once again covered body fluids as the show’s latest airing has both urination and sweat-drinking, subjects that watchers may simultaneously find both humorous and erotic. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Urination, Ueno, Image Gallery, Lesprit, Ueno-san wa Bukiyou, Bukiyou

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Ero-Animation Whores Out

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san has earned itself a hand-drawn erotic parody revolving around main character Nishikata stumbling upon a pornographic video starring titular tease Takagi-san, the girl clearly going to great lengths to tease the boy at any cost (whilst stimulating watchers). The scandalous animation:
Tags: Parody, Anime, Fetish, Takagi, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Karakai Jouzu

Kanpeki Ojou-sama Utterly Depraved

Exhaustively titled ero-anime “Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochisuru Choroin na Wakenai Desu wa” has at last made its debut, telling the story of a rich girl and her obsession with one particular boy – fortunately, her fantasies come true as she does all sorts of naughty things with him. Omake:
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, Shibari, Kanpeki Ojou-sama, Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochisuru Choroin, Wakenai Desu

Asanagi Ero-Gallery Wildly Sexual

Ero-artist Asanagi is well-known for his doujinshi circle “Fatalpulse”, where he inflicts all manner of depravities on beloved anime and game characters, usually leaving them catatonic in sexual pleasure (and occasionally missing a few limbs). His takes on popular characters usually involve extreme bodily thickness and some rather over-exaggerated curves (amputation and gore omitted):
Tags: Games, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Shirobako, Fate/Grand Order, Pettanko, Granblue Fantasy, Asanagi

Pricia Defense An Erotic Tower Defense Title

A vulnerable princess has been instructed to defend a fort in this tower defense eroge entitled “Pricia Defense“, blending strategic tower defense and erotic content into one convenient package. The flourishing Enerv Kingdom has long since possessed powerful crystal technology, though now the Wizard of the North has started a war to find out their […]
Tags: Games, Strategy, Anime, Fetish, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Enerv Kingdom, Wizard of the North

Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures Ravages the Touhou Girl

An erotic side-scroller for Touhou’s Youmu Konpaku has arrived in the form of “Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures“, with the title providing both a compelling 2D experience alongside a wholesome amount of erotic content that will surely pleasure both demographics. The English-translated title has Youmu purging a cave full of youkai for the […]
Tags: Games, Parody, English, Anime, Fetish, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Touhou, Youmu Konpaku, Youmu Konpaku Dungeon

3D Oppai Picture Book Full of Big-Breasted Beauties

Akihabara has seen to the release of another holy tome containing nude women of the non-2D variety; entitled “Gurutto Mawaseru! Gensundai Oppai Zukan 3D”, the book puts thirty luscious women on display ranging from breast sizes A through K, attempting to appeal to as many individuals as possible. The book showcases the breasts in their […]
Tags: Japan, Anime, Fetish, Akihabara, Oppai, H, Image Gallery

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