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13 Movies Like Gone Girl That Thriller Fans Need To Watch

"Gone Girl" is one of the most popular mystery novels of the postmodern era. Before publication, expectations for the book were high, as author Gillian Flynn's previous works, "Sharp Objects" and "Dark Places," had established her as a sharp, cunning writer unafraid to tackle truly twisted material. "Gone Girl" became a sensation when it hit bookshelves in 2012; the question "Who is Amy Dunne?" haunted both the novel's characters and an audience of mystery fans.Hollywood quickly turned its atten...
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Mindhunter Season 3 'Might Actually Happen' If Fans Make Enough Noise, Says Series Director

Last week, Netflix teased a mysterious new project from David Fincher and the "Mindhunter" hive rose up to stake their claim. The future of Fincher's psychological crime thriller has been an open-ended question since the second season premiered in 2019, so speculation was immediate. Could "Mindhunter" season 3 finally be on the horizon? Well... Probably not.Unfortunately, Netflix followed up with the announcement of "Voir," a documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, which sounds l...
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The Visuals Of The Batman Trailer Owe A Lot To David Fincher's Se7en

DC FanDome is here, and with it announcements on a number of highly anticipated film, TV, comic, and other properties from the world of DC. Of all the projects teased at FanDome, Matt Reeves' upcoming movie "The Batman" is clearly one of the most exciting. And with the second trailer finally released, it's easy to see what all the excitement is about. The trailer sees Batman (Robert Pattinson) contend with "The Riddler" (Paul Dano), a serial killer obsessed with proving himself Batman's intellec...
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The 14 Greatest Thrillers Of The 21st Century

The thriller is one of the hardest genres to define, because thrillers cross over so much with other genres. From the erotic thriller, the psychological thriller, the cold war thriller, the detective thriller, and all the way through to the action thriller — and let's not forget to take a detour into the seedy underbelly of the neo-noir -- this really is the genre that has something for everyone. While the '80s and '90s were a heyday for erotic thrillers, the 21st century brought a fresh injecti...
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David Fincher's New Netflix Show Is Voir, A Documentary Series About Cinema

The previously teased David Fincher/Netflix announcement has been revealed and, just to get this out of the way, it has nothing to do with "Mindhunter." Rather, the streaming service has revealed that Fincher is producing a new docuseries celebrating the art that is cinema. A brief teaser has been revealed, though it is admittedly a bit vague. Have a look for yourself.As we can see, the brief teaser promises this will be "a collection of visual essays for the love of cinema." It will premiere at...
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New Blu-Ray Releases Worth Checking Out: The Green Knight, The Night House, Free Guy, Universal Classic Monsters Icons Of Horror Collection, And Columbia Classics Volume 2

It's time again for another round-up of the latest Blu-ray releases. And yes, sure, these movies are on VOD, too! But I will continue to bang the drum of physical media until that drum caves in, which will probably be sooner rather than later. Until that time, though, let's all gather around the warming glow of our screens and read about the wonderful world of new Blu-rays. This latest round-up is pretty big, featuring two different box sets along with several other titles. Some you can skip, so...
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Netflix Is Teasing Some Kind Of Mysterious David Fincher Announcement

Well, that's one way to blow up social media. Netflix -- using its @NetflixFilm account -- posted a cryptic message to Twitter this morning: "Something special is coming tomorrow from David Fincher..."What could it be? The prolific director has already churned out bangers for the streaming service as an executive producer and director on "House of Cards," and as the creator of the breakout hit series "Mindhunter," which entered into purgatory before it could produce a widely clamored-for third s...
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Gone Girl Ending Explained: She Wants You To Be Your Best

Adapted from Gillian Flynn's bestselling novel by the author herself, David Fincher's "Gone Girl" isn't a movie that screams "aspirational" in the way that a show like "Ted Lasso" does. However, for a certain breed of cinephile -- someone who prefers dark dramas to rom-coms -- "Gone Girl" might be the only date movie you'll ever need.Fincher's previous film, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," marketed itself as "The Feel-Bad Movie of Christmas." Superficially, none of his movies are what a perso...
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The Daily Stream: Both Versions Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Will Ink Your Brain

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Movies: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Swedish / American)Where You Can Stream Them: AMC+ / Amazon Prime Video or HuluThe Pitch: "I want you to help me catch a killer of women." That's how Mikael Blomkvist sparks Lisbeth Salander's interest in the case he's researching in one version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Lisb...
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Doomsday Machine Series Casts Claire Foy As Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook is a "Doomsday Machine." That's the angle in an upcoming TV series that has just cast Claire Foy as Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg. You've seen her don a crown and get caught up in a spider's web; now she's been crowned COO and is coming to the world wide web.According to Variety, "Doomsday Machine" will "lift the veil on the relationship between Mark Zuckerberg and Sandberg and the obstacles Facebook has faced on its relentless quest for growth." It's an adaptation...
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14 Awesome Horror Movies That Never Got Sequels

In these days of abundant sequels and prequels, it's rare when a horror movie is not part of a franchise, but there are films that break the mold. In some cases, the movie promised a sequel that never came. In others, the follow-up was either canceled or wasn't viable due to the original's poor box office receipts for the original. Sometimes, sequels end languishing in development hell, trapped in a maze of convoluted arguments over rights. In a few cases, there's no sequel because there's no wa...
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5 Daniel Craig Movies To Stream After No Time To Die

"No Time to Die" is the final hurrah for Daniel Craig's James Bond, but luckily, the actor has had plenty of other great roles over the years. So if you find yourself curious about some other standout entries in his filmography, we're here to guide you. A quick note before we begin: "Knives Out" and "Munich" are not on this list. That's because A) this list is limited to just five films, B) "Knives Out" was very well-received when it came out a few years ago, so I assume you've probably seen it ...
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Ben Affleck Says George Clooney Gave Him The 'Best Notes Of Any Director' He's Worked With

Ben Affleck can't stop talking about how much he likes working with George Clooney, and it's honestly very sweet. The very much from Boston actor has dived headfirst into the press tour for "The Tender Bar," an Amazon Studios-produced film directed by Clooney and based on a memoir by J.R. Moehringer, and he has nothing but good things to say about his working relationship with Clooney. The film is all about the love and admiration between a young J.R. (played by Tye Sheridan) and his bartender u...
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Fight Club Ending Explained: I Am Jack's Lack Of Confusion

The first rule of Fight Club is to never talk about it -- but rules are made to be broken. David Fincher's 1999 film "Fight Club," based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, was extremely controversial upon release and has become a cult classic in the years since. One thing that still polarizes audiences is the shocking twist ending, which isn't nearly as explicitly explained in the movie as in its source material. Buckle up, space monkeys, because it's time to break down the e...
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17 Horror Movies Based On True Stories That Will Creep You Out

The phrase "based on true events," is guaranteed to generate hype for any horror movie. Horror is already meant to be terrifying, so declaring that it actually happened only ups a film's fear factor. It also generates a ton of buzz, as curious viewers want to know the story behind a film, as well as how true it actually is. After all, the world is a terrifying place. Serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer targeted and killed young people to satiate their violent impulses. Claims regard...
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Zodiac Ending Explained: Unlocking The Mystery Of David Fincher's Film

"Zodiac" is one of the best movies of the last 20 years, and I mean that in all sincerity – no hyperbole here. David Fincher's blend of journalistic investigation and serial killer thriller is a sprawling, multi-part saga that by its very design cannot have a true conclusive ending. Why? Because the Zodiac Killer was never caught. But "Zodiac" thinks it has a pretty good idea of who the killer was, and it's not afraid to putt that theory forth and let the audience make up their own mind. So let'...
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The 20 Best Villains From Non-Comic Book Movies Ranked

You ever notice that there aren't that many articles breaking down the best heroes in cinematic history? That's because, at some basic level, heroes are all similar: They all have the same noble inclinations and can usually be counted on to do the right thing. Otherwise, they wouldn't be heroes. Villains, on the other hand, are deliciously varied; every antagonist is evil in their own unique way. The baddies we list here run the gamut from the ultimately redeemable to completely unrepentant, fro...
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The Extreme Lengths Brad Pitt Went To For His Fight Club Role

David Fincher's "Fight Club" is a film with a troubled legacy, perhaps because it has been misunderstood or because the film itself makes the unglamorous glamorous. An early darling of the DVD market, once likened to "The Graduate" of its generation, Fincher's 1999 adaptation of the eponymous Chuck Palahniuk novel was never not controversial. In recent years, however, it feels like the film has borne the brunt of more criticism, as cultural attitudes have shifted and singled it out as a problema...
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Horror Movies To Watch If You Loved The Invisible Man

In ways both great and unfortunate, Leigh Whannell's "The Invisible Man" was a perfect pre-COVID-19 watch. Its protagonist, the indelible Cecilia Kass (Elizabeth Moss), is tormented by a camouflaged evil — one that infiltrates and corrupts every inch of the house she occupies, rendering her normal life meaningless. But the illness that Kass' ex, Adrian Griffin (Oliver Taylor-Cohen), represents is less pathogen than pathological; he is a gaslighter with psychotic tendencies, a man whose brillianc...
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The Unofficial Se7en Sequel Is Now Streaming On Hulu

Did you know there was a sequel to "Se7en"? And that sequel is now streaming on Hulu? It's true! Well ... sort of. After David Fincher's dark, gritty serial killer thriller became an unexpected hit both critically and financially, New Line Cinema decided they needed a sequel. This wouldn't be the easiest feat, of course, since "Se7en" (or "Seven," as normal people call it, and as I will call it from now on in this story) didn't exactly have a happy ending that left room for another story. But st...
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David Fincher's Protagonists Ranked Worst To Best

Since 1992, David Fincher has constructed a signature style out of hefty, character-driven thrillers. Fincher's TV shows are just as heady as his films, too, with protagonists that aren't typical heroes, but flawed people. In fact, that theme even extends to his music video work, with his 1990 video for Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun" foretelling the kind of director Fincher was destined to be. Thus, it's the characters who shape the core of a Fincher film; the settings are just window dressing ...
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Danielle Ryan’s Favorite Movies of All Time

Well hello there, /Film readers. It is I, Danielle Ryan. I’ve written as a freelancer for /Film for a while, but made the move to staff in the past few weeks. To introduce myself to you, the fine folks here have asked me to share my top 15 favorite movies. Movies have helped shape and define me, so narrowing down my top 15 felt almost impossible. Movies have been my education, my companions, and my place of refuge. When nothing else in the world made sense, I always knew my favorite films could...
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‘Mission: Impossible III’ Brought Tom Cruise Into the Chaotic World of J.J. Abrams

(Welcome to Man on a Mission, a monthly series where we revisit the films of the Mission: Impossible franchise as we sprint toward the release of the seventh film.) Tom Cruise needed to change the subject. One of the biggest movie stars in the world, he had recently become vastly more well-known less for his films than for his public statements on psychology and Scientology, the latter of which has counted him as one of its most devoted and famous followers for decades. Cruise’s public life had...
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Neo-Noir ‘Windfall’ Starring Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, and Jason Segel Heads to Netflix

Director Charlie McDowell previously worked with Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons on the 2017 Netflix film The Discovery. Now, he’s reteaming with both actors and bringing Lily Collins on board for Windfall, a contemporary-set noir that the streaming giant has just picked up for distribution. Deadline reports that Netflix has acquired the rights to Windfall in “a major 8-figure dollar deal.” The film is described as “a Hitchcockian thriller following a young couple who arrive at their vacation ...
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The Best Movies & TV Shows Coming to Netflix July 2021

Here comes July, and with it, a whole new bunch of stuff on Netflix. And while you could probably spend hours scrolling around to figure out what the new titles are, we’ve gone ahead and listed them all for you below, free of charge. You might even say we’re heroes. So here’s what’s new on Netflix July 2021, and what you should go out of your way to watch. Boogie Nights Boogie Nights isn’t Paul Thomas Anderson‘s first movie, but it is the film that made people sit up and take notice. The ...
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David Fincher’s ‘The Killer,’ Starring Michael Fassbender, Will Begin Filming This Year

We already knew that David Fincher is teaming up with his Se7en writer, Andrew Kevin Walker, to make The Killer for Netflix with Michael Fassbender in the starring role. What we didn’t know, however, was when production on the film would get underway. And now we do. Exciting news, folks — we now have that info! According to the movie’s cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, production on the film will begin in Paris this November. Messerschmidt — who won an Oscar for working on Fincher’s Mank — ...
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11 ‘Loki’ Episode 2 Easter Eggs and What They Could Mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The second episode of Loki has arrived on Disney+. Along with the shocking revelation of a new character entering the fray (who may not be who we think they are), there are plenty of Easter eggs and hidden details to pick up on throughout. In fact, there’s a huge swath of Easter eggs that involve the Sacred Timeline itself! So, let’s dig into some Loki episode 2 Easter eggs and talk about what they mean, Naturally, this means major spoilers for the second episode of Loki.  Before we begin, we...
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‘Love Death + Robots Volume 2’ Red-Band Trailer: Get Back on Board Netflix’s Animated Anthology

Deadpool director Tim Miller and executive producer David Fincher are back with a new season of Love Death + Robots, their animated anthology series on Netflix that is geared toward adults. After a recent trailer relied on awe and wonder to get people intrigued to check out their multi-styled animated vision of a sci-fi world, the streamer has released a new red-band trailer that is far more violent and leans more into the sex and death aspects of this title. Check it out below. Love Death ...
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CS Score: This Is Us Composer Interview, Alien 3 2-CD Set Review

Hey there, film score lovers! We’ve got another fantastic lineup for you in this edition of CS Score, including a terrific interview with the Emmy-nominated composer of This Is Us, Siddhartha Khosla, who dove into his scoring process and detailed his unique, Indian-influenced take on the music for the hit TV show. Plus, we also got a chance to talk to composer  Dino Meneghin, who talked about his phenomenal score for Netflix’s animated series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Finally, we also got our ha...
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‘Mank’ and the Unsung Screenwriter: How David Fincher’s Netflix Film Signal-Boosts Hollywood’s Overlooked Scribes

In Mank, there’s a scene where screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, played by Gary Oldman, awakens disoriented in a California mansion. He soon wanders out back to a film set, where he encounters two studio bigwigs. One of them is Louis B. Mayer, the co-founder of MGM. The other is Irving G. Thalberg, a producer who has his own Academy Award named after him. Thalberg has to explain to Mayer who “Mank” is, even though he co-wrote one of their movies (just as he co-wrote, or depending on who you as...
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