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Danny Devito Initially Considered for Detective Pikachu Movie

Since the Detective Pikachu game was announced back in 2016, fans desperately wanted Danny Devito to voice the titular Pikachu detective; those responsible for the upcoming live-action movie, however, revealed that they considered involving the actor. According to the film’s sound designer, Greg Baxter, when thinking of who to select as the voice of Pikachu, […]
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Clara Arroyave from PlaceMe

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Clara Arroyave from PlaceMe. Without further ado… Who are you and what do you do? I’m Clara Arroyave and I’m the CEO and co-founder of PlaceMe, the largest co-living company in Boston. We offer living-as-a-service solutions, for young professionals and graduate students, by leasing all-inclusive furnished bedrooms at an affordable price and with flexible lease terms starting at 3 months. Our rentals start at $995/month wh...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to two cultural pioneers, debunking myths about women's bodies, our co-founder at SXSW and more Four New Statues of Women for NYC While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine …
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‘Captive State’ Co-Writer Erica Beeney Discusses the Influence of History [Interview]

Captive State is a sci-fi thriller that moves like clockwork. Director Rupert Wyatt‘s film always maintains its propulsion without any redundancies or large chunks of tedious exposition. Like the characters trying to start an uprising in a world dominated by aliens, Wyatt and co-writer Erica Beeney always keep their story moving. Compared to other bloated or gigantic alien invasion movies, Captive State is a refreshingly minimalist and stripped down sci-fi movie. Similar to Wyatt’s Rise of the ...
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‘Finding Steve McQueen’ Star William Fichtner Shares Stories of Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, and More

A serious, timely question: Who on Earth doesn’t have love for William Fichtner? The actor brings it every time, no matter the size of the role – which, as he recently told us, is not something he cares about. Whether he’s one of the stars or only on screen for a scene or two, he always leaves an impression. Now, he’s one of the leads of Mark Steven Johnson‘s playful heist movie Finding Steve McQueen, a true story about an eclectic gang of criminals stealing Richard Nixon’s illegal campaign con...
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Real estate’s big threat, according to a Coldwell Banker NRT exec

As the regional executive vice president of the eastern seaboard and midwest regions at Coldwell Banker NRT, Sue Yannaccone oversees 239 Coldwell Banker offices.
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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Art Director Amy Beth Christenson on Building the Colossus [Interview]

From the first episode of Star Wars Resistance , I knew I was falling in love with the Colossus, one of the finest locations in the Star Wars universe. The Colossus is simple in concept: an isolated refueling station on a water planet, a speck from space. Yet it is inhabited by characters, an economy, colorful ships, a culture of racing, and a thriving community of humans, aliens, and droids. With an eye-catching light palette, Resistance offers something different from previous Lucas...
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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Art Director Amy Beth Christenson on Building Colossus [Interview]

From the first episode of Star Wars Resistance , I knew I was falling in love with the Colossus, one of the finest locations in the Star Wars universe. The Colossus is simple in concept: an isolated refueling station on a water planet, a speck from space. Yet it is inhabited by characters, an economy, colorful ships, a culture of racing, and a thriving community of humans, aliens, and droids. With an eye-catching light palette, Resistance offers something different from previous Lucas...
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Detective Pikachu Film Was Mostly Shot on Location

Justice Smith, the blacked protagonist of the Detective Pikachu movie, divulged more about the filming process of the upcoming film, stating that it was shot mostly on location and that little green screen was involved. The film’s director was apparently intent on creating a noir-like setting and thus tried to shoot on location as frequently […]
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Pac-Man Creator on Game’s US Popularity: “It Had a Low Barrier of Entry”

Bandai Namco has conducted a lengthy interview with popular Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani, known for the legendary “Pac-Man” as well as “Pole Position”. The interview highlights Iwatani’s professional history, his inspirations and discusses the most popular titles he’s worked on over the years. The translated parts of the interview with Iwatani trying to […]
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Epic CEO: “Good Games, Prices & Revenue Sharing Will Displace Steam”

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, shared some insight into what he thinks their Epic Store will need in order to topple the giant that is Steam, claiming that such a feat will require a focus on the “basis of game supply, consumer prices, and developer revenue sharing.” A recent interview had Sweeney discussing […]
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Lisa Van Allen: R. Kelly Told Me He Got Aaliyah Pregnant & Was Also Having Sex With Her Mom

As if R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah wasn’t already disturbing enough, Lisa Van Allen—one of R. Kelly’s accusers who described his alleged abuse in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series—says that R. Kelly admitted to her that he not only impregnated Aaliyah, but also had a sexual relationship with her mother.According to Allen, Kelly was sleeping with Aaliyah and her mom, Diane Haughton, at the same time.In a recent interview with VladTV, Allen said that back when she was dating R. Kel...
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Interview: Kevin Feige Talks ‘Captain Marvel’ Spoilers, The Future of Goose, Stan Lee’s Tribute, and Disney+ TV Shows

A couple of weeks ago, I got an opportunity to chat with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about Captain Marvel. We discussed the Avengers: Infinity War after credits scene, if Captain Marvel was originally supposed to appear in that movie, how Carol’s powers won’t break the MCU, Stan Lee‘s tribute and cameo, the whereabouts of Goose, why Nick Fury hasn’t used the pager before Infinity War, and the upcoming live-action Marvel television series for Disney+. Peter: Hello. Kevin Feige: You hav...
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Karat’s Interviewers, Software Help Tech Firms Assess Engineers

When it comes to interviewing candidates for software engineering positions at big technology companies, “takes one to know one” tends to be an appropriate axiom, says Mohit Bhende. He’s one of the co-founders of Karat, a Seattle-based startup that uses proprietary software and its own stable of freelance interviewers to help some of the marquee names in tech assess job applicants.It’s typical for someone who has applied for a engineering role at a large software company to be first screened by...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Executive: Pavel Stepanov from VirtuDesk

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Pavel Stepanov from VirtuDesk. Without further ado… Who are you and what do you do? I started Virtudesk in 2016 in order to help agents scale their businesses with generating more leads and appointments and also to allow them to free up more time. Virtudesk provides virtual assistants to Realtors to help them with prospecting, admin tasks and marketing. As well as transaction coordinators. The cost of a full time virtual...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Alex Doubet from Door

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Alex Doubet from Door. Without further ado… What do you do? I’m Alex Doubet, Founder & CEO of Door, Inc.  Door is a smarter approach to buying, selling, and living with your home.  We’ve combined a next-generation real estate brokerage with mortgage, title, and great technology to give clients the experience they want and millions of dollars back to them in reduced commissions and cash back. We operate in Dallas/Ft. Wort...
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Gayle King: R. Kelly Tried to Stop Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clary Interview, Hid Around Corner & Coughed to Remind Them He Was Listening

R. Kelly is such a control freak that he refused to let his two young girlfriends conduct their interview with without his supervision.King revealed that prior to her sit-down with 21-year-old Azriel Clary and 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage, which aired briefly Thursday (Mar. 7) on CBS This Morning, Kelly and his team promised her that the singer would not be in the room during the girls’ interview.King said that once she started the interview, Kelly hid around a corner and would even “cough very l...
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How to Design a Good Sci-Fi Space Helmet: An Interview With the Filmmakers of ‘Prospect’

Prospect is a bold, unique indie film (read /Film editor Jacob Hall’s review of the film from SXSW). It’s a low-budget sci-fi western that relies heavily on practical effects to tell its story. In this day and age, that’s a rarity. It’s particularly impressive because when you use practical props, sets, and effects, you have to deal with a lot of inconveniences on set, like figuring how to work with actors that need to be in helmets and space suits for eight or twelve hours per day. That’s daun...
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‘Captain Marvel’ Directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden Talk the Genius of Ben Mendelsohn, Renaming Goose the Cat, ’90s Music, Stan Lee and More [Interview]

A few weeks ago, I sat down with directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden to talk about Captain Marvel. In the discussion, we geeked out over the genius of Ben Mendelsohn, the tightrope walk of making a prequel, choosing a kick-ass ’90s soundtrack, the choice to change Goose’s name from the comics, and Stan Lee‘s cameo. I really enjoyed the film. Ryan: Thanks. When on set, we talked to Ben Mendelsohn and he was in character. Anna: He was Ben Mendelskrull. Yeah. And he was just incredible then. An...
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Beyoncé Won’t Be Doing Any Interviews Anytime Soon, According to Her Publicist

When you’re a superstar as big as Beyoncé, everyone wants to score an interview with you. But according to her publicist, that won’t be happening anytime soon.Beyoncé has only done a small handful of interviews in recent years, and if you’ll recall, back in 2015, she became the first-ever Vogue cover subject to skip a sit-down interview altogether.In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Bey’s longtime publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, shared details about Queen Bey when it comes to interviews. ...
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Nintendo Putting a Leash on Smartphone Developer Micro-Transactions

It has been alleged that Nintendo is keeping a close eye on its smartphone developers and their loot boxes/micro-transactions, as CyberAgent Inc. believe the drop in revenue expectations for their one game is due to Nintendo listening to player complaints regarding its loot boxes. CyberAgent Inc’s (a developer that has created numerous smartphone titles like […]
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Yakuza’s Toshihiro Nagoshi Wants to see Yakuza Online in the West

In an interview with Otaquest and Exile Sekai, Sega’s Yakuza franchise director Toshihiro Nagoshi has discussed Yakuza Online and its potential to succeed in the West. According to the interview, Nagoshi says he would like to see Yakuza Online be localized for the West and also shares difficulties of popularizing the franchise outside of Japan: Sekai: Both Ichiban Kasuga […]
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‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ Director Chiwetel Ejiofor on Bringing His Debut to Netflix [Interview]

In a time when science is considered opinion and a political game piece, it’s heartwarming to find a film that celebrates ingenuity inspired by a love of science and learning. Marking the directorial debut from actor Chiwetel Ejiofor ( 12 Years a Slave , Children of Men, Doctor Strange ), The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is the true life story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba (newcomer Maxwell Simba ), who lives with his family in the African nation of Malawi. He’s a good student in hi...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Jason Fudin from WhyHotel

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Jason Fudin from WhyHotel. Without further ado… What do you do? I am Jason Fudin, co-founder of WhyHotel, the alternative lodging service that operates “turn-key, pop-up hotels” out of the vacancy of newly built luxury apartments, only during lease-up. My co-founder, Bao Vuong and I created WhyHotel to blur the line between hospitality and home. WhyHotel’s concept provides developers with a new way to utilize units during...
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XXXTentacion’s Baby Mama Jenesis Sanchez Breaks Her Silence As His Mom Cleo Shares First Photos of Gekyume

Seven months after rapper XXXTentacion was killed, his girlfriend gave birth to their baby boy Gekyume.Considering the circumstances, Jenesis Sanchez kept a very low profile throughout her pregnancy, and the only updates we got about the baby were through X’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard, who first shared the happy news just three days after the “Moonlight” rapper’s murder.But now, Jenesis is finally speaking out for herself.  In an exclusive interview with local Florida news station WPLG, Sanchez tal...
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Kareem “Biggs” Burke Confirms a Roc-A-Fella Biopic is in the Works

In news that should make any Roc Boy throw their diamonds in the sky, a Roc-A-Fella Records biopic is officially in the pipeline. That’s according to the label’s co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke, who announced in a new interview with REVOLT that he’s “working on it right now.” Read more after the jump… While it doesn’t sound like the project is too far ahead, Biggs suggests that the film will not only focus on Roc-A-Fella’s rise, but on Hov’s, Dame’s and his own struggles throughout their ...
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How real estate gave Jamie Zapata a new lease on life

Fifteen months ago, Jamie Zapata began her career as a real estate agent after facing decades of discrimination at other jobs for being a transgender woman.
Tags: Interviews, Radio, LGBT rights, Agent, Coldwell Banker, Select, NAGLREP, Civil Rights Act of 1964, NAGLREP Housing Policy Summit, MLS & Associations, Jamie Zapata, LGBT housing rights, LGBT real estate agents

Podcast Interview: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Directors Talk Deleted Scenes

On the February 26, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in Chief Peter Sciretta is joined by senior writer Ben Pearson , and writer Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest film and tv news, including a Gremlins animated series, Rotten Tomatoes , A Quiet Place 2, The Eternals and the future of the MCU . And in Our Feature Presentation, Peter sits down with the filmmakers behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse to talk about deleted and alternate scenes. You can subscribe to /Fi...
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Tom Cruise and James Cameron Were Almost in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

The home video release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – out today on Digital and March 19 on physical media – includes a special feature called “Alternate Universe Mode” which is an extended cut of the film featuring alternate scenes, deleted storylines, additional characters (like Ganke!), and more. One of the more interesting alternate sequences involves Miles Morales training to become Spider-Man…by watching a Spider-Man movie. Sitting down with filmmakers Rodney Rothman, Bob Persichet...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Animation, Cameron, Sony, Leonardo Dicaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom-Cruise, James-Cameron, Miles, Sam Raimi, Spidey, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Rodney Rothman

Pixar Director Pete Sohn Originally Voiced Ganke in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

After watching Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, I ran home and downloaded the Miles Morales comic books on Marvel Unlimited because I didn’t want my time with the characters to end. The heart of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book run is Miles Morales relationship with his best friend, a comic book-loving geek named Ganke. After reading the comics, it’s honestly the only thing I wish they had included in the animated film. We later learned that Ganke is actually Miles’ non-speaking roommate, an...
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