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How Noomi Rapace Almost Died Filming ‘Close’ (and the Cameras Weren’t Even Rolling) [Interview]

Swedish actor Noomi Rapace went international when the original Swedish productions of the Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo trilogy caught on around the world. Now she’s been in Hollywood productions like Prometheus, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and three films for Netflix, including this week’s Close. In Close, Rapace plays Sam, a bodyguard for Zoe (Sophie Nelisse), the daughter of a mining company CEO. After saving Zoe from a kidnapping attempt, Sam takes her on the run to protect her fro...
Tags: Europe, New York, Hollywood, Movies, Interviews, Features, Netflix, Close, Morocco, Harry, Sherlock Holmes, Sam, Claire Foy, David Ayer, Scott, Santa Clarita

‘Wayne’ Producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick on the Value of Pop Culture in Fiction [Interview]

Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have a new streaming series premiering on YouTube Premium today, although they did not create Wayne. They are producing the half hour series for creator Shawn Simmons, and YouTube Head of Original Content Susanne Daniels calls the show “Dirty Harry in high school.” Wayne (Mark McKenna) is a teenager heading south to recover his late father’s stolen ’78 Trans Am. Wherever he stops along the way, trouble seems to find Wayne, but he’s resource...
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‘State Like Sleep’ Star Katherine Waterston on Balancing Indies and Blockbusters [Interview]

Over the past decade, actress Katherine Waterston has built up a solid filmography of work that had made her one of the most eclectic and reliable performers around. After years of theater work and taking meaty supporting roles in such films as Michael Clayton (her first film), Taking Woodstock, Robot & Frank (as well as a semi-regular role on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire), she made an impressive showing as Shasta Ray Hepworth in writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2014 marvel Inherent Vice, whic...
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‘Stan and Ollie’ Star John C. Reilly on Vanishing Under Make-Up and Making Hard Comedy Look Easy [Interview]

When /Film last spoke with John C. Reilly, it was for the recent alternative western The Sisters Brothers, in which he co-starred opposite Joaquin Phoenix. At the end of that interview, Reilly did briefly discuss the narrower focus of his current film, the Laurel & Hardy biopic Stan & Ollie, which centers on a months-long tour the comedy team took throughout Great Britain and Ireland, transforming some of the classic bits (and some newly written ones) into live routines for the stage. By all a...
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‘Stan and Ollie’ Star Steve Coogan on Bringing the Iconic Comedy Duo to Life [Interview]

There are few things more satisfying than having modern-day actors pay worthy tribute to their legendary predecessors, and the easily lovable biopic Stan & Ollie, from director Jon S. Baird, is almost nothing but that, with Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly (along with some awards-worthy makeup) portraying arguably the greatest comedy duo in film history, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The movie documents a period in the later years of their career, during which the two are having less success...
Tags: Europe, England, Hollywood, Movies, Greece, Drama, Interviews, Nike, Features, United Kingdom, Rob, Pope, John, Shirley, Steve-Coogan, Alan Partridge

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Joe Jesuele from HomeJab

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Joe Jesuele from HomeJab. Without further ado… What do you do? We make it easy and affordable for real estate agents to beautifully market their listings. HomeJab offers walkthrough videos, HDR photos, aerials, 3D tours and much more. Shoots can be scheduled with a professional photographer within the day and once shot, are edited and delivered online within 24 hours. This makes HomeJab one of the fastest and most effici...
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Dead Or Alive 6 Clothing Damage Toned Down To Appeal To Females

Yohei Shimbori, director of Dead or Alive 6, divulged in an interview that the reason behind toning down the franchise’s sexy clothing damage was so that the game would better appeal to their female audience (apparently not thinking about the potential losses in regards to the game’s main male demographic). The interview was conducted in […]
Tags: Games, Interviews, Anime, Tecmo Koei, Fighting Games, Dead or Alive, Yohei Shimbori

Future Releases ‘The WIZRD’ Documentary

Ahead of the release of his new solo album The WIZRD next week (Jan. 18), Future debuts his documentary of the same name exclusively on Apple Music. Featuring footage captured over the span of seven years, the Marcus A. Clarke-directed film centers around Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ tour in 2016. The East Atlanta rapper gives fans an all-access pass to the road, studio sessions, and family life. The 63-minute documentary follows Future’s hectic life as one of today’s biggest artists and the hard ...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Future, Jazz, Clarke, Drake, Behind The Scenes, East Atlanta

Eiichiro Oda: “One Piece = Actual Treasure, Ace Will Not Return”

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has divulged more about the future of the franchise, confirming that the fabled One Piece is an actual treasure and that Ace will never be resurrected. Appearing on Fuji TV’s “Honma Dekka!? TV SP”, Oda mentioned that the manga would extend past 100 volumes by a slight amount before concluding; […]
Tags: TV, Interviews, Anime, Manga, ODA, Endings, One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, Honma Dekka

‘State Like Sleep’ Star Michael Shannon Discusses Christopher Walken, Working With Rian Johnson on ‘Knives Out,’ and the 2018 Movie Everyone Should See

Michael Shannon is one of those actors that constantly reminds us there’s no such thing as small parts. No matter the size of the role, his presence will leave an impression, with his sole scene in Loving being one example. Every second matters when Shannon is on screen. The actor, who was last seen on AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl, now stars in Meredith Danluck‘s feature directorial debut, State Like Sleep, an intimate neo-noir with dreamlike sequences. Katherine Waterston plays a photographer...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Interviews, Amc, Thriller, Christopher-Walken, Meredith, Edward, Agatha Christie, Rian Johnson, Michael Shannon, Katherine, Shannon, Rian, Katherine-Waterston, Ramin Bahrani

Daily Podcast: We Visit The Set of ‘Captain Marvel’ And Talk With Samuel L Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn & Jonathan Schwartz

On the January 8, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is here to play a few interviews from the set of Captain Marvel . We will hear from Samuel L Jackson, who reprises his role as a young SHIELD head Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn, who plays a Skrull commander, and Jonathan Schwartz, the executive producer of the film who reveals everything we need to know about Marvel’s first female-led superhero film. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Pla...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Marvel, Ben Mendelsohn, Marvel Studios, Samuel-L-Jackson, Jonathan Schwartz, Nick Fury, Set Visit, Comic Book/Superhero, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Captain Marvel, Peter Sciretta, Featured Stories Sidebar, Film Daily Podcast

‘Captain Marvel’ Star Jude Law on His Mysterious Mentor-Type Character [Set Visit Interview]

When Jude Law was first cast in Captain Marvel, it was reported that he was playing Dr. Walter Lawson, a character better known to comic book fans as Mar-Vell. But since that announcement, his role has remained a mystery and Disney isn’t commenting. While visiting the set of the film, the mystery continued, but Disney wasn’t hiding Law from us. We saw him suit up with Starforce and go into action alongside Brie Larsen’s Carol Danvers. We were shown footage of the character training Carol. So if...
Tags: Movies, Law, Interviews, Disney, Earth, Norway, Bill, Jude-Law, Marvel Studios, Carol, Yoda, Carol Danvers, Minerva, Bree, Gemma Chan, Set Visit

‘Captain Marvel’ Star Lashana Lynch on How Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers Are “Yin and Yang” [Set Visit Interview]

Lashana Lynch plays Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, and if you have read some Marvel comics, you may know that she a very important character in Carol Danvers’ world. On the set of the latest Marvel film, I had the opportunity to speak with Lynch about her character, the movie, and what it could all mean for the future of the MCU. Note: This interview was conducted in a roundtable format with other journalists. Question: So, what has Marvel said you’re allowed to say about this? Lashana Ly...
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‘Captain Marvel’ Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz Reveals Everything He Can About Marvel’s Next Movie [Set Visit Interview]

You probably don’t know Jonathan Schwartz, and while walking the set of a Marvel movie, you might not even notice the smart guy with glasses in the corner. But he’s one of the architects of the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just as Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige started as the assistant to X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner, Schwartz began his career as the assistant to Feige on Iron Man 2. He quickly proved himself valuable and worked his way up the ladder to the producer of Guardi...
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Here Are the ‘Captain Marvel’ Comic Book Inspirations Used to Bring Carol Danvers to the Big Screen

The question that always pops up every time a superhero movie arrives (which is every other month now) is: “What comic book inspirations did the filmmakers draw from?” Fans want to make sure the powers-that-be have an actual grasp on the characters they’re bringing to life, and not just winging it. The next big superhero picture is Captain Marvel, due to blast into theaters in March. Like most comic book characters, Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, has a rich, evolving history, dating all the...
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‘Captain Marvel’ Directors Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden on What Makes Carol Danvers a Unique Superhero [Set Visit Interview]

Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden aren’t the first directing team at Marvel Studios, and they certainly aren’t the first filmmakers to make their MCU debut with a Sundance Film Festival origin story. But they are the first filmmakers tasked with bringing a female-led Marvel superhero film to the big screen, and that’s a big responsibility. Not only that, but they are setting up a character who is supposed to help anchor the next decade of cosmic MCU stories. Speaking with the duo on the set of Captain Ma...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Robocop, Marvel Studios, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Carol Danvers, Kevin Feige, Set Visit, Comic Book/Superhero, Captain Marvel, Featured Stories Sidebar, Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, Ryan Fleck Anna Boden, Kelly Sue

‘Captain Marvel’ Will Also Double as a Nick Fury Origin Story

Brie Larson‘s Carol Danvers is, of course, the main focus of Captain Marvel. But the superhero film also has a few familiar MCU faces backing her up – most notably Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury. Since Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s, we’re going to see a much younger, eyepatch-free Nick Fury. And based on the trailers released, Fury almost looks like Carol’s sidekick in the film, hitting the road with her when she crashes to earth. Does that make Captain Marvel a Nick Fury origin story as mu...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Jackson, Vfx, Marvel Studios, Samuel-L-Jackson, Carol, Brie Larson, Schwartz, Carol Danvers, Larson, Jonathan Schwartz, MCU, Nick Fury, Comic Book/Superhero

‘Captain Marvel’ Star Samuel L. Jackson Talks the Origins and Legacy of Nick Fury [Set Visit Interview]

In May 2018, I visited the set of Marvel Studios and Disney’s next superhero movie, Captain Marvel, which was shooting in Los Angeles. On set, we had a chance to talk with Samuel L Jackson, who is reprising his role as Nick Fury in this prequel. He walked in the room with performance capture tracking dots on his face, perhaps to help with the de-aging visual effect that we’ve seen in past Marvel films. Or perhaps they were shooting a scene where we find out how Fury loses his eye, as he also ha...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Disney, Los Angeles, Features, United States, Jackson, Marvel Studios, Samuel-L-Jackson, NICK, Mark Millar, Carol, Kingsman, Wakanda, Nick Fury, Set Visit

How ‘Captain Marvel’ Was Largely Inspired By ‘RoboCop’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is packed with references and homages to staples of several different genres, from Three Days of the Condor (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to Inception (Doctor Strange). One would be forgiven for assuming that with all of the characters wandering around the MCU in metal suits, the 1987 sci-fi action classic RoboCop would have been a mainstay reference in that conversation as well, but it seems like the upcoming Captain Marvel is the first MCU movie to be hea...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, America, Features, Robocop, Ben Mendelsohn, Paul Verhoeven, Marvel Studios, Boden, Jonathan Schwartz, Fleck, MCU, Comic Book/Superhero, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Captain Marvel

Ben Mendelsohn Hilariously Explains What It Means to Be a Skrull in ‘Captain Marvel’ [Set Visit Interview]

Marvel is notoriously secretive about their projects and the cast and crew are very tight-lipped about a film in production. Before visiting a Marvel set, the SHIELD-style Marvel security make you sign an NDA and take a photo on an iPad. Despite NDAs and embargoes, no one can be trusted and the stars of these films are often unsure of what they can and not say in on set interviews. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but other times it can be hilarious. While visiting the set of Captain Marvel...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Earth, Anna, Ben Mendelsohn, Marvel Studios, Carol, Snoop Dogg, Talos, Ben, Ryan, Carol Danvers, NDA, Mendelsohn, Set Visit, Comic Book/Superhero

‘Captain Marvel’ Lays the Foundation for Another Character to Become Captain Marvel (Plus Everything We Know About Goose the Cat)

Carol Danvers is not the first to hold the title of Captain Marvel. Nor will she be the last. Brie Larson‘s Carol Danvers is being introduced as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s powerful photon-blasting superhero in Captain Marvel, but the upcoming Marvel film is already laying the groundwork for another comic book fan-favorite to take up the title. And Captain Marvel is not only setting the scene for Carol’s successors, we’re also getting a sidekick — in the form of a cat. Monica Rambeau ...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Marvel Studios, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Maria, Carol, Brie Larson, Schwartz, Monica, Reggie, Lynch, Carol Danvers, Rizzo, Larson, Archie

How Studio Ponoc is Carrying on the Spirit of Studio Ghibli With ‘Modest Heroes,’ According to Producer Yoshiaki Nishimura [Interview]

An underwater fantasy epic. A slice-of-life drama about a kid suffering from an egg allergy. An invisible man who becomes an unlikely hero. All three of these stories are segments from Studio Ponoc‘s Modest Heroes, an anthology film following up the animation studio’s highly anticipated inaugural feature film, Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Modest Heroes comes to the U.S. (in theaters January 10 and January 12) amidst a sea of buzz, much like last year’s Mary and the Witch’s Flower, an enchanting...
Tags: Movies, Drama, Interviews, Flower, Netflix, Anime, Hulu, Isao Takahata, Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Mary, Nishimura, Takahata, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Kaguya

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Ashley Farrugia from ActivePipe

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Ashley Farrugia from ActivePipe. Without further ado… What do you do? I am the CEO and co-founder of ActivePipe, a marketing automation platform that is rich in features specific to the real estate industry. In simple terms, a brokerage can create an automated email drip-campaign that seamlessly integrates properties. These campaigns can then be sent out on behalf of all their agents, in minutes. Then, ActivePipe brings a...
Tags: Interviews, Marketing, US, E-mail, Radio, Melbourne, Austin Texas, NAR, Ashley, Reach, Activepipe, Ashley Farrugia

Nintendo President “Wants More Smartphone Games For Continuous Revenue”

A recent interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shed some light on various aspects about the company, as well as his interest in increasing their roster of smartphone games that have a steady stream of revenue to compensate for “fluctuations in business performance”. Topics discussed include the risks of the entertainment industry, leading a company, […]
Tags: Games, Money, Interviews, Smartphones, Nintendo, Anime, Casuals, Shuntaro Furukawa

Sonic Team Head Wants Sonic Adventure Remake

The head of the Sonic development team, Takashi Iizuka, indicated in an interview that the first Sonic Adventure game’s aged state makes him want to try remaking it, news that will have Sonic fans ecstatic considering how beloved the Sonic Adventure series was. In a rather extensive interview, Takashi Iizuka labeled Sonic Adventure as “a […]
Tags: Games, Interviews, Anime, Sega, Remakes, Sonic, Takashi Iizuka

‘Vice’ Director Adam McKay on His Meticulously Made Biopic and How He Thinks Dick Cheney Would React to the Film [Interview]

Too many biopics fall prey to hero worship. In trying to celebrate someone’s life, many biographical films end up lacking humanity, nuance, and, more often than not, hard truths. It plagues bio films, especially the agreeable kind that score all the Oscars. But in the case of Adam McKay‘s Vice, he didn’t make the average biopic. He’s certainly not looking up to Dick Cheney, the former Vice President, but looking down on him with a big ‘ol unforgiving microscope. The drama is an epic that moves ...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Dwayne Johnson, Washington, Iraq, Reagan, Features, David O Russell, Christian-Bale, Casper, Vice, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Cheney, Adam-McKay, Amy

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Vincent Harris from Hoozip

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Vincent Harris from Hoozip. He recently joined the Geek Estate Mastermind, and we’re thrilled to have him. Without further ado… What do you do? Hoozip is a technology company that builds productivity software for residential real estate investors. We help smaller investors to level-up by giving them access to enterprise caliber data tools that make them faster and more efficient at finding and analyzing deals. We help lar...
Tags: Interviews, Radio, Manhattan, Vincent, Housing Works, Vincent Harris, Hoozip

FromSoftware Is Working On Two New Games

During a recent 4Gamer interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of popular Souls series development studio FromSoftware, new information about two unannounced titles has surfaced. The relevant snippet of the interview translated by Siliconera: 4Gamer: Please tell us about development beyond Sekiro. In a previous interview in June 2016, you said that the development lines went from 2.5 […]
Tags: Games, Interviews, Anime, Announcements, Hidetaka Miyazaki, From Software

Ys IX Monstrum Nox Already 50 Percent Complete

Nihon Falcom’s president Toshihiro Kondo divulged more intimate information on the upcoming Ys IX Monstrum Nox, additionally revealing that the title has already reached 50% completion. Here are some of the talking points Kondo outlined about the latest Ys franchise entry: The subtitle of Monstrum Nox, which basically means night of the monsters, is the […]
Tags: Games, Interviews, Anime, Ps4, Announcements, RPG, Kondo, Nihon Falcom, Ys, Monstrum Nox Already, Toshihiro Kondo

‘Black Panther’ Editor Michael Shawver on Working With Ryan Coogler and Being “Popular” at the Oscars [Interview]

Editor Michael Shawver first met Ryan Coogler nearly eight years ago. They were both film students at the University of Southern California and shared a passion for films about important issues, basketball, and Batman. Impressed by Coogler’s short films that he had directed in class, Shawver suggested that they team up, and the pair have been basically inseparable ever since — working together on all of Coogler’s major films, from Fruitvale Station, to Creed, and finally, to Black Panther. As C...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Features, Batman, Creed, Ryan Coogler, Marvel Studios, University Of Southern California, Black-Panther, Michael B Jordan, Ryan, Fruitvale, Fruitvale Station, Coogler, Wakanda, Comic Book/Superhero

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