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Gems of Comic Art Collection Featured in New Library of Congress Exhibition

NEWS from the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS   Oct. 20 , 2021 Website: Geppi Gems Exhibition: loc.gov/exhibitions/ geppi -gems/ Gems of Comic Art Collection Featured in New Library of Congress Exhibition 'Geppi Gems' Highlights 2018 Gift from Stephen A. Geppi, in cluding Early Comics and Cartoons Featuring Superheroes, Disney...
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The 20 Best Assassins In Film Ranked

The hitman might be one of the most purely cinematic professions -- the silent, emotionless hired gun without any affiliation or loyalty. They've taken on an almost mythic status that feels completely at odds to the reality. Some are portrayed as sociopaths, some as slick, cool secret agent types. As it is, the numerous cinematic portrayals on film often makes them the most intriguing part of their films.There are so many depictions of assassins, hitmen, and mercenaries in cinema that it's impos...
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The Best Halloween Movies On Hulu You Can Stream Right Now

Fall is in the air and the spooky season is officially upon us. With All Hallow's Eve right around the corner, it's time to begin preparing your Halloween movie marathons. However, with more and more Halloween flicks arriving every year, it can be hard to determine what to watch as you carve pumpkins, make costumes, and greet trick-or-treaters.That's why we've compiled the best Halloween movies on Hulu that you can stream right now. Yes, there are some horror films here, but Halloween is about m...
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What Katey Sagal Has Done Since Sons of Anarchy Ended

Katey Sagal played one of the most important characters in Sons of Anarchy, but what has she done since the show came to an end? In 2008, Kurt Sutter took the audience to a small town in California to meet a motorcycle club and all the drama in their daily lives in the TV series Sons of Anarchy. The series premiered on FX in 2008 and lived on for a total of seven seasons, coming to an end in 2014. Sons of Anarchy got positive reviews throughout its whole run, with most praise going towards the ...
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Marvel's Secret Invasion Has Begun Production

Marvel Studios' next Disney+ series is underway. "Secret Invasion," which centers on shapeshifting alien creatures called Skrulls infiltrating Earth, has begun production – at least, according to one of its biggest stars. Samuel L. Jackson, who will reprise his role as former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, shared a photo from the set today which indicates that cameras are actually rolling on the show, which was officially announced by producer Kevin Feige in December of last year.When I spoke ...
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Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion Series Begins Production

Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson took to Instagram to confirm that production on Marvel Studios’ upcoming Secret Invasion series has already begun. The upcoming Disney+ superhero series is currently slated to make its debut in 2022. In his post, the long-time MCU actor expresses his delight in playing Nick Fury again, while sporting a Nick Fury snap-inspired shirt. This marks the thirteenth time that Jackson will be portraying the former S.H.I.E.L.D director. He recently voiced the character in f...
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The Beatles: Get Back Trailer Debuts For Disney+ Docuseries

Disney+ has finally released the official trailer for Peter Jackson’s long-in-development documentary The Beatles: Get Back, teasing the most intimate and honest glimpse into the creative process and relationship between John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever filmed. The three-part documentary series is scheduled to roll out over three days starting from November 25 through November 27, just in time for Thanksgiving. The Beatles: Get Back trailer, which you can check out below along with the poster,...
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Full-Length Trailer for Peter Jackson's 60s Doc 'The Beatles: Get Back'

"Don't let me down!" Disney has debuted a full-length official trailer for the new The Beatles documentary called The Beatles: Get Back, arriving on Disney+ this November. It was originally supposed to open as one long film playing in theaters exclusively last year, but with delays they're skipping theaters entirely to launch digitally exclusively. And it is being split into 3 episodes as a "docuseries" instead of a film. This is director Peter Jackson's latest work (following They Shall Not...
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Get Back Trailer: Peter Jackson Lets The Beatles Be In Disney+ Docuseries

Disney+ has released the official trailer and key art for director Peter Jackson's upcoming three-part docuseries "The Beatles: Get Back," which is set to roll out just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 25, 26, and 27, 2021. The footage gives a unique, unfiltered look at The Beatles during the January 1969 recording sessions for what would become their final released album "Let It Be" ("Abbey Road" was recorded after but came out earlier).Said footage is derived from director Mich...
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007: 7 Directors Who Almost Helmed A Bond Movie (& 8 Who Should)

The most important hire in the making of a James Bond movie is the casting of 007 himself, but the second most important is choosing a director. To pull off a great Bond movie, a filmmaker needs to have a fundamental understanding of what makes the character and his stories work, a unique take on the familiar formula, and most importantly, experience with directing action.When a new Bond movie is in development, the first few choices for the director’s chair might turn down the job, or suffer fr...
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Every King Kong Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Considered by many to be one of cinema's greatest icons, King Kong has undoubtedly left his mark on the world of pop culture. From his groundbreaking introduction in 1933 all the way to his most recent monster rumble, Kong continues to inspire filmgoers across the globe. And with his impressive height, signature skyscraper-busting moves, and a stare that can cut most adversaries down to size, Kong proves that even if you're a creature of few words, you can still leave a memorable impact.Yet, wit...
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Sex Education: The Best Trait Of Each Main Character

Sex Education features a large cast of well-rounded characters that have become beloved by the show's fans. In season 3, the show developed many of the established characters such as Otis and Maeve even further, taking them down some exciting and unexpected paths.The season also intertwined a number of new characters with the existing cast, including villainous head teacher Hope and nonbinary student Cal. While the different people in the show's world range in likability, each of them is notably...
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The 15 Best '90s Horror Movies Ranked

The '90s was a fascinating decade in which Furbies, Beanie Babies, and Tamagotchi's ruled toy stores, "Friends" dominated TV, Nirvana took over the radio, and people were dancing willy-nilly to the Macarena. Technological advances were shaking up society, with the advancement of the World Wide Web culminating in the launch of a little site called Google in 1998. Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky was one of the biggest scandals of the past half-century. Meanwhile, in the world of cinema,...
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Other Ryan Reynolds Movies You Should Watch After Free Guy

2021 is the year of deja vu. It has conquered our airwaves; it has twisted our headlines; and it has massively entrenched itself in multiplexes, where last year's movies are current entertainment. A relief? Sure. Numbing? That too. It's hard to shake the sense that we've already seen everything that theaters have to offer, given that we got our first glimpses of "Black Widow" and "F9" more than a year a half ago. So, in this strange season, what does it take to renew a moviegoer's excitement? Ho...
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The 10 Goriest Horror Movies Ever Made

Gore is not for everyone, not even all horror aficionados. For many viewers, a few severed limbs and disembowelment go a long way. Outside of the horror community, "gore" is almost a pejorative -- to some people, horror movies are splatter flicks, full stop. That isn't true, of course. Horror is diverse and haunting and enduring, and though there is some merit to the argument that gore can compensate for failures elsewhere, it's also an artform in and of itself. For filmmakers like Tom Savini, G...
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Every Peter Jackson Film Ranked From Worst To Best

Peter Jackson is a filmmaker whose career seems to align with James Cameron's. I know, I know. Let me explain. Both directors revealed an early interest in special effects by making terrific little genre films that still hold up decades later. Both went on to deliver some modern classics, then saw their later years lost to big-budget fantasy and sci-fi franchises that few people seem to be excited about. Cameron hasn't directed a feature film since 2009. Jackson hasn't helmed a non-Hobbit featur...
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There's Someone Inside Your House Review: A Slasher For A New Generation

After the smashing success of the "Fear Street" trilogy, Netflix continues its train of slasher films for today's young adult audiences with the gory teen scream "There's Someone Inside Your House." Based on Stephanie Perkins' romance-with-a-sprinkle-of-murder novel of the same name, "There's Someone Inside Your House" just celebrated its premiere at Fantastic Fest. Taking inspiration from '90s and '00s slasher films and combining them with the sensibilities of today's more socially conscious yo...
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Howard Shore in Talks to Compose Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series

Per Deadline, Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore is in talks to return to score Amazon’s highly anticipated Lord of the Rings series, which will debut September 2, 2022. Shore composed all three of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film as well as Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. His work on the series earned Shore three Academy Awards: Best Score for Fellowship and Return of the King and Best Song for ROTK. He also received three Golden Globes and four Grammys. The new epic drama brings to screens fo...
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Behind-The-Scenes The Protégé Footage Shows Off The Making Of An Action Movie [Exclusive]

Any filmmaker who has hits like "The Mask of Zorro," "Goldeneye," or "Casino Royale" under their belt is a filmmaker who knows their way around action. It's as simple as that. For Martin Campbell, this year's release of "The Protégé" (along with 2017's Jackie Chan-starring "The Foreigner") marked a grand return to the genre that seems to come as naturally to him as breathing. The U.K.-based, New Zealand director hasn't been shy about sounding off on his thoughts on the current action landscape o...
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Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Has Already Wrapped Production

Coming off from successfully winning his first Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series for his performance in Netflix’s Halston, Ewan McGregor gave an update regarding his highly-anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series. During the 2021 Emmys, while speaking to the press backstage, McGregor went on to confirm that production on Lucasfilm’s newest live-action Star Wars series for Disney+ has finally been completed after nearly five months of filming in Los Angeles. He also continues to...
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Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to LA sex charges

By TERRI VERMEULEN KEITH | City News Service LOS ANGELES — Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty Monday in downtown Los Angeles to sex-related criminal counts involving five women, including a restored charge that had been dismissed by a judge. Weinstein is due back in court Oct. 25. The latest grand jury indictment, handed up Aug. 18, charges Weinstein again with the challenged count of sexual battery by restraint against a woman in May 2010. It marked the third time the p...
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The 10 Best Western Movies Of The Past Decade Ranked

Steven Spielberg famously commented that the rise of superhero movies reminded him of the popularity of westerns, which has declined precipitously since the genre's heyday. And yet, ironically, westerns haven't taken a backseat in the past decade. If the mix of subversive and traditional western films over the past 10 years indicates anything, it's that the genre is always changing.Westerns are intertwined with the history of cinema itself, as exciting adventure stories set in the Old West were ...
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Sex Education Season 3 Final Trailer: Time To Talk About The Voicemail

The long wait for "Sex Education" is finally (very nearly) over! Just one more sleep until the new season premieres on Netflix and we finally get some answers about the major cliffhanger that closed out season 2. And clearly the powers that be know exactly what's on our mind, because the latest trailer finally addresses the big question: will Maeve (Emma Mackey) ever find out about Otis' (Asa Butterfield) voicemail?Here's the final trailer for season 3 of "Sex Education." Sex Education Season 3 ...
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Michael Jackson Could've Starred In Labyrinth Instead Of David Bowie

Imagine it's the mid-1980s and you're director and puppeteer extraordinaire, Jim Henson, casting the Goblin King for your movie, "Labyrinth." Which music superstar would you go with: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, or Sting?Henson, the co-creator of "The Muppets with his wife, Jane, ultimately went with Bowie. However, there's a world in which Jackson, the onetime King of Pop, could have played the Goblin King in "Labyrinth.""Labyrinth" turned 35 this year, and though Henson himself passed away in...
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Sex Education Season 3 Trailer: The Sex School Returns With Strict New Rules

The Moordale kids are back for more coming-of-age insanity on September 17, and we just got our first glimpse at what they're up to! No joke, things look even wilder than the first two seasons: the trailer shows off trampolines, a high speed bus chase, a crotch on fire and craziest of all, Otis' new mustache. This is the kind of thing you have to see for yourself — check out the "Sex Education" trailer below. Sex Education Season 3 Trailer In a lot of ways, "Sex Education" is serving up everyt...
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The Best Movies Streaming Right Now: Worth, King Kong, Titus, The Social Network, A Glitch In The Matrix

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a weekly column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)Welcome back, streamers! The weekly edition of Now Stream This is here, hot off the virtual press, featuring five movies you might want to stream this weekend. They include a drama based around 9/11, an underrated monster movie remake, a wild Shakespeare adaptation, a supervillain origin story, and a documentary about brains in jars.  Worth No...
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Who Is The 'Fake' Mandarin? Everything You Need To Remember About Trevor Slattery Before Shang-Chi

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" is bringing a new superhero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the Phase Four film has an interesting tie to one of the Marvel Studios sequels from Phase Two, thanks to the inclusion of both the real Mandarin (played by Tony Leung) and the fake Mandarin, who turned out to be an actor named Trevor Slattery (played by Sir Ben Kingsley) putting on a villainous front created by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) in "Iron Man 3."If it's been awhile since you...
Tags: Movies, Disney, America, United States, Cbs, Thor, Trevor, Jackson, Marvel Comics, Ben Kingsley, King, Marvel Studios, Kingsley, Slattery, Tony Stark, Aldrich Killian

The 20 Best Westerns Of All Time

Since the earliest days of cinema, westerns have been one of Hollywood's favorite genres. 1908's "The Great Train Robbery" was one of the most successful early films, while 1939's "Stagecoach" kicked off a golden age of westerns that lasted until the mid-20th century, making stars out of actors like Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford, and Walter Brennan.While thought of as a hallmark of American movies, international westerns grew in popularity, too. European fil...
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17 '80s Action Movies You Definitely Need To See

At the 1985 American Business Conference, President Ronald Reagan gunned down a tax increase by quoting Dirty Harry: "Go ahead -- make my day." For better or worse, there are few more iconic intersections of age and genre than the '80s action movie. The PG-13 rating allowed for a whole new audience to enjoy wanton violence at the multiplex. Law enforcement came in units of two and spoke only in banter. Budgets, stunts, and physiques ballooned in alarming tandem. Less than a decade after he begge...
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‘The Protégé’ Review: Maggie Q Takes the Lead in an Assassin Movie Misfire

Hollywood can’t seem to get enough of the assassin movie lately. Ever since John Wick gunned down a club full of gangsters over a dead dog, the vengeful assassin has become the new action hero de jour. And as a result, we’ve gotten every flavor of assassin hero — the woman, the woman team, the older retired assassin. So what can the latest assassin movie do but shake up the formula a little? The Protégé, directed by Martin Campbell and written by Richard Wenk, is a “female-led assassin movie” m...
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