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Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)"Aquaman" was released in December 2018. Despite the hero being at the wrong end of many jokes over the decades, it went on to become a huge success. In no small part thanks to star Jason Momoa's likability and portrayal of Arthur Curry, as well as director James Wan's vision for it. The movie was so successful that it amazingly ...
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Now Playing for The Six Weeks of Halloween

I like to try and get a feel for what’s Now Playing in theaters at some point during the Six Weeks of Halloween, but that can be more difficult than it sounds. Last year was clearly a bit of a fluke, given the whole worldwide pandemic thing and most theaters not even being open for business and all. Even in a normal year, a lot of horror movies have rather odd release schedules. There often aren’t many that are released during Halloween season. Weirdly, many big horror movies come out on the big...
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Netflix October 2021 Schedule: New TV & Movie Additions

The list for the new  Netflix  October 2021 movies and TV titles has been revealed, which you can view below, along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service next month. This includes the arrival of new seasons of Netflix original series such as You Season 3, Locke & Key Season 2, On My Block final season, and The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2, as well as the series debuts of the limited drama Maid starring Margaret Qualley, and the biopic drama Colin in Black and White. Next...
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Vans Is Getting In The Spooky Spirit With These Killer Sneakers

I hope you're ready to take out another line of credit and start selling plasma because Vans is about to take all of your cold hard cash. In a very casual tweet, the sk8r brand announced that they're dropping a horror movie-themed lineup of sneakers this fall, which will make flaunting your love for slashers and slow burns at the grocery store that much easier. No more getting kicked out of the 7-Eleven for wearing a horror shirt that scares the neighborhood kids. These kicks are subtle but bold...
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Weekend Box Office: Shang-Chi Takes Number One, Will Soon Pass Black Widow

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" easily bested the competition at the box office in a quiet weekend for new releases at the box office. Clint Eastwood's "Cry Macho" and Gerard Butler's "Copshop" didn't stand a chance. Marvel's latest will soon pass "Black Widow" at the box office domestically. More than that, the movie continues to assert the strength of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the bankable entity in Hollywood. Let's have a closer look at the numbers. Shang-Chi With The Three...
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The Craziest Effect In Malignant Was Done Practically – With A Contortionist

"Malignant," the latest horror flick from James Wan, was released last week and it rightfully generated a great deal of conversation online, largely thanks to that totally bonkers ending. As it turns out, the big reveal at the end of the movie was largely done practically with little help from CGI. This is, to put it mildly, impressive.Warning: major spoilers ahead for "Malignant." proceed with caution. Gabriel Was Real Gabriel, the half-absorbed twin of the movie's protagonist, Madison (Annabel...
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'Reminiscence' is now available on HBO Max, but you only have until September 19 to stream it

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson in "Reminiscence." Ben Rothstein / Warner Bros. "Reminiscence" is available on HBO Max through September 19. Starring Hugh Jackman, "Reminiscence" is written and directed by "Westworld" co-creator Lisa Joy. To stream the movie on HBO Max, you need to subscribe to the ad-free plan ($15/month). Max Monthly Plan (ad-free) (medium) On August 20, "Reminiscence" received a s...
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The Spoiler-Filled Story Behind Malignant's Craziest Moments [Interview]

"Malignant" is the craziest mainstream release in a long time. Years, maybe. It's the kind of bonkers filmmaking usually reserved for niche genre film festival entries and long-forgotten trash masterpieces from the '80s. To see it playing in theaters, and at the top of the HBO Max streaming service, is a perverse delight. Director James Wan, on a break between directing "Aquaman" and its sequel, decided to make the kind of blank check horror movie others can only fantasize about. We probably won...
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer: What You'll Be Watching This Fall

The next time you leave a franchise for dead, make sure it's really dead. The latest horror property to be exhumed for the next generation is "I Know What You Did Last Summer," a new series based on the memorable slice 'n dice slasher films of the '90s (I don't talk about the '06 one, but these cats will). Sara Goodman pens the show, and executive produces the series alongside Neal H. Moritz, Pavun Shetty, Erik Feig, Peter Guber, Michael Clear, Rob Hackett, Craig William Macneill, and Shay Hatte...
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Mortal Kombat Sequels In Development, Will Hopefully Have Actual Tournament This Time

We finally have confirmation that a "Mortal Kombat" movie sequel of some kind is in development. The information is incredibly vague and raises more questions than answers. However, the good news for fans of this year's R-rated reboot is that it seems Warner Bros. does want to keep this franchise going. So, we won't be waiting another 20-plus years to see characters like Scorpion and Liu Kang getting bloody in live-action for our entertainment.Buried deep in a Variety piece about the upcoming re...
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Salem's Lot: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)"Salem's Lot" is revving up for its third screen adaptation, and this time it will be getting the movie treatment rather than another TV miniseries treatment. If you're a fan of Stephen King's 1975 vampire novel or any of its adaptations, consider this the knock on the window from the pale, floating boy with fangs and dark circle...
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There's Someone Inside Your House Trailer: Netflix Slasher Knows What You Did Last Summer

Netflix has been on a roll lately with the spooky stuff. Mere months after the streaming service unrolled a back-to-back trilogy based on R.L. Stine's "Fear Street" novels, a new blade-wielding maniac crawls out from under the bed. "There's Someone Inside Your House" hacks and slashes its way onto Netflix on October 6, 2021, following a premiere at Austin's Fantastic Fest in September. The newly-released trailer promises stabbings, screams, and an homage to '90s teen horror flicks. There's Someo...
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5 Horror Movies To Stream If You Loved Malignant

James Wan is back in the horror game. Carrying his "Aquaman" clout straight into the bonkers genre project that he's seemingly always longed to do, the "Insidious" director has returned to the horror game with a big swing in the form of "Malignant." In a chat with Bloody Disgusting, Wan credits a handful of Italian and horror-centric directors, calling his latest "my version of a Giallo." He applies an apt metaphor to elaborate:"The best way I describe 'Malignant' is, growing up in the late '80s...
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Malignant Spoiler Review: This Wan's For The Splatter Fans

After taking some time out at sea to direct the wildly fun DC film "Aquaman," director James Wan made a big splash with his return to horror. "Malignant" debuted in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend, and it's a completely bonkers throwback with one of the most gonzo third acts in years. Wan is best known in the horror world for co-creating the gore-heavy "Saw" franchise and helming the "Insidious" and "Conjuring" supernatural-horror franchises. "Malignant" doesn't really harken back to any of...
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Weekend Box Office: Shang-Chi KO's Malignant In Its Second Week At No. 1

It was another big weekend for Disney at the box office. What a surprise. "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" stayed atop the competition in its second weekend of release. Meanwhile, director James Wan's "Malignant" was the big, new release this weekend, hailing from Warner Bros. Unfortunately, it didn't fare quite as well. Let's dig into the numbers a little deeper, shall we? Shang-Chi Continues To Kick Major Ass According to Box Office Mojo, "Shang-Chi" took in an impressive $35.7 mill...
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There’s Someone Inside Your House Trailer Teases Netflix Slasher Pic

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel There’s Someone Inside Your House. Produced by The Conjuring Universe creator James Wan, the slasher film is scheduled to make its debut on Wednesday, October 6. The There’s Someone Inside Your House trailer, which you can check out below along with the key art poster, features a group of high school teens as they get targeted by an unknown killer who wears a mask of his victim’s face. It a...
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Malignant Ending Explained: Let's Break Down That Bonkers Conclusion

James Wan, the mind behind "Saw," "Insidious," "The Conjuring" and, more recently, "Aquaman," made his glorious return to the world of horror over the weekend with "Malignant." The director hadn't made a horror movie since 2016's "The Conjuring 2," so this was no small thing. After all, it's pretty fair to say Wan may well be our most prominent modern master of horror. That being said, he did not make another friendly franchise play here. As those who have witnessed "Malignant" know, this thing ...
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How Malignant Scored A Rare Day-And-Date Release In China

American horror movies don't usually fare well in China, if only because so few of them ever make it past government censorship. James Wan's new film, "Malignant," however, landed a rare deal enabling it to release on streaming platforms in China the same day it hit theaters in the U.S.According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Malignant" did score "a rare day-and-date streaming release in China," becoming "the first R-rated U.S. horror movie to ever score distribution" there. It helps that Starlight...
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Domestic Box Office: Shang-Chi Solid in Second Week, Malignant Stumbles

Moviegoers continued to show love and support for Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, lifting the action pic to $35.7 million (-53%) over its second weekend. Per Deadline, that’s the third-biggest second weekend for a September release following It ($60.1 million) and It Chapter Two ($39.6 million). It was seemingly enough moola for the House of Mouse to announce that the remaining films on this year’s docket will honor a theatrical window and avoid the day-and-date Disney+ relea...
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Malignant Review – Horror Film Delivers Classic James Wan Scares

When The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It arrived in theaters last June, it was generally unanimous that the film was okay but would have been better had horror master James Wan returned to direct the threequel. Instead of directing the new Conjuring, Wan directed Malignant, an original horror film starring Annabelle Wallis as Madison, a woman who begins to have visions of murders. Soon realizing that the murders are a terrifying reality, Madison must uncover the truth about her connection to ...
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The 13 Best Movies About The Devil Ranked

The devil is terrifying. Whether viewers are persons of faith or not, there's something about the devil that cultivates a distinct, almost existential kind of fear. The name alone, uttered in shadows and whispers, is enough to inspire a perennial, frosty chill. For certain audiences, the devil is very much real. For others, the movies he stars in are so chilling and so raw in their depiction of Old Scratch that until the lights go on, whoever is watching just might find themselves believing, too...
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Here's Why Shang-Chi And Eternals Might Not Get Released In China

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is off to a rocky start in China. "Black Widow" still hasn't been released and the future of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "Eternals" is in doubt."Shang-Chi" star Simu Liu and "Eternals" director Chloé Zhao are both Chinese-born, but they've each run into trouble now over comments they made earlier in their careers about China. This week, Deadline reports that an old 2017 interview with Liu resurfaced, where he spoke of his parents' e...
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Mad Max Spin-Off Furiosa Pushed Back One Year, Salem's Lot To Haunt Theaters Next September

We've got some good news and some bad news on the release date front. The good news is, "Mad Max: Furiosa," the long-awaited prequel to "Mad Max: Fury Road," has a new release date. The bad news is it's a whole lot further away than was previously expected. But in further good news for Stephen King fans, the new "Salem's Lot" movie has been given a rather appropriate release date by Warner Bros. as well. It will be here just in time for the Halloween season next year. The Long Wait For Furiosa's...
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Aquaman: King of Atlantis Trailer Teases HBO Max Miniseries From James Wan

HBO Max has finally dropped the first Aquaman: King of Atlantis trailer for the upcoming special animated event, which hails from director James Wan who is currently in production in London for the highly-anticipated DC sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The three-part miniseries is scheduled to make its debut on Thursday, October 14, with the first episode, followed by new episodes weekly. The video teases the titular hero’s awkward first day as the new ruler of Atlantis. It also highlights t...
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Aquaman: King Of Atlantis Trailer: HBO Max Animated Miniseries Makes A Wild, Goofy Splash

HBO Max has treated us to some first-look footage at "Aquaman: King of Atlantis." This animated miniseries was initially announced in early 2020, long before the pandemic upended, well, everything, and even before HBO Max officially launched. But the three-part event has "Aquaman" director James Wan on board as an executive producer, which is kind of a big deal. But, based on this teaser, this is not going to be a retread of the movie. Not by a long shot. Let's take a peek. Aquaman: King Of Atla...
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Malignant Review: James Wan Goes Wild With His Bloody, Bonkers Return To Horror

A movie that takes big swings is always worth celebrating, and "Malignant," James Wan's out-of-control return to horror, takes some of the biggest swings you'll ever see on film. Wan hasn't helmed a horror movie since 2016, and returning to the genre has seemingly unhinged him, or at the very least made him dizzy with glee. He's a blockbuster filmmaker now, and here he uses his blockbuster skills and clout to conjure up a movie best described as "operatic." There's nothing subtle about "Malignan...
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'Malignant,' the latest horror film from the director of 'Insidious' and 'Saw,' hits theaters and HBO Max on September 10

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Annabelle Wallis in "Malignant." Warner Bros. "Malignant" premieres on September 10 in theaters and on HBO Max. The horror movie is the latest release from James Wan, director of "The Conjuring" and "Saw." You'll need the HBO Max ad-free plan ($15/month) to stream it. Max (ad-free) (small) Fall is creeping in, and with it, comes a new batch of scary movies to enjoy at home and on the big screen. Ki...
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5 Biggest Winners At The Box Office In This Bizarre, Pandemic-Stricken Summer

The summer movie season is over. Onto fall we go. The hope heading into the summer, especially as COVID cases were declining and movies like "Godzilla vs. Kong" were lighting up the box office, was that this year would be a big rebound for the industry. It didn't exactly pan out that way. What we got was a mixed bag of hybrid releases, runaway hits, disappointments, and surprises. But even in perhaps the strangest year ever at the summer box office, here were a handful of clear winners worth hig...
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William Sadler Joins Salem’s Lot as Production Begins on Film Adaptation

Following the recent addition of acclaimed actress Alfre Woodard as Dr. Cody, Bill & Ted Face the Music actor William Sadler took to Twitter to reveal that he has officially joined the cast of New Line Cinema’s upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel Salem’s Lot. The 71-year-old actor also went on to confirm that production on the Gary Dauberman-directed pic has already started in Boston. Just started filming “Salem’s Lot” based on @StephenKing’s terrifying novel.  Stay ...
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'Salem's Lot Stealthily Adds King Adaptation Vet William Sadler, Already On Set

Well well well, look who's going to pop up in Gary Dauberman's feature-length adaptation of Stephen King's famous vampire novel, "'Salem's Lot." It's none other than William Sadler, who is no stranger to the world of King adaptations. He portrayed a prison inmate in Frank Darabont's all-timer "The Shawshank Redemption" as well as one of the poor bastards stuck in that little corner store in "The Mist" and the devastated father of two murdered girls in "The Green Mile."Now, he'll be joining an al...
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