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Fans Cherish Their One-Minute Talks at VTuber Oshaberi Fes

Otaku who adore watching virtual YouTubers had made their way to the VTuber Oshaberi Fes on February 16th, as the event was an opportunity for them to meet all their favorite Hololive virtual YouTubers and talk with them for the miraculous time period of a single minute. The event was held in Tokyo’s Chiyoda and […]
Tags: Japan, Events, Bizarre, Tokyo, Anime, Chiyoda, Otaku, Image Gallery, Ronery, Virtual YouTubers, Hololive, VTuber Oshaberi Fes

Number of Female Seiyuu Higher Than Ever

Seiyuu Grand Prix Magazine has shown that the number of female voice workers in Japan is higher than ever before, having nearly quadrupled over the past 19 years. The magazine published a supplement named “Voice Actor Directory 2020–Female Version”, which listed 907 seiyuu, along with photographs and vital information such as their birthdays, hometowns, hobbies […]
Tags: Business, Japan, Jobs, Statistics, Anime, Seiyuu

Sweet Anime Treats Are Everywhere for Akihabara Valentine’s Day 2020

An assortment of photos of Akihabara during Valentine’s Day have finally emerged to indicate to observers the popularity of the handout events during the holiday, as hordes of lonely males can be seen picking up all the sweets on offer. Many franchises were participating in handout events at venues in Akihabara, from Ishuzoku Reviewers, to […]
Tags: Japan, Events, Anniversaries, Anime, Cosplay, Akihabara, Valentine's, Otaku, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Ronery

Driver Hastily Calls Police Over Shocking Vehicle

A Japanese person driving along the road descended into such a panic after witnessing a strange vehicle that they called the police, as it seemed to have a girl hanging on the back of it (which turned out to actually be a doll). While cruising along the Hanshin Expressway (a network of expressways around Osaka, […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Cars, Bizarre, Anime, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hanshin Expressway

Feb 28: Animezing!: The Wonderland

Enjoy a FREE animated film at the JICC! Animezing!:  The Wonderland Friday, February 28th at 6:30 PM ...
Tags: Comics, Japan, Washington, US, Shell, Akane, Hokusai, Hippocrates, Mike Rhode, Green Goddess, JICC, Ilya Kuvshinov, Japan Information Culture Center Embassy, Tabi Strange Journey, HARA Keiichi, Mayu Anne ICHIMURA Masachika

Coronavirus Now Killing People in Japan

A woman in Kanagawa Prefecture has become the first person to be killed by the hazardous Coronavirus on Japanese soil, hopefully also serving as the last. The woman (who was in her eighties) died on February 13th after being diagnosed with pneumonia on the 1st. The cause of her illness was initially unknown, but the […]
Tags: Death, Japan, Medical, Anime, Kanagawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Coronavirus

Quarantined Cruise Ship’s Passengers Gifted Free Porn

The poor passengers quarantined on the Japanese Diamond Princess cruise ship due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus have been offered free pornography in their plight, certain to have some debating whether or not this was a genuine concern for masturbatory health or merely an attempt to accrue attention through generosity. Adult company CamSoda are […]
Tags: Health, Japan, Medical, Bizarre, Pornography, Anime, Onanism, CamSoda, Coronavirus

Hundreds Line up for Gamers Store Valentine’s Events

The surplus of lonely men living in Japan has perhaps been made clear by the queues that had formed outside of the main Gamers store in Akihabara, as quite the line had formed two hours before the Valentine’s Day events were even set to commence. Franchises such as Saekano, Gotoubun no Hanayome, and Koisuru Asteroid […]
Tags: Japan, Romance, Marketing, Anime, Akihabara, Valentine's, Otaku, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Ronery, Saekano Gotoubun

Pop Culture Imports: Where to Stream Four-Time Oscar Winner Bong Joon-Ho’s Favorite Films

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.) We live in a world where Parasite is a Best Picture winner, and where every publication has been quick to recommend dozens of other South Korean films to watch now that audiences have suddenly accepted subtitles. Well, as the column that has long been advocating for subtitled movies, I’m here to shake things up a bit. I won’t be recommending the best South Korean films to check out if Pa...
Tags: South Korea, Japan, Movies, France, Cure, Francois Truffaut, Alexander, Bong, Ingmar Bergman, Hitchcock, Uppsala Sweden, Bong Joon, Holden Caulfield, Gilbert Grape, Kim Ki, Truffaut

New manga translation by Ryan Holmberg of Yoshiharu Tsuge

It's on sale for 30% off for a few days at https://www.nyrb.com/products/the-man-without-talent The Man Without Talent by Yoshiharu Tsuge, translated from the Japanese and with an essay by Ryan Holmberg "Tsuge's work represents a groundbreaking apotheosis of comics fiction at its most humane, literary, and poetic. I am thrilled that it is finally reaching the Western audience which has longed to read it for so many decades."...
Tags: Comics, Japan, Mike Rhode, Ryan Holmberg, Chris Gavaler, Yoshiharu tsuge, Tsuge, Ryan Holmberg Tsuge, Chris Ware Yoshiharu Tsuge, Morgana Santilli

Theme Park Bits: Studio Ghibli Theme-Park Concept Art, a Star Wars Show Closes, and More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: A Star Wars show is closing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Take a look at the concept art for a Studio Ghibli theme park. And more! Fans of Star Wars may be sad to learn that at least one of the many, many ways in which you can relive the saga at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going away. As of February 22, the stage show “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” will be closing down permanently. That, of course, is just a few short days before the arrival of ...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Disney, Walt Disney Company, Theme Parks, States, Donald, Minnie, Mickey, Hollywood Studios, Christopher Willis, Runaway Railway, HBO Max, Hollywood Studios Take, Disney Seeing

¥11.27 Million Found Abandoned in the Garbage

Over ¥11 million (a little over $100,000) was found abandoned in the trash at a cleaning facility in Toyota City, bound to have less innocent individuals applauding the staff member who found the cash and their constraint in not simply pocketing it for themselves. An employee at the Green Clean Fuji no Oka cleaning facility […]
Tags: Japan, Money, Accidents, Bizarre, Anime, Aichi, Toyota City

How a video game wunderkind promised a robot revolution that mesmerized SoftBank but went off the rails: The inside story of Zume Pizza

Zume Pizza, the pizza-making robotics startup, spent its early days pitching investors and the public on an AI-powered robotic revolution at the hands of its robot fleet. But the revolution hit a snag, and in January, Zume announced that it was permanently shuttering Zume Pizza, the robotics division of the company, and laying off roughly 360 employees across multiple offices. Now, Zume is looking to sustainable packaging to stay afloat as its cofounder and CEO Alex Garden struggles to right t...
Tags: Garden, Japan, Hbo, Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Stanford, Softbank, San Francisco, Trends, Zynga, Arizona, Xbox, Pizza Hut, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Seattle

Middle School Boys Shared & Sold Lewd Photos of Their Classmates

Several middle school boys were caught taking indecent photos of the girls in their school and both distributing and selling them to other students by way of Japanese chatting app LINE. Ikoma City’s (located in Nara prefecture) Board of Education learned on the 10th that numerous schoolboys were stealthily taking upskirt shots of female students, […]
Tags: Photography, Japan, Crime, Internet, Voyeurism, Anime, Schoolgirls, Board of Education, Nara, Ikoma City

How ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Influenced the Films of Jordan Peele

The 92nd Academy Awards have come and gone and while Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us went unrecognized — even in the Best Actress category, where Lupita Nyong’o’s versatile dual role surely deserved a nomination —  horror aficionados know the real score regarding the best films of last year. So does Janelle Monae, whose opening musical number featured back-up dancers in red Us jumpsuits and white Midsommer dresses, with Monae herself being crowned the flowery May Queen and other notable sn...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Obama, California, Horror, New York City, John Lennon, US, Features, Connecticut, Adelaide, Manhattan, Tsa, Universal, Baby, Upper West Side

First Virtual YouTuber Makes AV Debut as More Are on the Way

What amorous fans have been waiting for since the beginning has finally arrived as a virtual YouTuber has officially entered into the AV business (at least, from the perspective of a virtual girl), a ludicrous event that will probably soon have hordes of female virtual YouTubers swarming for a piece of the pie. Labeling itself […]
Tags: Japan, AV, Bizarre, Anime, Announcements, PV, H, 3D CG, Virtual YouTubers

Sapporo Snow Festival 2020 More Astounding With Every Passing Year

The miraculous Sapporo Snow Festival stunned and mesmerized attendees for its 2020 edition as the event was overflowing with extraordinary snow sculptures, countless of which were based on existing anime franchises or other otaku culture, once again attempting to appeal to the popular demographic for maximum notoriety. People visiting the snowy event were kind enough […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Sapporo, Sculptures, Image Gallery, Video Gallery

Winter Wonder Festival 2020 Ero-Figures Are Everything a Collector Wants

As with every semi-annual occurrence of the Wonder Festival, this winter 2020 iteration has not shied away from presenting attendees with sexy ero-figures that expose genitalia, as such items are holy objects that most otaku are dedicated to collecting in some capacity. The lascivious ero-figures on display were, of course, quite varied and will please […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Anime Figures, H, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Wonder Festival, Ero-figures

Winter Wonder Festival 2020 Couldn’t Be Any More Revered

The Wonder Festival has made its festive elegant return once again as hundreds of figurines have decorated the venue in hopes of attracting enough attention to warrant a purchase from collectors, the event being as beneficial to anime figure fanatics as it is to the companies profiting from potential purchases. An endless quantity of figurines […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Anime Figures, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Wonder Festival

Breed Fantasy World Girls in Isekai AV Magic Mirror Gou Isekai Hen

The AV industry has noticed the rapid surge in eroge, anime, and other such content featuring an isekai plot and has tried to profit off this popularity, as Magic Mirror Gou Isekai Hen involves numerous actresses dressed up as fantasy world maidens. Enrapturing AV girls can be marveled in such lewd roles as a fantasy […]
Tags: Japan, AV, Pornography, Anime, Cosplay, Fetish, H, Image Gallery, Kemonomimi, Isekai

Book review: A Family Affair – The R. L. Drake Story

This is a guest post by Hue Miller, K7HUE. Hue posted a version of this to the Glowbugs mailing list. Having grown up when Drake was a big name in ham radio, I enjoyed the review, and I thought that you all might be interested in it as well. As a kid, I never had a lot of  money, but I did purchase a Drake DL-300 dummy load for $30 in the early 1980s. I often joke that it’s the only piece of Drake gear that I could afford. I still have it and it still works as well as when I purchased it……Dan ...
Tags: Japan, Navy, Radio, Drake, Collins, Books and Magazines, Hue Miller K7HUE Hue, John Loughmiller, Universal Radio Research Reynoldsburg Ohio, Drake It, Lakeshore SSB

Brazilian President: “The Japanese Are a Superior Race!”

Brazilian president and anime fan Jair Bolsonaro has caused some shock by saying that the Japanese are a superior race. Bolsonaro recently quoted Brazilian journalist Alexandre Garcia, who said that if Japan and Brazil switched populations, Brazil would become a superpower within 10 years (presumably due to the South American country’s vast natural resources and […]
Tags: Japan, Politics, Brazil, Anime, Jair Bolsonaro, Alexandre Garcia

Tanaka Rie’s Kiara Cosplay Really Draws the Eye

Legendary seiyuu Tanaka Rie has dabbled in the art of cosplay as the cherished talent shared videos of herself dressed as Fate/Grand Order’s Kiara (who she voices in-game), even going the extra mile by putting emphasis on the fictional character’s most notable trait. Tanaka Rie’s video of her cosplay raked in over 1 million views […]
Tags: Japan, Bizarre, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Cosplay, Comparison, Image Gallery, Seiyuu, Fate/Grand Order, Kiara, Rie Tanaka, Tanaka Rie

Trailer Round-Up: ‘Swallow’, ‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045’, ‘The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run’, ‘Blood on Her Name’

Let us round up some trailers, shall we? Rather than give these titles their own individual posts, we decided to wrangle them together in one spot. Why? Because they were lonely, and everyone needs a friend. That’s why. Below you’ll see trailers for a Beastie Boys documentary, the indie curiosity Swallow, a new Ghost in the Shell anime, yet another SpongeBob film, and a thriller called Blood on Her Name. Swallow Swallow is bound to garner some attention. Dig the synopsis: “On the surfac...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Netflix, Atlantic City, Movie Trailers, Shell, Snoop Dogg, Hunter, Gary, Patrick, Leigh, Will Patton, Elisabeth Röhm, Matthew Pope, Swallow, Beastie Boys Story

AV Actress Nagisa Mitsuki Covered in Gold Dust for Her Birthday

AV actress Nagisa Mitsuki has accomplished one of her long held desires upon the onset of her 21st birthday as the woman was coated in gold dust for her latest AV session, a fetish that involves the woman appearing as if she were some golden statue. Mitsuki alerted her followers to this achievement and even […]
Tags: Japan, AV, Bizarre, Anniversaries, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Mitsuki, Nagisa Mitsuki

EXE’s Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole Is Faptastic

Once upon a time, back before sex-toy makers learned how to make molds of rubber that resemble pussies, men had to use their hands to masturbate. Fast forward several decades and we’re able to have stimulating fapping sessions with a synthetic toy in one hand while perusing an almost infinite amount of digital pornography and […]
Tags: Japan, H, Image Gallery, Onaholes, Onanism, Otaku, OtonaJP, Shopping, Sponsored

Google Teams up With Pokemon for Special “Pokemon of the Year” Vote

To celebrate this year’s anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red & Green in Japan, also known as Pokemon Day around the world, Google has teamed up with the Pokemon Company to create a special popularity voting contest accessible through its search engine. Simply being logged into a Google account and typing “Pokemon vote” into […]
Tags: Google, Games, Japan, Anniversaries, Pokemon, Anime, Announcements, Pokemon Company, Game Freak

Ishuzoku Reviewers Ousted From Tokyo MX

Spicy fantasy world brothel anime Ishuzoku Reviewers has become a punching bag in both Japan and the West as the show has been removed from the Tokyo MX channel, even though the episodes were already modified to contain even more censorship. The sorrowful news was made on the anime’s official Twitter, explaining that the show’s […]
Tags: Japan, TV, Censorship, West, Tokyo, Anime, Cancellations, Ishuzoku Reviewers, Tokyo MX

Ishuzoku Reviewers BPO Complaint “There Should Be Age Restrictions!”

Another disgruntled person upset over what they saw on TV has sent in a complaint to Japan’s BPO (Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization), the highly erotic Ishuzoku Reviewers predictably being the target as the anonymous complaint indicated the show’s sexiness while lamenting the lack of any form of age restriction. On a monthly basis, […]
Tags: Japan, TV, Prostitution, Censorship, Anime, Monster Girls, BPO, Ishuzoku Reviewers

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