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The Top 10 Most Unappetizing JAV Covers

Written by ZENRA’s Panking Cover art, and not solely the content of a film, is an important aspect to JAV production, as an ugly or poorly-made cover could drastically reduce the sales of a work as it could be the determining factor of whether or not a consumer empties their wallet. This ranking will discuss […]
Tags: Japan, Parody, Rankings, AV, Illustration, Pornography, Anime, Fetish, Jav, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Video Gallery, Zenra

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Gets Official Name, New Visual

The second season of The Demon Girl Next Door officially has a title, as well as some brand new visuals ahead of its premiere next year. MORE: My Senpai is Annoying Joins Funimation’s Fall Anime Lineup The series, which will be called Machikado Mazoku 2-Chōme in Japan (via Anime News Network) is set to debut next April. Alongside the new name, a brand new visual for the second season has also been released, which you can see below: “Yuko Yoshida is just an ordinary schoolgirl — until one day he...
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Andrew Garfield Explains Why He Plays So Many Religious Characters

It's been five years since Andrew Garfield delivered his powerhouse performances in the religious double feature of "Silence" and "Hacksaw Ridge." These two films came from Martin Scorsese and Mel Gibson, both Catholic directors who have helmed other films about the life of Christ. Yet now — over and above his collaborations with these two filmmakers — Garfield finds himself lining up other projects that deal with religious subject matter.One of those is "Under the Banner of Heaven," a Mormon mu...
Tags: Japan, Jessica Chastain, Movies, News, Jesus, Catholic, Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield, Amy Adams, Hulu, Christ, Garfield, Martin Scorsese, Collider, Jim Bakker, Hacksaw Ridge

Invasion Trailer: Aliens Invade Apple TV+ And Civilization Collapses In Upcoming Sci-Fi Series

In the upcoming Apple TV+ series "Invasion," we are not alone. Aliens are joining us on Earth, and they're far from friendly. The globe-trotting sci-fi series sees the collapse of civilization through the eyes of characters based around the world. The story jumps across continents to visit everyone from a soon-to-be retired police sheriff to a member of a Japanese space program. How will they handle this societal collapse? Come see for yourself in the new trailer for "Invasion." Invasion Trailer...
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Every Episode Of Star Wars: Visions Ranked From Worst To Best

"Star Wars: Visions" is the new anthology series from Lucasfilm. A bold experiment, Lucasfilm produced nine shorts from seven of the top animation studios in Japan. Freeing the filmmakers from the requirements of fitting in the "Star Wars" canon, these storytellers were able to reformulate "Star Wars" through the lens of their art and culture in an authentic way. The result: these nine short films, each one a self-contained expression of creativity. On full display in each short is a deep love o...
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Invasion Trailer: We Are Not Alone in Apple TV+’s Sci-Fi Drama

Apple TV+ has released the official Invasion trailer for Simon Kinberg and David Weil’s forthcoming sci-fi drama series, which is scheduled to make its debut on October 22 with the first three episodes. The video highlights different characters’ individual Extraterrestrial encounters during a simultaneous global attack. It also gives us a preview of how the invasion started with a number of unexplainable incidents including mass power outages and destruction of infrastructure & homes. RELATED: F...
Tags: Apple, Japan, TV, Movies, Drama, Sci-fi, Apple TV, Earth, Tom Hanks, Afghanistan, TV News, Streaming, Invasion, Long Island, Sam Neill, Simon Kinberg

'Star Wars: Visions' puts an anime spin on the sci-fi franchise - all 9 episodes are now streaming on Disney Plus

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. "Star Wars: Visions" is now streaming on Disney Plus. Disney Plus "Star Wars: Visions" is a collection of shorts animated by seven different anime studios in Japan. The anthology series premiered on Disney Plus on September 22. All nine episodes are now available as part of a regular Disney Plus subscription ($8/month). Monthly Subscription Service (small) "Star Wars: Visions" is the latest addition t...
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Why Star Wars Visions Isn't Canon ⁠— And Why Some Of It Should Be

"Star Wars: Visions" is the new animated series from Lucasfilm on Disney+. As an experiment in storytelling, Lucasfilm commissioned nine animated short films from seven different animation studios in Japan. Instead of shackling them to the "Star Wars" canon, Lucasfilm instead had them reimagine the stories of "Star Wars" through their own unique, cultural lenses. This freedom allowed the studios to create stories ranging from punk rock operas and Pinocchio stories about droids who want to be Jed...
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Mackenyu, Sean Bean & More to Star in Live-Action Saint Seiya Movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition and Toei Animation are currently adapting a live-action film adaptation of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, based on the classic 1980s manga and anime series. Production on the live-action Saint Seiya movie has already been completed, after filming took place in Hungary and Croatia. The project will officially be led by Japanese actor Mackenyu (Pacific Rim: Uprising, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final), and Madison Iseman (Juman...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Sci-fi, Action, Netflix, Hungary, Croatia, Pegasus, Anime, Sony Pictures, Saints, Cosmo, Sean Bean, Athena, Toei Animation, ComingSoon

How Star Wars: Visions Embraces And Reinvents The Franchise's Long-Held Values [Interview]

When "Star Wars: A New Hope" released in 1977, audiences were blown away by the original adventure tale. And it is original, in as much as any story idea is. But the American space opera has always had the cinema of Akira Kurosawa coursing through its veins. In crafting his epic, George Lucas leaned heavily on Kurosawa's 1958 samurai picture "The Hidden Fortress," down to mimicked lensing and particular shots. Now, decades, several sequels, three prequels, and a ton of spinoffs and merchandising...
Tags: Star Wars, Japan, Television, Movies, News, Disney, Spain, Akira Kurosawa, Lucasfilm, George Lucas, James, Kurosawa, George, Waugh, Kanako, James Waugh

Hololive Fantasy’s First Live Show Coming to Tokyo Dome City Hall

The third generation of Hololive virtual YouTubers (“Hololive Fantasy”) is holding its first live show at Tokyo Dome City Hall, a magnificent occasion for loyal worshipers to see the beloved 2D girls “in person”, that is if the fearmongered Coronavirus doesn’t end up cancelling the whole concert. The event, called “Fan Fun Island”, will feature […]
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Otaku Fight Mecha Battles to End Censorship in Rumble Garanndoll

Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo Rumble Garanndoll tells a tale that certain informed individuals might describe as too relevant to the modern era as it involves a group of freedom fighters that battle with mecha against an alternate world Japan that invaded the real Japan, which led to the extinction of otaku culture. A summary […]
Tags: Japan, Drama, Trailer, Censorship, Anime, Mecha, Lerche, Otaku, Image Gallery, Gyakuten Sekai, Rumble Garanndoll, Denchi Shoujo Rumble Garanndoll

Belle anime and director Mamoru Hosoda profiled

In Japan's anime universe, 'Belle' seeks to rewrite script on female power [in print as Shifting Japan's view of women] Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Julia Mio Inuma Washington Post September 19 2021, p. A22 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/japan-anime-belle-movie-women/2021/09/16/943a8fb0-1016-11ec-baca-86b144fc8a2d_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Japan, Belle, Mamoru Hosoda, Mike Rhode, Michelle Ye Hee Lee, Julia Mio Inuma Washington Post

My Hero Academia Special Event Detailed, Villains Get New Artwork

Since its premiere in 2016, the My Hero Academia anime has held a yearly event for the television series to celebrate its time on the air. This year’s upcoming event will feature the League of Villains, and more information for it has been revealed. RELATED: Patrick Seitz Discusses Endeavor’s Divisive Redemption Arc in My Hero Academia Following the latest episode airing in Japan, the name of the event, as well as some visuals for it, were released across social media (via Crunchyroll). As the L...
Tags: Japan, TV, Movies, TV News, Streaming, Anime, Crunchyroll, Tokyo Japan, Funimation, My Hero Academia, Patrick Seitz, League of Villains, Eric Vale Sonny Strait Discuss My Hero Academia, Crunchyroll As the League of Villains, Daichi Endou, Tsuguo Mogami

Shang-Chi Rules Domestic Box Office, Dune Shines Overseas

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings continues to dominate the domestic box office with a stellar $21.7 million (-37%) in its third weekend. That tally places the Marvel blockbuster as the second-best third weekend for a September release right behind Warner Bros.’ It, which grossed $29.75 million back in 2017. RELATED: Chloe Zhao Explains Why The Eternals Didn’t Fight Thanos To date, Shang-Chi has collected $176.9 million domestically, where it ranks just behind Black Widow ($183.2 million...
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Six Weeks of Halloween 2021: When Horror Came to Shochiku

There’s a chill in the air, people are breaking out comfy sweaters and afghans, gourds are being mutilated and put on display along with all manner of decorative corpses, ornamental headstones covered with ironic puns, and picturesque cobwebs adorned with plastic mutant spiders. And naturally, the (pumpkin) spice must flow. These and other nominally ghastly signifiers can mean only one thing: it’s Halloween season! Given that we’re still dealing with a worldwide pandemic and drowning in ever-enc...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Tokyo, Mars, Vietnam, Nicolas Cage, Kaiju, Shochiku, Zack, Carpenter, Boris Karloff, Kaedrin, Val Lewton, 6 Weeks of Halloween, Living Skeleton Pirates

Sion Sono Views Prisoners of the Ghostland as a Fresh Start

Acclaimed Japanese director Sion Sono makes his English language debut with the release of Prisoners of the Ghostland. Starring Nicolas Cage, Bill Moseley, and Sofia Boutella, the film takes inspiration from Westerns and follows Cage’s Hero as he attempts to rescue the granddaughter (Boutella) of the mysterious Governor (played by Moseley). The opening portions of the film see Cage strapped into a suit that includes testicle grenades that activate if he gets “overly excited” and it only gets wil...
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My Hero Academia: Here's Where You Can Stream Or Buy Every Season

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, where can I watch this thing?" In this edition: "My Hero Academia.")"My Hero Academia" is a Japanese anime series about a boy born without superpowers (AKA "Quirks") in a world where they're commonplace. That boy, Izuku Midoriya, still dreams about becoming a superhero and comes to the notice of Japan's greatest superhero, All Might. Even though Midoriya doesn't have his own Quirk, All Might shares his Qu...
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My Next Life as a Villainess Movie Announced, First Commercial Released

The television anime My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Is officially getting a feature film. The official website for the anime announced the news, along with a short commercial for the upcoming movie.  RELATED: Crunchyroll Summer 2021 Lineup Adds My Next Life As a Villainess & More My Next Life as a Villainess is based on a light novel series of the same name that premiered back in 2014, and the second season of the anime recently finished airing in Japan. Crunchyroll ha...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Anime, Crunchyroll, Catarina, ComingSoon, Movie News, My Next Life as a Villainess, Demon Slayer Gets Universal Studios Japan, Japan Crunchyroll, Catarina Claes

Demon Slayer Gets Universal Studios Japan VR Roller Coaster

Fans of the Demon Slayer franchise in Japan have another way to celebrate their love of the series, as Universal Studios Japan is officially introducing a brand new virtual ride dedicated to the show. RELATED: Demon Slayer Movie Blu-ray Release Set for December According to the company’s official Twitter (via Funimation), the Demon Slayer event will run through Universal Studios Japan from September 17, 2021, all the way through February 13, 2022. Attendees will have to wear a special pair of VR...
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The Biggest Scandals to Ever Rock the Movie Industry

Apart from making online casino slot sequels, the Hollywood industry is flooded with its own fair share of scandals. And, we are going to let you have a sip of the tea. Here are some of the biggest scandals to ever rock the movie industry. Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Whenever a film star gets involved with someone from the film credits, there is likely to be some noise. However, when there is infidelity implicated, it may quickly escalate into a full-fledged controversy. This was the ...
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Star Wars Bits: The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Hunters, George Lucas Docuseries, Tom Kane, Star Wars: Visions, And More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:"The Mandalorian" season 2 wins seven Emmy AwardsA new "Star Wars: Hunters" trailer debutsAn in-depth preview of "Star Wars: Visions"A six-part Docuseries on George Lucas & ILM?Marvel's upcoming "Star Wars" comicsAnd more! The Mandalorian Season 2 Wins Seven Emmy Awards Last weekend, season 2 of "The Mandalorian" was honored with seven Creative Arts Emmy Awards: Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup (to Brian Sipe, Alexei Dmitriew, Samantha Ward, Scott Stoddard, Pepe Mo...
Tags: Google, Star Wars, Japan, Television, Movies, News, Disney, Zynga, Nintendo, Cbs, Jon Favreau, Lucasfilm, Twins, George Lucas, Paramount, Ilm

Prisoners of the Ghostland Interview: Bill Moseley on How Nicolas Cage Inspired Him

Acclaimed Japanese director Sion Sono’s English language debut Prisoners of the Ghostland is out September 17 in select theaters, on demand, and digital. The wild Western stars Nicolas Cage in the lead role, and also features Bill Moseley and Sofia Boutella. “In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Sofia Boutella) has gone missing,” says the off...
Tags: Japan, New York, Hollywood, Movies, Interview, Boston, Cambodia, Dallas, Vietnam, Nicolas Cage, Cage, Omni, Sion, Mekong River, Sofia, Charlie

Nicolas Cage Says He Has No Plans to Retire From Acting

Nicolas Cage is one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood, having starred in a ton of films and making a name for himself as someone who isn’t afraid of portraying any type of character. While some may think he’s nearing his retirement, Cage says he has no desire to stop acting. RELATED: Prisoners of the Ghostland Trailer Showcases Wild Nicolas Cage Action Scenes Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, Cage was asked about the prospects of him retiring from the world of actin...
Tags: Japan, Hollywood, Movies, Nicolas Cage, Cage, Jerry, Jerry Lewis, Bogart, Bill Moseley, Sion Sono, Movie News, Cagney, Alex Wolff, Ghostland, Reza Sixo Safai, Samurai Town

15 Must-See Horror Anime Movies

Creating terror with animation means that you aren't limited to our concept of reality. In anime, the body can be bent, stretched, and ripped apart using excruciating and fantastical methods that can only be realized via hand-drawn or computer-generated images. Films such as "Vampire Hunter D" and "Wicked City" realize horror anime's grotesque potential, creating hellish worlds where women become spider demons and eat men alive. Old tropes and well-tread creatures such as zombies are given facel...
Tags: Japan, Christopher Nolan, England, Movies, Earth, Korea, Watson, Busan, Darren Aronofsky, Seoul, Shell, Cham, Thorn, Charlotte, Wicked City, Lee

Interview: Comic Book Legend Larry Hama Talks Snake Eyes & Asian Representation

After releasing in theaters earlier this year, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is now available digitally. ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with comic book legend Larry Hama, who is best known for his work on G.I. Joe, Wolverine, Batman, Venom, and Iron Fist, about the film that stars one of his most famous characters.  Tyler Treese: I know Snake Eyes is such an important character for you. In the first two G.I. Joe films, you got to see Snake Eyes brought to life on screen. I’m s...
Tags: Japan, New York, Movies, Interview, Action, United States, Army, Tokyo, Justice League, Avengers, X-men, Wolverine, Comic Book, Wolf, Colombo, Seth Green

Japanese Man Arrested for Waving Knife in Front of Elementary School

Yet another deranged man in Japan has been apprehended by police after it was learned he was swinging a kitchen knife around whilst in front of the gates to an elementary school, the twisted criminal explaining he had some sort of grudge against the innocent children. Kyoto police arrested the 30-year-old unemployed man from Kyoto […]
Tags: School, Japan, Crime, Children, Cameras, Knives, Anime, Kyoto, Waving Knife in Front of Elementary School

New US Trailer for Ryusuke Hamaguchi's 'Wheel of Fortune & Fantasy'

"Did you know that I was trying to tempt you this entire time?" Film Movement has revealed an official US trailer for the delightful Japanese film Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, from award-winning Japanese filmmaker Ryûsuke Hamaguchi. This originally premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year, and it's one of my favorite films from this year's festival. Hamaguchi also premiered another brand new film in Cannes, titled Drive My Car, which won the Best Screenplay prize. Wheel of Fo...
Tags: Japan, Movies, Trailer, Berlin, US, Cannes, Indies, To Watch, Foreign Film, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Hamaguchi, Kotone Furukawa Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Katsuki Mori

Michael Mann's Tokyo Vice Adds Japanese Stars To Ansel Elgort-Led HBO Max Series

It's been six years since filmmaker Michael Mann last directed a feature film with 2015's "Blackhat," though it somehow feels even longer than that. In the meantime, before that streak is officially broken on the big screen, we've known that Mann will be turning to streaming to direct the first episode of "Tokyo Vice." That HBO Max series is adding to its ensemble cast, with reports indicating several Japanese stars are joining the production that already includes Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, and...
Tags: Japan, Hbo, Movies, Ansel Elgort, News, Trailers, Tokyo, Duke, Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, Jake, Baku, Mann, Yamashita, Sato, Miyamoto

Demon Slayer Movie Blu-ray Release Set for December

After posting some big numbers in the box office, Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train will be getting a handful of Blu-ray releases later this year, Aniplex and Funimation announced on Wednesday. RELATED: Demon Slayer Movie Has Biggest First Week Home Video Release in Japan First up, the movie will be hitting stateside towards the end of the year, with a home release set for December 21, 2021. A Limited Edition Blu-ray of the film will be also released from Aniplex of America,...
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