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New to Stream: HBO Max March 2021 Highlights

New to Stream: HBO Max March 2021 Highlights The full lineup for new movie and TV titles coming to HBO Max in March movies and TV titles has been unveiled, along with the titles leaving the streaming service next month, the former of which includes the series debut of new original series, Genera+ion, following a diverse group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality (devices and all) tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their con...
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Superhero Bits: James Gunn Teases Possible Harley Quinn Project, ‘Big Hero 6’ Not Coming to the MCU & More

Where can you watch the first two seasons of Krypton for free? What did Tom Holland have to say about the script for Spider-Man 3? Which Oscar nominated film inspired the action sequences in Marvel’s Eternals? Which DC Comics movie star debunked theories about a cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Will James Gunn do another project with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a first look at “Do Not Resuscitate,” the upcoming sixth epis...
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‘Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu’ Coming to Netflix From Director Stefon Bristol and Producer Spike Lee

Spike Lee is sticking with Netflix after Da 5 Bloods. The filmmaker will produce Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu, a Netflix movie directed by Stefon Bristol. The flick follows a “roguish Black American gunslinger” dealing with an ancient evil in East Africa in 1928, and based on that title, one has to assume H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos plays some sort of part in the story. Multiple sources are reporting the news about Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu, a new movie that Spik...
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Rumor Control: The New Cameo in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Has Been Revealed

Yesterday, Vanity Fair published an in-depth piece about the making of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which suggested that the four-hour project’s reshot ending will contain “a hero cameo that will blow hard-core fans’ minds.” Naturally, fans immediately went into overdrive speculating about what that cameo might be, with Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan – AKA Green Lantern from WB’s 2011 live-action movie – gaining traction as a possible contender. Reynolds went on Twitter and denied that he was in the...
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We Know the 'Mind-Blowing' Cameo in Zack Snyder's Justice League

In a 5,000 word article detailing the complex tale of the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, one sentence sent fans into a mild frenzy: “He has reshot the ending with a hero cameo that will blow hard-core fans’ minds.” Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Fantastic Four’ Isn’t Casting Yet Despite Rumors, ‘WandaVision’ Round-Up & More

Did you catch the WandaVision tribute to Stan Lee in last week’s episode? Want to see some new photos from the set of James Gunn‘s Peacemaker? Which Marvel Comics writer wants WandaVision to have a happy ending? How much did Zack Snyder get paid to finish his cut of Justice League? Need a rundown of who Agatha Harkness is before she’s fully unleashed on WandaVision? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. The cast of Superman & Lois series on The CW talk about what the Man of...
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Ryan Reynolds Shuts Down Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cameo Rumors

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Ryan Reynolds shuts down Zack Snyder’s Justice League cameo rumors While rumors have been swirling for months that the Golden Globe nominee would be reprising the role for the forthcoming infamous director’s cut, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to confirm he will not be returning as Green Lantern for Zack Snyder’s Justice League in March. RELATED: Zack Snyder Says He Isn’t Getting a Paycheck for His Justice League if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { ...
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WB Wanted to Release Snyder's Justice League as Raw Footage With No Special Effects

When Zack Snyder left Justice League after fights with Warner Bros. and a family tragedy, he had a four-hour version of the movie on his computer—four hours of raw, CG-less footage, all in black and white. That’s the “Snyder Cut” that could be coming to HBO Max next month...if Snyder hadn’t said no.Read more...
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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Reveals New Joker Image as More Details on the Snyder Cut Emerge

It was a campaign that dominated the internet (and occasionally, Times Square billboards) for the better part of three years: #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Fans spent years demanding that Warner Bros. release the original cut of Justice League from director Zack Snyder, who left the production partway through, with writer/director Joss Whedon stepping in to complete the film. But did this mythic cut actually exist? Well, yes and no, according to a lengthy profile on the coming release of Zack Snyder’s ...
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Zack Snyder Says He Isn’t Getting a Paycheck for His Justice League

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Zack Snyder says he isn’t getting a paycheck for his Justice League After years of relentless requests from the fans, the long-awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a few weeks from its release. It’s been known that when Snyder stepped away from 2017’s project due to personal reasons, director Joss Whedon changed much of the original plans. The director had a second chance to complete his vision for DC’s assembly of heroes after reaching a deal with Warner Bros. However...
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Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Supports Sasha Calle’s Flash Movie Casting

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist supports Sasha Calle’s The Flash movie casting Last Friday, it has been announced that Young and the Restless star Sasha Calle has officially been cast in the long-awaited The Flash film as the DCEU’s Supergirl, making her the first Latina actress to take on the role. Following Calle’s casting, the Arrowverse’s very own Girl of Steel Melissa Benoist soon took to Instagram to show her support for the young actress’ upcoming DCEU debut by welcomi...
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Army of the Dead Release Date & Poster Revealed by Netflix!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Army of the Dead release date & poster revealed by Netflix! Netflix has revealed the Army of the Dead release date and poster for the upcoming Zack Snyder action horror flick. The movie is set to drop on the streamer May 21, a little over two months after the director’s hotly anticipated Zack Snyder’s Justice League lands on HBO Max on March 18. Army of the Dead will also be competing on that May date with the Ryan Reynolds vehicle Free Guy and the Saw reboot Spiral starr...
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The Poster for Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Releases the Zombie Cut

After years of everyone being all “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” about his Justice League cut, I almost forgot about Zack Snyder’s return to the zombie genre. But since everything’s coming up Snyder this month, we’ve got a poster and an upcoming teaser.Read more...
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Lisa Joy’s Hugh Jackman-Led Reminiscence Sets Release Date

Lisa Joy’s Hugh Jackman-Led Reminiscence Sets Release Date Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to share the first official teaser for director Lisa Joy’s upcoming sci-fi thriller titled Reminiscence, providing us a preview of Jackman’s character. Originally scheduled for an April 2021 release, the film has now been set to be released in theaters and on HBO Max on Labor Day weekend, September 3, 2021. Check out the video in the player below! if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { ...
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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Will Be Available Worldwide in (Almost) All Markets March 18

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going international. The long-awaited Snyder Cut is already set to premiere in the U.S. on HBO Max in March, and now it’s been revealed that the flick will roll out the same day worldwide in all markets, with the exception of China, France, and Japan, where release dates are still to be determined. We’re talking on-demand, digital download, and streaming here, by the way – not theaters. Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be available worldwide in all markets o...
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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Sets Worldwide Streaming Release

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Zack Snyder’s Justice League Sets Worldwide Streaming Release WarnerMedia has officially announced that Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Justice League director’s cut will not only be available in the U.S. but will now be made available worldwide in all markets on the same day as its HBO Max debut on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The four-hour long feature will be available in each market through the following distribution options: PVOD, PEST, EST, SVOD, TVOD, HBO linear and on HBO...
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Superhero Bits: First Look at ‘Aquaman: King of Atlantis’, WonderCon Going Virtual Again & More

Want to learn how to draw Ghost Spider? Care for a quick glimpse of the upcoming Batwheels animated series? How about the new Aquaman: King of Atlantis animated series? Is WandaVision bringing back Emma Caulfield as Dottie soon? Which Marvel movie will The Falcon and the Winter Soldier build upon? How could WandaVision change the future of the MCU? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Marvel artist Brian Crosby teaches how to draw Ghost-Spider using basic techniques and mat...
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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Features 2,650 New Visual Effects and Only One Newly-Shot Scene; Hear a Track From Junkie XL’s Score

Technically speaking, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to be full of new scenes. But almost all of those scenes were already shot years ago, waiting to be finished via VFX work or color correction. But what about newly-shot scenes? How many of them are there in the film? The answer may surprise you! It’s one – the answer is one. And we already know what the one scene is: Jared Leto as the Joker, talking about how we live in a society. So what the heck else did Zack Snyder spend that report...
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CS Collectibles: Daenerys, Panthro, Harley Quinn & More!

CS Collectibles: Daenerys, Panthro, Harley Quinn & More! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of CS Collectibles, ComingSoon.net’s newest weekly column that brings you the best in premium collectibles! Find out all the latest on statues, figures, posters, cards, eBay deals, Amazon deals & much more below! NEWS Smile for a cruel camera! The Killing Joke Fine Art Print, Ben Oliver’s harrowing homage to Brian Bolland’s iconic cover, is available now in a limited edition of 600!https://t.c...
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Danny Elfman is Composing the Score for ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is already one of our most anticipated sequels in the works from the Marvel Cinematic Universe because Spider-Man director Sam Raimi will be at the helm. But the filmmaker won’t be the only talent from Sony’s webslinging film franchise involved with Marvel’s mystical sequel. Composer Danny Elfman, who scored both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 for Sam Raimi and Batman and Batman Returns for Tim Burton, has confirmed that he will be providing the score fo...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Black Lightning’ Spin-Off Beefs Up Cast, Method Man Gets a Marvel Podcast & More

Did you hear Method Man is hosting a new podcast for Marvel? Why was Static Shock trending on Twitter earlier this week? Who has joined the cast of the Black Lightning spin-off Painkiller at The CW? Want to read the new extended synopsis for The Suicide Squad? Have you seen the trailer for Justice Society: World War II? Which comic book studio would Spike Lee like to work with? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. On the Marvel/Method podcast, Method Man talks to his favor...
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Listen to the First Track for Junkie XL’s Justice League Score!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Listen to the First Track for Junkie XL’s Justice League Score! So, how are we feeling Snyder fans? That was quite the weekend. Well, it gets better. Water Tower Music has just released the first track from Tom Holkenborg’s (aka Junkie XL’s) score to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, titled “The Crew at Warpower.” The track runs a whopping seven minutes and features the composer’s signature drums amidst an awesome hero theme. Listen to the track below! The #SnyderCut score w...
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Superhero Bits: ‘WandaVision’ Theories, ‘Spider-Man 3’ and ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Casting Rumors & More

Which Succession co-star is rumored to be joining the cast of Spider-Man 3? Is WandaVision hinting at the arrival of X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU? What does Jared Leto have to say about rumors that he sent Margot Robbie a dead rat while shooting Suicide Squad? Which Marvel character may also appear in Thor: Love & Thunder? What’s the meaning of hexagons in WandaVision? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. It’s time to get acquainted with Shang-Chi now that the charac...
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CS Soapbox: Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Already Better Than 2017’s

CS Soapbox: 10 reasons Snyder’s Justice League is already better than the theatrical cut We are less than a month away from seeing Zack Snyder’s Justice League — a film I never thought was possible. Seriously, last year at this time this felt like a pipe dream. Or, at the very least, like something we would see in ten years as some half-assed assembly cut, ala Alien 3 or Richard Donner’s Superman II. Instead, we’re getting a fully realized, four-hour film with completed special FX, an all-ne...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Wonder Girl’ Series Not Happening at The CW, ‘Iron Fist’ Season 3 Details & More

Are you disappointed that The CW didn’t pick up the Wonder Girl series? What would happened in the third season of Iron Fist? Which Marvel star had a hand in convincing Hailee Steinfeld to star in Hawkeye? What did you miss in the recent trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League? What can you expect in the first two episodes of the animated MODOK series? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s all the info you need to know about The Eternals before they arrive in the Mar...
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‘Army of the Dead’ Image Features Dave Bautista, Who Says Zack Snyder’s Zombie Movie Has “Something Special”

While everyone keeps talking about Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it’s worth remembering that Zack Snyder has a completely separate movie due out this year: Army of the Dead, a heist flick set during a zombie apocalypse. A new Army of the Dead image has just arrived featuring star Dave Bautista, and in an article accompanying the image, Bautista says that Snyder’s zombie movie has “something special” that sets it apart from all the other zombie-based entertainment out there. Bautista also reveal...
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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Will Be the Darkest Season Yet

Playtime’s over, nerds. It’s time for Stranger Things to get dark. How dark, you ask? We’re talking really dark! Maybe even Zack Snyder’s Justice League dark. According to series star Finn Wolfhard, who started the show looking like a small child and now looks like a full-grown adult who is still playing a kid, Stranger Things season 4 is going to be the “darkest season ever been [made].” Sounds pretty dark! Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, will eventually unleash its fourth se...
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Full Trailer for the 'Snyder Cut' Debuts: Zack Snyder's 'Justice League'

"We live in a society, where honor is a distant memory… Isn't that right Batman?" HBO Max has debuted a new full official trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League, also known as "The Snyder Cut". This new version includes tons of fresh footage and scenes shot recently that makes it quite different than the Justice League that Joss Whedon finished & released in 2017. And it will run nearly four hours in total - with an intermission to replicate the theatrical experience. JL is the continuatio...
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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer: The Bell’s Been Rung

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer: The bell’s been rung The time has come for the arrival of the official trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, highlighting the infamous director’s cut of the DC Extended Universe blockbuster with new footage of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, Jared Leto’s Joker and more, all set to arrive on March 18. The trailer can be viewed below! RELATED: New Zack Snyder’s Justice League Teaser Previews Darkseid if ( ! ezo...
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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Trailer: The Wait For the Snyder Cut is Almost Over

It’s been a long, strange road, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League, AKA the Snyder Cut, is almost here. The theatrical cut of the film may have given sole directorial credit to Zack Snyder, but the filmmaker departed the project due to personal matters and most of the finished film was shot by Joss Whedon. Now, four years after that cut arrived on the big screen, Snyder’s preferred cut of the movie is arriving on HBO Max. It’s a four-hour superhero epic featuring footage fans have been waiting fo...
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