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Clutch your pearls: HBO announces documentary about creepy celebrity sex cult

HBO will document the rise and fall of the scandalous sex cult NXIVM.
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Feature, Allison Mack, HBO, kieth Raniere, NXIVM

Rumor has it Marvel is looking for a gay Asian superhero to save the world

Actor Conrad Nicamora joins the list of actors up for the role of Marvel's first gay superhero.
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Feature, Conrad Ricamora, The Eternals

In ‘Anthem,’ John Cameron Mitchell creates rock odyssey into the soul. His own.

For his latest project, Mitchell goes deep. And it's brilliant.
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Queerty, Anthem: Homunculus, John Cameron Mitchell, Podcast

Vacation rental company Vacasa buys Sterling Resorts

Vacation rental startup Vacasa announced that it has purchased vacation rental management company Sterling Resorts this week.
Tags: Industry News, Lifestyle, Markets & Economy, News Brief, Technology, Sterling Resorts, Vacasa

Nielsen’s first survey results for LGBTQ households has a big shocker

The survey results yielded some shocking revelations as to the viewing habits of LGBTQ households versus their straight counterparts.
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Feature, Neilsen

Charlize Theron just revealed that her eldest daughter is trans

Her seven-year-old adopted daughter announced her trans identity to the actress at age 3!
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Queerty, Charlize Theron, Transgender Children

Two mainstream gay adult performers claim a director violently threatened them

A studio director is considering legal action after two performers accused him of making violent and deadly threats.
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Queerty, Gay Porn Stars, Threats

Power bottoms, Ladies who Punch, Kenyan girls in love, and a dominatrix

We also look at the salacious new tell-all about 'The View.'
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Feature, Bonding, Ladies Who Punch, Rafiki, Shit An Opera, Someone Great, Translash

NAR: Sustainability sells

Eco-friendly home features have broad appeal among consumers and can play a valuable role in real estate marketing, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors.
Tags: Analysis, Industry News, Lifestyle, Listings, Marketing, Climate Change, Environment, Global Warming, Green Features, NAR, Sustainability

New featurette offers a glimpse of the weird and surreal look of ‘Rocketman’

The creative team also reiterated the film will be "as honest as possible."
Tags: Ad Friendly, Entertainment, Feature, Elton John, Rocketman, Taron Egerton

Mystery solved? Kim Kardashian reveals how her crazy sink works

A week after a fleeting view of Kim Kardashian's minimalist, basinless bathroom sink lit up the internet, the reality star revealed the mystery behind its mechanics.
Tags: Technology, Kim Kardashian, Listings, Lifestyle, Kanye West, Radio, Vogue, News Brief, Kerrie Kelly

‘Project Runway’ designer Kovid Kapoor on turning oppression into the freedom of fashion

The out-gay fashion designer talks how empowering women inspires his style.
Tags: Feature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Project Runway, Kovid Kapoor

‘Off the rails’ real estate promo video ‘missed the mark,’ goes viral

A steamy real estate promo video featuring models playfully chasing each other around a luxury pad has drawn ridicule from across the globe on social media.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Brent Crawford, Kristin Gyldenege, LJ Hooker Bankstown, Sam Nadler

Beyoncé just won the internet by releasing a new movie AND a new album

The singer delighted fans with an unannounced live album of her much-discussed Coachella 2018 performance.
Tags: Feature, Beyonce, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Homecoming, Ad Friendly, Beyoncé Knowles

Keiynan Lonsdale lands in the pages of ‘Vogue’…in drag

Londsale also got prettied up with another famous queer actor, and we're in love.
Tags: Feature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Vogue, Ad Friendly, Dragaholic, Ezra Miller, Keiynan Lonsdale, Londsale

Come watch Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario draw readers’ rants and raves live

Join us for a Facebook Live at noon Tuesday, April 23, as Seattle Times artist Gabriel Campanario sketches for our popular Rant & Rave.
Tags: News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Seattle Times, Gabriel Campanario, Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario

Mondrian-mimicking home sells for $500K above asking price

A small San Francisco home painted to look like a Piet Mondrian painting sold for $500,000 above the asking price.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, San Francisco, Radio, Compass, Piet Mondrian, Patrick Carlisle, Todd Wiley

Frank Ocean reveals he’s in a 3-year relationship (and why he doesn’t like using dating apps)

The singer came out in 2012 and has been dating someone since 2016. But who?
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Dating Apps, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Frank Ocean

The home of a Titanic survivor has hit the market for $1.8M

A New York home that once belonged to a woman who was saved from the sinking Titanic has hit the market for $1.795 million.
Tags: New York, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Ellis Sotheby’s International Realty, Margaret Welles Swift

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 11: Scarlet Envy is just as shocked as you are

There are some "Lipsync For Your Life" battles that even a newbie can call. Then, there are the eliminations where the entire Drag Race fandom's wigs are snatched!
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Dragaholic, Rupaul's Drag Race, Rupaul, Scarlet Envy

Home is where the heart is — and the office, mall and movie theater

Our homes have changed, becoming more complicated but also more significant in our lives. It's time to reconsider the home and it's importance in our lives.
Tags: Technology, Opinion, Lifestyle, Radio, Airbnb, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Select, Google Home

California woman posed as real estate agent to scam homebuyers

California police have arrested a woman who posed as a real estate agent in order to swipe tens of thousands of dollars in deposit money from homebuyers.
Tags: Technology, California, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Dan Barcellos, Maria Flores-Morales

What ‘Game of Thrones’ can teach you about power moves

What can you learn from the major players in the “Game of Thrones” universe that’ll inform your next negotiation, marketing strategy or professional planning? Let's take a look at some of the biggest power moves in the Seven Kingdoms. (WARNING: Spoilers for the first seven seasons ahead.)
Tags: Opinion, Negotiating, Marketing, Lifestyle, Radio, Game Of Thrones, Agent, Got, Brokerage, Select, Power Moves, Christy Murdock Edgar, Negotiator

Yes, you really can buy Riverrun Castle from ‘Game of Thrones’

Gosford Castle, the grand Northern Ireland estate shown in Season 3 of 'Game Of Thrones,' has hit the market for approximately $650,000.
Tags: Hbo, Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Northern Ireland, Game Of Thrones, Agent, Gosford Castle, Archibald Acheson, Maison Real Estate, Riverrun Castle

Ariana Grande’s Coachella set had a big gay happy ending

It's being interpreted as a big "f-you" to the festivals anti-LGBTQ owner.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Ariana Grande, Coachella, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Rainbow Flag

Most homebuyers are willing to shell out big-time for renovations

More than half of all home shoppers said that they'd be willing to spend $20,000 on home renovations, according to a new survey by Realtor.com.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Realtor.com, Danielle Hale

Gay adult studio Noir Male responds to allegations of “not catering” to the black community

Last week, gay adult performer Jacen Zhu and a gossip blogger called out the studio for problematic racial practices.
Tags: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Race issues, Queerty, Porn Stars, Gay Porn

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