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Daily Podcast: Interviews With Lin-Manuel Miranda And The Directors And Writer Of Encanto

On the November 26, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by news editor Hoai-Tran Bui to present interviews with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the directors and writer of the newest Walt Disney Animation movie, "Encanto."Opening Banter:In Our Feature Presentation:Encanto Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda On Why Animation Is The Perfect Medium For Musicals [Interview]Encanto Directors On Creating Disney's First Magical Realist Musical [Interview]Also mentioned:All the other...
Tags: Podcast, Movies, News, Disney, Lin Manuel Miranda, Ben Pearson, Walt Disney Animation, Hoai Tran Bui, Sam Hume, Walt Disney Animation Studios Films

The Post on Disney’s ‘Encanto’

Disney's 'Encanto' has a simple but powerful message: It's not what you do, but who you are that counts By Kristen Page-Kirby Freelance writer Washington Post November 22, 2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/movies/encanto-movie-review/2021/11/22/96455108-4af6-11ec-b73b-a00d6e559a6e_story.html How Lin-Manuel Miranda became a go-to songwriter for Disney [in print as Earworms that turn into butterflies; Encanto] By Micha...
Tags: Comics, Washington Post, Disney, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Mike Rhode, Kristen Page Kirby, Michael Cavna Washington Post

Encanto Ending Explained: Generations, Divided

For Walt Disney Animation's 60th feature-length major motion picture "Encanto," the audience is transported to a vibrant village in the mountains of Colombia and introduced to the extraordinary Madrigal family. Thanks to the magic of their palatial home, each member of the family has been bestowed a unique gift such as super strength, the ability to heal, or shape-shifting. Each member, that is, except for Mirabel Madrigal (played by the delightful Stephanie Beatriz). Now when the house's magic ...
Tags: Movies, Disney, Colombia, Diane Guerrero, Don, Lin Manuel Miranda, Antonio, Bruno, Isabela, Hill House, Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Madrigal, Walt Disney Animation, John Leguizamo, Luisa

Encanto Stars Stephanie Beatriz And John Leguizamo On Family, Colombia, And Lin-Manuel Miranda [Interview]

Stephanie Beatriz is not voicing the first Colombian Disney Princess. "I would say I'm a Disney heroine, which would include all the princesses and myself," the "Encanto" star said in an interview with /Film ahead of the release of the latest Disney animated musical (in theaters now)."Encanto" is not your typical Disney animated musical either, though it's got all the hallmarks: a spunky female protagonist, goofy animal sidekicks that may or may not talk, magic houses, characters bursting into s...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, News, Disney, Colombia, John, Disney Princess, Byron, Jared, Stephanie, Lin Manuel Miranda, Lin, Bruno, Beatriz, Madrigal, John Leguizamo

Encanto Directors On Creating Disney's First Magical Realist Musical [Interview]

Byron Howard, Jared Bush, and Charise Castro Smith might have created the first-ever magical realist musical. The "Encanto" directors and co-director/writer, respectively, have created a Disney movie that more closely emulates that singular literary genre than many a live-action movie — and they did it with song and dance."When Jared and Byron brought me on to work on this film they were really interested in making a film that was inspired by magical realism," Smith, who co-wrote the script with...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Colombia, South America, Smith, Latin America, Byron, Jared, Gabriel García Márquez, Bush, Moana, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Lin, Borges

Encanto Star Stephanie Beatriz On The Most Challenging Part Of Singing A Lin-Manuel Miranda Song [Exclusive]

Encanto Star Stephanie Beatriz On The Most Challenging Part Of Singing A Lin-Manuel Miranda Song [Exclusive] Disney's latest animated musical is the sweet story of an extraordinary family called The Madrigals who live hidden in the Colombian mountains in a magical place called the Encanto. The magic of the area has given every child an unique gift, that is, everyone except Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). All of that changes, however, when Mirabel discovers the magic of her home is in danger and the...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Miranda, Hamilton, Zootopia, Benny, Tony, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Carla, Lin Manuel Miranda, Chu, Beatriz, Gertie, Stephanie Beatriz, Mirabel

Lin-Manuel Miranda Admits Movie Musicals Are Really Weird, But Knows How To Make It Work [Exclusive]

Lin-Manuel Miranda has no good reason to be nervous about writing songs for a Disney movie, but he is. For starters, this isn't his first go-round with the House of Mouse -- the actor-playwright previously penned songs for the Polynesian-focused tale "Moana" in 2016, earning him a best original song Oscar nomination for "How Far I'll Go." Two years later, Miranda would play the chimney-sweeping Jack in the musical sequel "Mary Poppins Returns," and in 2020 the Disney+ streaming service would pic...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Oscar, Broadway, Rob Marshall, Jack, Miranda, Hamilton, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Mary Poppins, Bob Fosse, John Chu, Hoai Tran Bui, Disney for Encanto

Encanto Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda On Why Animation Is The Perfect Medium For Musicals [Interview]

Lin-Manuel Miranda is just happy to have a seat at the table. What does it matter that he's won every major award except an Oscar, and has been heralded as one of the best musical talents of our time? It doesn't make it any less humbling for him to pen the songs for a Disney musical. Even if this is his second one."I had a wonderful time working on 'Moana,'" Miranda told me in an interview with /Film ahead of the release of "Encanto," the Colombia-set fantasy musical film coming to theaters this...
Tags: Movies, News, Mexico, Disney, Colombia, Broadway, Rob Marshall, John, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Miranda, Byron, Jared, Puerto Rico, Moana, Bobby

Lin-Manuel Miranda Learned His Most Important Song-Writing Lessons From A Howard Ashman DVD [Exclusive]

2021 is arguably the biggest year of Lin-Manuel Miranda's career so far. The Tony-winning multi-hyphenate just made his feature film directorial debut with "Tick, Tick...BOOM!", his musical "In the Heights" was adapted into a movie this past summer, he worked on the music for two animated musicals (Netflix's "Vivo" and Walt Disney Animation's "Encanto"), and that's not even a comprehensive list of all his credits this year. In the words of Aaron Burr from Miranda's smash hit "Hamilton": "the man...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Netflix, Little Mermaid, Miranda, Hamilton, Vivo, Howard, Tony, Lin Manuel Miranda, Howard Ashman, Louisa, Aaron Burr, Ashman, EVAN HANSEN

The Best Movies And Shows Coming To Disney+ In December 2021

November has already come to an end (mentally I'm still in March 2019, but "Boba Fett" has pulled me out of my reverie), and Disney+ has finally unveiled its slate of releases for December 2021. It's going to be an exciting month for the streaming service and its subscribers, thanks to the never-ending list of titles that are soon going to become available.Next month's list is led by soon-to-become holiday favorites such as "Christmas...Again?!" and "Disney Holiday Magic Quest" along with the ic...
Tags: New York, Television, Movies, News, Disney, Earth, Colombia, Will Smith, Darren Aronofsky, Hawkeye, Continental, Brownie, Boba Fett, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Barton

Encanto's Soundtrack Is Now On Sale: Watch A Magical Featurette About The Music

You didn't think the Year of the Musical had already come to a close, did you? There's at least one more left on the docket in 2021, with the imminent arrival of the new animated film "Encanto." /Film's review by Josh Spiegel calls it "an often beautiful film to look at, with crisp and colorful design work, sometimes surprisingly photorealistic character touches, and creative and stylishly fantastical musical sequences. It bears noting that "Encanto" "...has its weaknesses, but none of them have...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Colombia, Pixar, Bush, Zootopia, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Jared Bush, Madrigal, Carlos Vives, Mirabel, Maluma, Lin Manuel Miranda Hamilton, Josh Spiegel

Tick, Tick... BOOM! Star Robin De Jesús Knows What Makes A Good Movie Musical [Interview]

Robin de Jesús began his theatrical career in one of Broadway's longest running and most beloved shows: Jonathan Larson's "Rent." Just three years later, he was back on Broadway in Lin Manuel Miranda's "In The Heights." So you can imagine the joyous serendipity he would feel about a decade later, when Miranda decided to adapt the work of Jonathan Larson into a musical biopic. Who better to join the project than de Jesús, in what would become a wondrous full circle moment?Sure enough, Robin de Je...
Tags: Movies, News, Earth, Netflix, Broadway, Miranda, Taylor, Bed Stuy, Michael, Real Life, George, Andrew, Aaron, Jonathan, Jon, Jonathan Larson

How Alexandra Shipp Spiced Up Her Tick, Tick... BOOM! Audition Tape [Interview]

Alexandra Shipp has come a long way since her "House of Anubis" days. After starring in the Nickelodeon teen soap opera, the actress delved deep into the film industry, appearing in everything from "Straight Outta Compton" to "Love, Simon." Marvel fans will recognize her as a young Storm from the Fox X-Men franchise but in her latest role, Shipp is showing off an entirely new superpower: singing. The triple threat performer recently joined an impressive roster of Broadway all-stars for Lin Manue...
Tags: Movies, News, Netflix, Broadway, Alexandra Shipp, Nickelodeon, Steven, Susan, Andrew, Jonathan, Jon, Vanessa, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Hudgens, Larson

Encanto Review: A Sweet But Formulaic New Disney Adventure

Walt Disney Animation Studios has come a long way since the arrival of its first full-length animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," nearly 85 years ago. The studio's massive legacy is hard to shake when watching their 60th animated feature, "Encanto," in part because the new film is proof of how many strides have been made by its animators and creative team (a majority of those long-overdue strides made in just the last decade). But it's also hard to shake because "Encanto" depicts...
Tags: Reviews, Coco, Movies, Disney, Colombia, Netflix, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Miranda, John Lasseter, Hamilton, Moana, Howard, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Maribel

Tick, Tick... BOOM! Writer Steven Levenson On Crafting A Love Letter To Musicals [Interview]

Before penning "Dear Evan Hansen," playwright Steven Levenson had never written a musical. His first stab at the job not only won him the 2017 Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical, but led to a Broadway hit that won six more Tonys and spawned a film adaptation (which he also wrote). The reception of said adaptation aside, there's no denying the talents of Levenson, who has continued making his mark in theater, TV and film. He served as writer and showrunner on the Emmy-award winning miniseries,...
Tags: Movies, News, Congress, Netflix, Broadway, Andrew Garfield, Hamilton, Times Square, George, Andrew, Sondheim, Jonathan, Jon, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Larson

Andrew Garfield Learned How To Sing For Tick, Tick... BOOM! [Exclusive]

To many people, the name Andrew Garfield only inspires frenzied conversation about whether or not he's going to appear in that little upcoming superhero movie that you may have heard about. To others (read: theater kids), Garfield is the star of Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial debut, the musical "Tick, Tick... BOOM!" The footage we've seen from the Netflix film has put focus squarely on the "Social Network," "Silence," and "Under the Silver Lake" actor's singing talents and the reaction was swi...
Tags: Movies, News, Netflix, Andrew Garfield, Garfield, Andrew, Lin Manuel Miranda, Larson, Lin, Steven Levenson, Levenson, Hoai Tran Bui, Social Network Silence and Under the Silver Lake

Tick, Tick... BOOM! Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda Turns An Artist's Lament Into A Joyous Love Letter

You might not know his name, but you've heard his music. Jonathan Larson's "Rent" shaped the modern Broadway scene, popularizing the rock musical and becoming one of the longest-running shows on Broadway — something that Larson never got to see, having died at the young age of 35 on the day of the show's first Off-Broadway preview performance. It casts a pall of tragedy over Larson's legacy, as he became just another one of those artists who was gone too soon. But "Tick, Tick... BOOM!", Lin-Manu...
Tags: Reviews, Movies, Stephen Sondheim, Broadway, Manhattan, Andrew Garfield, Miranda, Garfield, Michael, Don, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Hudgens, Larson, Shipp, Steven Levenson

Tick, Tick...BOOM! Early Buzz Has Overwhelming Love For Lin-Manuel Miranda's Jonathan Larson Tribute

When "Tick, Tick...BOOM!" was announced, everyone and their mother had an opinion about Lin-Manuel Miranda's tribute to "Rent" creator Jonathan Larson. I didn't; I am an outside observer who was friends with the theater kids but wasn't one herself. If you heard me sing or watched me dance, you'd know I'm better off in the audience, anyway. The last new musical I watched was "Anna and the Apocalypse," and that was a film festival screening I went into with no information. I would say that the fil...
Tags: Movies, News, Netflix, Anna, Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Tom O Brien, Shania Russell, Jack King

Watch Andrew Garfield Sing The Opening Song From Tick, Tick... Boom!

Andrew Garfield may be most well-known to audiences as Peter Parker in "The Amazing Spider-Man" or from his Academy Award nominated performance in "Hacksaw Ridge," but in case you're unaware, the man can sing his face off. Garfield's next endeavor is starring as Jonathan Larson in Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial debut, the film adaptation of Larson's "Tick, Tick... Boom!"The stage musical was adapted from Larson's solo show with the working title "Boho Days." It was referred to as a "rock monol...
Tags: Movies, News, New York City, Netflix, Andrew Garfield, Garfield, Robert Redford, Jon, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Hudgens, Carolyn, Larson, Peter Parker, Hacksaw Ridge, Steven Levenson

Encanto Early Buzz: An Enchanting, Colorful, And Heartfelt Family Musical

We've addressed in the past how 2021 has apparently turned into the Year of the Musical, some of which didn't turn out quite as expected and others that we are maintaining very high hopes for. "Encanto" is a relative break from the larger live-action trend this year, pouring all its vibrancy and musical energy into the medium of animation instead. The Colombia-set film has come with all sorts of built-in expectations ever since our first glimpse of the project, boasting an impressively wide rang...
Tags: Movies, News, Disney, Colombia, Lin Manuel Miranda, Encanto, Madrigal, Carlos Vives, Mirabel, Hoai Tran Bui, Walt Disney Animation Studios Films

Lightyear | Teaser Trailer

Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a Pixar animated film. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve certainly enjoyed the studio’s recent releases like Soul and Luca, but the just released teaser for Lightyear really blew me away. Check it out below – Lightyear is of course based on one of the titular characters from Pixar’s first animated film Toy Story, released in 1995, and indeed the first entirely computer-animated feature film in history; no mean feat. While the visual ...
Tags: Anime, Pixar, Don, Luca, Lin Manuel Miranda, Lightyear

The Art Of Vivo Book Review

Vivo, the CG animated film by Netflix/Sony Pictures Animation is the 2nd feature animation film I worked on at Sony Imageworks over 2020, the first being The Mitchells vs The Machines. With music written by and starring Lin Manuel Miranda, it’s a visually stunning film ( famed director of photography Roger Deakins served as digital cinematographer on the film ) and I am very proud to have worked on it, and have been waiting eagerly for this art book to be released. With over 220 pages of cont...
Tags: Anime, Pixar, Cuba, Havana, Vivo, Lin Manuel Miranda, Roger Deakins, Mitchells, Amazon De, Sony Imageworks, Amazon JP, Netflix Sony Pictures Animation, Netflix Vivo, Yonghow Vong, Netflix Vivo Crew Gift Lithograph Care

Netflix November 2021 Schedule: New TV & Movie Additions

The list for the new  Netflix  November 2021 movies and TV titles has been revealed, which you can view below, along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service next month. This includes the highly-anticipated series debuts of new Netflix originals such as the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop starring John Cho as Spike Spiegel, and the animated series adaptation of League of Legends titled Arcane, featuring the voices of Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell. Next month wi...
Tags: TV, Movies, Washington, Mexico, Time, America, Netflix, TV News, Streaming, Andrew Garfield, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Hailee Steinfeld, Tessa Thompson, John Cho, Bella

10 Amazing Musicals That Deserve Movie Adaptations

2021 has been a banner year for film musicals, with movies that tell original stories, adapt famous Broadway classics, and reimagine beloved favorites from new perspectives. Steven Spielberg's upcoming adaptation of "West Side Story" isn't the first time that Stephen Sondheim's tragic love story has been adapted to the big screen, as the beloved 1961 feature from Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise is a best picture-winning classic in its own right. However, Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner lo...
Tags: New York, Hollywood, Movies, South Park, Uganda, Netflix, United States, Judaism, Stephen Sondheim, Marvin, Oliver Stone, Broadway, Brian, Kim, Richard Linklater, Alfred Hitchcock

Y: The Last Man 'Killed' Weird Al, And Here's How He Responded

American treasure Al Yankovic had no idea what to expect when he sat back for lowkey night of binging on Hulu. In his search, he stumbled across an interesting new show: "Y The Last Man." But how could he have known the dark truth if its premise?"Y The Last Man" has everything you could need: episodes ready to binge? Check. Intriguing premise? Yup. A Capuchin monkey?! Huge win. But after barreling through the first five episodes, poor ole Al made two discoveries. First off, "Y The Last Man" airs...
Tags: Television, Movies, News, Radiohead, Tom Hanks, Hulu, Keanu Reeves, Al Yankovic, Al, Lin Manuel Miranda, Ben Schnetzer, Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Yorick, Al Yankovich, Ashley Romans

Theatrical Exclusivity Vs Hybrid Releases: The Future Of Big Movies

2020 will go down in history for so many reasons, and while there were, unquestionably, bigger fish for the world to fry, there is no denying that COVID changed the movie business forever. Long gone are the days of a big movie enjoying a nearly three-month-long exclusive theatrical window before being made available on home video. The inevitable, eventual shift to a streaming-first mentality was giving a gigantic shove and is now the way seemingly every studio in Hollywood is thinking. Hollywood...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, News, China, Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Pandora, United States, Sony, Suicide Squad, Scarlett Johansson, Warner Bros, James Gunn, Ryan Reynolds

Listen To Andrew Garfield Sing In '30/90,' The First Song In Tick tick...BOOM!

Is there anything Andrew Garfield can't do? Obviously, the answer is no. I mean, we're talking about the same guy who made tech billionaire Eduardo Savarin sympathetic in "The Social Network," so Garfield's talent really can't be ignored. Well, now he's traded in his Prada and flip-flops for a shiny piano in the upcoming musical, "tick, tick... BOOM!" And most importantly, he's tapping away at the keys and belting out gorgeous music penned by Broadway legend Jonathan Larson. All the while, Garfi...
Tags: Movies, News, Netflix, Broadway, David Auburn, Prada, Andrew Garfield, Garfield, Social Network, Hamilton, Henry, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Hudgens, Larson, Joel Grey

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

Arcane is an upcoming animated streaming television series set in the League of Legends universe, an immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed and published by RIOT Games. The visual style and animation is very much up my alley; check it out below – This is not the first time that a video game animation adaptation by RIOT Games has caught my attention; I also previously waxed lyrical about “Breathe”, the launch video for Legends of Runeterra (video link below). ...
Tags: MOBA, Netflix, Anime, Lin Manuel Miranda, Fortiche Productions

Tick, tick...BOOM! Trailer: Lin-Manuel Miranda Directs Andrew Garfield In A New Musical About The Creator Of Rent

Lin-Manuel Miranda continues his quest for world domination by now making his feature directorial debut. Miranda has been responsible for several successful works, but the Netflix musical "tick, tick...BOOM!" marks the first time he's helmed a feature film. Based on the musical of the same name by Jonathan Larson, "tick, tick...BOOM!" follows Larson, as played by Andrew Garfield, as he struggles to write what would become the hit musical "Rent." Larson performed  "tick, tick...BOOM!" as a solo p...
Tags: Movies, News, New York City, Netflix, Broadway, David Auburn, Trailers, Universal, Andrew Garfield, Miranda, Steven Spielberg, Michael, Susan, Jon, Jonathan Larson, Lin Manuel Miranda

Tick, Tick…Boom! Trailer: Andrew Garfield Leads Netflix’s Musical Drama

Netflix has dropped the official Tick, Tick…Boom! trailer for actor-turned-filmmaker Lin-Manuel Miranda’s upcoming film adaptation of the Off-Broadway musical, starring Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield as playwright and composer Jonathan Larson. The video, which you can check out below along with the key art, highlights Larson’s existential crisis which would eventually lead him to writing his acclaimed rock musical Rent. The film is scheduled to arrive in select theaters on November 12, followed b...
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