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This year’s Oscar nominations indicate what has changed in Hollywood, and what hasn’t

Did the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences solve any of its numerous problems with Tuesday’s announcement of its 91st Oscar nominees? Yes, in some ways; maybe or maybe not, in others. Foremost this year, the Best Picture (voted on by all academy members) and different branch (selected by voters from their particular job categories) nominees indicate that recent efforts to diversify and broaden the group have had their strongest impact on the Oscar field yet. The Mexican art film “Roma” ...
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2019 Oscar nominations: ‘Roma,’ ‘The Favourite’ lead; ‘Black Panther,’ ‘A Star Is Born,’ are in the mix

By JAKE COYLE | AP Film Writer NEW YORK — Oscar voters on Tuesday showered Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma” and Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Favourite” with a leading 10 nominations to the 91st Academy Awards, while two dominant but contentious Hollywood forces — Netflix and Marvel — each scored their first best picture nomination. Though many expected “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper’s tear-inducing revival of one of Hollywood’s most oft-remade show-business myths, to top nominations, Cooper was surprisingly ...
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Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera Celebrate 5-Year Wedding Anniversary With Vow Renewal in Mexico

In honor of their fifth wedding anniversary, rapper Waka Flocka and his wife, Tammy Rivera, renewed their vows in a lavish ceremony in Mexico over the weekend.Long ago, Waka and Tammy promised each other that if they made it to their 5-year wedding anniversary, they would renew their vows and have an extravagant beach wedding ceremony.And this year, when the couple finally hit the milestone, they made good on their promise with a big wedding in Mexico. The ceremony was held on Saturday (Jan. 10)...
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Writer’s Room: The Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2019, Part 1

On the January 17, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall , weekend editor Brad Oman , senior writer Ben Pearson , and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to decide the most anticipated new tv shows of 2019. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it). Opening Banter: Brad g...
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Yalitza Aparicio of ‘Roma’ and the Politics of Stardom in Mexico

The film’s star was on her way to being a teacher when she landed the role. Now she’s part of a conversation about Indigenous people and inequality.
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‘Stan and Ollie’ Star John C. Reilly on Vanishing Under Make-Up and Making Hard Comedy Look Easy [Interview]

When /Film last spoke with John C. Reilly, it was for the recent alternative western The Sisters Brothers, in which he co-starred opposite Joaquin Phoenix. At the end of that interview, Reilly did briefly discuss the narrower focus of his current film, the Laurel & Hardy biopic Stan & Ollie, which centers on a months-long tour the comedy team took throughout Great Britain and Ireland, transforming some of the classic bits (and some newly written ones) into live routines for the stage. By all a...
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2019 Critics’ Choice Awards: ‘Roma,’ ‘The Americans,’ ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Earn Top Prizes, Lady Gaga and Glenn Close Tie for Best Actress

Rotten Tomatometers and Metacritic aggregation can only show a sliver of what critics think about films, but the Critics Choice Awards is the definitive proof. The Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association bestowed their annual Critics’ Choice Awards to the best in movies and TV over the past year, awarding a few festival and awards circuit favorites while mostly passing over The Favourite, despite the Yorgos Lanthimos film’s 14 nods — the most of any f...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Avatar’, ‘Toy Story 4’, ‘Glass’, ‘Bird Box’, ‘The Amityville Murders,’ ‘Mallrats 2’, ‘The LEGO Movie 2’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Rambo 5’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Bob Iger talks the future of Avatar. Check out a new image from Toy Story 4. Watch a comic book-style trailer for Glass. Will there be a Bird Box sequel? The Amityville Murders trailer takes you back to that famous haunted house. Kevin Smith pitched a Mallrats sequel series to Hulu, Netflix and more. Behold a new poster for The LEGO Movie 2 Mary Poppins Returns sequel in early development. Sylvester Stallone shares yet another Rambo 5 image. The big Disney-...
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Alfonso Cuarón Isn’t Happy About Netflix’s Subtitles for ‘Roma’ in Spain

Roma has been pulling in awards left and right this season, and director Alfonso Cuarón has been the recipient of several of them as the director, writer, producer, editor, and cinematographer of the foreign language drama. At every turn, he’s been extremely grateful to Netflix for releasing a film that most studios probably wouldn’t touch. But a recent problem has emerged that has Cuarón unhappy with Netflix. The entirety of Roma is a Spanish-language film featuring subtitles for those who don...
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Mamá to Madre? ‘Roma’ Subtitles in Spain Anger Alfonso Cuarón

Netflix has dropped Spanish subtitles from “Roma" after the director Alfonso Cuarón called them “parochial, ignorant and offensive to Spaniards themselves.”
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 1 Recap After its Fox cancellation and subsequent NBC rescue, NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for a sixth season, and we’re recapping it here! During the season 5 finale, Jake and Amy got married after their plans were ruined, and Captain Holt was about to reveal if he would become Police Commissioner. Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 episode 1 picked up right where the cliffhanger left off. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStand...
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Trump to take over airwaves, and Democrats demand equal time

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is taking over the nation’s airwaves Tuesday night to argue his case for a U.S.-Mexico border wall — and Democrats are not happy about it. Representatives for ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox Broadcasting, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, MSNBC and NBC confirmed plans to air Trump’s address live at […]
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Alfonso Cuaron and his film ‘Roma’ win at Golden Globes

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma” won the best foreign language film and best director honors at the Golden Globes, giving the Netflix film some added awards season momentum. Cuaron based the film on a nanny who raised him in the 1970s in Mexico and he said during his acceptance speech on Sunday night that he was in […]
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Hollywood’s Obsession With Cartels

It would be nice to see Latinos living regular lives — not stereotype-fueled fantasies — onscreen.
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Hoai-Tran Bui’s Top 10 Movies of 2018

2018 has come and gone, and we’re 84 years older for it. But enough of my opining about what a terrible year it was (you’ll probably get plenty of that in everyone else’s pieces). I’m here to talk about the things I loved in 2018, and that was movies. I don’t ascribe to the belief that there are “good” or “bad” years for movies, there are just the movies that personally speak to you every year. And while that number can swell or dwindle each year, there will at least be a couple that unquestion...
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Japan protects artists with new 70 year Copyright laws

Japan have updated their copyright laws to protect intellectual property for up to 70 years following agreements with countries around the world. Japan have updated their copyright law to extend the copyright protection period from 50 years to 70 years in the country. The bill was passed through their National Diet legislature houses on June 29th, 2018 and the law went into effect on the 30th December to protect creator’s content for a longer period of time. It’s not clear what this will mean ...
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The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Making a Successful Sequel More Than a Decade Later

There are hundreds if not thousands of sequels out there in the ether, and while they’re not inherently good or bad their existence typically makes sense. A movie is popular, and within a couple years it gets a sequel. It’s basic Hollywood math as studios and filmmakers understandably want to strike while they still have the public’s attention. Sometimes, though, for all manner of reasons, the wait for a sequel is far, far longer. Mary Poppins Returns hit theaters a whopping 54 years after the ...
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Christmas Q&A

Who brings the Christmas presents to police stations? Santa Clues. What's red and white and falls down the chimney? Santa Klutz! Why is it so cold at Christmas? It's in Decembrrrrr. What does Rudolph want for Christmas? A pony sleigh station. What do elves learn in school? The Elf-abet! What nationality is Santa Claus? North Polish. Why did the elf push his bed into the fireplace? He wanted to sleep like a log. Why does Scrooge love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Because every buck is dear to h...
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Academy Releases Shortlists for Nine Award Categories

Academy releases shortlists for nine award categories The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the shortlists for nine categories, including Music (Original Score), Music (Original Song), Visual Effects, and all of those Documentary awards that always seem to stretch the Oscars beyond the three-hour mark. RELATED: 10 Movies That Somehow Didn’t Win an Oscar Check out the list of contenders below. Keep in mind, this is not the final list of nominees. Those will be announced on...
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Seattle film critics name ‘Roma’ best movie of 2018

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma,” a mesmerizing black-and-white drama inspired by memories of the director’s childhood in Mexico, was named best film of 2018 by the Seattle Film Critics Society. The group, made of 25 local critics working in print, broadcast, podcasting and online (including yours truly), announced winners in 19 categories today. “Roma” took the most […]
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Benicio del Toro Will Voice Swiper in the Dora the Explorer Movie

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Benicio del Toro will voice Swiper in the Dora the Explorer movie The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that Sicario: Day of the Soldado star Benicio del Toro has joined the live-action fadaptation of the hit Nickelodeon series, Dora the Explorer, as the infamous thieving fox, Swiper. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; go...
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Pop Culture Imports: ‘Roma,’ ‘Happy as Lazzaro,’ a French Comedic Caper, an Immigrant Detention Drama, and More

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.) With last week’s announcement of the Golden Globe nominees and the plethora of film awards ceremonies popping up every week, we’re well into the swing of awards season. You know what that means: a full month of Oscar contenders making their way to theaters while studios vie for the precious golden statuette. But in the case of a few of these foreign films, Oscar contenders are making the...
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‘Roma’ Stars on Alfonso Cuarón’s Mysterious Casting Process and Learning They Were in a Biographical Film [Interview]

As much as Roma, the latest from writer/director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men, Y Tu Mamá También), is a barely veiled account of his childhood growing up in the middle-class neighborhood of Roma in Mexico City, in truth, it is the story of the two most important women in his life — his mother (renamed Sofia in the film and played by veteran Mexican actress Marina de Tavira) and Cleo (newcomer Yalitza Aparicio), the woman who raised him full time while also taking care of the house ...
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‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2 is Already Filming, Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy Returning

It was only a few days ago when Netflix announced that Narcos: Mexico was renewed for a second season, but a new report says the show is already filming in Mexico City – and its cast has been officially announced. Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) will return to reprise his role of a cartel boss, and Scoot McNairy (Argo) is coming back in a larger role after being teased at the end of the newest season. Narcos Mexico Season 2 is Already in Production #NarcosMexico brings back Diego...
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Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Cast Announced

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 2 cast announced Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) will be reprising his role as cartel boss Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo in Season 2 of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, with Scoot McNairy (True Detective) confirmed by Entertainment Weekly to be co-starring in the follow-up season. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gp...
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Feature: After ‘Gravity,’ Alfonso Cuarón Had His Pick of Directing Blockbusters. Instead, He Went Home to Make ‘Roma’

The director’s new film tells the story of his childhood in Mexico — but seen from the vantage of the domestic worker who raised him.
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Javier Bardem, Salma Hayek & More Join Sally Potter’s New Drama

Javier Bardem, Salma Hayek & more join Sally Potter’s new drama According to Deadline, Academy Award-winning actor Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) and Golden Globe award-nominated actress Salma Hayek (Frida, The Hitman’s Bodyguard) have been tapped to join in director Sally Potter’s next drama film which centers around a wild day in the life of a man on the edge, held together by the unconditional love of his daughter. In addition to Bardem and Hayek, Emmy Award-winning actress Laura ...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Machete Kills Again in Space’, ‘Toy Story’ Graphic Novels, ‘Rambo V’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ & More

In this edition of Sequel Bits Machete Kills Again in Space is still a possibility Learn about a Ralph Breaks the Internet deleted scene Get ready for a Toy Story anthology graphic novel series Rambo V and Doctor Sleep finish production Call Me By Your Name is getting a book sequel All that and more According to Bloody Disgusting, Danny Trejo told Popcorn Talk that Machete Kills Again in Space, the the third installment of the Grindhouse spin-off franchise, is still in the cards. Trejo sa...
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2019 Critics Choice Awards Nominations Love ‘The Favourite’ and ‘Black Panther’

The long march through awards season continues today with the announcement of the 24th Critics Choice Awards nominations. It might seem predictable that a period film like The Favourite came out on top of the pack with 14 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and nominations for the three stars, Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, you might be surprised that the Marvel Studios blockbuster Black Panther wasn’t far behind with 12 nominations, including Best Picture and Best A...
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Netflix Set To Release ROMA in 600 Theaters Worldwide

Netflix set to release ROMA in 600 theaters worldwide Netflix has announced that the upcoming family drama ROMA from Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón will get a limited theatrical release of 100 theaters domestically and 500 worldwide around its debut on the service on December 14. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUnit":"\/4403\/cr\/comingsoon\/ros","adDiv":"pb_prebidjs_300x250_a","sizeStr":"[[300, 250]]"...
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