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Uragirareta S-Rank Boukensha no Ore wa Manga Loves Fighting & Sex

Uragirareta S-Rank Boukensha no Ore wa, Aisuru Dorei no Kanojora to Tomoni Dorei Dake no Harem Guild wo Tsukuru, a series about an S-rank adventurer looking for the osananajimi of a princess who sold the royal woman into slavery, has entertained with more unspeakably nude moments in its third volume, the party vanquishing evil goblins […]
Tags: Fantasy, Slavery, Anime, Manga, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Ero-manga, Uragirareta S-Rank Boukensha, Aisuru Dorei, Kanojora, Tsukuru, Tomoni Dorei Dake no Harem Guild

Helltaker’s Modeus Takes It on the Bed

The passion held for the devilishly sexy women of Helltaker has brought another erotic animation to fruition as the ever skilled Whisperingfornothing has depicted the feminine Modeus receiving a penis whilst laying down, attempting to distract herself with some reading material but utterly failing. The perverse animation will have watchers wishing the artist would make […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Artists, Tights, Anime, Oppai, H, Helltaker, Whisperingfornothing

SSSS.DYNAZENON Ending Goes Out With a Bang

SSSS.DYNAZENON has unleashed one final life or death mecha battle for its concluding episode as the characters predictably seize victory, ending on some more (somewhat) happy slice-of-life scenes as the main “couple” of the series wear some spooky costumes. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Anime, Mecha, Trigger, Endings, Oppai, Image Gallery, Gridman, SSSS.Dynazenon

Burlesque Cat Belle Ero-Figure Quite the Pretty Pussy

Artist Shigeo Hamashima‘s illustration of a cute cat girl has made it to the world of figures as she can now be owned like a slave, the furry female wearing barely anything and able to be stripped completely nude like an animal – the sweet Belle will become a personal pet for someone in October. […]
Tags: Artists, Anime, Belle, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Ero-figures, Nekomimi, Cast-off, Q-six, Original Figures, Burlesque Cat Belle Ero, Shigeo Hamashima

Kinkoid’s New Erotic Game Comix Harem Contains Countless Nude Super Heroines

Kinkoid is helping hardcore comics readers fulfill their fantasies as their new free-to-play browser game Comix Harem is rife with female heroes who require sex to refill their superpowers, a job that any amorous male would gladly take up for the sake of humanity. Comix Harem is bursting with intense RPG action as players assume […]
Tags: Comics, Games, Usa, Parody, Illustration, Anime, RPG, Pc Gaming, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Eroge, Kinkoid, Comix Harem

Little Witch Nobeta Creator Wants to Make Sexy Swimsuit Skin

The creator of Little Witch Nobeta, a game described to be “souls-like” but stars a sweet witch girl, has talked about wanting to add a sexy swimsuit skin to the game but changed his mind because the “inspection” process before submission is too strict, no doubt a reference to Steam’s obsession with censoring games with […]
Tags: Games, Censorship, Steam, Illustration, Indie, Anime, Pc Gaming, Moe, Oppai, Mizugi, Little Witch Nobeta

Fight For a Woman’s Freedom in Sera & the Goddess’ Arena

Sera and the Goddess’ Arena has a poor female fighting in an arena for her freedom, subjected to the wrath of foul goblins and beasts as well as other humans and often being raped or molested (a positive trait for any eroge). Excited to go on an adventure, warrior Sera is knocked unconscious after her […]
Tags: Games, Slavery, Anime, Fetish, RPG, Sera, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Woman 's Freedom in Sera, Goddess Arena

Adamasu no Majotachi Ero-Manga Ejaculates Diamonds

Japanese creators aren’t running short on peculiar story ideas as the highly rambunctious Adamasu no Majotachi follows a male who ejaculates diamonds worth ¥5 million, unfortunately cutting his life shorter by one year every time it happens – his ailment naturally attracts a horde of witches yearning for his semen purely to get wealthy. The […]
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Fetish, Manga, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Ero-manga, Lactation, Adamasu no Majotachi

SSSS.DYNAZENON Bikini Goods a Truly Hot Commodity

SSSS.DYNAZENON‘s bikini-clad lasses are being imbued on several purchasable goods for an upcoming collaboration with Don Quijote stores, an effective means of accruing the series holders funds due to the power of beautiful female bodies. According to the collaboration page, the usual Coronavirus prevention measures are recommended to participants – some of the goods that […]
Tags: Marketing, Illustration, Anime, Don Quijote, Otaku, Oppai, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Mizugi, Gridman, SSSS.Dynazenon

Samus Aran’s Colored Suit in Metroid Dread Inspires Fan Art

Aside from the world-shattering announcement of Metroid Dread, the first new 2D Metroid title in over 19 years, fans of female bounty hunter Samus Aran have shown to be rather enamored with her new multi-colored suit, prompting artists into sketching their own art in celebration of the new game. Fan art of Samus’ new Metroid […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Metroid, Samus Aran

Persona 4’s Perfect Tomboy Naoto Boldly Massages a Man

Dapper tomboy Shirogane Naoto of classic RPG Persona 4 has gotten some love in the physical and intimate way as the woman has been depicted massaging a man’s member using her surprisingly massive chest, such an act bound to earn her plenty of recognition amongst males who doubted her feminine allure. The animation‘s superior quality […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Artists, Anime, Persona, Fetish, Oppai, H, Paizuri, Naoto Boldly Massages, Shirogane Naoto

Resident Evil 8’s Alcina Dimitrescu Gargantuan in More Ways Than One

Resident Evil 8‘s extremely tall not-vampire Alcina Dimitrescu continues to earn favor amongst Resident Evil fans, especially those of the erotic art community as this particular animation focuses on her having size in a specific part of her body as she puts it to good use. Alcina Dimitrescu, like other popular game characters, will surely […]
Tags: Games, Parody, Artists, Anime, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Resident Evil, Paizuri, Alcina Dimitrescu

Imperial Harem ~Molesting & Corrupting SLG~ Seizing Power Through Sex

Imperial Harem ~Molesting and Corrupting SLG~ has players fighting for control over an empire as the emperor is stricken with illness, the ruler’s daughter and her aides being the only people standing in the player’s way, though they will be easily subdued through sex. Tiana, the emperor’s daughter, and her two aides want perverse individuals […]
Tags: Translation, Games, English, Anime, Simulation, Fetish, Tiana, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Maids

Nyuuka Riria Demoness Ero-Figure Bears a Back-Breaking Bust

Bored males who don’t have enough buxom demonesses in their lives can take to owning this figure of Nyuuka Riria from light novel series Boku ni wa Akumana Shishou ga Imasu, the ravenous female’s frame sure to cause jaws to drop as her breasts are of immeasurable size – perverts can enact their most wicked […]
Tags: Stockings, Anime, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Kemonomimi, Ero-figures, Cast-off, Q-six, Nyuuka Riria

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Censors Cleavage & Thighs

Yet another game has been censored to not offend easily agitated Westerners as a new unit in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has her chest and legs covered up with black fabric, the Japanese version of the game having the girl wearing less. A new playable unit referred to as Salire (Sweetheart) […]
Tags: Games, Censorship, Smartphones, Anime, Comparison, RPG, Legs, Square Enix, Final Fantasy, Oppai, Gacha, Casuals

Megami Ryou no Ryoubo-kun Bustling With Voluptuous College Girls

Perverse escapades and nudity seem to be a frequent occurrence in Megami Ryou no Ryoubo-kun as the series has a boy abandoned by his father ascending to the status of dorm mother for a bunch of unruly college girls, a ludicrous situation that is prime for hilarity and hi-jinks. The PV doesn’t shy away from […]
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Anime, Bathing, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, PV, Image Gallery, Maids, Asread, Megami Ryou no Ryoubo-kun, Megami Ryou, Ryoubo kun Bustling With Voluptuous College Girls

Kyuukyoku Shinka Full Dive Massacres Bloodthirsty Goblins

It’s a bad day to be a goblin in Kyuukyoku Shinkashita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yori mo Kusoge Dattara as the anime’s latest broadcast involves a genocide of sorts, Mizarisa and Alicia outshining the protagonist yet again as they slay hordes of the vile fiends and sure to further mesmerize watchers with their quirks. […]
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Anime, MMORPG, ALICIA, Oppai, Image Gallery, Pettanko, Studio Engi, Kyukyoku Shinka Full Dive, Genjitsu Yori mo Kusoge Dattara

Bakemonogatari Manga’s Hanekawa Clasps an Araragi

Bakemonogatari is again treading into familiar territory as the manga’s latest chapter will seem recognizable to those who watched the anime, as it focuses on the precious Tsubasa Hanekawa as she suffers from a strange and mysterious affliction. The chapter oozes the usual Monogatari charm but also injects a little sexiness courtesy of Hanekawa as […]
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Anime, Manga, Bakemonogatari, Oppai, Image Gallery, Adaptations, Kemonomimi, Hanekawa, Bakemonogatari Manga, Tsubasa Hanekawa

Well-Endowed Asui Tsuyu Cosplay by UyUy Looking Quite Fertile

A cosplayer going by the name of UyUy may leave onlookers speechless as her rather oiled up cosplay of Boku no Hero Academia‘s frog girl Asui Tsuyu emanates peerless sexiness, starting out in the amphibious girl’s standard outfit before stripping down into an overly small swimsuit. The minuscule bikini will surely serve as a proper […]
Tags: Anime, Cosplay, Boku, Oppai, Oshiri, Image Gallery, Mizugi, Hero Academia, Voluptuous, Asui Tsuyu, UyUy

Koe de Oshigoto Manga Tries Out Some Libidinous Eroge

The second volume of Action Comics’ Koe de Oshigoto (as opposed to the first manga from Gamu Comics Plus) has continued to explore the world of erotic voice acting as the series this time follows high school girls interested in doing voice work for eroge, perverse situations being in plentiful supply as a result. Some […]
Tags: Food, Comedy, Anime, Manga, Koe, Yukata, Oppai, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Eroge, Ero-manga, Seiyuu, Koe de Oshigoto, Gamu Comics Plus

Christmas Comes Early in Tensura Nikki: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Peace has continued to reign in Tensura Nikki: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken as the cast of characters begin to envelop their town in Christmas decorations and festivities, action and plot once again being tossed aside as the characters spread merriment – one certain female character injects some sexiness as well, as she always does. […]
Tags: Comedy, Winter, Fantasy, Christmas, Anime, 8-bit, Slime, Oppai, Image Gallery, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, Isekai, Tensura Nikki

Geko Yuusha Recovers From Failure Through Sex

Geko Yuusha tells the tale of a hero attempting to drown himself in relief to forget about his failures, copulation and women naturally serving as his coping mechanism as he has sex with countless different women (to the benefit of players). The eroge stars a nameless hero who would go out on his journey alone […]
Tags: Games, Fantasy, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Visual Novels, Geko Yuusha

Enchanting Succubus Eve Ero-Figure Barely Clothed

Artist Rurudo is having their original illustration of a pretty succubus known as Eve brought to life in figurine form, perhaps proving effective at seducing collectors as the flat girl can be stripped completely nude, which is rather fitting for a succubus – Eve can be played with when she arrives this September. Eve can […]
Tags: Stockings, Artists, Anime, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, Pettanko, Ero-figures, Cast-off, Original Figures, Pink Charm

The Women of Eden’s Zero so Sexually Coveted

Ever since Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima unveiled his newest series, Eden’s Zero, fans have been fondly admiring its many unique and beautiful female characters, prompting artists to naturally do what they do best and sketch all sorts of naughty depictions of them. Rebecca, Homura, and Elsie are only some of the women being sexually […]
Tags: Parody, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Fetish, Elsie, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Nekomimi, Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, Rebecca Homura

Revered Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Records Some Lewd Sounds in Animation

Esteemed Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is forever in the hearts of not only her music-loving fans but perverts as well as this artist has put the sweet girl in an erotic scenario, making her have standing sex and record the audibly pleasurable utterances she ekes out. The simple work will prove invigorating to Miku fanatics as […]
Tags: Parody, Artists, Anime, Hatsune Miku, Miku, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Vocaloid, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku

Eden’s Zero Saves a Semi-Nude Rebecca

Fans of Eden’s Zero may be disappointed to learn that the sexy Rebecca has been rescued from slavery by her friends, the episode also finally giving Homura a chance to slice up enemies as the other (former) slave girls find some enticing outfits to cover up their shame. Omake:
Tags: Space, Comedy, Drama, Rebecca, Slavery, Anime, Cosplay, Eden, Oppai, Image Gallery, Homura, JC Staff, Eden's Zero

Sentouin Hakenshimasu Sexually Abuses a Tan Beauty

Sentouin Hakenshimasu‘s group of colorful characters infiltrate another stronghold as the series nears its conclusion, the group learning more about tan demoness Heine and her interactions with an underling before a certain male protagonist strips her nude in front of everyone. Omake:
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Anime, Tan, Heine, Oppai, Image Gallery, JC Staff, Sentouin Hakenshimasu

Immoral Quartet ~NTR & the Feelings of Four~ Striving to Survive

Immoral Quartet ~NTR and the Feelings of Four~ tells a tale about four remaining survivors on an island where people died off in humongous amounts daily, this loneliness starting to effect them on a sexual level as their daily lives spiral into degeneracy. A month after hordes of people began dying, the four people left […]
Tags: Games, Romance, Anime, Fetish, Schoolgirls, Bathing, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge, Visual Novels

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Overflowing With Lactating Centaur Girls

Rambunctious monster girl manga Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou has titillated readers with a variety of nude shenanigans as the latest 17th volume focuses quite a bit on lusty centaur girls, the endless clothes-tearing, breast expansion, and perverse lactation sure to have readers so distracted they won’t even ponder whether or not there is some […]
Tags: Comedy, Anime, Manga, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Monster Girls, Kemonomimi, Ero-manga, Monster Musume Nichijou, Lactation, Iru Nichijou

One Piece Heart of Gold Movie Nude Filter Enslaves Nude Nami & Robin

Nude filter veteran S10 has targeted the lithe Nami and Robin of One Piece once more as they have nudified a scene from the One Piece Heart of Gold movie, particularly the moment where the girls can be seen constricted and in the clutches of a villainous fellow. The brilliant artist has both a version […]
Tags: Movies, Parody, Artists, Slavery, Anime, Fetish, Robin, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, One Piece, Nude Filter

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