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Pulse: Agents seem unconcerned with alternative financing

If our latest Pulse survey revealed anything, it's that readers seem to be more concerned with coronavirus and politics impacting interests rates than iBuyers when it comes to financing.
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The Real Word: What does iBuyer growth mean for agents?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, Mike DelPrete and Inman released the State of the Industry Report. In it, DelPrete mentions that the iBuyer segment has doubled every year since 2017. What should agents be doing?
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Young family loses life savings of $775K in escrow wire fraud scam

A couple with a 1-year-old son are urging homebuyers to exercise caution after losing nearly $800,000 in a complicated escrow scam.
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Americans aren’t waiting for marriage to buy a home: Study

According to a study released by co-ownership platform Haus, the share of single homeowners has reached an 118-year high of 39.8 percent.
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Pulse: What’s your biggest fear as financing evolves?

Disruption has long been a buzzword in the industry. As Residential Finance Month comes to a close on Inman, we're wondering how you're feeling about the new models emerging and where an agent's place is in all of this change.
Tags: Radio, Inman, Residential Finance Month

How agents can help single parents navigate homebuying

Single-parent homebuyers and real estate professionals who have serviced them share their experiences and advice for success.
Tags: Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Compass, Howard Hanna, Select, Single Parenting, Single Homebuyers, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Agent Interview, Getting A Mortgage, Single Female Buyers

End-to-end times: How the all-in-1 platform became the holy grail

Companies both old and new are racing to build platforms that handle more of the real estate transaction. Agents will have to adapt to survive.
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What is iFunding? Here’s how it works

This emerging consumer financing category is addressing the financial realities of today's prospective homebuyers.
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The rise and stall of the offer aggregators: How iBuyers are bringing startups to heel

Offerpad, Zillow and Opendoor are turning the screws on startups that offer price comparisons that claim to help consumers secure the best offer.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Zillow, Peterson, Brokerage, Select, Opendoor, Ibuyers, Offerpad, Zavvie, Sold.com, Russ Cofano, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Dave Mclennan

Foreclosures climb 13% in January

New Jersey, Delaware and Illinois reported the worst foreclosure rates, according to a new report by Attom Data Solutions.
Tags: Data, Radio, Mortgage, Illinois, New Jersey Delaware, Markets & Economy, ATTOM Data Solutions, Foreclosure Activity, Banking & Lending, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002

Do you know your interest rate? 27% of mortgage holders don’t

Knowing your mortgage interest rate could save you a lot of money in the long run.
Tags: Data, Analysis, Radio, Agent, Mortgage, Millennial, Baby Boomers, Bankrate, Homeowner, Generation X, Homebuyers, Refinancing, Bankrate.com, Silent Generation, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002

Washington, DC-based C21 franchise launches iBuyer platform

Redwood Realty's Redwood Offers provides sellers with an all-cash offer within 72 hours, along with guided support on their other selling options.
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Michael Bloomberg pitches plan to combine Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae

The presidential hopeful wants to make Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae a "single, fully government-owned mortgage guarantor" that benefits taxpayers, community banks.
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Want to avoid homebuyer remorse? Be cautious in Wyoming and DC

A recent survey by LawnStarter ranked the homebuyer happiness index in each state and found lowest satisfaction levels in Wyoming and District of Columbia.
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Down payment assistance tool offers buyer leads to loan officers

Subscribers can use an eligibility lookup feature to match clients with programs and compare up to four programs at once.
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Pulse: How readers are handling iBuyers in listing presentations

In last week's Pulse survey, we asked readers how they've tweaked their listing presentations in response to the rise of iBuyers. Seemingly, iBuyers have had a limited and isolated impact so far, but about a quarter of readers who responded shared how their listing presentation has evolved.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Pulse, Columns, Real Estate Agents, Select, Ibuyers, Listing Presentations, Residential Finance Month

7 facts about FHA loans you should know

Knowing more about how FHA works — and how to work with FHA — helps agents identify opportunities for their first-time buyer clients, who make up one in three buyers today. FHA is not for everyone, but for millions of young families, it is the piece that is solving the homeownership puzzle.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, Credit Score, Foreclosure, First-time buyers, Fico, Steve Cook, Freddie Mac, FHA, Urban Institute, Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Select, Refinancing, Carol Galante

14 financial terms every agent should know

Financial literacy is critical, both for agents and for their clients. As such, we've put together a little glossary of important terms that'll make it easier to explain the financial aspects of homebuying and selling to your clients in a digestible format. 
Tags: Radio, Agent, Select, Residential Finance Month

Three-quarters of all couples fight during the homebuying process

77 percent of homebuyers and 71 percent of homesellers say they've argued with a loved one over the process, according to a new survey conducted by The Harris Poll.
Tags: Fighting, Lifestyle, Data, Analysis, Radio, Millennials, Mortgage, Zillow, Baby Boomers, Harris Poll, Home selling, Select, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Baby Boomer Sellers

First American acquires Docutech

The move furthers First American's goal of providing a digital, end-to-end closing platform.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, Lending, Select, News Brief, Dennis Gilmore, First American, Amy Brandt, Settlement Services, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Digital Mortgage, Docutech, End-to-end, Risk Manaagement

Fannie Mae posts $14.2B in profit in 2019 as it eyes exit from conservatorship

The FHFA is taking steps to free Fannie Mae from government conservatorship as the company posts big profits.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, Trump, Freddie Mac, FHFA, Fannie Mae, GSE, Mark Calabria, Select, News Brief, Hugh Frater, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002

Fannie Mae posts $14.2B in profit in 2019 as it eyes conservatorship exit

The FHFA is taking steps to free Fannie Mae from government conservatorship as the company posts big profits.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, Trump, Freddie Mac, FHFA, Fannie Mae, GSE, Mark Calabria, Select, News Brief, Hugh Frater, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002

Mortgage originations hit highest level since 2005: New York Fed

Decreasing mortgage rates contributed to the highest volume in mortgage originations in 14 years at a total of $752 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Tags: Data, Analysis, Radio, Mortgage, Credit Card Debt, Student Debt, New York Fed, New York Federal Reserve, Select, Home Mortgage, Mortgage Originations, Homeowner Debt, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Mortgage Debt

Do buyers really determine the sales price?

The conversation at Inman Connect New York changed the way columnist Bernice Ross thinks about home sales pricing. Here's why.
Tags: Opinion, Artificial Intelligence, Radio, Agent, Ai, Algorithms, Columns, Zillow, Inman Connect New York, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Orchard, Select, Realtor.com, Opendoor, Sv, Homelight

Pulse: How alternative financing is really affecting markets

Last week, we asked readers to share how alternative financing was affecting their market. A fairly low volume of responses may reflect the fact that these companies remain in their infancy, but a couple readers described noticeable impacts that could offer a glimpse of what may be in store.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Pulse, Mortgage, Columns, Zillow, Brokerage, Select, Opendoor, Knock, Alternative Financing, Ibuyers, Offerpad, Banking & Lending, Residential Finance Month

When’s the deposit due? How to help buyers through finance questions

Not having solid advice about home deposits could cause mistakes and financial pain for buyers. You have a significant responsibility to educate clients on all aspects of finance, including pre-approval, earnest money and down payments.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Mortgage, Deposit, Select, Down Payment, Earnest Money, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, Residential Finance

Ginger Wilcox named Home Point Financial’s chief experience officer

The mortgage originator/servicer is hiring Wilcox as its first chief experience officer since the company launched in 2015.
Tags: Radio, Mortgage, Trulia, Ellie Mae, Wilcox, Select, News Brief, Sindeo, Ginger Wilcox, Banking & Lending, Capsilon, Theme Months, Female Leadership, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002

A new language for real estate, a new marketplace

My attempt to coin some terminology, add structure and provide clarity to the plethora of new real estate businesses.
Tags: Technology, Opinion, Radio, Airbnb, Point, Columns, Zillow, Rentals, Unison, Ribbon, Homeaway, Vrbo, Redfin, Landis, Avail, Orchard

How the mortgage market has evolved over the past decade

If you're newer to real estate or want a snapshot of how we got to this point in the mortgage industry, here's a quick look.
Tags: Opinion, Recession, Mortgages, Radio, Agent, Mortgage, Columns, Freddie Mac, Veterans Administration, Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, United States Department of Agriculture, DR Horton, Pulte, Dodd-Frank, Select

HouseCanary flies away with $65M in latest Series C funding round

The valuation startup plans to use the money to beef up its team and build out more technology.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Mortgage, Industry News, Chris Stroud, Select, News Brief, Appraisal, Alpha Edison, HouseCanary, Jeremy Sicklick, Morpheus Ventures, Theme Months, Residential Finance Month, Theme-month-202002, PSP Growth

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