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Homeownership is the greatest kind of freedom — and it should be for all

With the overwhelming effects of the pandemic and the racial injustices people are facing and fighting every single day, one common need is emphasized now more than ever: the American dream.
Tags: Homeownership, Opinion, Service, Radio, Equality, Agent, Martin Luther King, American Dream, Declaration of Independence, Brokerage, Select, Racial Equality, I Have A Dream, Troy Palmquist

The Real Word: Should we end open houses?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss a few ways agents can practice safety at open houses and the Houston Association of Realtors' decision to change the term "master" bedroom.
Tags: Video, Opinion, Service, Radio, Agent, Nicole White, Houston Association of Realtors, Brokerage, Select, Open Houses, Byron Lazine, The Real Word, Agent Safety, Houston Association of Realtor, Master Bedrooms

Smart home tech for agents: The niftiest smart kitchen devices today

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used (and loved) areas of a home, especially now. To make day-to-day life more convenient, here are the top smart gadgets and appliances for the kitchen.
Tags: Video, Lifestyle, Service, Radio, Agent, Smart Plug, Bartesian, Refrigerator, Select, Kitchen Appliances, Smart Kitchen, Smart Faucet, Brandon Doyle, Thingq, Moen Smart Faucet

Stop the name-calling! Let’s fix the broken system

Agents need to find the discrimination and exclusive institutions in the industry and start dismantling them one at a time. It's time to rebuild them to be inclusive and anti-racist. If not now — when?
Tags: Homeownership, Opinion, Service, Radio, Racism, Agent, Code Of Ethics, Racial Inequality, Realtor, Brokerage, Select, Fair Housing, Inclusive, Teresa Boardman

New data shows agents are feeling optimistic moving into summer

As states reopen, and the housing industry remains a solid place for consumers to invest, recent data from Homesnap indicates that 2020 may finish stronger than expected.
Tags: Service, Radio, Optimism, Agent, Inventory, Markets & Economy, Brokerage, Select, Homesnap, Closings, Transaction Volume, Rachael Hite, Coronavirus, Agent Satisfaction, Agent Sentiment, Number of closings

How to fight back against real estate cyberfraud

As with the overwhelming majority of cyberattacks, the most effective defense against real estate fraud is awareness. Here's how you can keep yourself and your clients protected.
Tags: Technology, Service, Cybercrime, Radio, Cyberattack, Agent, Select, Cyberscams, Homebuying Fraud, Kate Rosenthal, Title and deed fraud

Keeping It Real: What’s next in 2020?

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring podcast series on Inman, Peter Lorimer talks about coming together during a time of need and delving back into work post-Fourth of July.
Tags: Real Estate, Lifestyle, Service, Radio, 2020, Agent, Columns, Brokerage, Select, Peter Lorimer, People Business, 2020 Goals, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Work your sphere! 3 ways to beef up your referral network

Seasoned agents know that an extensive and proven referral network is critical to long-term success. But how do agents build and maintain a referral network that works for them? They work at it. Here’s how to form an effective communication plan with your sphere of influence and consistently act on it.
Tags: Marketing, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Referrals, Select, Referral Network, Troy Palmquist

DelPrete: US inventory levels down 20-40%

New listing volumes are the best lead indicator of the health of real estate. Right now there’s a precipitous decline in available inventory across the U.S. Fewer new listings leads to less inventory, which is causing an imbalance in supply and demand. Here’s a look at the data.
Tags: Opinion, US, Data, Service, Analysis, Radio, Teams, Columns, Select, Supply And Demand, Housing Inventory, Mike Delprete, DelPrete

Want to convert listing appointments into signed listings? Here’s the solution

This week, Tami Bonnell, the CEO of EXIT Realty, weighs in on ways agents can provide more value to their sellers on their next listing appointment and the four questions they need to ask clients.
Tags: Video, Listings, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Solutions, Brokerage, Select, Bernice Ross, Tami Bonnell, 4 Questions, Listing Appointments, Mind-body Connection, Value equals income

The closing process is painful! Someone disrupt it already

Jay Thompson completes his homebuying journey and describes the painstaking and archaic process of closing amid COVID-19, plus a lesson or two for agents.
Tags: Opinion, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Homebuying, Closing, Select, Jay Thompson, Second Homes

Making sense of the headlines: A look at housing affordability

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner takes a look at housing affordability and what it might take to solve the nationwide problem.
Tags: Video, Opinion, Data, Service, Analysis, Radio, Economic Growth, Columns, Mortgage Rates, Affordability, Housing Affordability, Fixed Rate Mortgages, the Federal Reserve, Markets & Economy, Select, U.S. treasury

What agents need to know about mortgages during (and after) COVID-19

As experts and advisers, real estate agents have always played an important role for homebuyers. But it’s clear that during the coronavirus era, they have even more responsibility to educate clients on what's happening in today's market.
Tags: Mortgages, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Mortgage, Loans, Markets & Economy, Brokerage, Select, Homebuyers, Mortgage Application, Mortgage Market, Forbearance, Theme Months, Prospective Homebuyers

5 credit myths to explain to first-time homebuyers

Before first-time homebuyers pull the trigger on buying a new home, they should understand some common misconceptions in the credit reporting industry as they go through the prequalification and preapproval process. Here's how agents can help.
Tags: Interest Rates, Service, Collection, Radio, Agent, Credit Report, DET, Brokerage, Select, Homebuyers, Credit History, Credit Repair, Preapproval, Homebuying Process, Fist-time Homebuyers, Prequalification

The Inman Handbook on communicating in our new normal

Improve your personal and professional performance with our guide designed to help you better communicate and connect with others and with yourself.
Tags: Marketing, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Select, Theme Months, Productivity Month

So you want to be a mentor? Read this first

Mentoring isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re thinking about becoming a mentor, you should have a solid picture of what you’re getting yourself into before committing to working with another agent. Here’s what you should know.
Tags: Leadership, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Commitment, Mentorship, Mentor, Mentee, Select, Becoming A Mentor, Qualities Of A Mentor, Real Estate Licensee

What should agents post? 5 social media guidelines for 2020

A lot of agents are questioning what’s appropriate to post on social media amid the pandemic and the current protests on racial injustice. Here are a few guidelines on what to post (and what not to).
Tags: Leadership, Education, Social Media, Leaders, Service, Radio, Agent, Black Lives Matter Movement, Valerie Alexander, Posts, Brokerage, Select, Social Media Posts, Racial Injustice, Social Media Guidelines, Katie Lance

Smart home tech for agents: How to curate a smart bathroom

For those who want to improve the bathroom experience, there's a host of options available — from heated toilet seats to voice-activated mirrors that can read you news and weather updates.
Tags: Video, Service, Radio, Agent, Bathroom, Smart Home Tech, Kohler, Smart Tech, Select, Bathroom Mirror, Brandon Doyle, Bathroom smart tech, Touchless toilets, Verdera

Why MLSs should treat rentals the same as for-sale listings

There has never been a better time — or a greater need — to make rentals a mandatory property class. More data on the MLS, especially during a pandemic, serves the MLS and the brokers, agents and consumers that depend on it.
Tags: Service, Radio, Mls, Agent, Rentals, Select, MLS & Associations, Cameron Paine, COVID-19, For-sale Listings, High-demand Markets, Mandatory Listing Policy, Market disruption

The Real Word: How divorced couples should approach finding an agent

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss how couples should select an agent during a divorce, ways to boost agent productivity and Real Trends results.
Tags: Video, Lifestyle, Divorce, Service, Radio, Agent, Gamification, Nicole White, Sales Competition, Brokerage, Select, Real Trends, Byron Lazine, The Real Word, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Why now is the time to implement a structured sales process

An unexpected change in the world shouldn't turn your business upside down. Here's how staying organized and having a structured sales process can help push your business forward, especially right now.
Tags: System, Service, Radio, Agent, Managing clients, Sales Process, Brokerage, Select, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Kathleen Black, Client interactions, Structured sales process

Keeping It Real: Never, never give into fear

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring podcast series on Inman, Peter Lorimer talks about fear and how to avoid letting it get the best of you.
Tags: Opinion, Lifestyle, Recession, Service, Radio, Agent, Columns, Keeping It Real, Select, Peter Lorimer, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Reopening

4 tips for helping your business thrive through tough times

After speaking to entrepreneurs and industry leaders over the past few months to get their take on what agents should be doing now, here we offer their top advice for thriving through these tough times.
Tags: Recession, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Select, Pat Hiban, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Stop letting strangers into your listings! A call to end open houses

The attack on Keller Williams agent Lenora Farrington is yet another poignant reminder of why we as an industry need to stop holding open houses immediately. Here are many other supporting reasons.
Tags: Safety, Opinion, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Danger, Keller Williams, Select, Jay Thompson, Open Houses, Lenora Farrington

7 steps to defusing tense arguments with clients

As an agent, what happens if you find yourself in a heated, angry situation with a client? Do you a have strategy in place to positively resolve disputes? If the answer is no, read on for a few pointers and scripts to use.
Tags: Video, Customer Service, Service, Radio, Conflict, Agent, Anger, Conflict Resolution, Client Service, Brokerage, Select, Bernice Ross, Angry clients, Clotaire Rapaille, Neurolinguistic Programming, Pattern Interrupt

How is COVID-19 affecting new construction?

To understand the state of the housing market, economists often turn to stats on new residential construction for indicators on where the market may be headed. Here's what the data says.
Tags: Supply Chain, Service, Challenges, Radio, Agent, Construction, Builders, Inventory, Markets & Economy, Brokerage, Select, Home Prices, New Construction, Residential Construction, COVID-19, Lindsey Hood

Making sense of the headlines: What is high-frequency data?

Did you know that Apple, the TSA, OpenTable and other high-frequency data are helping economists track our economic recovery? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner explains what high-frequency data is and how he's using it to keep tabs on the recession.
Tags: Video, Opinion, Data, Service, Analysis, Radio, Economic Growth, Columns, Mortgage Rates, Fixed Rate Mortgages, the Federal Reserve, Markets & Economy, Select, U.S. treasury, Matthew Gardner, COVID-19

Will city-dwelling homeowners relocate after the pandemic?

Will the pandemic accelerate urbanization or lead to a reversal of the trend? With the country taking its first tentative steps out of quarantine, experts on both sides can point to facts backing up their theory.
Tags: City, Service, Radio, Agent, Market, Urbanization, Suburbs, Markets & Economy, Brokerage, Select, City Dwellers, Luxury Market, Luke Babich, post-COVID-19 market, Post-pandemic, Re-urbanization

6 ways to set buyer and seller expectations for today’s housing realities

Although it's hard to know how long this pandemic will last, one thing seems certain — the drive to find the ideal home remains a priority. That's why it's important to let buyers and sellers know what to expect. Here's how.
Tags: Service, Radio, Agent, Homebuying, Real Estate Market, Home Sale, Markets & Economy, Select, New Construction, Cara Ameer, Low Inventory, COVID-19, Contingency confusion, Coronavirus Market, Home Market, Inspections and repairs

A simple way to double your agents’ production this summer

Thriving in a shifting market is all about making adjustments. Here's how one Utah-based real estate group doubled production by adopting gamification — yes, in the midst of this pandemic.
Tags: Motivation, Utah, Training, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Happy Hour, Team, Contest, Gamification, Brokerage, Select, Brandon Doyle, Team Goals, The Utah Life

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