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Exclusive: Two Tracks from Mychael and Jeff Danna’s The Addams Family 2 Score

The animated sequel The Addams Family 2 is currently playing in theaters featuring a score by renowned composers Mychael and Jeff Danna (Onward, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus). The score combines non-western musical traditions with orchestral music to create a vividly unique backdrop to the creepy fun classic. Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack digitally on Friday, and ComingSoon.net is pleased to share two exclusive tracks from the album. Listen to the tracks below, and pre-order ...
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Fever Dream Interview: Director Claudia Llosa & Author Samanta Schweblin Talk Netflix Adaptation

Horror-thriller Fever Dream is now streaming on Netflix. Based on the Spanish novel, it takes place in Argentina and deals with several environmental problems in the country. “A young woman lies dying far from home. A boy sits beside her.  She is not his mother. He is not her child,” says the official synopsis. “Together, they tell a haunting story of broken souls, an invisible threat, and the power and desperation of family.” ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief spoke with Fever Dream director Claudia Ll...
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Why Is Money Heist Ending? Here's What We Know

(Welcome to Will There Be Another Season?, a series where we answer that question and explore what comes next.)One of the biggest (and arguably most unexpected) hits is coming to an end on Netflix. Indeed, "Money Heist" is getting ready to pack it in after the second half of season 5 is released in December. Fans of the show may be wondering why the show isn't returning for another season. The good news is, it has nothing to do with a lack of success or Netflix getting in the way of such a thing...
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Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 2 Teaser: The End is Coming

Netflix has officially dropped the first Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 2 teaser for the upcoming final episodes of the hit global action-thriller series, which is scheduled to return on December 3. The video teases the heartbreaking aftermath following the explosive finale of the final season’s Vol.1 which saw the unexpected death of another fan-favorite character. It highlights The Professor’s determination to complete the heist without sustaining any more casualties from their team as he feels the...
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Netflix's top 10 original TV show hits of all time, including 'Squid Game' and 'Bridgerton'

"Squid Game." Netflix Netflix said that "Squid Game" was its biggest original series ever with 111 million households watching in the first four weeks. It topped "Bridgerton," which was watched by 82 million households. Insider ranked Netflix's biggest originals based on how many member households watched each in the first 28 days. Netflix counts a view if an account watches at least two minutes of a show or movie. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. 10. "Sweet ...
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The 14 Greatest Heist Movies Of The 21st Century

As the past two decades have proved, the heist movie genre is as broad as they come. Real crimes can inspire fascinating biographical films, while current events allow filmmakers to explore relevant issues through perspectives of various criminals. Other heist films don't aim for plausibility at all, and many cross over with other genres, such as comedy, action, or science fiction.Just look at how popular franchises have incorporated heists into existing mythologies. "The Fast and the Furious" f...
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Asteroid City Is The Title Of Wes Anderson's Next Movie

The title of the next Wes Anderson movie has been revealed, via a slip of the tongue by Bill Murray, of course. The Anderson regular revealed at the BFI London Film Festival screening (per Screen Daily) of their latest collaboration, "The French Dispatch," that the new Anderson movie will carry the quirky name of "Asteroid City." Shooting is currently underway in Chinchón, Spain, for the film, which is rumored to be a love story set against a European backdrop. Murray will once again headline th...
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Operation Mincemeat Trailer: Colin Firth Aims To Embarrass Hitler

Colin Firth and company are going to play a humiliating trick on Hitler. That's the plan, anyway, in "Operation Mincemeat," a new Netflix film with a plot that sounds like "Weekend at Bernie's" meets World War II. However, this movie is based on a true story, which became the basis of a book by Ben Macintyre, and now, a screenplay by Michelle Ashford. There's some real history behind its cinematic depiction of the British plan to Trojan-horse false intelligence into Nazi hands via a dead man's s...
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The top streaming TV shows last month: HBO Max's 'Titans' surges to the top in audience demand

"Titans." HBO Max Each month, Parrot Analytics provides Insider with a list of the most in-demand original streaming shows. Parrot's list is ranked by how much more in demand the top series are than the average TV show in the US. Parrot Analytics measures audience demand, which reflects the desire of and engagement with, or overall popularity, of a series. HBO Max's "Titans" jumped to the top spot on this month's list, which accounts for the most in-demand shows of September....
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The Best Fantasy Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Fantasy is a wide-encompassing genre. It often contains tropes pulled from mythology or folklore. It sometimes overlaps with other genres, such as horror and science fiction -- whereas science-fiction is speculative fiction based on possible (or maybe possible) science, fantasy has no basis in reality. It's a popular genre for movies aimed at children and young adults, especially when it comes to films based on book franchises. Whether you're interested vampires, fairies, and werewolves, paralle...
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Disney’s Tower of Terror Film Moves Forward with Scarlett Johansson

After the two-month long legal dispute between MCU vet Scarlett Johansson and Disney, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that both parties have finally reached an agreement and have settled the breach of contract lawsuit which Johansson previously filed last July over the Disney+ distribution of Black Widow. Further details about their settlement have not been disclosed. Despite their back-and-forth PR battle, it looks like the bridge hasn’t been broken, with the Oscar-nominated actress and the ...
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Operation Mincemeat First Look: Netflix's Film Sounds Like Weekend At Bernie's Meets WWII

I know what you might be thinking. "Ugh, another stuffy World War II movie?" If you've seen one, you've seen them all, amIright? There's nothing new under the sun, modern filmmaking is dying from a lack of creativity, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you that this well hasn't completely run dry just yet. Netflix has acquired the rights to a new film based on the shockingly true story of one of the most incredible events to take place during the war. Titled "Operation Mincemeat," the streaming service...
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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Images Show Off Everyone's Favorite, MUNCHER

The trailer for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," which hits theaters in November, shows kids in the Ectomobile, deploying a gunner's seat while chasing a new ghost named Muncher across a small Oklahoma town. If you want to get a better look at Muncher, you won't have to chase him all that far. Sony Pictures has released a couple of new promo images for the movie, one of which features the blue, Slimer-like specter in all his fire-hydrant-guzzling glory.Our first look at Muncher came back in January in...
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Netflix shared its top 10 TV shows based on total watch time in their first months, including 'Bridgerton' and 'Stranger Things'

"Stranger Things" season three. Netflix Netflix revealed its top 10 shows based on hours viewed in their first 28 days. This is a different measurement than what Netflix usually reveals about its biggest shows. "Bridgerton" was No. 1 but Netflix teased that a new show was on pace to unseat it. See more stories on Insider's business page. On Monday, Netflix revealed its top 10 original TV shows of all time based on viewing hours, a different measurement than what it typically shows the...
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Netflix's top 10 original TV show hits of all time, including 'Bridgerton' and 'Sex/Life'

"Bridgerton." Liam Daniel/Netflix Netflix said that "Sex/Life" was watched by 67 million households worldwide in its first four weeks, and renewed it for a second season. "Bridgerton" is still the biggest Netflix original series ever, though, with more than 80 million. Insider ranked Netflix's biggest originals based on how many member households watched each in the first 28 days. Netflix counts a view if an account watches at least two minutes of a show or movie. Visit Business Inside...
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Forgotten Gialli

A recurring topic during the Six Weeks of Halloween for the last decade or so has been Giallo films, so when I saw Vinegar Syndrome’s recent-ish release of Forgotten Gialli: Volume 1, I jumped on it. Besides the Giallo connection, this also recalls the sequence of 6WH themes a few years ago that highlighted purveyors of physical media, particularly those who restored genre flicks like Criterion, Scream Factory, and Arrow. Vinegar Syndrome, so named after the acidic smell of deteriorating fil...
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Shows Like Peaky Blinders You Can Binge Watch Today

"Peaky Blinders" is one of BBC's greatest period productions, a show that began modestly enough but has been garnering more and more fans with each passing season. It stars Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, a decorated veteran who returns from World War I deeply traumatized by the experience, and who then has to take on a leadership role in his family's criminal operation. Intelligent, calculating, and ambitious, Tommy builds his family's business until they have a veritable empire for themselves ...
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How Star Wars: Visions Embraces And Reinvents The Franchise's Long-Held Values [Interview]

When "Star Wars: A New Hope" released in 1977, audiences were blown away by the original adventure tale. And it is original, in as much as any story idea is. But the American space opera has always had the cinema of Akira Kurosawa coursing through its veins. In crafting his epic, George Lucas leaned heavily on Kurosawa's 1958 samurai picture "The Hidden Fortress," down to mimicked lensing and particular shots. Now, decades, several sequels, three prequels, and a ton of spinoffs and merchandising...
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15 Must-See Movies About College, Ranked

College is a time to let loose, unfettered by the restraints that make high school such a prison. As a result, movies that revolve around the college experience have a tendency to embrace a wild atmosphere. Despite the general concept of university as a place to get an education, the focus in college movies tends to be on partying first, studying later. That's the stereotype of a college film, anyway: toga parties and sororities and hazing as far as the eye can see. But the reality (much like th...
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Promo Trailer for French Romance Film 'I Want To Talk About Duras'

"For the first time, a woman gave herself to me… It was total love." A festival promo trailer has debuted for the French romantic drama titled I Want To Talk About Duras, which is premiering at the 2021 San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain this week. Originally known as Vous ne désirez que moi in French, which translates to You Only Want Me (this title is more alluring for sure), this is the latest fictional film from filmmaker Claire Simon, known for many of her docs as well as her narrativ...
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The top 9 shows on Netflix this week, from 'Money Heist' to 'Lucifer'

"Lucifer" Netflix Every week, the streaming search engine Reelgood compiles for Insider a list of the TV shows that have been most prominent on Netflix's daily top-10 lists. Netflix counts a view if an account watches a movie or TV show for at least two minutes. "Lucifer's" final season debuted last week and the show was this week's biggest Netflix series. See more stories on Insider's business page. 9. "Money Heist" (Netflix original, 2017-2021) "Money Heist." N...
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Dune Is Off To The Races At The Box Office, Let's Set Some Expectations

A certain section of film folks have been looking forward to one movie above all others over the last couple of years, and that movie is "Dune." It has so much going for it: beloved source material, Denis Villeneuve ("Sicario," "Prisoners") in the director's chair, and a stacked A-list cast. Now, after a long wait, "Dune" is finally making its way into theaters overseas this weekend, which means it's off to the races at the box office.The box office tally for every theatrically-released movie is...
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Fever Dream: Release Date, Cast, And More

​​(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)The closer we get to Halloween, the higher the demand becomes for quality horror. Luckily for us, Netflix absolutely crushes it when it comes to curating a collection of creepies, especially when it comes to international horror fare.As part of this year's "Netflix and Chills" event, the South American hallucinogenic horror fil...
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Official Netflix Trailer for Mysterious Spiritual Horror 'Fever Dream'

"Why do mothers always do that?" "Do what?" "Access the danger." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a mysterious spiritual horror feature that was filmed in Chile, directed by a Peruvian filmmaker, called Fever Dream. It recently premiered at the 2021 San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, and is arriving on Netflix this October. A young woman named Amanda lies in pain, while a young teenager named David urgently questions her, forcing her to unravel the truth of what happened to he...
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Parallel Mothers Review: Director Pedro Almodóvar Gets Both Familiar And Evolutionary [Venice 2021]

The draw of applying an auteurist lens to the cinema is watching a director grow and mature over time. The peril, on the other hand, is that a filmmaker can become so infatuated with their house style that they engage in repetitive work with limited growth. Pedro Almodóvar's "Parallel Mothers" may at first present like a run-of-the-mill effort from the face of Spanish cinema, but there's a deceptive amount of variation here. It's both a perfect distillation of his artistic fascinations and marke...
Tags: Reviews, Movies, Spain, Pedro Almodóvar, Venice, Penélope Cruz, Ana, Janis, Almodóvar, Arturo, SlashFilm, Milena Smit, Israel Elejalde, Parallel Mothers, Parallel Mothers Review, Power Of Women Almodóvar

EXp World Holdings expands into Germany

The expansion comes amid a period of rapid global growth for eXp, which says it now has more than 62,000 agents world wide.
Tags: Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Technology, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Radio, Italy, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Industry News, EXP, Realogy, Brokerage

Actors Who Died In 2021

Every year seems worse than the last when it comes to the number of bright lives that we've lost. In the end, death makes us all equals. But the work actors do, telling stories that inspire us, helps them to live on in our memories longer than most. We may not know these people personally, they become a part of us. We let them into our living rooms, and let them tell us about the parts of our world -- or, sometimes, a make-believe one ---that we may not get to see for ourselves.The entertainment...
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Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson to Reunite in Apple’s Ghosted

After several years of trying to save the world in six Marvel Cinematic Universe films, it looks like long-time collaborators Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson have found their next project together in the form of Apple Studios and Skydance’s Ghosted. According to Deadline, Evans and Johansson have already entered advanced negotiations for the leading roles in the upcoming romantic action-adventure movie, with Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher attached to helm the high-profile project. Before ...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Disney, Spain, Action, Netflix, Wes Anderson, Streaming, Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Deadpool, Chris Evans, Adam Mckay, Don, Skydance, David Ellison Dana Goldberg

Parallel Mothers Trailer: Pedro Almodovar Is Back

Following up his 2019 Academy Award-nominated film "Pain and Glory," acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar returns with the stirring family drama, "Parallel Mothers (Madres Paralelas)." In typical Almodóvar fashion, the film reunites him with longtime collaborator Penelope Cruz, putting her front and center in the starring role. And like many of his films before it, "Parallel Mothers" centers on motherhood, using melodrama to dig into the depths of its character identities.The first teaser ...
Tags: Movies, News, Spain, Trailers, Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz, Cruz, Ana, Venice Film Festival, Janis, Almodóvar, SlashFilm, Milena Smit, Parallel Mothers, Daniela Santiago Cinematographer José Luis Alcaine, Pedro Almodóvar Reteams With Penelope Cruz

New US Trailer for Acclaimed B&W Comedy 'El Planeta' Set in Spain

"A playful riff of art-imitating-life." Utopia has revealed the first official US trailer for an acclaimed indie film titled El Planeta, set in Spain, made by an Argentinian filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn. This initially premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival this year to some rave reviews. And it also stopped by New Directors/New Films, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Rooftop Films, and more fests. El Planeta is a dark comedy exploring contemporary poverty, female desire, and the always com...
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