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How a focus on community can boost your business

In this heartfelt session from Connect Now, Renee Funk of The Funk Collection, Jim McKinnies of McKinnies Realty and Abby Waltz of Homes For Heroes explore the importance of community advocacy and services to local organizations in building trust, the most important driver of a strong referral network. 
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Adjacent services are the agent’s secret weapon

In the above session from Connect Now, Brad Kiger of The Kiger Group and Olivia Mariani of Curbio discuss how real estate professionals can show their value in a low-inventory market.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Curbio, Olivia Mariani, Adjacent services are the agent's secret weapon, Brad Kiger, Kiger Group

The next big thing in second home sales: co-ownership

Pacaso is the modern way to buy and own a second home. We bring together buyers to purchase and collectively own a second home, and provide a fully managed, end-to-end service.
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6 top reasons why brokerages should stop managing their own MLS feeds

An expert data aggregator like Constellation1, which has more than 20 years of experience putting MLS data to work, takes the hassle of managing multiple MLS feeds off your plate.
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How this disruptive real estate brokerage opened 14 franchises in Q1

Companies like 1 Percent Lists take a different approach by using a full-service, low-cost value proposition to acquire a large volume of listings. They then leverage those listings to generate organic buyers.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Brokerage, Grant Clayton, Discount Broker, Nontraditional Brokerages, Reduced Commission Brokerage

Consolidating technology is a broker’s next big opportunity

But many tech solutions out there are hard to use and often only tackle one small part of your business. Instead of helping create a frictionless experience for clients and agents, many tech options hold you back.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Brokerage, Boomtown, Brad Nix, Native American Group, Susan Jenkins

7 strategies for navigating multiple offers

Is this housing market driving you crazy? Multiple offer situations are tough. You need every advantage to win for your clients. Here are seven strategies to reduce your stress, serve your clients, and come out on top!
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Negotiation, Buyer's Agent, Fathom Realty, Seller's Agent, 7 Strategies For Navigating Multiple Offers

5 ways to ensure software streamlines your sales

Luxury real estate companies have been accelerating their digital adoption for some time, but 2020 required them to embrace software solutions like never before in order to stay productive.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Sotheby's, Luxury Real Estate, Leading in Luxury, Sponsored Sections, 5 Ways To Ensure Software Streamlines Your Sales, Parke Madden, Shirley Yoon

Tips to help you succeed in the booming vacation rental market

If you’ve built up expertise in your primary market and surrounding vacation rental markets, you’re steps ahead. This makes it easier to diversify and offer the knowledge buyers want.
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How to turn your happy clients into your best advocates

In the above session from Connect Now, Barbara Betts of The Betts Realty Group and Travis Bickham of Birdeye break down how you can attract more leads with the help of your happy clients and build your online presence to be the obvious choice in your area.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, BirdEye, Barbara Betts, Travis Bickham, Connect Now, Betts Realty Group

The recipe for success: Launching a major marketing campaign during the pandemic

In the above session from Connect Now, Ida Fields and Christina Panos of Corcoran discuss how their marketing team found success in rolling out a new campaign, despite launching during the pandemic.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Corcoran, Christina Panos

3 very different boutique brands have 1 thing in common

We spoke with the founders of three diverse brands to get to know their businesses. Our goal was to learn what’s important to them and to explore what steps they’re taking to build their real estate legacy.
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Beyond words: how we act on our commitment to diversity

We’ve reaffirmed our dedication with a Declaration to Support Diversity that will be displayed in our offices. For us, this is more than a statement or a conversation starter. We see these words as an expression of who we are as a company and how we conduct business.
Tags: Sponsored, Diversity, Radio, Social Justice, Inclusion, Brokerage, Fair Housing, Diversity Training, Racial Equity

Interactive storytelling: the future of digital real estate

Whether you’re talking about attracting buyers to your listings or sellers to your landing pages, what agents show prospects in those first precious few seconds of their experience online solidifies their expectations and immediately establishes your value.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Listing Presentation, 3d Tours, Studeo, Video Listings, Digital Listings

5 summer marketing tips to stand out from the crowd

With a crowded field and fierce competition, cutting through the digital noise and presenting your brand strongly and consistently across the internet is more important than ever to compete, stay relevant and be successful in your business.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Online Presence, Realtor.com, Real Estate Community, 2021 Marketing, Local Expertise

What do agents look for in a broker?

Real estate agents and teams work largely independently as entrepreneurs—but their business’ lasting growth is often strengthened by the guidance and mentorship of exceptional leaders. This is why it’s so important for agents to have brokers who foster close relationships with them.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Brokerage, Agent Growth, Agent Education, Agent Recruitment, Agent Retention, Broker Skills, What do agents look for in a broker

The top 4 tips to improve your negotiation skills

While all agents have to build their mediation skills, a few bring perspectives from professions beyond luxury real estate. We spoke with two such agents about the expertise they rely on during the negotiation process.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Negotiation, Luxury Real Estate, Leading in Luxury, Sponsored Sections, Jessica Canning, Regina Petruzzi Neumann, The top 4 tips to improve your negotiation skills

Concierge is the new norm: How putting clients first will scale up your business

In the above session from Connect Now, Katie Kossev of The Kossev Group and Lin-Lin Tsou-Otani of Brett Jennings Group join Michael Alladawi of Revive to discuss concierge services and their emerging importance to real estate professionals.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Revive, Katie Kossev, Kossev Group, Lin Lin Tsou Otani, Brett Jennings Group, Michael Alladawi

This broker CEO’s agents are winning against the competition. We want to know how

The team from Knock spoke with Barbara to discuss this competitive market, the chief importance of relationships, and how she’s arming her agents with tools like the Knock Home Swap™ to give them a leg up against the competition.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Barbara, Barbara Betts, Knock Home Swap

How one simple question will transform how you serve your clients

Turn qualified homebuying clients’ offers from financed offers to cash offers, helping them win in the buying competition thanks to the certainty that cash brings to sellers.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Mortgage, Lending, Underwriting, Flyhomes, iBuyer, Cash Buyer, Sell Before Buy

Connectivity is key to dominating your local market

This top producer runs his business under the ERA Real Estate umbrella as Knipe Realty ERA Powered, keeping his local branding at the forefront while gaining access to a national and international network.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, ERA, Brokerage, ERA Real Estate, Knipe Realty ERA Powered, Knipe Realty, New Brokerage, Era Powered

Transaction management built by real estate experts for MLSs

With the new Docs+ Transaction Management by Remine, tech-enabled real estate professionals are empowered to conduct business from anywhere.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Brokerage, Remine

How looking out for your clients today and into their future matters

Connecting your clients to a variety of professionals who can assist with their home purchase and be a resource for their overall financial picture helps establish you as the real estate resource and professional for future home purchase needs.
Tags: Sponsored, Bank Of America, Radio, Financial Planning, Agent, Lending, First-time Home Buyers, Retail banking, Home Equity

Managing buyer expectations in a seller’s market

How can you manage client expectations in this market? There are three things I like to encourage my clients to keep in mind when navigating this new terrain.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Agent, Luxury Real Estate, Inventory, Leading in Luxury, Sponsored Sections, ONE Sotheby's International Realty, Urban Real Estate, Managing buyer expectations in a seller’s market

3 ways to stay competitive in a low inventory market

In the above session from Connect Now, Olivia Mariani and Kathryn Russell of Curbio discuss how in today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for real estate professionals to differentiate themselves and the services they offer.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Curbio, Olivia Mariani, Kathryn Russell of Curbio

The most effective ways to champion your buyers and give your clients an edge

In the above session from Connect Now, Ryan Dibble, Sam Kasle and Sophia Lu of Flyhomes discuss how to effectively craft strong offers, excel in negotiations, and manage client expectations to find success in 2021’s competitive seller’s market.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Flyhomes, Ryan Dibble Sam Kasle, Sophia Lu

5 features of a top-tier real estate web site

In order to compete, your brokerage or MLS web site needs these capabilities—and the right partner to implement them
Tags: Sponsored, Seo, Radio, Mls, User Interface, Brokerage, Back Office, Constellation1, 5 Features Of A Top-tier Real Estate Web Site, Broker Web Site, Valley Mls

Physical offices aren’t going anywhere: why shop culture is key to business growth

Agents are certainly capable of selling real estate while working remotely, but our advisors have said they want to be back in the shop. Agents who don’t have this sense of comradery may not feel the same.
Tags: Sponsored, Remote Work, Radio, Luxury Real Estate, Brokerage

Urbanimmersive to present its 3D tour avatars (UiMeet3D) at a prominent industry tech forum

Patent-pending UiMeet3D enables 3D tour web visitors to interact with each other as avatars like in a video game.
Tags: Sponsored, Video, Radio, Agent, 3d Tours, Virtual Open House, Digital Showings, Virtual Real Estate

How software helped this brand launch a luxury marketplace

I sat down with Alex Lange, CEO of Forbes Global Properties and Propertybase client, to garner his insights about the current real estate landscape, the state of software, and the importance of brokerages playing to their strengths.
Tags: Sponsored, Radio, Forbes Global, Brokerage, Alex Lange, Propertybase, Real Estate Websites, Back Office, Forbes Global Properties

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