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‘Jurassic World 3’ Might Bring Back Another ‘Jurassic Park’ Character

Oh Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. You were part of the original 1993 Jurassic Park, a film that shaped a generation of dinosaur lovers and launched a franchise that still sends chills down our spines today. Your wide-eyed look remains iconic. Your battle with the electric fence will never be forgotten. And, according to your actor Joseph Mazzello, you may be coming back in Jurassic World 3 for yet another round with that darned electric fence. Mazzello, who recently appeared in the Oscar-winning Bohem...
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Chris Pratt Likens Jurassic World 3 to Avengers: Endgame

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Chris Pratt Likens Jurassic World 3 to Avengers: Endgame Chris Pratt dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss his upcoming Pixar film Onward, but also dropped a few snippets about the anticipated Jurassic World 3. In fact, the actor likened the enormous project to another certain blockbuster you might have heard of — Avengers: Endgame. You can check out the interview in the player below. “I’m not allowed to say anything… It’s got everybody,” the actor said. “It’s g...
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Venom’s Scott Haze Joins Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World 3

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Venom’s Scott Haze joins Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World 3 Following the recent addition of Australian actress Dichen Lachman (Animal Kingdom, Altered Carbon), Deadline reports that another cast member in the form of Venom actor Scott Haze has been added to the ensemble cast of Universal Pictures’ highly-anticipated third installment to the Jurassic World franchise. Haze will next be seen in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming supernatural horror film Antlers which is set to hi...
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‘Amazing Stories’ Trailer: Steven Spielberg’s Anthology Series is Revived for AppleTV+

If you’re an AppleTV+ subscriber who’s been slightly underwhelmed by the new streaming service’s lineup of original programming, here’s a show that just might turn the tide. Steven Spielberg is executive producing a modernized version of Amazing Stories, his sci-fi anthology series that originally aired in the 1980s, and the first full trailer has arrived. Check it out below. Amazing Stories Trailer This show clearly has tons of potential, but considering the pedigree of the people invol...
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Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories Trailer Promises Five Unique Tales

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories trailer promises five unique tales Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for Oscar winner Steve Spielberg’s forthcoming anthology series Amazing Stories, giving us a preview of all of the five unique stories that will be featured in the reboot. Starring Dylan O’Brien, Edward Burns and the late Robert Forster, the series will be making its debut on March 6 with its first five episodes. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED:...
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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Starts Production in Two Months, and We Can Already Hear the Whip Cracking

Next week, you’ll be able to see Harrison Ford fight the elements with a very good dog named Buck in an adaptation of the Call of the Wild, the classic novel by Jack London. But it won’t be long until he’s getting back into more familiar adventure mode with his trusty whip and fedora in Indiana Jones 5. While making the press rounds for Call of the Wild, Ford confirmed the Indiana Jones sequel starts shooting in a couple months. Find out what else he said about Indy’s return below. We’re n...
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Jake Johnson and Omar Sy, Welcome Back to Jurassic World!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Jake Johnson and Omar Sy, Welcome Back to Jurassic World! Good news, Jurassic World fans! After sitting out the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jake Johnson and Omar Sy will return for the trilogy capper as Lowery Cruthers and Barry Sembene, per The Hollywood Reporter. The pair join returning cast members Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as original Jurassic Park stars Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum. RELATED: New Onward TV Spot Takes You On ...
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Indiana Jones 5 Start Date Confirmed by Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford confirms production start date for Indiana Jones 5 Earlier this month, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the long-in development fifth installment to the blockbuster Indiana Jones franchise will be a continuation from the previous films, featuring the return of Harrison Ford as the titular adventurous archaeologist. In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the Academy Award-nominated actor has finally opened up about his involvement in Indiana Jones 5, r...
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‘Goonies’ TV Series Will Follow Kids Creating a Shot-For-Shot Remake of the ’80s Adventure Film

Here’s an idea that is sure to appeal to people in their late-30s/early-4os: A Goonies TV series! But wait, there’s a catch. This isn’t going to be a TV adaptation of the Richard Donner movie where a group of children screams for two full hours while dealing with skeletons. Oh, no. Instead, this show is about a teacher who helps her students create a shot-for-shot remake of The Goonies. And of course, lessons will be learned and friendships will be formed, and so on. Look, I know lots of peo...
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The Goonies Re-Enactment Series Gets Pilot Order at Fox

The Goonies re-enactment series gets pilot order at Fox Nearly 35 years since Richard Donner’s iconic film The Goonies had made its theatrical release in 1985, Deadline reports that Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Television is bringing back the beloved iconic comedy film in the form of a new untitled drama series which has just been given an official pilot order by Fox. The series will feature a group of aspiring young filmmakers as they attempt to recreate The Goonies shot-by-shot. RELATED: Rick...
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‘Most Dangerous Game’ Trailer: Liam Hemsworth Races Against Time in a New Quibi Series

Among the slew of new platforms that enter the increasingly competitive streaming wars, Quibi is a big question mark. A mobile platform that offers its content in 10-minute bite-sized episodes? Surely it must be a joke, or at least, a very odd experiment. We have yet to see whether that experiment will pay off. Quibi certainly has been throwing all kinds of money and high-profile names at its projects, with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Guillermo del Toro involved with the forthcoming strea...
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Why Hit Movies Are Called Blockbusters

At the Academy Awards on Sunday, Hollywood will learn which of 2019’s movies will walk away with Oscars. Among the Best Picture nominees is the World War I epic 1917, which was also a hit with ticket-buyers. That fact is somewhat appropriate, as the word blockbuster has wartime origins — though not from the First World War, but the Second. The word first appeared in the pages of TIME in a Nov. 29, 1942, article on the Allied bombing of key industrial targets in fascist Italy; the bombs used...
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10 Great Filmmakers Who Never Won the Academy Award for Best Director

The 92nd Academy Awards are almost upon us, and if there’s one certainty going into Oscar night, it’s that some worthy talent in some category will be overlooked in favor of a lesser talent. No nominee or winner is undeserving of recognition, but snubs are also an essential part of Oscar history and directors are not immune to them. In fact, some of the greatest directors of all time have gone their whole career without receiving a proper Best Director Oscar. Film is fundamentally a collaborati...
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Celebrate ‘The Goonies’ 35th Anniversary with Four-Day Fan Event and Screening Tour in Oregon

The Goonies is one of the most beloved films to come out of the 1980s. This year, the movie directed by Richard Donner and producer Steven Spielberg is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and Oregon Film and Travel Oregon are teaming up to pay tribute from where the adventure unfolded. The state where the movie takes place, in the town of Astoria, will host a special fan event spread across four days, as well as public screenings of the movie in five cities around the Beaver State. Find out all a...
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New ‘Silent Hill’ Movie Being Developed By Christophe Gans

Christophe Gans‘s Silent Hill film adaptation isn’t perfect, but it has some gnarly effects and an altogether great atmosphere. So the prospect of the filmmaker returning to that world is certainly worth paying attention to – and it seems like that’s exactly what’s happening. In a new interview, Gans says he’s developing two different horror projects based on video games. One is a new Silent Hill movie, the other is based on Fatal Frame. In an interview with French website Allocine (via Bloo...
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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Update: Kathleen Kennedy Confirms It Won’t Be a Reboot

When the still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 was officially announced, its targeted release date was July 19, 2019. Since then, Disney has pushed back its release date several times, and though we haven’t gotten an update in several months, it sounds like director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford are still on board and the project is slowly inching toward production. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy offered a quick Indiana Jones 5 update from the BAFTAs red carpet, which you can read belo...
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Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy Confirms Indiana Jones 5 Is Not a Reboot

Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy confirms Indiana Jones 5 is not a reboot Hollywood producer Kathleen Kennedy received the BAFTA Fellowship Award, the ceremony’s version of a lifetime achievement award, during the 73rd British Academy Film Awards yesterday in London. During an interview with BBC, Kennedy, who co-founded Amblin Entertainment with Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall and has been the president of Lucasfilm since 2012, spoke about the current status of the upcoming Indiana Jones proj...
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It’s on like Donkey Kong: Atari plans to open hotels in 8 US cities

A new chain of Atar hotels inspired by the iconic 1970s video games may soon appear in cities all across the United States.
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Christophe Gans Developing New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Films!

Christophe Gans developing new Silent Hill and Fatal Frame films! The video game film genre seems to be back on a hot streak in the past few years with the arrivals of Detective Pikachu and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog. Now French director Christophe Gans has revealed he is ready to return to the world with a new adaptation of Silent Hill, as well as bringing Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame to the big screen! (Via BloodyDisgusting) RELATED: World’s Fastest Athletes Praise Sonic The Hedgehog in ...
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Revisiting ‘Treasure Planet,’ Disney’s Ambitious Sci-fi Disappointment

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) Walt Disney Animation Studios has been the linchpin of the Disney empire. Though the company has had huge success with live-action endeavors and franchise acquisitions, their world dominance began with their animation unit. After hitting some very, very rough patches in the ‘80s, the studio went through what was later called “The Disney Renaissance.”  From 1989 to 19...
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‘Wendy’ Review: ‘Peter Pan’ Gets Yet Another Update, This Time From the Director of ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ [Sundance 2020]

Filmmakers just can’t stop returning to the world of Peter Pan. The story of the boy who never grew up holds sway over seemingly everyone, from Walt Disney, to Steven Spielberg, to Joe Wright, and beyond. The latest to tackle to the tale is Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild. That 2012 indie was once acclaimed, but has since fallen out of favor. Zeitlin’s return, Wendy, is more of the same, for better or worse. If you enjoyed and still enjoy Beasts, you’ll probably find somet...
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‘War of the Worlds’ TV Series Trailer: Epix Focuses More on the Aftermath of the Alien Invasion

Last year saw a BBC miniseries adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic sci-fi novel War of the Worlds bring the story of invading aliens to Edwardian England. But there’s another eight-part series coming from Epix that finds modern day Europe dealing with an extra terrestrial threat. However, as the War of the Worlds series trailer shows, it doesn’t look like we’ll see much of the initial attack on Earth like Steven Spielberg’s big screen take from 2005. Instead, we’ll be dealing with the aftermath i...
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Exploring the Shared DNA of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and the ‘Star Wars’ Series

(Welcome to The Movies That Made Star Wars , a series where we explore the films and television properties that inspired George Lucas’s iconic universe. In this edition: the Steven Spielberg pulp masterpiece Raiders of the Lost Ark. ) Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark might be one of the greatest films of all time. It’s a breathless action film wrapped up in some of the best dialogue ever written. It somehow takes the tropes of ‘30s adventure films, crosses them with Edgar R...
Tags: Movies, Nazis, Raiders, Indiana, Features, Roger Ebert, Nepal, Ford, Jordan, Lucasfilm, Casablanca, Indiana Jones, George Lucas, Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, Leia

CS Soapbox: Is 1917 the Greatest World War I Movie Ever Made?

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Soapbox: Is 1917 the Greatest World War I Movie Ever Made? When Sam Mendes was a child his grandfather told him a story about a signaler in the First World War. In 1917, hundreds of British soldiers attempted to retake a village in Belgium from the Germans. They lost a third of their men—those who weren’t killed or wounded were MIA. The missing men were stuck in the middle of “No Man’s Land,” unable to communicate with those in the safe zone. That aforementioned signal...
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‘Ironbark’ Review: Benedict Cumberbatch Shines in This True Life Spy Drama [Sundance 2020]

Dominic Cooke’s Ironbark is a sturdy, Dad-core period thriller destined to impress fathers everywhere. As the Cold War rages in the early 1960s, Soviet and American relations are so tense that the U.S. can’t risk sending an agent to make contact with a spy inside the Russian government. So the American and British governments team up to recruit a typical English businessman named Greville Wynne (Benedict Cumberbatch) to make contact for them, all in the hopes of preventing all-out nuclear war. ...
Tags: Movies, Benedict Cumberbatch, Drama, Features, Movie Reviews, Thriller, Moscow, Alan Turing, Christian Bale, Turing, Cia, Cumberbatch, TNT, Steven Spielberg, True Story, Bridge Of Spies

The Best TV Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in February 2020

A new year brings new movies to our screens, and even more to leave our streaming services. Now that January is over with, and our resolutions are starting to wane, Netflix is remind you of those movies sitting on your watch list that you’ve been meaning to get to. In February, several great titles leave the service. So if you’ve been keeping these movies in your watch list, it’s best you jump on them now. Here are the TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in February 2020. District 9 Neill...
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Exclusive: Finn Wolfhard on Contributing Music to The Turning Soundtrack

Exclusive: Finn Wolfhard on contributing music to The Turning Coming Soon.net recently talked to The Turning star Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) about the horror film and he confirmed his band The Aubreys will be featured on the horror film’s soundtrack. The latest adaptation of Henry James’ novel The Turning of the Screw, is a moody and evocative ’90’s set film with original music for the feature, which is now playing in theaters. RELATED: Watch the Children with Care in The Turning Trailer...
Tags: Florida, Movies, Horror, America, Chad, Alfre Woodard, Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, Henry James, Universal Pictures, Lawrence Rothman, Mackenzie Davis, Burns, Joan Jett, Carey, Floria Sigismondi

What to Watch: the ‘Next’ fashion, bewitching queerness, and a chilling murder story

Tan France & Alexa Chung in ‘Next in Fashion’ Stepping out on a movie date this weekend? Netflix and chillin? Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch. The Satanic Stream: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 The cult series about the titular young woman who must choose between mo...
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Weekend Box Office: ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Exceeds Expectations While ‘Dolittle’ Does Little For Audiences

Ride together, die together, blow up the box office together: Bad Boys for Life is a hit. The third entry in the action franchise exceeded expectations at the weekend box office, taking in 83% more than initially projected. But while Bad Boys had a good weekend, Dolittle did not. The Robert Downey Jr. film flopped, giving Cats distributor Universal Pictures another box office body blow. Bad Boys for Life is full of surprises. Not only is the latest entry featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawre...
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Visible: Out on Television Trailer Previews New Apple TV+ Docuseries

Visible: Out on Television trailer previews new Apple TV+ docuseries Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for their upcoming 5-part documentary series titled Visible: Out on Television, featuring interviews from celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Porter, Anderson Cooper and more as they talked about the evolution of the LGBTQ+ representation in television. Created by Emmy nominees Ryan White and Jessica Hargrave, the docuseries will be available for streaming on February 14. C...
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