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The Best Movies And Shows Coming To Paramount+ In October 2021

There are so many streaming services these days that it's hard to keep up on who has what, but that's why we're here! Paramount+ has all of the Paramount-related goodies, including Nickelodeon, "Star Trek," and Comedy Central shows. Whether you're looking to see what's headed your way or to decide whether you want to get a subscription, here's everything coming to Paramount+ in October.  Harlem Nights Comedian Eddie Murphy has been prolific in front of the camera, but he had only one serious tur...
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'Shang-Chi' is set to pass 'Black Widow' as the biggest movie in the US this year

Simu Liu plays Shang-Chi. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures "Shang-Chi" will likely surpass "Black Widow" as the highest-grossing film of the year in the US on Friday. It's a big win for theaters as the movie has a 45-day exclusive theatrical window. "Shang-Chi" has yet to be approved in China, which has hindered its global box office. See more stories on Insider's business page. Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" will soon be the highest-grossing movie at t...
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The Morning Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2 Special Effects, Jungle Cruise Honest Trailer & More

(The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fan-made productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.)In this edition, take a closer look at the visual effects and practical special effects used in the second season of "The Mandalorian" on Disney+. Plus, have a laugh at the expense of "Jungle Cruise" with the Honest Trailer...
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Shazam! Fury Of The Gods: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)"Shazam!" took a lot of people by surprise when it hit theaters in 2019. It felt like the wildcard superhero movie in a year jam-packed with huge superhero movies, with everything from "Avengers: Endgame" to "Joker." But director David F. Sandberg managed to craft a charming and unique entry into the genre that won over the heart...
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Indiana Jones 5: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. And if Indiana Jones appears in a fifth movie, it must be called "Indiana Jones 5." OK, OK, you got me: the fifth film will almost certainly get a subtitle that follows the traditional "Indiana Jones and the [Insert Noun Here]" naming convention. As of this writing, though, the f...
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The Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving Netflix In October 2021

Spooky season is almost here, but before you fill your yard with jack-o-lanterns and your home with jack-o-lanterns and your body with jack-o-lanterns (AKA that sweet pumpkin spice drip), you have some streaming to do. As per usual, Netflix is rearranging their lineup and some classics will be disappearing into the ether, never to be seen again (kind of). Lucky for you, we're giving you a heads up, so you have plenty of time to catch some of your favorite movies and TV shows before they shuffle ...
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Interview: Director Jonathan Mostow Discusses Breakdown Special Edition Blu-ray

The 1997 suspense thriller Breakdown has finally made its way to Blu-ray via a jam-packed new collector’s edition boasting an all-new commentary with director Jonathan Mostow and star Kurt Russell, a generous array of special features, and a gorgeous new digital transfer of the film. To commemorate the event, ComingSoon’s Jeff Ames sat down with Mostow to discuss the making of Breakdown, his experience working with Kurt Russell, and other odds and ends about the production. Here’s the film’s plo...
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The Morning Watch: VFX Artists React To De-Aged Luke Skywalker, Up Close With The Rocketeer's Jetpack & More

(The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fan-made productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.)In this edition, see what the visual effects artists at Corridor Crew think of the work done on the de-aged Luke Skywalker created for the second season finale of "The Mandalorian." Plus, watch as Adam Savage gets up close ...
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The 25 Best Horror Movies, Ranked

Halloween means Halloween movies — and for some, Halloween movies most definitely means horror movies. To help you make the most of the fall season, we’ve put together a countdown of the 25 best horror movies of all time, from “Psycho” to “A Quiet Place.” The list is based on horror rankings from the movie-review aggregate site Metacritic. Movies are ordered from good to excellent — there are no bad horror movies on this list. Most ties were broken by looking at the total number of reviews that ...
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The Alternate Ending In The Thing That Was Thankfully Cut

John Carpenter's "The Thing" is one of those classics that always gets cited as an example of a film that was an outward failure, initially, but that time has vindicated with a much-deserved reappraisal. It was not a critical or commercial success on its release, but in the years since then, it has come to be regarded as a monster movie par excellence.Carpenter himself once said that his whole career would have been different had "The Thing" been a big hit. He was coming off "Escape from New Yor...
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The Best Animated Film Of Each Decade

Animation has been a tried-and-true staple at theaters since the birth of cinema itself, and while the format has had its creative ups and downs, there are great animated films to be found through each decade of film history. While Disney has something of a monopoly on the entire field of children's animation, especially before some legitimate competitors began to surface in the '80s, there's a wealth of animated films that go far beyond your traditional Disney fare. From the silent era, during ...
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West Side Story Lyricist Stephen Sondheim Prefers Spielberg's Movie To The Original

Stephen Sondheim is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in all of 20th century musical theatre. The man is responsible for monumentally influential pieces like "Into the Woods," "Gypsy," "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "Company," "Merrily We Roll Along," "Assassins," and perhaps his lyrical magnum opus, "West Side Story."Sondheim wrote the lyrics for the original Broadway production of "West Side Story" (with a book by Arthur Laurents and music by Leonard Bernstein) a...
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The 10 Best Western Movies Of The Past Decade Ranked

Steven Spielberg famously commented that the rise of superhero movies reminded him of the popularity of westerns, which has declined precipitously since the genre's heyday. And yet, ironically, westerns haven't taken a backseat in the past decade. If the mix of subversive and traditional western films over the past 10 years indicates anything, it's that the genre is always changing.Westerns are intertwined with the history of cinema itself, as exciting adventure stories set in the Old West were ...
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Michael Mann's Tokyo Vice Adds Japanese Stars To Ansel Elgort-Led HBO Max Series

It's been six years since filmmaker Michael Mann last directed a feature film with 2015's "Blackhat," though it somehow feels even longer than that. In the meantime, before that streak is officially broken on the big screen, we've known that Mann will be turning to streaming to direct the first episode of "Tokyo Vice." That HBO Max series is adding to its ensemble cast, with reports indicating several Japanese stars are joining the production that already includes Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, and...
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The 14 Greatest Science Fiction Movies Of The 21st Century

The last two decades have seen an embarrassment of riches for fans of science fiction. Iconic sci-fi franchises like "Star Wars" and "Planet of the Apes" have returned with some of their greatest installments. Filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, and Alex Garland have pushed the genre forward with stylish, thought-provoking films that prove there's demand for original science fiction stories as well. Sci-fi now intersects regularly with other genres, including fantasy, action, ho...
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West Side Story Trailer Breakdown: See How Spielberg's Remake Compares To The Original

Steven Spielberg, arguably the greatest filmmaker alive today, is taking on a fascinating challenge for his next project: he's remaking a classic. A new trailer for his version of "West Side Story" dropped this morning, so let's take a closer look and compare and contrast some of Spielberg's choices with those of director Robert Wise, who helmed the original 1961 movie. Maria's Apartment From the first shots of the trailer, you can see some of the aesthetic changes Spielberg and production desig...
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11 Spielberg Projects We Never Saw But Wish We Could've

Most filmmakers are lucky if they end their career with just one classic on their resume, but Steven Spielberg has made upwards of a dozen. Spielberg has a versatility that is unparalleled among his contemporaries. Whether it's adventure, drama, comedy, historical period piece, science fiction, fantasy, or animation, he's done it, and likely done it well.He's also one of the most prolific working filmmakers with 32 feature films released. Taking time and care to select each project, Spielberg ha...
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Generation Canceled By HBO Max After Just One Season

Why can't we have nice things? Or at the very least, why can't they last longer? Earlier this year, we got a very nice thing in the form of the new HBO Max series "Generation" (stylized "Genera+ion"), an ensemble story about a group of high schoolers learning about life, love, and family in a conservative California community. For a grand total of 16 episodes (delivered in two eight-episode batches), "Generation" was pure, ambitious, chaotic fun. But now its time to bid the show an early goodbye...
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West Side Story Trailer Highlights Tony & Maria’s Star-Crossed Love Affair

20th Century Studios has dropped a new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited film adaptation of the classic Broadway musical West Side Story, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters on Friday, December 10. Its current theatrical release will see the film going up against Netflix’s star-studded sci-fi dark comedy Don’t Look Up. The new West Side Story trailer, which you can check out below along with the new poster, highlights the obstacles that will challenge Tony and Maria’s budding roma...
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New Trailer and Poster for Steven Spielberg’s WEST SIDE STORY

The musical comes to UK/ROI cinemas in December. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Steven Spielberg's Vibrant Remake of 'West Side Story' Second Trailer

"If you go with him, no one will ever forgive you!" 20th Century Studios has debuted the second official trailer for the exciting new Steven Spielberg remake of the classic musical West Side Story. We also featured a Special Look preview during the summer. This was filmed back in 2019, and is now set for release in theaters (only) this December. The first trailer debuted earlier this year during the Oscars. An adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and rivalr...
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West Side Story Trailer: Steven Spielberg's Splashy Musical Remake Is Full Of Color And Dance-Fighting

Somebody pinch me, because I'm still having trouble believing that we're getting closer and closer to living in a world where Steven Spielberg has directed and released a musical. And not just any musical, at that. The legendary filmmaker has had his sights set on remaking "West Side Story" with all the pomp, energy, and impeccably-staged dance numbers it deserves. The newest full-length trailer certainly helps make this dream project feel more like reality, giving us even more of a taste of the...
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Ranking Morgan Freeman's 20 Best Roles

Morgan Freeman is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, with credits in over 100 films. Despite his extensive filmography, Freeman actually got his start in film relatively late in his career. A frequent stage performer and star of the PBS children's show "The Electric Company," Freeman landed key breakout roles throughout the '80s that launched him into stardom.Freeman works consistently and is very reliable. Even in weaker films, Freeman rarely gives a bad performance, and is usuall...
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The Famous Ghostbusters Moment That Was Not In The Original Script

The original "Ghostbusters" is arguably one of the most quotable movies of the 1980s – which is strange to think about, considering it's a movie about a bunch of slacker scientists who sort of stumble their way into discovering a way to capture ghosts in New York City. Among the film's many memorable lines is "don't cross the streams," a crucial piece of info that Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) gives to his ghostbusting pals and which comes back to save the day at the end of the film. (I am genuin...
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How 'Shang-Chi' vindicated theater owners after their criticism of Disney's 'Black Widow' release strategy

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." Marvel Studios Disney plans to release its remaining movies this year exclusively to theaters. The move comes after the success of "Shang-Chi," a box-office hit and theatrical exclusive. Theater owners had expressed displeasure with Disney's "Black Widow" Disney+ strategy. See more stories on Insider's business page. Theater owners wanted Disney to commit to movie theaters. They got their wish.After the success of the studio's latest...
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Movies To Watch If You Loved A Quiet Place: Part II

"A Quiet Place: Part II" is a terrifying, post-apocalyptic creature-feature that centers on family, resilience, and love. Starring the first movie's core cast -- including Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds -- while expanding the scope of its world and characters, Part II wisely replicates what worked so well the first time while doubling down on the series' core conceit: To stay alive, its characters must remain silent. In the world of "A Quiet Place: Part II," silence equals surviv...
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Eternals & More: Disney Sets Exclusive Theatrical Run for Fall 2021 Films

Walt Disney Studios has finally confirmed that all of their remaining 2021 films will officially debut only in theaters, with an exclusive 45-day theatrical run before releasing on Disney+. This announcement follows Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘ successful theatrical debut, which shattered Labor Day weekend records with a gross of over $75 million during its three-day opening weekend. “Following the tremendous box office success of our summer films which included five of the top eig...
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Disney's remaining movies for 2021 will premiere exclusively in theatres for up to 45 days, following the 'Black Widow' furore

The cast of Disney's "Eternals." Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney Disney said on Friday it will release the remainder of its 2021 movies exclusively in theatres. Musical "Encato" will play for 30 days, while another five movies will have a 45-day window. Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney in July for "Black Widow's" dual-release. See more stories on Insider's business page. Disney plans to release the remainder of its 2021 movies exclusively in theatr...
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Disney Sets Dates For Movies Through 2024, Doubles Down On Theatrical

Today, Disney announced a torrent of updated release date information about several of the studio's biggest upcoming films. Let's take a look at these new dates, and then break down which ones will only be available to see in theaters. Disney Release Date Announcements OK, take a deep breath and let's go through these one by one.Disney has moved "Nightmare Alley," Guillermo del Toro's remake of a 1940s Tyrone Power drama, from a limited December 3, 2021 release to a wide release just a few days ...
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The Fascinating True (And Not So True) Story Behind Catch Me If You Can

When you hear Steven Spielberg's name, you probably think of "Jurassic Park," "Jaws," or any given "Indiana Jones" movie. And that's fair, but you shouldn't limit yourself to just the classics. Spielberg has a long filmography and among his many iconic titles is the lesser-acknowledged masterpiece, "Catch Me if You Can." So while I have your attention, let's take a journey behind the scenes and dig into the fascinating story behind this film. What Is Catch Me If You Can? "Catch Me If You Can" is...
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